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1957 Mansfield's Centennial - Winners of the Beard Contest
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Article - Mansfield Centennial - Winners of the Beard Contest 
Of Mansfield, Tioga County PA
Year: 1957
Submitted by Joyce M. Tice from Mansfield Advertiser Clippings.
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One of the highlights of Mansfield's 1957 Centennial Celebebration was the Facial Hair Contest, which was not just a suggestion, but a requirement. Any adult male who did not want to participate had to buy a permit.. In the photo above (front) Bill Bradshaw, George Penno, (back) Ben Garrison, Lee Smith, and Chester Bailey look over a "Shaver's Permit." In these photos are the winners of the contest.
Charles Curran, best goatee; Leon Bradford, grand prize; John Baker, fullest; Lester Shaw, bushiest; Fred Burnham, whitest.
Claude Whittaker, best looking; Francis Mitchell, best modified; Gordon Garrison, reddest; Edgar Roupp, best mustache
Hamilton Brown, consolation prize; Ed Nelson, bearded lady; John Goodwin, best try; Bryce Jones, youngest; Lee Smith, most unusual.
Wilson Rice, longest; Charles Brown, curliest; Jack Bailey, blackest, Chester Bailey, best sideburns.
Smooth faced bloke in Mansfield 1957 -into the slammer with you. 

Recognize any of these folks. Send names to Joyce 

From Chester & Mary Bailey Centennial Scrapbook

Citation for appearing in town smooth faced
Too Young or wrong gender for a beard? Freckles and braids will substitute. Gary VanNocken - Freckles winner. Can anyone name the girls with the longest braids? 

From Chester & Mary Bailey Centennial Scrapbook

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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