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Names and Addresses of the School Directors and Teachers of Tioga County
(These names are taken from Reports of Secretaries of School Districts.)
Published in Wellsboro Agitator Nov 06, 1901
Term, 9 months, Wages $35, $40, $45, $70.
George Watson, Landrus, President.
Thomas Lindsay, Arnot, Secretary.
John Burke, Arnot, Treasurer.
J. J. Borden, Arnot.
Amos Robens, Arnot.
Rev. Carl J. Youngberg, Arnot.
Prin., W. C. Frick, Arnot.
A. T. Bowen, Arnot.
May Borden, Arnot.
Joanna Mannix, Arnot.
Elizabeth Ditchburn, Arnot.
Margaret Goldmyer, Blossburg.
Jessie Lindsay, Arnot.
James Nelson, Arnot.
Mary Hopkins, Arnot.
Alice Breen, Arnot.
Edward Watson, Landrus.
Amelia Richards, Landrus.
Term, 9 months, Wages $30, $35, $40, $90.
A. W. Metherell, Blossburg, Pres.
Edw. W. Johnson, Blossburg, Sec'y.
J. D. Conners, Blossburg, Treas.
R. D. Horton, Blossburg.
Matthew A. Blair, Blossburg.
James McMahon, Blossburg.
Prin., H. F. Walker, Blossburg.
Rena B. Heron, Blossburg.
Jennie E. Hutchinson, Blossburg.
Mary Bambury, Blossburg.
Bertha Davis, Blossburg.
Isabella Scofield, Blossburg.
Agnes Hyland, Blossburg.
Elizabeth Blair, Blossburg.
Elizabeth Goldmyer, Blossburg.
Minnie Keating, Blossburg.
Estella England, Blossburg.
Bridgie Brennan, Blossburg.
Edith Passmore, Blossburg.
Term, 7 months, Wages $23, $25.
P. E. Parker, Brookfield, Pres.
G. B. Simmons, Brookfield, Sec'y.
H. B. Murdock, Austinburg, Treas.
Theodore McPeek, Sylvester.
G. N. Davis, Purple Brook.
J. H. Bush, Austinburg.
W. H. Plank, Westfield.
Madge Edburn, Austinburg.
Louise Davis, Osceola.
Iva Crawford, Westfield.
Effie Sheehan, Westfield.
Elvira McPeek, Sylvester.
Anna Parsons, Westfield.
Harriet Hall, Mansfield.
Rebecca Holbert, Knoxville.
Mabel Zimmer, Mansfield.
Term, 7 months, Wages $28.
D. P. Benedict, East Charleston, Pres.
T. J. Davies, Cherry Flats, Sec'y.
W. S. Nest, East Charleston, Treas.
John J. Evans, Round Top.
John A. Ludlam, Wellsboro.
O. P. Jones, Cross Cut.
Prin., Claude Ely, East Charleston.
Mrs. Claude Ely, East Charleston.
Ethel A. Reese, Round Top.
M. Gertrude Davies, Cherry Flats.
Anna Sampson, Crooked Creek.
Ada Carson, Sweet Briar.
Blanche Fuller, Cross Cut.
Arta Fulkerson, Cherry Flats.
Estella Jones, Round Top.
Mary Glennon, Cross Cut.
Mrs. Gertrude Fleitz, Charleston.
Luella E. Bennett, Cross Cut.
Emma Thompson, Cherry Flats.
Erie Potter, Wellsboro.
Luva Bailey, Wellsboro.
Maude Landon, Mansfield.
Margaret C. Jackson, Cherry Flats.
Nellie Collins, Wellsboro.
M. Editha Bailey, Wellsboro.
Term, 7 months, Wages $24, $30.
Joseph Wilson, Little Marsh, Pres.
C. W. King, Little Marsh, Sec'y.
Bert Owlett, East Chatham, Treas.
Henry Cooper, Little Marsh.
Joseph Cooper, Little Marsh.
Wm. E. Davis, Little Marsh.
Myra Close, Little Marsh.
Agnes Wilson, Little Marsh.
Joseph Reynolds, Little Marsh.
P. T. Carpenter, Little Marsh.
Ella Wilson, Little Marsh.
Ida Ransom, Little Marsh.
Urvin Ransom, Little Marsh.
Satie Rice, Little Marsh. (Cloos School)
Kate Monks, Chatham Valley. 
Edith French, Little Marsh.
Maude Spencer, Wellsboro.
Hattie Teachman, Knoxville.
Term, 7 months, Wages $26, $30, $40.
L. M. Faulkner, Sabinsville, Pres.
Winfield Scott, Sabinsville, Sec'y.
F. N. Chisom, Sabinsville, Treas.
P. B. Hoffman, Sabinsville.
G. N. Manning, Potterbrook.
Samuel Frith, Lansing.
Prin., Frank M. Weeks, Sabinsville.
Viola B. Doty, Sabinsville.
Eva Chamberlain, Sabinsville.
Clara Kimball, Lansing.
Nellie Ransom, Sabinsville.
Ava Strang, Westfield.
Lewis Crawford, Westfield.
Edward W. White, Westfield.
Bessie M. Kimball, Westfield.
Bertha G. Smith, Sabinsville.
Term, 8 months, Wages $28, $50.
R. C. Cunningham, Covington, Pres.
S. H. Mitchell, Covington, Sec'y.
James S. Blair, Covington, Treas.
John E. Richards, Covington.
Dr. S. A. Gaskill, Covington.
W. A. Blanchard, Covington.
Prin., Wm. O. Jenkins, Covington.
Lyman Goodspeed, Covington.
Alice Richards, Covington.
Term, 7 months, Wages $25, $28.
James N. Sampson, Covington, Pres.
L. R. Walker, Covington, Sec'y.
John Vaughn, Covington, Treas.
Elmer Grundy, West Covington.
A. H. Doud, Covington.
J. F. Haverley, Cherry Flats.
Isabel Walker, Covington.
M. S. Knowlton, Covington.
Mae Ingalls, Covington.
Caroline B. Curtis, Covington.
Edwin McIntosh, Covington.
R. H. Kelts, Covington.
Dean Phelps, Covington.
Helen Ingalls, Covington.
Clarke Ford, West Covington.
Lucy Zittel, West Covington.
Albert Johnson, West Covington.
Eva Johnson, Covington.
Blanche Harvey, Mainesburg.
Martha Browne, Covington.
Term, 8 months, Wages $28.
K. I. Bellows, Knoxville, Pres.
C. M. Woodbury, Knoxville, Sec'y.
G. H. Knox, Knoxville, Treas.
Ray Husted, Mansfield.
G. W. Wright, Academy Corners.
D. H. Merrick, Academy Corners.
W. W. Davis, East Chatham.
Angie Prutsman, Academy Corners.
Karl Price, Academy Corners.
Carrie Edgcomb, Westfield.
Lowell Watkins, Knoxville.
Althea Gilkey, Austingburg.
Cora Westbrook, Knoxville.
George Francis, Balsam, Pres.
E. E. Benjamin, Balsam, Sec'y.
Warren Lawton, Kennedy, Treas.
J. C. Spencer, Wellsboro.
Thomas Houghton, Stony Fork.
Arthur Stratton, Olmsville.
John Oppestick, Stony Fork.
Blanche Gentry, Stony Fork.
Nellie West, Round Top.
P. D. Walbridge, Wellsboro.
Nellie Valsing, Stony Fork.
Bertha Butler, Stokesdale.
Clara English, Wellsboro.
E. Mae Smith, Wellsboro.
Nellie Phippen, Wellsboro.
Ethel Mudge, Balsam.
Grace Bahitan, Wellsboro.
Blanche Kinney, Wellsboro.
Clara Hilboldt, Wellsboro.
Maude Grosjean, Stokesdale.
Celia Schwartz, Wellsboro.
Anna Riebe, Wellsboro.
Emma Brigden, Chatham Valley.
Leonard English, Wellsboro.
Florence Kiefer, Wellsboro.
Kit Roland, Balsam.
Genevieve Sabin, Stony Fork.
Theresa Spencer, Wellsboro.
Mary Sheddwedler, Wellsboro.
Anna Robinson, Wellsboro.
Nellie Brew, Wellsboro.
Harriet Barnum, Wellsboro.
Mary Butler, Stokesdale.
Nellie Moyer, Stony Fork.
Mary Derbyshire, Wellsboro.
Esther Butler, Stokesdale.
Edna Ogden, Stony Fork.
Tina Wheeler, Balsam.
Tacey Wetherbee, Balsam.
Nellie Wetherbee, Balsam.
Term, 9 months, Wages $30, $35, $40, $60.
Thomas Dalkin, Antrim, Pres.
O. E. Burgess, Antrim, Sec'y.
James B. Howell, Antrim, Treas. (Not a director.)
Thomas Brunn, Antrim.
Robt. Young, Antrim.
John Nelson, Antrim.
M. L. Havens, Brownlee.
Prin., Raymond Steele, Antrim.
Isabelle Marvin, Antrim.
Sara Nash, Antrim.
Lenore O' Connell, Antrim.
Elizabeth Harrower, Antrim.
B. D. Eldridge, Brownlee.
 Term, 9 months, Wages $36, $37.50, $47.50.
J. L. Snyder, Leetonia, Pres.
Gustave Gross, Marshlands, Sec'y.
W. T. Schanbacher, Marshlands, Treas.
Jos. F. Grimm, Marshlands.
Jas. Bailey, Leetonia.
John Neagley, Leetonia.
Prin., Ada M. Horton, Leetonia.
Addie Mills, Leetonia.
Sarah Crichton, Marshlands.
Rexford Soper, Marshlands.
Curtis Schanbacher, Marshlands.
Term, 8 months, Wages $30, $35, $40, $75.
F. W. Crandall, Elkland, Pres.
B. H. Parkhurst, Elkland, Sec'y.
F. M. Cornelius, Elkland, Treas.
A. B. Kenyon, Elkland.
W. T. Cornelius, Elkland.
C. B. Bailey, Elkland.
Prin., F. W. Skelton, Elkland.
Clara Warren, Elkland.
Myra Gaige, Elkland.
Loie Perry, Elkland.
Gertrude Warren, Elkland.
Term, 7 months.
B. S. Rathbun, Elkland, Pres.
Fred Daily, Elkland, Sec'y.
C. F. White, Elkland, Treas.
John Ryon, Jr., Elkland.
John Berg, Nelson.
Stephen Rice, Nelson.
Anna Donovan, Elkland.
Term, 7 months, Wages $25.
E. M. Stevens, Farmington Center.
C. H. Blanchard, Farmington Hill.
E. W. Close, Farmington Hill.
John R. Smith, Elkland.
O. A. VanDusen, Farmington Center.
J. H. Howe, Tioga.
Edna H. Shaw, Elkland.
Dora Odle, Odle Corners.
Mark Campbell, Osceola.
R. W. Shepard, Farmington Hill.
Fannie Treat, Farmington Hill.
Chas. R. Blanchard, Farmington Hill.
Anna Encell, Farmington Hill.
Mrs. Alice Hymes, Hammond.
Term, 8 months, Wages $28, $30.
John Blass, Gaines, Pres.
J. D. Strait, Marshlands, Sec'y.
Darwin Barnhart, Manhattan, Treas. 
P. H. Dewey, Marshlands.
Bert L. Phillips, Gaines.
M. W. Atwell, Gaines.
Emma Whittaker, Gaines.
Julia Strait, Marshlands.
Mrs. Ida F. Hanscom, Gaines.
Rexa B. Nash, Marshlands.
Florence Woody, Sabinsville.
Margaret Elliott, Manhattan.
Gladys Campbell, Marshlands.
Mattie Abrams, Galeton.
Lora Jackson, Ansonia.
Term, 9 months, Wages $30.
James Woodhouse, Morris Run, Pres.
James C. Hadley, Morris Run, Sec'y.
W. S. Nearing, Morris Run, Treas.
Thomas Wetsel, Morris Run.
Edw. T. Hayes, Morris Run.
Dr. J. H. Kiley, Morris Run.
Anna A. Nelson, Morris Run.
Margaret Stevenson, Morris Run.
Marle Wetsel, Morris Run.
Anna Driscoll, Morris Run.
Lizzie Coleman, Morris Run.
Margaret Fogarty, Morris Run.
Mary A. Duggan, Morris Run.
Jessie Rundell, Morris Run.
Term, 8 months, Wages $25, $26, $27.
J. E. Sedinger, Jobs Corners, Pres.
L. A. Trowbridge, Trowbridge, Sec'y.
J. W. Miller, Millerton, Treas.
J. A. Seeley, Millerton.
G. A. Collum, Somers Lane.
A. J. Spencer, Jackson Summit.
Richard Gustin, Millerton.
Ella Miller, Millerton.
Myra Myfelt, Friends.
Frederick Peckham, Sylvania.
Verne Lefler, Jobs Corners.
Albert Deming, Somers Lane.
Emma Collum, Somers Lane.
Anna Beckhorn, Millerton.
Clara Miller, Millerton.
J. B. Matthews, Jackson Summit.
Anna Seeley, Lawrenceville.
Victor Lefler, Jobs Corners.
Mrs. J. B. Matthews, Jackson Summit.
Term, 9 months, Wages $35, $40, $80.
L. A. Johnson, Knoxville, Pres.
C. E. Wainwright, Knoxville, Sec'y.
J. C. White, Knoxville, Treas.
A. Waldo Lugg, Knoxville.
W. H. Milo, Knoxville.
G. W. Fitch, Knoxville.
Prin., F. H. Gaige, Knoxville.
Ida Meaker, Knoxville.
Sadie H. Culver, Knoxville.
Rena Campbell, Elkland.
Mabel Jenks, Knoxville.
Elizabeth Kuhl, Knoxville.
Term, 7 months, Wages $25.
G. G. Close, Tompkins, Pres.
Willis F. Reep, Somers Lane, Sec'y.
M. S. Baldwin, Lawrenceville, Treas.
Frank Lee, Lawrenceville.
A. C. Tilford, Lawrenceville.
Delos Colegrove, Lawrenceville.
Jessie Heermans, Jackson Summit.
Elsie Leinhardt, Lawrenceville.
Leora M. Smith, Lawrenceville.
Lewis Greene, Tioga.
Myrtle Lee, Lawrenceville.
John Croffut, Tompkins.
Lester Thomas, Nelson.
Term, 8 months, Wages $30, $50.
J. N. Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville, Pres.
W. C. Lewis, Lawrenceville, Sec'y.
F. L. Hawley, Lawrenceville, Treas.
E. D. Bostwick, Lawrenceville.
W. E. Brown, Lawrenceville.
J. H. Putnam, Lawrenceville.
Prin., E. B. Gaige, Lawrenceville.
May Koon, Lawrenceville.
Mida Smith, Lawrenceville.
Term, 8 months, Wages $35, $50.
Moses Schiek, Liberty, Pres.
Dr. G. A. Smith, Liberty, Sec'y.
Grant Sebring, Liberty, Treas.
J. W. Brion, Liberty.
Dr. A. M. Bennett, Liberty.
G. W. McCracken, Liberty.
Prin., A. M. Weaver, Liberty.
Margaret Morris, Liberty.
Term, 7 months, Wages $26, $30.
Joseph B. Roupp, East Point, Pres.
W. H. Maneval, Nauvoo, Sec'y.
R. G. Heyler, Sebring, Treas.
L. M. Kimball, Liberty.
Daniel Zinck, Liberty.
C. F. Gloeckner, Nauvoo.
Miles DeCoursey, Liberty.
Frank DeCoursey, Liberty.
Lottie A. Yandes, Hartsfield.
Clara Miller, Liberty.
Alma Zinck, Liberty.
Lydia Harrer, East Point. (Harer School)
Nora Ryan, Nauvoo.
Perry A. Brion, Liberty.
Neta Schmouder, Sebring.
Kate Snyder, Liberty.
S. M. Sechrist, Liberty.
Term, 9 months, Wages $35, $80.
H. B. Taylor, Mansfield, Pres.
Edward Doane, Mansfield, Sec'y.
R. W. Rose, Mansfield, Treas.
F. A. Clark, Mansfield.
Dr. F. G. Elliott, Mansfield.
U. S. Snover, Mansfield.
Prin., E. A. Retan, Mansfield.
Lena Lewis, Mansfield.
Josie Doane, Mansfield.
Julia Rose, Mansfield.
Alice Bull, Mansfield.
Lulu Palmer, Mansfield.
Term, 7 months, Wages $25, $27.50, $40.
George Spaulding, Hammond, Pres.
Jesse Compton, Crooked Creek, Sec'y.
Benjamin Owlett, Keeneyville, Treas.
James Shaff, Keeneyville.
H. S. Keeney, Jr., Crooked Creek.
P. E. Brown, Crooked Creek.
Prin., Ernest H. Green, Keeneyville.
Mary A. Wilson, Niles Valley.
Lenora Gaylord, Middlebury Center.
Mrs. L. M. Bell, Crooked Creek.
Mama A. Westbrook, Crooked Creek.
Nellie Coolidge, Keeneyville.
Ethel Carpenter, Little Marsh.
Mrs. Maud West, Keeneyville.
Myrtle H. Smith, Keeneyville.
Jessie L. Seeley, Wellsboro.
Fred Ballard, Hammond.
Ella Sutart, Wellsboro.
B. B. West, Keeneyville.
Violante M. Holton, Lawrenceville.
Pearl Keeney, Middlebury.
Term, 8 months, Wages $26, $30, $33, $50.
O. D. F. Quick, Morris, Pres.
W. L. English, Hoytville, Sec'y.
Dr. R. F. Robinson, Morris, Treas.
K. S. Emmick, Morris.
C. C. Miller, Hoytville.
James Blackwell, Dix.
Prin., J. T. Williams, Hoytville.
Della Eagan, Hoytville.
Margaret Tracy, Hoytville.
E. H. Thomas, Nauvoo.
Wm. Tracy, Hoytville.
R. E. Blakeslee, Morris.
Louise Watts, Lloyd.
Florence Darby, Hoytville.
Margaret Noah, Morris.
May L. English, Hoytville.
Lola Low, Leetonia.
Winnie Baker, Liberty.
Katherine Nash, Antrim.
Agnes Blair, Blossburg.
Term, 7 months, Wages $25, $50.
John Savey, Nelson, Pres.
J. E. Hazlett, Nelson, Sec'y.
C. A. Finch, Nelson, Treas.
J. D. Hoyt, Nelson.
Elmer Thomas, Nelson.
Charles Preston, Elkland.
Prin., Burdell F. Phillips, Nelson.
Emily Seeley, Nelson.
Mrs. Rena Peters Phillips, Nelson.
O. P. Babcock, Elkland, Pres.
Victor Baker, Elkland, Sec'y.
C. F. White, Elkland, Treas.
W. H. Rice, Elkland.
Edward Sanders, Elkland.
Wm. E. Mattison, Elkland.
No teacher is employed.  Pupils are sent to schools in adjoining districts.
Term, 8 months, Wages $20, $30, $60.
Frank J. Seely, Osceola, Pres.
Charles Tubbs, Osceola, Sec'y.
Grant Seely, Osceola, Treas.
Daniel L. VanDusen, Osceola.
Edw. R. Tubbs, Osceola.
Andrew Brown, Osceola.
Prin., N. G. Parke, Osceola.
Mrs. Eunice H. Campbell, Osceola.
Eva Kimball, Osceola.
Katherine Cilley, Osceola.
Term, 7 months, Wages $27, $30.
S. D. Shaw, Mansfield, Pres.
J. L. Hagar, Mansfield, Sec'y.
W. H. Clark, Mansfield, Treas.
Volney Ripley, Mansfield.
F. H. Pratt, East Charleston.
W. W. Inscho, Canoe Camp.
Lewis Wilson, Mansfield.
Andrew Nelson, Mansfield.
Carl Husted, Mansfield.
Ethel G. Shaw, Mansfield.
Jennie Shaw, Mansfield.
Maud Lewis, Mansfield.
Emily Updyke, Mansfield.
Herbert Fowler, Mansfield.
Vial A. Coveney, Mardin.
Philip J. Lent, Mansfield. (Dorsett School)
Lula Kohler, Mardin.
Edna Day, Lambs Creek.
Prudence Colegrove, Mansfield.
Vernie Powers, Mansfield.
Term, 9 months, Wages $35.
J. T. Stont, Rutland, Pres.
J. W. Avery, Rutland, Sec'y.
H. L. Blood, Rutland, Treas.
Geo. Garrison, Rutland.
A. C. Young, Rutland.
C. W. Kelly, Rutland.
S. E. Jennings, Daggett.
Term, 7 months, Wages $24.
L. C. Benson, Rutland, Pres.
F. M. Lawrence, Rutland, Sec'y.
A. E. Garrison, Jobs Corners, Treas.
L. D. Davis, Rutland.
Emerson Holton, Jobs Corners.
Osmer Crippen, Rutland.
Sylvene A. Nye, Roseville.
May Squire, Roseville.
Blanche Hanyen, Roseville.
Minnie Argetsinger, Mansfield.
F. E. Webster, Jobs Corners.
Margaret D. Nye, Roseville.
Lottie Walker, Roseville.
Maud I. Littley, Mansfield.
Rose Soper, Mansfield.
Maud Sweely, Roseville.
Term, 8 months, Wages $26.
A. B. Carnett, Ansonia, Pres.
C. A. Jones, Delmar, Sec'y.
Asa Warriner, Asaph, Treas.
D. J. Lowden, Spicewood.
W. C. Reyman, Delmar.
Eli G. Campbell, Delmar.
Ruth Broughton, Ansonia.
Ernest G. Webster, Delmar.
Gertrude Dickinson, Wellsboro.
Grace Barnum, Wellsboro.
Katherine Borden, Ansonia.
Maud Walbridge, Wellsboro.
Marion L. George, Wellsboro.
Term, 7 months, Wages $25.
J. B. McConnell, Elk Run, Pres.
L. L. Reynolds, Mainesburg, Sec'y.
Herman Updyke, Elk Run, Treas.
J. C. Strange, Mainesburg.
J. G. Leiby, Mainesburg.
Freeman Shaw, Mainesburg.
Eleanor Rew, Mainesburg.
Mark Webster, Mainesburg.
Mrs. Marie Connelly, Mainesburg.
Lynn Soper, Mainesburg.
R. Lavina Cornwell, Mansfield.
Walter Robbins, Mainesburg.
Earnest Sutton, Sullivan.
Lettie Austin, Mainesburg.
Celia Leiby, Mainesburg.
Clara Webster, Mainesburg.
Archie Soper, Mainesburg.
Laura Strange, Mansfield.
Edith Mudge, Mansfield.
Clyde Dewey, Sullivan.
Esther Orvis, Sullivan.
Georgia Austin, Mainesburg.
Term, 8 months, Wages $35, $75.
J. M. Peck, Tioga, Pres.
H. S. Alford, Tioga, Sec'y.
H. L. Baldwin, Tioga, Treas.
Daniel Berry, Tioga.
Lewis Boughtin, Tioga.
H. C. Wheeler, Tioga.
Prin., J. G. March, Tioga.
Harriet Boughtin, Tioga.
Belle Munro, Tioga.
Term, 7 months, Wages $23, $25, $28, $30, $45.
D. W. Hurd, Tioga, Pres.
G. S. Walker, Tioga, Sec'y.
James Duffy, Treas.
Frank Valentine, Tioga.
W. M. Lawrence, Tioga.
Geo. F. Mitchell, Mitchell Creek.
Louis H. McKinney, Tioga.
Helen Shipman, Mansfield.
Louise Gramenstetter, Tioga.
Nellie J. Middaugh, Rising.
Pearl A. Wetmore, Mansfield.
Bessie R. Wetmore, Mansfield.
Emma Quackenbush, Tioga.
E. Kathleen Field, Tioga.
Bertha M. Griffin, Tioga.
Julia A. Fitzpatrick, Mansfield.
Cynthia A. Packard, Mitchell Creek.
James H. Thompson, Mansfield.
Term, 7 months, Wages $24, $26, $28, $30.
(Pres.) Directors.
Dr. F. F. Castlebury, Roaring Branch.
Joseph Lodge, Ogdensburg, Sec'y.
C. H. Landon, Canton, Treas.
William Skelly, Roaring Branch.
Daniel Spalding, Ogdensburg.
Wm. Allen, Grover.
John VanVechten, Roaring Branch.
Mary Riley, Ogdensburg.
Margaret Kinsley, Ogdensburg.
Mrs. Jno. VanVochten, Roaring Branch.
Olive Plank, Roaring Branch.
Edna Hendrickson, Ogdensburg.
Harry Baldwin, Gleason.
George G. Spencer, Canton.
Josie Randall, Canton.
Martha Gray, Canton.
Celia DeCoursey, Roaring Branch.
Louise Harvey, Grover.
Edith Black, Roaring Branch.
Anna Lodge, Ogdensburg.
Leroy Austin, Ogdensburg.
Term, 7 months, Wages $23.
John H. Lyon, Covert, Pres.
Wallace Chase, Altafts, Sec'y.
Henry J. Hill, Canton, Treas.
S. J. Purvis, Mainesburg.
John Hetherill, Fall Brook.
Herman Bruce, Altafts.
Grace Everett, Sylvania.
Lydia Smith, Canton.
Albert C. Wetmore, Mansfield. (Field School)
Earl Furman, Canton.
Euphemia Boyd, Canton.
C. W. Lyon, Covert.
Ednah Mattison, Mansfield.
Term, 9 months, Wages $38, $40, $45, $50, $75, $155.56.
E. H. Owlett, Wellsboro, Pres.
F. H. Rockwell, Wellsboro, Sec'y.
W. D. VanHorn, Wellsboro, Treas. (Not a director.)
M. L. Klock, Wellsboro.
B. W. Bailey, Wellsboro.
L. Harrison, Wellsboro.
Geo. W. Williams, Wellsboro.
Prin., H. E. Raesly, Wellsboro.
Alice H. Doane, Wellsboro.
Barbara Crichton, Wellsboro.
Nannie E. Johnson, Wellsboro.
F. Rebecca Shove, Wellsboro.
Edith Chaffee, Wellsboro.
Pauline Ortman, Wellsboro.
Louise VanValkenburg, Wellsboro.
M. F. Jones, Wellsboro.
Emma Wells, Wellsboro.
Minnie B. Truman, Wellsboro.
Bertha Mudrack, Wellsboro.
Alice A. Petit, Wellsboro.
Blanche Warriner, Wellsboro.
Susan Jones, Wellsboro.
Term, 9 months, Wages $35, $100.
Sarah I. Krusen, Westfield, Pres.
W. J. Everett, Westfield, Sec'y.
E. M. Tucker, Westfield, Treas. (Not a director.)
Alice F. Vermilyea, Westfield.
J. C. Edgcomb, Westfield.
W. H. Outman, Westfield.
M. D. Lawrence, Westfield.
Prin., Wm. E. Blair, Westfield.
Velma Potter, Westfield.
R. Belle Barton, Westfield.
Sarah Hurlbut, Westfield.
Mrs. M. N. Edwards, Westfield.
Stella Lounsberry, Westfield.
Harriet Leonard, Westfield.
Term, 7 months, Wages $28.
C. A. Leiber, Potterbrook, Pres.
C. H. Sweeney, Westfield, Sec'y.
C. A. Pierce, Westfield, Treas.
P. V. Rolison, Westfield.
R. King, Phillips Station.
L. K. King, Phillips Station
Lottie Townsend, Westfield.
Olive King, Phillips Station.
Vesta Langdon, Mansfield.
G. Zitilla Adams, Westfield.
J. L. Whittaker, Westfield.
Bell Labar, Westfield.
Mattie Abrams, Tioga.
Nettie Ingham, Academy Corners.
Forrest Hubbard, Sylvester.
Arthur Adams, Knoxville.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 24 OCT 2006
By Joyce M. Tice
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