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Susan Marietta RUGGLES of East Troy 

See Also 1905 Will of Marietta

Photo: Susan Marietta RUGGLES
Poem by Marietta also included
Township:East Troy, Troy, Bradford County PA
of East Troy
Year: ?
Photographer - Unidentified
Younger Photo was by Wood of Troy
Photo from Janet PETERS Ordway
Photo scanned by JMT
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Name Susan Marietta RUGGLES
Birth date and place 22 AUG 1822
Death date and place 15 DEC 1905
Armenia Township
Cemetery Glenwood Cemetery
Parents ?
Spouses Solomon MORSE
  THE JOURNEY OF LIFE by Marietta Morse, East Troy

As I sit deeply musing as night’s shadows fall.

      And cast o’er our planet its dark somber pall,

      Fond memory claims this lone hour as its own

      And takes its way backward to snows that have flown.

      To childhood’s fair morning all gladsome and gay;

      When we sped on our journey no fears of the way,

      We thought not of sorrow or danger or care.

       But all was delightful and wondrously fair. 

       But time pauses not at the threshold of youth

       And we must pass onward to learn this sad truth,

       That sorrows oft mingle with joy by the way,

       Lasting shadows where once we were gladsome and gay. 

 Our Father in Heaven knows why this must be

 And he bids us to trust him where we cannot see,

 Feeling sure He will guide us in safety along

 And conflicts will turn to the glad victor’s song. 

 Then let us be patient although rough is the way,

 Our path will lead onward to breaking of day,

 That day when the weary shall find sweetest rest

 In that bright peaceful region “the land of the blest.”

 Then let us not murmer though lonely we stay.

 At length will come dawning that bright better day,

 And then we shall know why the darkness must come,

When we reach that fair haven blesses heaven our home. 


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