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Fathers and Sons Register Under the New 18-45 Law
Troy Gazette-Register 12 & 19 SEP 1918

 Following is a partial list of the men and boys registered in Troy boro under the new 15-45 law.  In quite a number of instances the names appear of father and son on sons.  In a few cases there are older sons in the service, as Merritt Smith who has a son, Roe, in France, and another in this draft.  The enrollment will not be complete until Thursday evening of this week if any shall put off registering until that time.
Note from Joyce - One article says 15-45 and the otrher says 18-45. I'll have to check the original to see if I can resolve this.

Robert Adam Bailey Ellery Elijah Fitch Frank Stuart Barker
George Dewey Pettingill Homer Isaac Kinney Lewis Willis VanFleet
Edmund Sturges Fanning Arthur James Wood Leslie Arthur Cowl
Manley Tolbert Delos Eugene Kiff Joseph Brent Armstrong
Arthur LeRoy Barrett Harry Shepard Ballard Monroe Edgar Wood
Horace Herrick Robinson Joseph Harry King John Francis Croak
Willis Elsworth Flick Ola Nathan Lee George Silas Say
John William Morris John Wesley Pelton James Howard McMahan
George Page Wrench John Carlton Ward Benjamin Bentley Mitchell
John Harrison Kelly Wesley Alfred Rockwell Howard Henry Grosjean
Edward Eugene Snyder Philip James Williams Charles Frederick Johnson
Francis Lucian Ballard Ralph Arlington Burr William Lawrence Rider
William Raymond Cowan Michael James Handran Howard Onidas Darrow
Irwin Earnest Hatton Luhvar William Russell George Henry Sweeney
Burt Head Comfort Harry Grattan Walter Charles Smith Barrett
Fred Dayton Ingalls William Henry Burns Russell Bartholomew Bright
William Henry Burns Thomas Rolad Lloyd George Daniel White
Robert John Weigand Merritt Lee Smith Clarence Edward Wolfe
James Robinson Pierce Daniel Frederick Pomeroy Harry Douglas English
Harry Bowman Corey Dorsey John Whitehead William Shaw Montgomery
Francis Drake Ballard Alfred Henry Case Percy Samuel King
William Henry Whitehead  John Carson Blackwell Clarence Ammon Shook
Leonard Hilton Wilcox Elmer Transow Ross Willis Benjamin Greenough
Francis Howard Riley Charles Ruben Ludington Thomas Woodruff Parsons
William Stephen Sweet Nathan Tyler Hall Manley Edward Piatt
John Frederick DePew Charles Wilson Rolison Francis Frederick Fay
Merritt William Smith Wilber Hayden Parsons Smith Baxter Wilcox
Clyde Leon Dewey Arthur Reed McMahan Herman Holtzman
Earl Uriah Rolison Dwight Freeman Rolison Harry Snedeker Mitchell
Frederick James Watkins William Wilson Beaman Daniel Walker Holloway
Henry Clay Sherman Harry Arthur Sackett Judson Jennings
Earnest Charles Smith Hugh James Fanning Burdett Dewey
Charles James Rumsey John Francis Hooley Arthur Eugene Webber
Leland Henry Alexander Dyton Travers Simpkins John Albert Allen
Leon Elston Clark Charles Clinton Adams William Summers
Porter Eugene Bixby Milton Turban Matter Jay Rumsey
Samuel William Wilson George Harvey Fields William Burton Cornish
Lawrence Andrew Barrett Ross Gordon Williams John Henry McClelland
Charles Robert Sims Henry Wilson Spencer Lloyd Aber Carpenter
Lewis Alonzo Herrington James Michael Connelly James Augustus Nolan
Seth Sandell Addison Germond David Hession
William Knapman Richard Vanderwall Archie Delay Crane
Samuel James Welch Max Philip Vineski Louis Hiram Shadduck
James John Leonard Charles Edward Winder Harry Hudson Shaylor
Harry Lewis Schmouder Fred Rutherford Fields Luther Allison Kirkendall
William Winfield Scott Arthur Clinton Knight George Edgar Boyer, Jr.
Burley Swain Walter Lynch Reidy James Nolan Foster
Nalon Bladsley Ballard Earnest Hopkins Joralemon Robert Emmett VanSyckel, Jr.
Registered Under the New 18 to 45 Law
 In addition to the names printed last week, the following registered in Troy boro under the new 18-45 years law:
George Matthews Perkins Blaze –Cinguino William Mason Denison John Mahar
William C. Ball Orin William Jaquish Sike Sherman Robert Adam Krise
Winfield Scott Miller Harry H. Cosper Norman C. Smith Fred Barrett
George W. Post Lee W. Reynolds Charles A. Calkins Arthur A. Decker
Harold Roy McClure John Neuman Campbell Charles A. Conrad Leslie Harold McCollum
Roy William Price Earnest Bright Mahlon J. Watkins Verne Myron Lefler
William Ralph Croman Grover Cleveland Stanton Wilson Burdell Welch Theodore M. Sherman
Clarence E. Hungerford Frederick D. Hungerford Gordon Major Porter Frank Chirvola
Oscar Earl McIlwain Thomas H. Boughton George F. Kennedy John Wesley Phillips
Eliga S. Aumick Hugh Grant Hawthorne Louis Eugene Allis Domanic Tallare
Edgar J. Wood G. B. Mariani Joseph Constantene George W. Peaters
Cecil Lynn Young George Abel Cushing David Llewellyn Sherman Sidney John Utter
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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