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Bakerburg Cemetery, Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Photos by Joyce M. Tice
Obituaries & Clippings Collected from Scrapbooks by Joyce M. Tice
For her Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project.
Please submit any additional clippings that you have available. 

Bakersburg Cemetery Listing
Reading a series of obituaries from a single cemetery, as they are presented here, is like reading the multi-generational history of a community. These people were the local populace at a particular time. The people buried here knew each other, were neighbors, relatives and school mates. They attended church together and engaged in "trade" or business.  All people are listed in alphabetic order by surname at BIRTH. Women identified by a married alias only and  for whom a birth surname can not be identified, are listed on the last page for the cemetery's obituaries.
 BERNE  Hettie "Strait" - Troy, Pa. Aug. 17—(SRGP 31586) Mrs. Hetty Strait, 72, of Sullivan Township, died unexpectedly at 8 p.m. following a heart seizure. She is survived by her husband, George Elmer; a daughter Mrs. Jennie Nepley at home and three grandchildren. The funeral will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday at the family home, the Rev. Glen Dewey officiating. Burial in Bakerburg Cemetery. (handwritten on article 1933)  "Mrs. George Strait"

Miss Josie E. BIXBY [SRGP 51909]
At Gilmore, Pa., October 17, 1878, Josie E., daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Bixby, of Sullivan, Pa., in the 26th year of her age.  (Tuesday, October 29, 1878, The Wellsboro Agitator, Wellsboro, Tioga Co, Pa.)    

Howard L. Bryan, 75, of Mainesburg RD 1, died Thursday, March 27, 1958.  Survived by nephew, Wade Bryan of Elmira; several cousins.  Funeral was in Troy Monday at 11 am, the Rev. Glenn Dewey officiating.  Burial was in Bakersburg Cemetery.    

BUTTON - Hiram [SRGP 69450] - Late Hiram Button was Popular Citizen

Mansfield, Sept. 11 - Hiram Button, aged 61 years, died recently, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Eva Letts, of Troy. He is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Letts; Mrs. Edward Wood of Mansfield and Mrs. Henry Fisher of Wellsboro, and several grandchildren. The funeral was held at the Church of Christ, Troy, Rev. O.W. Young officiating; burial in the Bakerburg cemetery. Mr. Button was a gentleman of the old school, courteous, kind and pleasant to all. He had a sunny disposition which, endeared him to all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. - Wellsboro Gazette, September 12, 1929, p.15

RIPLEY, Ella - Gafford
Mrs. Ella B. Gafford [SRGP 45312] died at her home in Spencer, N.Y., aged 54.  She was a daughter of the late Alfred Ripley of Armenia.  The body was taken to the Bakerburg Cemetery for burial and services were held in the Bakerburg Church on Sunday, June 25th, conducted by Rev. Mr. Smith of Elk Run.  She was a cousin of Jesse Ripley of Sylvania and was known to many of the older people of these communities.
A daughter from Spencer, N.Y., and a son from Susquehanna accompanied the body and helped with tender hands to lay away the form of the mother to mingle with kindred dust in the old cemetery by the side of the Bakerburg Church.

 Eunice M. SLINGERLAND (SRGP 00723) - Mrs. Ensie Woodward, 68, died at the home of her niece, Mrs. Olan Chamberlin of Troy, Pa., Sunday evening. She is survived by the following sisters: Mrs. Edith Bradford, Columbia Cross Roads; Mrs. Grace Early, Mainesburg, Pa.; Mrs. Cora Van Ness, Mansfield, Pa., and Mrs. Mary McClure, Barnsboro, Pa. The funeral will be held Tuesday at the home in Sullivan Township, where Mrs. Woodward was a former resident. The Rev. Glenn Dewey will officiate. Burial in the Squire Cemetery, Gray Valley. (handwritten on article Sept 2, 1931) Ensie is actually buried at Bakerburg Cemetery down the road from this one. The obituary is in error.   

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 19 DEC 2004
By Joyce M. Tice