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Help Name the New Puppies - Little Brothers
Joyce Tip Box -- December 2007 -
If you are not navigating this site via the left and right sidebars of the Current What's New page you are doing yourself a disservice. You can get to any place on the site easily by making yourself familiar with these subject and place topics. Try them all to be as familiar with the site's 16,000 plus pages as you can. Stop groping in the dark and take the lighted path. That's also the only way you'll find the search engines for the site or have access to the necessary messages I may leave for you. Make it easy on yourself. 
This is the big guy - 2 pounds - Born February 2 This is the little guy 1 and 5/8 pounds - Litter mate to big guy
The only way I can get photos is to hold them at arm's length and shoot. Otherwise they move so fast I only get photos of their tails.
These are genuine Mug Shots - Could be used in police lineup. Don't they look like criminals?
Mama is a terrier-poodle mix and Papa is a chihuahua

Above: Barnum & Bailey approach the sleeping puppies with extreme caution.
Right - Puppy approaches cats with no caution.
Help, Ma, that little black thing is going to kill us. 
Next frame - cats running in terror.
If This all sounds familiar see the May 2003  Name the Kittens page - Those monster size cats were kitten four years ago
Tug of War with Shoe
Above: The baby boys think Yoshi should be their mother 
and follow on her heels. Yoshi thinks they are mice 
and is not interested.
Right: Water break
Puppy Update -Friday -  The puppies are caged and only let out to play. Both nights they've slept without a peep from 6:30 PM until I get up at 5 AM. That's the advantage of having two. One would peep and whine all night, but two together are perfectly content. They are only awake for 30 to 45 minutes at a time maybe five times a day. They sleep the rest of the time. While they are awake they bounce around like popcorn.

Puppy - Cat Update -Saturday - The puppies are fine and the cats are approaching recovery. Barnum will actually sit in the same room and look at them while they are in the cage or even if they are out. But, if they approach him he runs away.  Bailey has suffered more. He stopped eating. He finally started eating again if fed in a separate room. This morning he finally ate in the same room with the puppies while they were caged and sleeping. They are very interested in Yoshi and still think she should be their mother. She brought them a toy yesterday, but the toy was bigger and heavier than the puppies. It's the thought that counts.
As to Names, I am kind of leaning to Amos and Andy that Melva sent in four years ago for the kitten naming project. Not decided yet. I like to wait a while. I have named and renamed pets before, so want to keep it open as long as I can. The first time the kittens went to the vet they went as the red one and the blue one, so these little guys will probalby go as the big one and the little one - or the fuzzy one and the smooth one. When Sullivan, the calico cat [1996-2003] was a kitten I waited so long to name her the vet threatened to name her for me. 

April 3 - First trip to the Veterinarian: The boys went on record as Amos (the smooth one) and Andy (the Fluffy one). That is subject to change, but it might be permanent. Andy had his shot first and he set up such a screaming as you never heard. He kept screaming long after the needle had been removed. No amount of consoling could silence him. If anyone had been in the waiting room, they certainly would have packed up their pets and left. He was weighed on the scales that are more accurate than my food scale as 1 and 3/4 pounds (a quarter pound less than my scale). Amos did a little better, He had just started to scream when the needle was removed. He stopped screaming but was very agitated and did not want me to give him back to the nasty woman who had done that to him. Amos was weighed at One and a half pounds. They were not brave boys.

April 5  - The cats are getting used to the litle guys. Little Amos had let it go to his head that he could chase those big cats away-nearly ten times his size. However, now Barnum has become so used to them he does not run very fast and Amos bumps into him some of the time. I think the main problem is their lack of understanding of anatomy. They think that four legged animals of that size should be sources of food and don't understand the issue of their gender and species. The cats retreat at this point, not because they are afraid of the pups, but because they are such a nuisance to them. They are still so young they sleep most of the time. 

Hi Mama Joyce

Well if you have a Barnum & Bailey, surely you need a Gilbert and Sullivan. Perhaps we should rename you Soft Touch. However I would have wanted all five. You did well.
Always digging, Sue

I love the lower right picture of Barnum and Bailey eyeing the pup!  They do look afraid of the little ball of fur. My suggestion - Ink and Blot.
Lee Kinnan Fazzari
[No look about it. the cats are terrified but Barnum less than Bailey]
Good morning Joyce. Enjoy your new pets! Carol
dumb Joyce, and Dumber Joyce.. you didn't really take 2 for keeps did you?? Linda
Shirley is on the cats side..I can see now what you are going to do with all your time.. hehe.. how come only one was after the cats? Linda
Hi Joyce,
Hope you enjoy your 2 new babies.  They are real cute and will keep you busy I am sure. One keeps me busy. Have fun. Esther
Hi Joyce, What about LEWIS & CLARK?,  they were explorers? Gary Parker
Hi Joyce, They are real cute! How about Cesaer & Casper as their names??? Donna Judge
I happened to stumble across your kitten names page and from there found your puppy page. My suggestion - the Brave and the Braver or Inky and Stinky. XD  -Amber
They are WONDERFUL!!  But, they do look a lot like a scruffy local fellow that we ran into last night that almost got into a brawl with our friend.  I still have two goats to name so I'm in a naming mode, and will add two puppies to the task.  So far, only one is named.  Since the original does were named after Bob's aunts, Lola Bea, Nola Bea and Irma, plus the one we named Wanna Bea because we ran out of aunts to name her after, we named the first born this year Mini Bea since she looks exactly like her mother except for one of her ears.
Between us, we surely have the bounciest happiest households around.  There's nothing like puppies and kittens.  Sue
Good Morning, Joyce~  Thought I'd send my contribution!  How about "Frick"  and "Frack"? Guila Sikes
Hi Joyce,
The mug shot on the left, with the curly patch, CURLY and the one on the right MOE.  You will need to get another one to name LARRY, and you will have the Three Stooges.
My husband said to name them ABBOTT and COSTELLO, or BUD and LOU.
Since they seem so curious you could name them SHERLOCK and WATSON or HOLMES and WATSON.  Seeing them makes me want to get a few.  My little 9 lb Bichon will be 17 years next Nov.
Good luck.
Phyllis Hughes-Marino
Hi Joyce.  love your new pups.  We had two sled dogs with the names Wizard and Oz.      "Wiz and Oz" for your two little ones!
Paula Malikowski   Outing, Mn.
p.s. Your site has helped me immensely.  Thank you.
Hi Joyce, The puppies are adorable, How about Stan and Ollie or Laurel and Hardy. [No Name Signed]
Oh my gosh. What a deal. Soon, you are going to have a complete circus! My bets are on the cats. They have a look on their faces like they are really planning on what to do with these new little creatures. It should be fun watching the show! Did I tell you I have pups coming in about 19 days!
Did you name them yet? The one on the left looks like a darling little button and the one on the right looks ornery. How about Patch and Partner. Or, Trigger and Partner. Enjoy all the fun!Charlene
Oh my! Thanks for the update. I didnít know you had little furry things running around. You are developing quite a menagerie. What fun. If youíre still looking for names, how about Hercules and Zeus? Enjoy them,Joan
Yea!!!  I am delighted and excited that you got the puppies.  Crazy, so many animals, but they will make you happy!!!  Louise
Hi Joyce, How about Attic and Treasure for where we find all this great local history. Happy Spring! Peggy Spencer
Hi Joyce.....oh the joys the future holds for you!  At first I thought perhaps you should name the new puppies Double and Trouble but my real suggestion is Brad(ford) and Ti(oga) or Brad and Ti for their call names! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.  I love your site and after many years of "doing" genealogy your's ranks at the top as far as I am concerned! Thanks for all you do.
Meg Bourdette
The puppies are adorable!  They look like they are going to be something to handle in the months to come.  I suggest that they be called Bob and Gerald!
Or in keeping with the cats, the Cole Brothers, in which case I suppose you could call them Circus and Sideshow.  Dogs like names with S's!
Cousin Veryl
[Bob and Gerald were brothers of my mother, uncles to me. To Veryl, Bob was her father and Gerald her uncle.]
The puppies are adorable.  It was great hearing from you and with such great news. Since I am not clever with names (my cat is named Kitty) I will just wait to see what you do name them.  Deb G
Hi Joyce
Those puppies are gona get a lot of love. They're adorable. They look like muffy and tuffy to me.
Good Luck with them, Diana
Hi, Joyce,
I've been away from my computer all week so I'm just catching up.  Having seen the puppies I definitely vote for Hustle and Bustle  (or even Hustle and Muscle for the little one that chases the cats). Peggy S.  back in NJ
Dear Joyce,  I do feel flattered to think that you kept #2 choice for Barnum and Bailey in the back of your mind to use when another set of pets came along ! And even if you do decide to change names later ( you've had some really great suggestions !), I'll still feel somewhat like a surrogate  (grand ?) mother to those adorable little fellows. And thank you for the wonderful photography !  Love, Melva C.

Little Guys take turns killing each other. Two months old today.
The Weigh In April 2
Andy and Amos, Sitting still after a nap.
April 3
Hustle & Bustle would be good names for them.
Site volunteer, Norma, who lives near me, just told me she went and got their two brothers, so she is raising puppies, too. Hers are brown/black mottled in color and are named Rusty and Dusty.
April 7
Left - Amos and his empty yogurt cup.  I found. I own it.
Below - Andy steals the yogurt cup - big battle
April 10 - Amos & Andy find some new  puppies and try to hunt them down and make friends.
The puppies meet some new puppies in the mirror and hunt all over trying to find them.
April 20 Photos
The Lions lie down with the Lambs
Barnum & Bailey peacefully sharing the sunshine with Amos & Andy
Amos in transition. One ear popped into upright position yesterday and one did not. 
Sorry for the smudge on the lens. 
I weighed them yesterday 
Amos is up from 1 1/2 to slightly over 2 lbs. 
Andy is up from 1 3/4 to 2 1/2 pounds.
April 22
Andy & Amos potted up. After standing up straight as an arrow for two and a half days, Amos' ear flopped back down to puppy position. Barnum thinks putting the puppies in a pot is  a good idea. Andy the Screamer, is also Andy the Climber so he is long gone. Poor little Amos is too tiny to climb as well as his brother. He is always left on the wrong side of the barriers that Andy can conquer.
30 APRIL - Second trip to vet and second shots. Amos weighs 2 pounds 3 ounces and Andy weighes 2 pounds 11 ounces.

15 MAY
It finally happened- perfect peace. The cats let the puppies climb on them, kiss them on the mouth, pull their hair, jump on their head - for a while - then they give them a harmless cuff. Bailey and the baby boys share a spot of sun. 
At vet appointment yesterday, Amos is all the way up to 2 and a half pounds, and Andy weighs 2 pounds 15 ounces - narrowing in on the BIG three pound target. They are three and a half months old now.
Andy swallowed a paper clip last week and vomited too much, got dehydrated. He had to have water injected subcutaneously and xrays to make sure there was no more debris in there. He screamed as usual, screamed about the shot, screamed because he did not want to lie on his side for the xray. They know him at the vet's office as Andy, the screamer.  He has recovered.
May 20, 2007
Barnum purrs to the tune of John Denver's old standby,
"Sunshine on my belly makes me happy."
Amos' other ear gives stand up a try this time - but for how long? 
It's been up two days which is all the other one achieved before collapsing again.
It's been about a month since the other ear tried.
Andy is a climber, as well as a screamer, and he can climb onto the couch - like a monkey as I say, like a cat as my carpenter says, and like a squirrel as my book collaborator says. In any case, not like a dog. He also can bark. They got new squawky dragons a couple of days ago, and Andy was frightened of the squawk so he barked at it all day. The next day he had overcome his fear and abused it all day in spite of its incessant squawks. Today it is old history and lost.
Amos can neither climb nor bark. His strategy is hopping, and hop as he might, he can not get on the couch. He is a very polite little dog, so he just comes and quietly scratches on my leg until I give him a lift onto the couch. Amos also has the ability to make sounds for which there is no English word to describe. They both do yips, yaps, screams, squeals and squeaks, but some of Amos' sounds have never been made before in the history of the world, so they are indescribable.
Toys are OK,  but it's really more fun to chew on each other. 

May 28 - FINAL shots at the vet. This time Amos screamed worse than Andy. Amos made it to three pounds, and Andy is three and a half pounds. They have doubled their weight in two months - Now four months old.
June 03 - Two Ears Up
Little Amos has been going around for a while now with one chihuahua ear and one terrier ear, but finally both ears are up !! He's a big boy now. He still does not stand still, but I will get a less blurry photo some time. You can send congratulatory emails to Amos through me. He can't read, of course, not yet, but I'll read them to him. 
Dear Amos,
Congrats on your ear standing up.  Our Mom really thought it was cute when you only had one standing - kind of like Clark Gable and his one eyebrow!  You and Andy are sure cute - can't wait to see you someday.
Buddy, Baby, and Bruno Cracraft

Dear little fellow,   You show 'em, Amos ! Now you and Andy must get busy and learn to read (maybe do some typing and formatting, too?) . Love from Melva Calaman and Betsy

June 14
Above -- Andy gives Barnum a kiss. Barnum just loves puppy kisses. 
Left --Andy, too, has developed an ears-up aspect - well more or less. They go up and then lean forward. They did this a week or so ago but I kept waiting for something else to happen. i guess this is it - up and over. 
Weight Update - On the food scale, which is not as accurate as the veterinarian's scale, Andy weighs 4 pounds and Amos is somewhere between 3 1/4 and 3 1/2.
Yoshi and the baby boys relax in the shade on a hot day.
June 17
July 2, Five Months Old -- Amos 3 3/4 lbs. - Andy 4 1/2 pounds.
Andy and Bailey share a chair - July 22 Barnum and Amos relaxing
It's amazing how tolerant the cats have become to the pups. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
August 2 - Baby boys are six months old - weighed at vet's. Amos 4 1/4 lb. Andy 5 pounds.
September 3, 2007 Seven Months Old - New Sweaters

Amos and Andy model their new sweaters.They are all ready for cold weather when it comes.  You can get this and other dog sweater patterns by searching Google under "knit dog sweater pattern" I modified it somewhat by adding sleeves, ribbing the underpart for snugger fit and using double pointed needles instead of making it in two pieces. Amos' was the test piece and Andy's is the improved version. Andy is about two inches longer than Amos.

Dog sweaters are expensive to buy, but for these little dogs, it only takes a couple hours to make the sweater and probably less than 50 cents worth of yarn.

Amos' is made with Red Heart Strata yarn which makes a very interesting pattern.

November 5, 2007 -- Pat MOTT Gobeas came over today to get some site work and drop off some clippings. Her dog, Patsy, is 18 and sick and won't be with her much longer, so we checked to see if my neighbor had any more litters of puppies. She did. These are full brothers of Amos and Andy - same mother - same father. Once again,. they are so small Pat had to take two. They weigh 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 just as Amos and Andy did when they first came here. Not named yet. Congratulations to Pat on her new family members.
May 22, 2008 - Update Shots at vet for Amos and Andy - age 15 months- Weight: Andy weighs 7 lb 6 oz and Amos weighs 5 lb 14 oz.
Nap taking February 2010.

We do have more than one chair in the house, but this is a favorite,

Amos and Andy dogs are three years old this month.

Barnum & Bailey cats are six years old this month.

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