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Names and Addresses of the School Directors and Teachers of Tioga County
(These names are taken from Reports of Secretaries of School Districts.)
Published in Wellsboro Agitator Nov. 07, 1906 (These are appointments for the 1906-07 school year so will correspond to the 1907 School Souvenir booklets.) I have listed teachers above the line and directors below for each township.
These names are taken from the reports of secretaries of School Directors, and in each list the names of President, Secretary and Treasurer are written in the order named from beginning of list.
r. stands for R. F. D. mail route.
Term, 8 months, Wages, $30, $35 and $70
Prin., W. C. Frick, Arnot.
A. T. Bowen, Cherry Flats.
Jennie Arrowsmith, Blossburg.
Joanna Mannix, Arnot.
Elizabeth Ditchburn, Arnot.
Mary Hopkins, Arnot.
Margaret Goldmyer, Blossburg.
Agnes Blair, Blossburg.
May Borden, Arnot.
Mayme Hyde, Arnot.
E. S. Watson, Landrus.
Amella Richards, Landrus.
Lillian Watkins, Arnot.

John Burks, Arnot, President.
J. J. Borden, Arnot, Secretary.
J. J. Blair, Arnot, Treasurer.
Robert Christie, Landrus.
George Watson, Landrus.
Amos Robena, Arnot.
Term, 9 months, Wages $30, $35, $40 and $90.
Prin., H. F. Walker, Blossburg.
Elizabeth Blair, Blossburg.
Mary Bambury, Blossburg.
Jennie E. Hutcheson, Blossburg.
Agnes Hyland, Blossburg.
Bertha M. Davis, Blossburg.
Mrs. Isabella Scofield, Blossburg.
Martha Hyde, Blossburg.
James A. Shaw, Blossburg.
Estella England, Blossburg.
Minnie K. Keating, Blossburg.
Elizabeth G. Goldmyer, Blossburg
Bridgie Brennan, Blossburg.

J. D. Connors, Blossburg, President.
Chas. Rockwell, Blossburg, Secretary.
A. W. Metherell, Blossburg, Treas.
C. L. Boohm, Blossburg.
Matthew A. Blair, Blossburg.
Edward C. Johnson, Blossburg.
Term, 7 months, Wages, $23, $25.
Katherine Plank, Westfield.
Edna Seamans, Westfield.
Minnie Bush, Austinburg.
Eleanor Donovan, Elkland.
Madge Kilbourn, Austinburg.
Anna Parsons, Westfield.
Lottie Townsend, Westfield.
Clara Hiltbold, Wellsboro.
Lelah Burris, Westfield.
Pearl Reed, Wellsboro.
H. B. Murdock, Austinburg, Pres.
G. B. Simmons, Brookfield, Sec’y.
Charles Hunt, Sylvester, Treas.
Theodore McPeek, Sylvester.
G. N. Davis, Purplebrook.
J. H. Bush, Austinburg.
Term, 7 months, Wages, $28.
Margaret C. Jackson, Cherry Flats.
Anna Robinson, Wellsboro.
Anna Sampson, Crooked Creek.
Allen W. Jones, Crosscut.
Blanche Fuller, Crosscut.
Mrs. Stella Ely, East Charleston.
Gertrude Campbell, East Charleston.
Emma Thompson, Cherry Flats.
M. Gertrude Davis, Cherry Flats.
Lucy Zittel, West Covington.
Claude Ely, East Charleston.
Mary A. Glennon, East Charleston.
Clara J. Emberger, Cherry Flats.
Estella Jones, Cherry Flats.
Luella L. Bennett, Crooked Creek.
Luva Bailey, Wellsboro.
Margaret C. Morris, Mansfield.
Nellie Collins, Wellsboro.
John A. Ludlam, Wellsboro, Pres.
T. J. Davies, Cherry Flats, Sec’y.
John J. Evans, Roundtop, Treas.
D. P. Benedict, East Charleston.
W. S. Neal, East Charleston.
O. P. Jones, Crosscut.
Term, 8 months, Wages $22.
Prin., P. T. Carpenter, Little Marsh.
Satie Rice, Little Marsh.
Cora Westbrook, Chatham Valley.
Emma Brigden, Chatham Valley.
Florence Eadie, Little Marsh.
Rose Crosby, Little Marsh.
Ella Wilson, Little Marsh.
Maude Coon, Knoxville.
Urvin Ransom, Little Marsh.
Edna Mattison, Mansfield.
Earl Owlett, East Chatham.
Maude Short, Sabinsville.
A. H. Short, Little Marsh, President.
G. W. Love, Little Marsh, Secretary.
Andrew Erway, Little Marsh, Treas.
C. W. King, Little Marsh.
Joseph Cooper, Little Marsh.
Joseph Wilson, Little Marsh.
Term, 7 months, Wages $26, $30 and $40.
Frank M. Weeks, Sabinsville.
Florence Woody, Sabinsville.
Eva M. Chamberlain, Sabinsville.
Viola B. Doty, Sabinsville.
B. D. Eldridge, Sabinsville.
Ira H. Wetherbee, Sabinsville.
James Whittaker, Westfield.
Bessie M. Kimball, Westfield.
Lewis Crawford, Westfield.
Edward W. White, Westfield.
F. N. Chisom, Sabinsville, Pres.
Winfield Scott, Sabinsville, Sec’y.
P. B. Hoffman, Sabinsville, Treas.
L. M. Faulkner, Sabinsville.
G. N. Manning, Potterbrook.
Hiram Brownell, Lansing
Term, 8 months, Wages $28 and $50.
Prin., W. O. Jenkins, Covington.
Mrs. Bessie Jenkins, Covington.
Kathryn Lewis, Covington.
G. E. Stickler, Covington, Pres.
C. C. Ireland, Covington, Sec’y.
James S. Blair, Covington, Treas.
J. E. Richards, Covington.
W. A. Blanchard, Covington.
R. C. Cunningham, Covington.
Term, 7 months, Wages $25.
Edna Prost, Covington.
Isabelle Walker, Covington.
Alice Richards, Covington.
Eva Johnson, Covington.
Lyman Goodspeed, Covington.
Edna Clemons, Covington.
Pearl Wetmore, Mansfield.
M. S. Knowlton, Covington.
Albert Johnson, West Covington.
Caroline Sampson, Covington.
Margaret Browne, Covington.
Kent Kelley, West Covington.
R. H. Kelts, Covington.
Rena B. Heron, Blossburg.
James Sampson, Covington, Pres.
L. R. Walker, Covington, Sec’y.
Lewis McIntosh, Covington, Treas.
John Vaughn, Covington.
A. H. Doud, Covington.
J. T. Haverley, Cherry Flats.
Term, 8 months, Wages $28.
Lowell Watkins, Austinburg.
Raymond L. Ross, Knoxville.
Carrie Edgcomb, Westfield.
Althea Gilkey, Knoxville.
Jeane Doane, Mansfield.
Fannie Treat, East Chatham.
Joseph Wood, Knoxville, President.
C. M. Woodbury, Knoxville, Sec’y.
G. H. Knox, Knoxville, Treasurer.
John Misner, Knoxville.
D. H. Merrick, Academy Corners.
W. W. Davis, East Chatham.
Term, 7 months, Wages $24, $26, $28.
Clara English, Wellsboro.
John Copestick, Stony Fork.
Wm. M. Orr, Stony Fork.
Nettie Webb, Olmsville.
Nellie Valsing, Stony Fork.
S. L. Hoag, Delmar.
B. L. Butler, Stokesdale.
Blanche Gentry, Stony Fork.
B. M. Bailey, Mansfield.
Tacey Wetherbee, Delmar.
Hattie Marsh, Wellsboro.
Grace Barnum, Wellsboro.
Mary Butler, Stokesdale.
Bertha Butler, Stokesdale.
Esther Butler, Stokesdale.
Flora E. West, Round Top.
Anna Riebe, Valsing.
Nellie D. Moyer, Stony Fork.
Tina Wheeler, Balsam.
Maud Grosjean, Stokesdale.
R. H. English, Sweetbrier.
Arthur Wheeler, Balsam.
Katherine Roland, Balsam.
Maude Walbridge, Wellsboro.
Florence E. Kiefer, Wellsboro.
Marion George, Wellsboro.
Celia E. Schwartz, Wellsboro.
Maud Putnam, Olmsville.
Mary Sneidweiler, Wellsboro.
E. Mae Smith, Wellsboro.
Flora E. Wakeman, Wellsboro.
Nellie Brew, Wellsboro.
Nettie Phippen, Wellsboro.
R. A. Evans, Stokesdale, President.
E. J. Tuttle, Wellsboro, Secretary.
James E. Spencer, Stokesdale, Treas.
George Francis, Balsam.
E. E. Benjamin, Balsam.
W. Lawton, Kennedy.
Term, 9 months, Wages $35, $40, $65.
J. G. March, Principal, Antrim.
Robert T. Ives, Antrim.
Lenore O’Connell, Antrim.
Sara Nash, Antrim.
Louis McKinney, Brownlee.
Elizabeth Harrower, Antrim.
James B. Howell, Antrim, Pres.
C. E. Burgess, Antrim, Secretary.
Wm. Howell, Antrim, Treasurer.
Thomas Brann, Antrim.
Thomas Dalkin, Antrim.
M. L. Havens, Antrim.
 Term, 8 months, Wages $36, $40, $45.
Ada M. Horton, Mansfield.
Addie Mills, Wellsboro.
Sara Crichton, Wellsboro.
Rexford Soper, Rutland.
Curtis Schanbacher, Sebring.
J. L. Snyder, Leetonia, President.
Gustav Gross, Marshfield, Secretary.
W. T. Schanbacher, Marshfield, Treas.
Joseph F. Grimm, Marshfield.
James Bailey, Leetonia.
John Naegley, Leetonia.
Term, 8 months, Wages $40, $100.
M. F. Case, Elkland, Principal.
Abbie Weeks, Elkland.
Gertrude Warren, Elkland.
May Louise Rogers, Elkland
F. W. Crandall, Elkland, President.
R. H. Parkhurst, Elkland, Sec’y.
W. T. Cornelius, Elkland, Treas.
F. M. Cornelius, Elkland.
H. Kluyon, Elkland.
W. A. Ellison, Elkland..
Term, 7 months.
Emma Ryon, Elkland.
B. S. Rathbun, Elkland, President.
Fred Dailey, Elkland, Secretary.
C. F. White, Elkland, Treasurer.
John Ryan, Jr., Elkland.
John Berg, Nelson.
S. Rice, Nelson.
Term, 7 months, Wages $20, $25.
Viall A. Coveney, Mardin.
Helen Davis, Osceola.
Kate C. Northrop, Elkland.
Wava M. Adee, Seeley Creek.
Earl Price, Knoxville.
Lewis Greon, Tioga.
Chas. R. Blanchard, Farmington Hill.
Florence Baxter, Nelson.
Harriet Hall, Mansfield.
John Croffut, Tompkins.
E. M. Stevens, Farm ‘n Centre, Pres.
C. H. Blanchard, Farm ‘n Hill, Sec’y.
F. D. Pierce, Nelson, Treasurer.
E. W. Close, Farmington Hill.
O. A. Van Dusen, Farmington Centre.
Y. E. Hills, Tioga.
Term, 8 months, Wages $28, $30.
C. H. Whittaker, Manhattan.
Myra Smith, Marshfield.
Delos W. Shaw, Manhattan.
L. R. Champney, Marshfield.
Ruth Broughton, Ansonia.
Nellie Ransom, Sabinsville.
Mrs. Ida Hanscom, Gaines.
Gladys Campbell, Marshfield.
Julia Strait, Marshfield.
Sadie Dewey, Sullivan.
Darwin Barnhart, Gaines, Pres.
N. L. Hanscom, Marshfield, Sec’y.
N. R. Whittaker, Manhattan, Treas.
Patrick Smith, Gurnea.
B. L. Phillips, Gaines.
R. B. Smith, Marshfield.
Term, 9 months, Wages $30, $60.
J. C. Van Vechten, Morris Run, Prin.
Anna A. Nelson, Canoe Camp.
Maria Wetsel, Morris Run.
Margaret Stevenson, Morris Run.
Lizzie Coleman, Morris Run.
Mary Duggan, Morris Run.
Anna Driscoll, Morris Run.
Belle Rundell, Blossburg.
Joseph Johnson, Morris Run, Pres.
James C. Hadley, Morris Run, Sec’y.
W. S. Nearing, Morris Run, Treas.
James Woodhouse, Morris Run.
Thomas Wetsel, Morris Run.
Edward T. Hayes, Morris Run.
Term, 8 months, Wages $25, $27.
Van V. Howe, Mansfield.
Clara Miller, Millerton.
Frank Baker, Jobs Corners.
Charles M. Rose, Mansfield.
Fannie Updyke, Jackson Summit.
Myra Spencer, Jackson Summit.
Alice Payne, Jackson Summit.
J. B. Matthews, Jackson Summit.
E. L. Everett, Trowbridge.
Emma Collum, Somers Lane.
U. B. Demming, Somers Lane.
Eliza Higgins, Somers Lane.
Ola Sheive, Daggett.
Annah Beckhorn, Millerton.
J. A. Seeley, Millerton, President.
Floyd Adams, Millerton, Sec’y.
J. E. Sedinger, Jobs Corners, Treas.
J. W. Miller, Millerton.
G. A. Collum, Somers Lane.
A. J. Spencer, Jackson Summit.
Term, 9 months, Wages $35, $40, $80.
F. H. Gaige, Knoxville, Principal.
Edith S. Farrer, Knoxville.
Ida Meaker, Knoxville.
Rena Campbell, Knoxville.
Elizabeth Kuhl, Knoxville.
Mabel Jenks, Knoxville
L. A. Johnson, Knoxville, President.
C. E. Wainwright, Knoxville, Sec’y.
J. C. White, Knoxville, Treasurer.
A. Waldo Lugg, Knoxville.
W. H. Milo, Knoxville.
G. W. Fitch, Knoxville..
Term, 7 months, Wages $25.
Myrna Myfelt, Somers Lane.
Nellie Middaugh, Rising.
Lester Thomas, Nelson.
Jessie Heermans, Jackson Summit.
Violante Holton, Lawrenceville.
Julia M. Cloos, Lawrenceville.
Agnes Miller, Millerton.
G. G. Close, Thompkins, President.
Willis F. Reep, Somers Lane, Sec’y.
M. S. Baldwin, Lawrenceville, Treas.
Frank Lee, Lawrenceville.
A. C. Tilford, Lawrenceville.
Delos Colegrove, Lawrenceville.
Term, 8 months, Wages $30, $50.
E. B. Gaige, Principal, Lawrenceville.
Myrtie J. Lee, Lawrenceville.
Mida D. Smith, Lawrenceville.
E. D. Bostwick, Lawrenceville, Pres.
W. C. Lewis, Lawrenceville, Sec’y.
J. H. Putnam, Lawrenceville, Treas.
W. E. Brown, Lawrenceville.
J. N. Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville.
F. L. Hawley, Lawrenceville.
Term, 8 months, Wages $35, $45.
A. A. Smith, Principal, Liberty.
Estella Brion, Liberty.
A. W. Bennett, Liberty, President.
John N. Brion, Liberty, Secretary.
Grant Sebring, Liberty, Treasurer.
G. A. Smith, Liberty.
Moses Shiek, Liberty.
G. W. McCracken, Liberty.
Term, 7 months, Wages $28.
Miles M. De Coursey, Liberty.
Nora Ryon, Nauvoo.
Clara Miller, Liberty.
William Raker, Liberty.
Perry A. Brion, Liberty.
Neta Schmouder, Sebring.
Ada Baker, Liberty.
Rossie Gleckner, East Point.
Lydia Harer, East Point.
Vesta Fritzsche, Liberty.
L. M. Kimble, Liberty, President.
W. H. Maneval, Nauvoo, Secretary.
Daniel Zinck, Liberty, Treasurer.
Peter Gmeiner, Liberty.
Gustavue Schanbacher, East Point.
R. G. Huyler, Sebring.
Term, 9 months, Wages, $35, $75.
Amos P. Reese, Mansfield, Principal.
Julia Ross, Mansfield.
Lena Lewis, Mansfield.
Mrs. Ina Reece Marvin, Mansfield.
Myra Gaige, Mansfield.
Josie Doane, Mansfield.
Lula Palmer, Mansfield.
H. B. Taylor, Mansfield, President.
R. W. Rose, Mansfield, Secretary.
S. E. Coles, Mansfield, Treasurer.
M. L. Clark, Mansfield.
F. G. Elliott, Mansfield.
Edwin Doane, Mansfield.
Term, 7 months, Wages $25, $40.
Ray M. Powers, Mansfield.
Agnes Wilson, Little Marsh.
Julius Hitchcock, Hammond.
Blanche S. Keeney, Wellsboro.
Jessie L. Seely, Niles Valley.
H. B. Smith, Elkland.
Kate E. Monks, Chatham Valley.
Nellie Coolidge, Keeneyville.
Lulu M. Kohler, Mardin.
Mame A. Westbrook, Crooked Creek.
Mrs. Mildred Ames, Keeneyville.
Myrtle H. Smith, Keeneyville.
John B. West, Keeneyville.
Kathryn Gibson, Mansfield.
Benj. Owlett, Keeneyville, Pres.
Jesse Compton, Crooked Creek, Sec.
James Shaff, Keeneyville, Treasurer.
H. S. Keeney, Jr., Crooked Creek.
P. E. Brown, Crooked Creek.
George Spaulding, Hammond.
 Term, 8 months, Wages $26, $29, $33, $50.
Raymond Steele, Wellsboro, Principal.
Katherine Nash, Antrim.
Delia Egan, Morris.
Anna C. Eaton, Wellsboro.
Lulu Root, Lorenton.
Edith Emmick, Lorenton.
Curtis Campbell, Dix.
Margaret Nash, Morris.
May English, Morris.
Nellie Hurley, Morris.
William Tracy, Hoytville.
Margaret Tracy, Hoytville.
Maude McMichael, Hoytville.
Winnie Raker, Nauvoo.
W. L. English, Hoytville, President.
C. C. Miller, Hoytville, Secretary.
E. S. Emmick, Morris, Treasurer.
John Linck, Nauvoo.
R. F. Robinson, Morris.
James Blackwell, Hoytville.
Term, 7 months, Wages $25, $50.
Burdell Phillips, Nelson, Principal.
Mrs. Rena Peters Phillips, Nelson.
Floy Sherwood, Mansfield.
J. D. Hoyt, Nelson, President.
J. E. Hazlett, Nelson, Secretary.
W. K. Heysham, Nelson, Treasurer.
John Savey, Nelson.
Charles Preston, Nelson.
C. A. Finch, Nelson.
No teachers- Students sent to other townships
L. B. Brown, Elkland, President.
O. P. Babcock, Elkland, Secretary.
C. F. White, Elkland, Treasurer.
V. Baker, Elkland.
W. E. Mattison, Elkland.
Term, 8 months, Wages $20, $30, $60.
Frank S. Jackson, Osceola, Principal.
Lena Smith, Elkland.
Mrs. Eunice H. Campbell, Osceola.
Margaret Elliott, Osceola.
Anna Donovan, Elkland.
Frank J. Seeley, Osceola, President.
Charles Tubbs, Osceola, Secretary.
Grant Seeley, Osceola, Treasurer.
Edward R. Tubbs, Osceola.
Daniel L. Van Dusen, Osceola.
Andrew Brown, Osceola.
Term, 8 months, Wages $27, $30, $33.
Louis P. Morris, Mansfield.
Edna Day, Lambs Creek.
Ernest Smith, Mansfield.
Prudence Colegrove, Mansfield.
Ella Shaw, Mansfield.
Phillip J. Lent, Mansfield.
Ernest Inscho, Mansfield.
Nettie Rice, East Charleston.
Ethel Shaw, Mansfield.
Jennie Shaw, Mansfield.
Dean Phelps, Covington.
Celia Van Ness, Mansfield.
Margaret Jerald, Mansfield.
Bert Richmond, Mansfield.
Maude Lewis, Mansfield.
Fred A. Pratt, E. Charleston, Pres.
J. L. Hagar, Mansfield, Secretary.
Volney Ripley, Mansfield, Treasurer.
W. H. Clark, Mansfield.
S. D. Shaw, Mansfield.
W. W. Inscho, Canoe Camp.
Term, 9 months, Wages $40.
Leon Argetsinger, Mansfield.

A. C. Young, Rutland, President.
Josephus Stout, Rutland, Secretary.
Anthony Benson, Rutland, Treas.
George Garrison, Rutland.
John T. Stout, Rutland.
C. W. Kelley, Rutland.
Term, 7 months, Wages $24.
Sylvene Nye, Rutland.
Lottie Walker, Rutland.
F. E. Webster, Rutland.
Charles R. French, Pipe Line.
Fred S. Powers, Mansfield.
Arthur Dann, Mansfield.
Laura Gaylord, Mansfield.
Valeda Bartlett, Mansfield.
May Squire, Mansfield.
Vernie Powers, Mansfield.
Osmer Crippen, Rutland, President.
F. M. Lawrence, Rutland, Secretary.
L. C. Benson, Rutland, Treasurer.
G. R. Crippen, Rutland.
A. E. Garrison, Jobs Corners.
R. P. Longwell, Painter Run.
Term, 8 months, Wages $28.
Ina Rexford, Ansonia.
Katherine Borden, Wellsboro.
Ernest G. Webster, Delmar.
E. Blanche Bates, Marsh Creek.
Laura Jackson, Ansonia.
Gertrude Dickinson, Wellsboro.
Jessie Lindsay, Delmar.
Hallie Marvin, Ansonia.
D. L. Plumley, Delmar, President.
C. A. Jones, Delmar, Secretary.
D. J. Lowden, Ansonia, Treasurer.
Asa Warriner, Marsh Creek.
A. B. Carnett, Ansonia.
Wm. C. Reyman, Delmar.
Term, 7 months, Wages $23, $25.
Susie Van Ness, Mansfield.
Lettie Austin, Mainesburg.
Blanche Austin, Mainesburg.
Mina Lewis, Mansfield.
Edith Mudge, Mansfield.
John Strange, Mainesburg.
Colia Leiby, Mainesburg.
Lewis Smith, Elkrun.
Lewis N. Wilson, Mansfield.
R. Lavina Cornwell, Mansfield.
Genevieve Borden, Sullivan.
G. Walter Robbins, Mainesburg.
Eleanor Rew, Mainesburg.
Mark Webster, Mainesburg.
Helen Hendricks, Mainesburg.
Blanche Harvey, Mainesburg.
Frances Hulslander, Mainesburg.
Freeman Shaw, Mainesburg, Pres.
Jonathan G. Leiby, Mainesburg, Sec.
S. B. Jackson, Mainesburg, Treas.
H. C. Updyke, Elk Run.
J. B McConnell, Elk Run.
L. L. Reynolds, Mainesburg.
Term, 8 months, Wages $35 and $75.
Prin., E. A. Retan, Tioga.
Belle Munro, Tioga.
Harriett Boughtin, Tioga.
T. W. Wickham, Tioga, President.
H. S. Alford, Tioga, Secretary.
H. L. Baldwin, Tioga, Treasurer.
Daniel Berry, Tioga.
J. M. Peck, Tioga.
H. I. Wheeler, Tioga.
Term, 7 months, Wages $22, $24, $28 and $45.
Prin., B. G. French, Tioga.
Emma Quackenbush, Tioga.
Mrs. Rose Richter, Blossburg.
Annie Hickey, Tioga.
Bertha Griffin, Tioga.
Mrs. Letta McKinney, Tioga.
Fredrica Krieger, Tioga.
Cynthia Packard, Mitchell Creek.
Blanche VanWie, Mitchell Creek.
F. M. Kilbourne, Covington.
Lou Bishop, Tioga.
Louise Gramenstetter, Tioga.
E. P. Bradshaw, Tioga, President.
R. J. Camp, Tioga, Secretary.
Jamee Duffy, Tioga, Treasurer.
T. L. Woodward, Tioga.
W. M. Lawrence, Tioga.
W. G. Walker, Tioga.
Term, 7 months, Wages $23, $27 and $30.
Burdette Randall, Canton.
Celia DeCoursey, Roaring Branch.
Agnes Brownlee, Roaring Branch.
Frank Marvin, Ogdensburg.
Josie Randall, Ogdensburg.
Louise Harvey, Gleason.
Emerson Collins, Roaring Branch.
Lydia Randall, Canton.
Edna Hendrickson, Ogdensburg.
Mary Riley, Ogdensburg.
Roy Austin, Roaring Branch.
Orville Rockwell, Roaring Branch.
Edith Black, Roaring Branch.
Fred Kilbourne, Grover.
Edith Adams, Ralston
F. F. Castlebury, Roaring Branch, Pres.
T. G. Ward, Roaring Branch, Sec’y.
B. H. Landon, Roaring Branch, Treas.
Elmer Grover, Ogdensburg.
Daniel Spaulding, Ogdensburg.
William Allen, Grover.
Term, 7 months, Wages $23.
Earl Furman, Canton.
Anna Hallinan, Alba.
Cola W. Lyon, Covert.
Alice Husted, Morris Run.
Euphemia Boyd, Canton.
Carolyn Lyon, Covert.
Grace Everett, Sylvania.
Thomas P. Furman, Canton, Pres.
Wallace Chase, Altafts, Sec’y.
Henry J. Hill, Canton, Treas.
S. J. Purvis, Mainesburg.
Campbell Lowry, Altafts.
John H. Lyon, Covert.
Term, 9 months, Wages $36, $40, $45, $55, $65 and $155.56.
Prin., H. E. Raesly, Wellsboro.
M. F. Jones, Wellsboro.
Mary Bates, Wellsboro.
Alice H. Doane, Wellsboro.
Barbara Crichton, Wellsboro.
Minnie B. Truman, Wellsboro.
Nannie E. Johnson, Wellsboro.
Susan Jones, Wellsboro.
Blanche Warriner, Wellsboro.
Bertha Mudrack, Wellsboro.
F. Rebecca Shove, Wellsboro.
Pauline Ortman, Wellsboro.
Alice A. Petit, Wellsboro.
Edith Chaffee, Wellsboro.
Louise VanValkenburg, Wellsboro.
E. H. Owlett, Wellsboro, Pres.
F. H. Rockwell, Wellsboro, Sec’y.
W. D. VanHorn, Wellsboro, Treas.
M. L. Klock, Wellsboro.
R. W. Bailey, Wellsboro.
L. Harrison, Wellsboro.
Geo. W. Williams, Wellsboro.
Term, 9 months, Wages $35 and $100.
Prin., W. E. Blair, Westfield.
Mrs. M. N. Edwards, Westfield.
Velma Potter, Westfield.
Sarah Hurlbut, Westfield.
Clara Warren, Westfield.
Stolla Lounsberry, Westfield.
Ina D. Barton, Westfield.
Sarah I. Krusen, Westfield, President.
Mrs. Alice Strang, Westfield, Secretary.
E. M. Tucker, Westfield, Treasurer. 
M. D. Lawrence, Westfield.
N. W. McNaughton, Westfield.
W. F. Everett, Westfield.
W. H. Outman, Westfield.
 Term, 7 months, Wages $26.
William Plank, Westfield.
Ava Strang, Westfield.
Myron Youmans, Westfield.
Arthur Adams, Westfield.
Vesta Langdon, Phillips Station.
Olive King, Phillips Station.
Belle Labar, Westfield.
G. Zitilla Adams, Westfield.
Mrs. George Merrick, Westfield.
Archie Murdock, Westfield.
C. H. Sweazey, Westfield, President.
P. V. Rolison, Westfield, Secretary.
H. S. Haven, Westfield, Treasurer.
J. E. Whittaker, Westfield.
C. A. Pierce, Westfield.
L. K. King, Phillips Station.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 26 NOV 2006
By Joyce M. Tice
Email: Joyce M. Tice
Typed for us by Debra JUDGE Spencer
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