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  The listing there seems incomplete and may need to be revised as we learn where more of the Veterans are buried.  Thanks for your consideration.  Tim Rodabaugh
Civil War Soldiers Buried in Newton Cemetery
All of these individuals appear on the Newton Cemetery listing.  I have personally verified those graves with a * by their names.  I just re-walked the cemetery Friday 4.1.05.  I have also located information on each of the individual units and which skirmishes they were invloved in, etc.  If there is anyone knowledgable on these matters please refer them to me or vice versa.  It would be fitting & respectful to have each of their graves marked with an American Flag for Memorial Day. The list that follows is of Civil War Veterans in Newton Cemetery.

*John Benjamin Co. I, 15th N.Y.Volunteers Engineers
*George Butters Co. B, 14th N.Y. Heavy Artillery
*Daniel Carpenter Co. A, 124th N.Y. Volunteers
*David Leonard Co. A, 179th N.Y. Volunteers
*Martin Leonard Co. H, 50th N.Y. Volunteers
*William Longcoy Co. A, 107th Reg. N.Y. Volunteers
*William Sawyer Co. H, 50th Reg. N.Y. Volunteers
*Albert Scott Co. G, 61st N.Y. Volunteers
*Peter P. Slocum Co. E 1st Reg. N.Y. Vol. Light Artillery

James Leonard "A Soldier of the American Revolution" (working on finding more information on what regiment he served with)
*Adolphus "Adolph" VanDuzer "Soldier of the American Revolution" 1st Reg. Orange County, NY Militia.
James Allen Newton " A Soldier of the War of 1812" (working on finding what regiment and from where he served)

Millport Cemetery Veteran Burials
Millport Cemetery Civil War Veterans

Somers Banks Co. G 50th NY Engineers

David Blanchard Co. D 50th NY Engineers

Hiram A. Britton Co. I 122nd NY Volunteers

John M. Carpenter Co. A 89th NY Volunteers, Brig. 1 Div 9 AC

Charles C. Caston Co. G 50th NY Engineers

George Caston Co. G 50th NY Engineers

William Coulter Co. D 107th Volunteers

John Cummings Co. D 107th Volunteers

James Daily Co. I 141st NY Infantry

Robert R. Davidson Co. C 144th NY Volunteers

Willson Dean Co. A 89th Regiment NY Volunteers

Sylvester Decker Co. I 148th NY Volunteers

Peter French Co. G 50th NY Engineers

Robert S. Goodwin Co. G 80th Regiment NY Volunteers

Laverne Gould Co. L 3rd Regiment NY 

John Gunn Co. G 50th NY Engineers

Schuyler Hall Co. B 107th NY Infantry

John Halwick Co. d 107th NY Volunteers

Frederick Holden Co. A 194th NY Volunteers

Rawson B. Hultz Co. B 21st NY Cavalry 1st Sergeant

William A. Johnson Co. K 40th Massachusetts Volunteers

Isaac Keller Co. G 50th NY Engineers

Jerome Kendall Co. H 50th NY Engineers

Julius Lattin Co. D 64th NY Volunteers Sergeant

Ephraim N. Malett Co. D 107th NY Volunteer Infantry regiment

William S. Mallette Co. F 50th NY Engineers

James J. Maricle Co. K 109th NY Volunteers

David McWhorter Co. G 50th NY Engineers

Charles C. Mosher Co. C 194th Regiment NY Volunteers

Jeremiah M. Murphy Co. G 50th NY Engineers

G. or Charles L. Northup Co. K 64th NY Infantry

Enos C. Ogden Co. G 5th NY Artillery

Arnold Perry Co. G. 50th NY Engineers

William J. Personius Co. D 107th Regiment NY Volunteers

Eli Personeus Co., G. 50th NY Regiment Volunteers

Thomas F. Rhodes Co. G 50th NY Engineers

Abram Rowe Co. Unknown 50th  NY Engineers – Private

Warren H. Seaman 48th Regiment NY Volunteers – Band

Henry G. Sherwood Co. G 50th NY Engineers

David Sherwood Co. F 12th NY Volunteers

Jonathan Sherwood Co. B 50th NY Engineers

Jason H. Smart Co. G 50th NY Engineers

Nathan H. Tifft Co. E 125th NY Volunteers

Daniel Tompkins Co. G 50th NY Engineers

Hiram C. Turrell Co. D 141st NY Volunteers

Cassius Turrell Co. D 141st NY Volunteers

Ebenezer Wanzer Co. D 107th NY Infantry

Morris P. Weed Co. G 50th NY Engineers

Dewitt C. Wilox Co. F 87th NY Volunteers Cavalry

Millport Cemetery War of 1812 Veterans

John Tuttle

Albert Vanderhoof

Millport Cemetery World War I Veterans

Charles Maricle NY Corp US Army 

Myron Tompkins Pvt. Co. C 307th Infantry

Millport Cemetery World War II Veterans

Elden L. Johnson Pvt. US Army

Charles Maricle NY Corp US Army

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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