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Carpenter Cemetery, Deerfield Township, Tioga County PA

by Joyce M. Tice
Carpenter Cemetery Listing


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Reading a series of obituaries from a single cemetery, as they are presented here, is like reading the multi-generational history of a community. These people were the local populace at a particular time. The people buried here knew each other, were neighbors, relatives and school mates. They attended church together and engaged in "trade" or business.  All people are listed in alphabetic order by surname at BIRTH. Women identified by a married alias only and  for whom a birth surname can not be identified, are listed on the last page for the cemetery's obituaries.

Westfield Free Press - December 28, 1899
Death – Westfield
Ira Bulkley died at the home of his father, E. B. Bulkley, last Friday.  Ira Bulkley was born at Osceola, Dec. 20, 1858.  He is survived by his wife, his father, E. B. Bulkley, a half-sister, Mrs. James Streeter, and 2 half –brothers, Edward and George Bulkley.  Funeral held Sunday, Rev. S. A. Field officiating.  Interment in Academy Corners cemetery.

Wellsboro Agitator – December 27, 1899
Mr. Ira E. Bulkley, aged 41, of Westfield, the son (by his first wife) of Mr. Edwin B. Bulkley, of that borough, committed suicide last Friday afternoon by shooting himself in the head in a garage of his father’s house, which was his own home, also.  He was mentally deranged at the time.  The frightened members of his family found him immediately, lying face downward in a pool of blood, and sent for Dr. Patterson, who on his arrival pronounced the man dead.  The suicide was married in Ohio several years ago.  He returned to Westfield about two years ago with his wife, and there was then a fresh bullet wound over his right eye – a wound from which he suffered long at his father’s home.  The doctor’s, owing to its location, did not deem it safe to probe for the bullet.  Mr. Bulkley, however, at length recovered in some degree, and later, about a year ago, his wife went back to Ohio alone and has never returned.  Her absence had a very depressing effect on her  husband, and he lapsed into semi-invalidism, being incapacitated for work.  His aged father is prostrated by the shock of his son’s terrible death.  Funeral services, conducted by Rev. S. A. Field, were held Sunday, followed by burial at Academy Corners.

Wellsboro Agitator – March 18, 1925
Mrs. Delcie Carpenter Seely, widow of Grant Seely, died suddenly March 9, at her home in Osceola.  She was apparently in her usual health Monday afternoon at 1 o’clock when her nephew, Fred Carpenter, of Knoxville, left her home.  She was 72 years old.  She is survived by one daughter, Heloise, wife of “Ted” Crandall, of Wellsboro; one sister, Mrs. Belle Clark, of Academy Corners, and one brother, Frank Carpenter, of Addison, N.Y.  The funeral was held Thursday; interment at Osceola.

Wellsboro Agitator – April 27, 1921
Miss Hattie Carpenter died Thursday afternoon, about 8 o’clock.  She spent her entire life at the home where she died at the age of 64 years.  She was one of a family of nine children, four of whom are living – Mrs. Grant Seely, of Osceola; Mrs. Shant and Frank Carpenter, of Osceola and Mrs. Bell Clark, of this place.  She was a member of the Baptist church of Knoxville.  Funeral services were held at her late home Sunday at 3 o’clock, Rev. Mr. Barrow of Knoxville officiating; interment in the Carpenter cemetery.

Wellsboro Agitator – November 15, 1916
The community at large were greatly shocked by the sudden death of Willard Carpenter, last Tuesday afternoon.  The funeral was held at his old home near Academy Corners and the burial was in the Carpenter cemetery.

Wellsboro Agitator - Feb. 6, 1952
Clarence Ellsworth Clark, aged 62 years, of Knoxville, R.D., died Saturday morning, Feb. 2, 1952, at the Arnot-Ogden Hospital where he had been a patient for several days after suffering a heart attack at his home.  He was a son of Mrs. Mary Belle Carpenter Clark and the late Ellsworth Clark.  Besides his widow, Mrs. Edith Clark, he is survived by his mother and one son, Ellsworth Clark, of Knoxville, R.D. and several cousins.  The body was taken Monday afternoon  the home of his mother where funeral services were held Tuesday with the Rev. Glen Moore, Methodist minister, officiating.   Burial was in the Carpenter Cemetery near the home.  Bearers were:  Craig Cobb, Daniel Cobb, Rock Clark, Lyle Doan, Bert Doan and Clarence Doron.



Wellsboro Agitator - November 4, 1908

Osceola, Nov. 2 - Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Shaut and daughter, Hattie, Dr. and Mrs. F. C. Shaut, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carpenter, of Addison, attended the funeral of the late Loren Clark at Academy Corners, last Friday.


Wellsboro Agitator – March 26, 1924
Butler Hill March 22 – Mrs. Emma Carpenter, widow of the late W. S. Carpenter, died at the home of her I daughter Mrs. F J Doan on Wednesday.   Mrs. Emma Daniels Carpenter was born in this place in 1850, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H F Daniels.  She was married to Willard S Carpenter in 1871.  Mr. Carpenter died in 1916, to them four children were born, three of whom survive, Mrs. Leah Doan of this place, Fred L Carpenter and Mrs. Ada Davenport of Knoxville, also several grandchildren and great grandchildren, and by one sister, Mrs, L 0 Mattison of Knoxville.  Mrs. Carpenter was highly esteemed by all who knew her
as her beautiful life won for her the respect of all with whom she came in contact. The funeral was held Saturday at one o clock, interment in the Carpenter cemetery at Academy Corners.

Tioga County death record pg 129, line 5 - Edith Patrick died 22 Aug 1905, aged 20 years; born in Deerfield, died in Deerfield of Bright's Disease - 2 mos duration; buried in Carpenter (Academy Corner's) Cemetery 24 Aug. 1905

Westfield Free Press – Thursday, January 11, 1900
William A. Faulkner died last Wednesday morning in his 77th year.  Survived by widow, one daughter, Mrs. E. H. Wheaton and 3 sons, Edward, Burdette and Ralph.

Wellsboro Agitator Oct. 19, 1938
William Edgar Faulkner, aged 84 years, died Sunday morning at his home in Osceola.....Mr. Faulkner was born in Deerfield, November 8, 1854, son of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Faulkner.  Survivors include his widow and the following sons and daughters, Herbert, of Addison, R.D.; George and William Faulkner of Tioga, and Mrs. W. T. Boyce, of Butler Hill; 15 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.  Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Boyce at Butler Hill.  Rev. Wetherbee will officiate; burial in the Carpenter Cemetery at Academy Corners.

Wellsboro Agitator January 5, 1944
Mrs. Frances Faulkner
The funeral of Mrs. Frances Faulkner, aged 88 years, of Osceola, R. D., was held from the home of Willard Boyce yesterday; burial at Academy Corners.  Mrs. Faulkner died at the Blossburg State Hospital Dec. 31.  Survivors include two sons, Arthur Guernsy and Perry Faulkner, of Corning; three stepsons, Bert Faulkner, of Avoca, and William Faulkner, of Tioga.

Wellsboro Agitator – August 6, 1930
Knoxville, Aug 4—-Arthur R. Howland, aged 47 years, of Gravel Bank died July 31. He was born July 2 1883, at the home where he resided at the time of his death, son of Elizabeth Howland.  The bearers  were nephews of the family,  Dr.  Wells Howland, of Binghamton, Winfield Howland of Gaines, Clare Gerow of Knoxville, Max Gerox and Harry Husted of Gravel Bank.  Burial in the Carpenter cemetery at Academy Corners. Mr. Howland is survived by his widow, Margaret Howland, a son Charles, two brothers, Ray Howland, of Binghamton,
and Dr. Harry Howland of Gaines.


HOWLAND Charles Rexford

Corning Evening Leader – Thursday, November 1, 1928

KNOXVILLE. Pa. Nov. 1.— Charles R. Howland, aged 92, died at his farm home at Knoxville, R.D., Thursday, October 25 following a short Illness. The funeral was held at his home Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The Rev. Percy Woodruff, Minister of Westfield officiated. Burial was made In the Carpenter cemetery at Academy Corners. The bearers were: James Howland, Phillip Merrick, Fred Merrick, Edward Husted, E. N. Ray, George Signor.  He was married to Elizabeth Smith of Nelson, who died 20 years ago. He Is survived by three sons, Ray Howland, of Binghamton; Dr. Harry Howland of Gaines, Arthur Howland, living at the home with his father, one granddaughter, Mrs. Teel Williams, Binghamton; four grandsons Charles Howland, at home: Dr. Wells Howland, Binghamton; Gaddis and Winfield Howland, Gaines; one great grandson.  Mr. Howland had lived at farm home many years and resided near Knoxville practically all of his life.  Among the out of town relatives attending the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Howland, Dr. Wells Howland, Mrs. Teil Williams and sons of Binghamton; Dr. and Mrs. Harry Howland and sons, Gaddis and Winfield Howland, of Gaines.


Wellsboro Agitator - Nov. 18, 1891
Mr. Eddy Howland, one of the oldest residents of the Cowanesque Valley, died on the 30th ultimo in the 84th year of his age. The Knoxville Courier gives the following sketch of his life:  In 1804 the parents of Eddy Howland came to this county (Tioga) from Rhode Island. They used a wagon as far as Lawrenceville, PA. That was the end of the road, and the wagon was left and Mrs. Howland was mounted on one of the horses with one child behind her and one in her arms. Such goods as could be were packed on the other horse and they followed the Indian Trail up the Cowanesque River nearly to Academy Corners. A log house was built, the floor was made out of boards split out of basswood logs and fastened with wooden pins as nails were scarce in those days.  Game was plentiful and it was about as easy to shoot a deer as it now would be to shoot a sheep. When they wanted fish they went a few yards to the Cowanesque and in a few minutes could catch as many as they wanted. The sheep were housed each night to keep them from wild beasts. The farm was in part paid for by the bounty given for killing wolves. In the early days the settlers went to Williamsport eighty miles to mill. They rode one horse with a bag of grain before and another behind and let a horse carrying three bags. The trip took five days.  The settlers in many cases cut down a large maple tree, smoothed the stump and scooped it out so it would hold a peck of corn. Then fastening a large pestle to a spring pole they pounded the corn until it was fine. Later a mill was built at Addison, NY and it was extensively patronized by the people of the Cowanesque Valley.  When Mr. Eddy Howland was twenty years old, he and his brother went some months to school in Wellsboro, (Wellsboro Academy). They paid ten shillings a week for board. Upon their return the people about Academy Corners met and decided that a young man who had enjoyed such remarkable advantages was the proper person to teach school. During the winter that he was twenty one he had seventy scholars.  Books were scarce and a newspaper was seldom seen. When one came into the neighborhood it was passed from house to house as something very valuable, and often a family of six children would use one spelling book. The schoolmaster taught six days in the week, set the copies, made the goose quill pens, and received twelve shillings a week, to be paid in produce as money was also scarce in those days.   Mr. Howland remembered when the Indians were very numerous. They did not live there all the year, but their favorite trail in passing from the Genesee Country, (New York) to the Alleghenies on their hunting expeditions lay along the Cowanesque. A piece of cleared land just south of Academy Corners, at the left of the Wagon Road had at an early day been used by the Indians for raising corn.  In 1832 Mr. Eddy Howland married Miss Charlotte Rexford. She died on the 2nd Ultimo just twenty eight days before her husband.   Mr. Howland's father was one of the first County Commissioner selected in this county (Tioga Co., PA) serving from 1809 to 1811.  Mr. Eddy Howland was also elected to that office in 1844 and served three years. He also served as a Justice of the Peace for a number of years and it is stated that of all the decisions he made not one of them was ever reversed by a higher court. He was a man of marked integrity and an excellent citizen.



Wellsboro Agitator – May 12, 1909

—Mrs. Maria M Rowland Wagner, wife of William Wagner, died at her home at Academy Corners on April 30, of pneumonia. She was born in Deerfield March 8, 1847, the daughter of the late Ed and Charlotte Rexford Howland. She was one of a family of four children, only one of whom survives, Charles R. Howland, of Academy Corners.  She was married to William Wagner in May, 1868 and to them were born two sons, Charles H, who died at the age of four years, and Edward H., a lawyer, a resident of Ann Arbor, Mich.  She was a member of the Knoxville Presbyterian church, and a member of Valley Grange. Her death Is mourned by many friends    


Wellsboro Agitator – December 6, 1905
Mr. Aaron Knox, aged 69, of Academy Corners, died suddenly on Wednesday of heart disease. His wife, one daughter and one brother survive him.  Funeral services were held on Saturday;
burial in the Carpenter cemetery.

Wellsboro Gazette – October 8, 1891
Died – Howland, At Knoxville, Pa, October 2, 1891, Mrs. Eddie Howland, aged 83 years, 3 months and 1 day.

Wellsboro Agitator – February 22, 1911
—Mrs. Lois Seely Carpenter, widow of the late Loren Carpenter, of Deerfield, died February 11, at the home of her son, W. S. Carpenter, in Deerfield. She was born Oct. 11, 1823, on the farm now owned by the heirs of the late A. D. Taft, of Deerfield, the daughter of Elanson and Mercy Seely and was one of a large family of children. Only one of her brothers and sisters survives her, Malvin Seely, who resides in the West. Mrs. Carpenter grew to womanhood on the farm where she was born; and on May 14, 1846 was married to Loren Carpenter. She is survived by six children — Willard S. Carpenter, of Deerfield; Delphine, wife of Ephraim Shaut, of Addison, N.Y.; Della, wife of Grant Seely, of Osceola; Kiss Hattie Carpenter, who resides on the homestead in Deerfield; Mrs. Belle Frame, who owns the homestead, and Frank Carpenter, of Addison, N. Y.


SMITH Elizabeth

Wellsboro Agitator – Wednesday, January 6, 1909

Mrs. C. R. Howland died" at her home at Academy Corners on Dec. 27, after an illness of about four weeks. Elizabeth Smith Howland was born at Nelson, and was the daughter of the late Henry and Phebe Smith. She was one of a family of six, four sisters and one brother surviving. They are: Mrs. Priscilla Peters, of Osceola; Mrs. Alice Bosard, of Grand Forks, N. D.; Mrs. Harry Baxter, and Mrs. Walter Pease, of Kelson, and John Smith, of Farmington. Elizabeth Smith and Charles R. Howland were married Oct. 16, 1859. To them were born three sons, who with tbeir father survive, Ray Howland, of Knoxville; Dr. Harry Rowland, of Galnes, and Arthur R, at home. The funeral was held last Tuesday, Rev. Mr. Donehoo, pastor of the Knoxville Presbyterian church, of which Mrs. Howland was a member, officiating. 


Wellsboro Agitator – January 26, 1921
William Wagner, an aged resident of this place, was found dead in bed Saturday morning. He had been in his usual health and was outdoors the day before he died. Mr. Wagner spent nearly all his life in this vicinity. He was respected by all who knew him. He held the office of Justice of Peace for a number of years. He is survived by one son, Edward H., with whom he resided. The funeral will be held Tuesday; burial in the Carpenter cemetery.

Wellsboro Agitator – February 2, 1921
—William Wagner died at his home near Academy Corners Jan. 22. He was born in Steuben county, N. Y., Dec. 23, 1842, a son of Inglehart and Christina Collier Wagner. His grandfather, Abraham T. Wagner, was a native of Germany and a pioneer of Steuben county. He married Maria Howland in May, 1868, and commenced farming in Deerfield in 1870, where he had since resided. Mrs. Wagner died a number of years ago. He is survived by one son, Eddy H. Wagner, with whom he lived on the homestead farm of the late Eddy Howland, earlier the home of the great-grandfather of Eddy H. Wagner, Dr. Eddy Howland, a defendant of John Howland, one of three brothers who came to America in the Mayflower in 1620. He was a charter member of Valley Grange, of Academy Corners. He was a school director for a number of years in his township and was a Justice of the Peace. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon, Rev. D. L. Pjtts, pastor of the Knoxville M. E. church, officiating; interment in the Carpenter cemetery at Academy Corners.

Wellsboro Agitator – February 27, 1935
Knoxville, Feb. 26 – Mrs. Margaret Wilson Howland, aged 48 years, widow of Arthur R. Howland, of Deerfield died Thursday, Feb. 21, at the Blossburg hospital after a major operation.  She was born in Charleston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George B. Wilson.  She was married March 23, 1910 to Arthur R. Howland of Deerfield, and resided there until her death.  She was a member of the Charleston Baptist church and Valley Grange of Academy Corners.  She is survived by one son, Charles, at home; three sisters, Mrs. Leon C. Gerow, of Knoxville, Mrs. S. J. Ludlam, of South Windsor, Conn., and Mrs. Mark E. Coveney, of Mansfield; two brothers, George I. Wilson, of Sacramento, California, and James T. Wilson, of Corning.  The funeral was held Sunday; burial at Academy Corners.  The pallbearers were:  Gaddis Howland, Winfield Howland, Mack Gerow, Clare Gerow, George Coveney and Sheridan Husted.  Among the out-of-town people who attended were:  Miss Louise Ludlam, of New York; Miss Florence Gerow, of Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Brown, of Nunda, N.Y.; Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Smith and daughter, of Elmira; Miss Hazel Mather, of Corning; Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Mather and children, of Wood’s Corners, N.Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bolen and daughter, of Osceola; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jeliff and Arnold Smith, of Charleston; Dr. Harry Howland and family, of Gaines; Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. J. Outman and Miss Thelma Stebbins, of Elkland.

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10 MAY 2006
By Joyce M. Tice

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