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History of the Grange
Veteran Grange No. 1108 Patrons of Husbandry

Town of Veteran Grange Hall

Helen MacDougall Samson (1909-1995) 

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Photo by Joyce M. Tice 1999
1923 photo submitted by Walt Samson

Veteran Grange #1108 Retyped from some notes by Helen A. MacDOUGALL Samson . Submitted by Walt Samson.

Veteran Grange was organized in the Masonic Hall at Millport, April 3, 1907 by special deputy J. N. Stowe. Twenty six members were enrolled as charter members and officers were elected as follows; ---

Master James H. Van Duzer Overseer Edwin M. Turner Lecturer Edward Kingsley Secretary Hiram Wheeler Chaplain Filmore Frost Treasurer Samuel Westlake Steward William Westlake Assistant Steward Edwin P. Mac Dougall Lady Assistant Steward Lou Green Gate Keeper Mott Miller Ceres Anna Van Duzer Pomona Flora Wheeler Flora Mabel Miller Trustees George Rundle Fred Stowe Alvin Green

The first meeting was held at the home of Hiram Wheeler and the officers were installed by Deputy Stowe.

A hall in the residence of William Vary was then secured by the trustees, and a permanent home established. The first meeting in the hall was held on May 9, 1907.

Owing to a change in ownership, of the Vary homestead in 1914, the Grange was again without a home, and it was decided to build a hall. Five sites were offered for consideration and, after much deliberation, the plot of ground offered by Julia Westlake, located on the Ridge Road was accepted and a lease for 99 years was signed.

A building was purchased from the County Farm. This was taken down and moved to the new site by the brothers and construction was started on the new hall. Meanwhile the meetings of the Grange were held at the homes of the members. On April 24, 1914, the first meeting was held in the new hall - the second story of which was not completed. A large shed for the shelter of the horses was also constructed.

On December 2, 1914 the dedication services in charge of State Master Vary were held. The ceremony as adopted by the National Grange in 1875 was used.

Many improvements were added, a deep well drilled, etc. Finally, the growing membership and social activities called for larger quarters, and a splendid addition was built during 1921.

In 1923 the Grange paid its share of the rural electric in and the hall was equipped with electrical lights.

On Feb 22, 1929, a large party was held for the purposes of celebrating Veteran’ freedom from debt. Over one hundred Grangers were present and it was indeed a joyous celebration. During the winter of 1930, under the direction of Cornell experts, the interior of the hall was decorated. This was all done by the Grangers themselves -- days of painting were contributed by the brothers while the sisters prepared dinners doing a few other odd jobs - such as painting the tables and benches. and dying 100 yards of curtain material..

A flourishing Juvenile Grange was organized on March? 30, 1922, but after a few years the juveniles became Grangers and as there was no more available material, it was discontinued. Material again being plentiful in 1931, it was re-organized and is now flourishing ? of the organization. In this young Grange there are 21 members who hold regular meetings under the supervision of their Matron - Mrs. Charles Samson.

During the existence of Veteran Grange there have been 309 different names on the roll. The largest number of members at one time was 132, and the present number is 109.

Eight of the charter members are still on the roll, nine have passed to the Great Beyond, and one has faithfully paid his dues for the entire 25 years and has never attended a single meeting.

On Saturday evening, March 19, Veteran Grange celebrated the 25th anniversary of its organization.  A banquet was served at 7:00 o’clock, G. Archie Turner acted as toast master and the following responded:
J. H. VanDuzer, the first master of the Grange, Mrs. J. H. VanDuzer, secretary for the past 21 years.  Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Wixon, Chemung County’s Golden Sheaf Grangers, O. J. Sears, County Deputy, Mrs. O. J. Sears, County Juvenile Deputy, Mrs. Charles MacDougall, Grange Historian.
The address of the evening was given by Dana P. Waldron, Assistant Steward of the New York Grange of Wolcott.  After the banquet, a short session of the Grange was held and during the Lecturer’s hour a pageant “The Silver Anniversary” was given by the members.  The cast was as follows:  Spirit of Grange Service, Mrs. Charles MacDougall; Tableau Ladies, Mrs. Clifford Hayes and Elsie Turner; Flower Girls, Lois Mae Mosher and Helen Smith; Laborers, Tracy Smith, Alexander Gredoriew and Ernest Benjamin; Maids, Mrs. Frank Conklin, Mrs. Benjamin Turner and Mrs. Milton Roy; Harvesters, Fred Smith, Frank Conklin and Benjamin Turner; Gleaners, Mrs. Amel Ramstein, Mrs. Tracy Smith and Mrs. Charles Samson.
Feast Committee—Mrs. Andrew Wood and Mrs. Anna henry.  Representatives from Big Flats, Chemung, Chemung Valley, Horseheads and Seeley Creek Granges were present.  Eight charter members were in attendance.
Veteran Grange #1108 Officers 2005-2007
Master - Bob Roemmelt
Overseer - Wayne Brubaker
Lecturer - Eleanor Doty
Steward - Don Campanelli
Asst. Steward - Lonnell Johnson
Lady Asst. Steward - Mary Johnson
Chaplain - Patricia Campanelli
Secretary-Treasurer - Josephine Roemmelt
Gatekeeper - Jean Landmesser
Ceres - Alice Roote
Pomona - Kathy Doty
Flora - Rachel Clark
Executive Committee - Marshall Conklin, Gordon Samson
Flagbearer - Kathy Doty
Pianist - Rachel Clark
Family Advocacy Committee Chairman - Patricia Campanelli
Submitted by Tim Rodabaugh
Veteran Grange #1108 Officers 2007-2009
Master – Josephine Roemmelt 
Overseer - Wayne Brubaker 
Lecturer - Eleanor Doty 
Steward – Donald Campanelli
Asst. Steward – Richard Smith
Lady Asst. Steward – Kathy Doty
Chaplain - Patricia Campanelli 
Treasurer – Robert Roemmelt
Secretary- Timothy Rodabaugh
Gatekeeper – Brian Snyder
Ceres – Janice Ingersoll
Pomona – Alice Roote
Flora – Mary Johnson
Executive Committee – Franklin Clark, Sr., Marshall Conklin, Lonnell Johnson
Pianist - Rachel Clark 
Family Advocacy Chair – Janice Ingersoll

Submitted by Tim Rodabaugh

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
History of the Grange
Sullivanville Grange No. 1305 Patrons of Husbandry
Sullivanville Grange No.1305 was organized March 19, 1913 by O. W.  Wixon, County Deputy, and was disbanded December 1949 and absorbed by Veteran Grange No.1108.
1st Master was Eugene Bush, Secretary was Frank Campbell & Lecturer was Lee Bales. There were 46 Charter members as follows: - John H. Mallory, Jr. & wife; George H. & Louise Mallory; Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Ervay; Ivan A. & Ida Ervay; Lewis & Nellie Leonard; Jesse Frink; Mason Oldroyd; Elmer and Alma Fivie; Mrs. Elizabeth Ludwig; Mrs. Effie Turner; Mr. & Mrs. William B. Chapman; Thomas Jay Turner; Mrs. Julia Mallory; Harry & Eva Miller; Eugene Bush; Edith V. Bush; G.W.D & Alice M. Sears; Earnest Bales; May Little; T.W. & Carrie Nichols; John B. Sears; Elisha R. & Lavina S. Gregory; Claud & Maud Bush; Willis & Elsie VanHouten; May Hosie; Frank L & Anna M. Campbell

The information below comes from the History of Chemung County New York * 1890-1975 by Byrne.

“Sullivanville Grange No. 1305 was established in 1913 with Eugene Bush as Master and Frank Campbell as Secretary. The Grange met for many years over the Wilkins Store where dances were also held. Later the Grange met in Botsford building. The Grange was absorbed by Veteran Grange at mid-century”.

The Grange building is still there as apartments in Sullivanville, New York.

Photo of Grange and information submitted by Tim Rodabaugh, Town of Veteran Historian - December 2005

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
History of the Grange
Horseheads Grange No. 1118 Patrons of Husbandry
Patrons of Husbandry No 1118
Horseheads NY
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Tri-County Organizations
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Sullivanvile Methodist Church W.S.C.S.
Women of the W.S.C.S. (Women’s Society of Christian Services) Now called United Methodist Women
Photo taken September 1972 in front of the Sullivanville United Methodist Church, Sullivanville, Town of Veteran, Chemung Co., NY

Submitted by Tim Rodabaugh, Town of Veteran Historian

The women in this photo are, from left to right as follows:
Mildred B. “Millie” (Ennis) Bush (1899-1998) wife of Elmer
Anna C. (Lund) Parrott  (1898-1988) wife of Judd
Myrtle D. (Conklin) VanHouten (1894-1987) wife of Grove
Eleanor Doty wife of Emmet - living
Fern Graham wife of Larry - living
Marion J. (Sherman) Rodabaugh (1912-2001) wife of Darrellr

Jean (Payne) Landmesser wife of Clarence “Jim” - living
Lila M. (Brasser) Cummings (1919-1988) wife of Russell
Phyllis I. Roe (1949-1993)
Minerva C. (Miller) Roe (1904-1983) wife of Clarence
Frances (Beardsley) Shafer (1891-1982) wife of Charles
Edna L. (Maassen) Eggers (1913-1999) wife of Theodore
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
History of the Grange
Chemung Grange No. 1104 Patrons of Husbandry
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