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Help Name the New Kittens - Twin Boys May 2003
Joyce Tip Box -- December 2007 -
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Later this week, these two boy kittens will be joining us. Enki dog will not be happy, but she'll endure it. The kittens have blue eyes and are all white except for blond tails and ears. They are indistinguishable at this point and may well be identical twins. They'll need names. The last time I got a cat I took so long naming her that the veterinarian threatened to name her himself. I finally settled on Sullivan for the township where my genealogy-population study centers.
This photo shows the blond ears and tail that both kittens have
These kittens are from the same farm where Sullivan originated. None like them have been born there before. I may have to put a dab of food color on one to help differentiate them. 
Help Name the Kittens - Suggestions Below - Send your ideas to
We'll vote later or you can cast a vote for names already listed
See Also - Name the puppies Mar-April 2007
Update May 14
- We have collected a terrific assortment of pet names here, lots of really good ones. More importantly naming little animals is fun and seeing the ideas is fun. Actually I now have too many really good names to choose from and I hate to see them wasted.  Since I can't use them all, I hope some others will take advantage of these great names. Take your pick. The boys are here now . Enki approached them yesterday morning with a friendly wag of her tail and they spit at her. Not a good start. They are used to her now, but she is getting jealous of the attention they get. They are nice little kittens. I am leaning to Barnum and Bailey although it is a tough choice with so many great names to pick from. I'll give them some time to develop personalities, but so far they are truly indistinguishable wihout their food color dabs on top of their heads.
See Later photos of Barnum and Bailey More later Photos - December 2003
Names Submitter Why Votes
Romulus and Remus Joyce I always name my dogs after classical mythology, so why not my cats, too. 1
Tioga and Chemung Joyce Two of the three counties on my site and both Indian names - Follows precedent in name of Sullivan, the first cat (1996-2003) 2
Mudd and Dirtt Enki She hates cats
Goaway and Stayout Enki Same as above.
Barnes & Noble Cheryl Because much of the information on the site comes from books
Rome and Troy Marcia uses both the classic mythology and the local township themes
Warren and Monroe Marcia Follows the township theme
Lunch and Dinner  Enki (via Marcia)
Laurel & Hardy Linda C Kittens are good for comedy
Bendict & Arnold Anne (Reflects the betrayal Enki feels) Also fits the site's history theme
Barnum & Bailey* Anne Having two kittens and a dog who is jealous will certainly be a circus (Phineas Taylor Barnum and ?? Bailey - Who knows Mr. Bailey's first name?) 1
Peaches 'n Cream Lorraine Fits with their coloring -  (Also Cupcake,Biscuit, Pudding, Muffin, Cracker, Cheesy, Vanilla) Fits with what Enki would like to do with them 
Soap and Water Fay From Fay - Daddy tells of the man who had two dogs, Soap and Water. His dishes were as clean as Soap and Water could get them.
Castor and Pollux Anita after the twin sons of Zeus in greek mythology  1
Brad & Ti Janet L. Short for Bradford & Tioga 3
Amos & Andy Melva Same as for Laurel & Hardy - comedy (Short, Sweet, Easy to remember and spell . This would be a first for me in naming animals)
Blondie & Dagwood Melva Same as for Laurel & Hardy - comedy
Mephistopheles and McAvity  Joan P From the musical "Cats." Since McAvity is not really there anyway, half of Enki's problem will be solved.
Bert & Ernie Joan P From Sesame Street
Kitty and Kittie Melva They'll only answer to one name anyway (Actually this was my initial idea to give them one name as they will either answer - or ignore - to just one.  But the woman from whom I am getting them pointed out that the veterinarian needs the names and the ability to differentiate them for medical records reasons)
Brick & Wall Darla What most of us run into when searching our ancestors-until we find your site of course! 1
This & That Darla What one always finds on your site.
Smudge and Smidge Pam Because they have a Smudge and Smidge of different color.(Actually they don't now but will once I apply the food coloring dabs)
Ming & Ling Joan NO She is persuaded by the blue eyes that they are part Siamese.
Whitey and Blizzard Meg I think they do recognize their own names, and so you should make sure that each name sounds very different (i.e. not ming and ling). Also, the names should sound very different from Enki.
Jack and Frost Meg
Chip & Dale Janet PO
Tri and County Carol R
Bradsby & Heverly Daryl Two important resources on the Tri Counties site.  Hopefully, the kitties will be around a long time like these two references
Pete and Repeat Fay
Me and You Bob T Because one can`t get better than that.  Simply the best.
Dave K Let them name themselves (His are Oopsy Daisy and Amazing Gracie)
Gene E. Ology and Fam Lee History Lee F
Flake and Fluff Lee F
Bentley, Riley, Bailey, Jasper Sheryl V.  She likes these names - "dignified enough to suit them very well when they grow into handsome gents—"
Blue Boy and Redman Joyce To match the food coloring I put on their heads. (Temporary Names)
Gene E. and Ollie G.  Joyce B
Blizzard & Snowflake Roberta
Emil & Sherlock 
or   Apollo & Zeus
Milky & Whey Gail in keeping w/their color
Ink & Stink
Simon & Garfunkel
Bits & Pieces
Abbott & Costello
Jim Bean & Johnny Walker
Irene & Urine Jackie   “The pee pee twins”        (usually kittens are pretty good at this)
Hercules & Perseus
Orion & Leo 
Charla (constellations)
Chablis and Chardonnay Joyce White wines
Tom and Huck Elaine F For Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.  Seems that a tribute to the great local writer would be just the thing.  They look like Tom and Huck to me. (She has seen them in person - or rather in feline)
T'ai Chi Joyce R For Tioga and Chemung `
Flik & Flak the Far_ Guys Joyce Obvious reaons
Marcia sent in a photo of her four cats, all named for tennis players. They are shown here watching a tennis match.

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