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Potterville, Orwell Township, Bradford County PA Photos
Photo:  Potterville, Orwell Township, Bradford County  Photos
Township: Orwell Township, Bradford County PA
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Photos sent in by Kathy MANCHESTER Jones
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Emmett Manchester (left) and Delphine Manchester (right)
This is my favorite picture of my Dad.  Emmett and Delphine were double first cousins - their fathers were brothers (E.D. Manchester and Andrew P. Manchester) and their mothers were sisters (Flo Ella Cook and Jessie Avery Cook).  The photo was taken circa 1908, I believe by photographer Luther Crispell.  To get the full effect of the photo, you need to know "the rest of the story."  Emmett was holding a kitten under one arm and the photographer kept trying to get him to put the kitten down.  Emmett refused.  So Delphine reached over, snatched the kitten from Emmett, and gave it a heave.  That's when the photgrapher got his picture.  Just look at the expressions on those faces!
Two Centenarians

Ora Manchester Gorham and Emmett "Steve" Manchester were first cousins.  They were 2 of 55 Manchester first cousins.  Of the 55, Ora lived the longest - just a few weeks shy of her 104th birthday.  Emmett was the last survivor of the 55 first cousins, living to the age of 100.  Ora and Emmett both lived in the Potterville area, Orwell Township.  I believe this photo was taken in 1993 when Ora was 101 and Emmett was 88.  The photo was taken at Ora's home by Carol Cook.

Ora Manchester Childhood photo
Three Potterville Brothers
3 Potterville Brothers in Service
Mr.and Mrs. E.D. Manchester of Potterville have three sons in the service - all Army men.  Cpl. Willard M. Manchester entered the Army in July of 1941, left for overseas a year later and is now with a Medical unit in Italy.  When he left this country, he landed in England and sailed from there for the North African invasion.  He also took part in the invasions of Sicily and Italy.  "Wid" is a Towanda High School graduate where he won his varsity letters in  football, basketball and baseball.  He also played second base for the Potterville and Towanda town baseball teams.  Pfc. Emmett W. Manchester joined the Army in November of 1942, graduated as an expert mechanic from Keesler Field, Miss,. later transferred to the enlisted reserve corps and received his honorable discharge in November of 1944.  Pfc. Gilbert C. Manchester entered the Amphibian Command in September of 1942, trained at Camp Edwards, Mass., at Camp Gordon, Johnston, Fla., and Fort Ord, Calif., and sailed from there to Australia.  He is now a radio operator somewhere in the Southwest Pacific.
Towanda Daily Review - circa 1945
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