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Names and Addresses of the School Directors and Teachers of Tioga County
(These names are taken from Reports of Secretaries of School Districts.)
Published in Wellsboro Agitator Nov , 1907 (These are appointments for the 1907-08 school year so will correspond to the 1908 School Souvenir booklets.) I have listed teachers above the line and directors below for each township.
These names are taken from the reports of secretaries of School Directors, and in each list the names of President, Secretary and Treasurer are written in the order named from beginning of list.
r. stands for R. F. D. mail route.
Herbert Grant, Prin., Arnot.
Rose E. Robens, Arnot.
Nellie Watkins, Arnot.
Thomas V. Tormey, Arnot.
Alice Breon, Arnot.
Joanna Hurley, Arnot.
Mary Hopkins, Arnot.
Margaret M. Ditchburn, Arnot.
Minnie R. Keating, Blossburg.
Nellie E. Cleary, Arnot.
Anna M. Snyder, Landrus.
Geo. E. Ferguson, Pres., Arnot.
Morton Parson, Sec'y, Arnot.
W. E. Williams, Treas., Arnot.
W. Chas. Felck, Landrus.
J. W. Jackson, Arnot.
William Batley, Arnot.
M. F. Jones, Prin., Blossburg.
Bessie A. Williams, Blossburg.
Jean Arrowsmith, Blossburg.
E. Mae Hughes, Blossburg.
Agnes Hyland, Blossburg.
Edna Kilbourn, Blossburg.
Mrs. Isabelle Scofield, Blossburg.
Mary Bambury, Blossburg.
Eva Keefe, Blossburg.
Kate Clemons, Blossburg.
Edna Case, Blossburg.
Bridgie Brennan, Blossburg.
Mrs. Edith Diefers.
Patrick Denohue, Blossburg.
F. H. Stratton, Blossburg.
F. B. Smith, Blossburg.
B. Meedin, Blossburg.
Scott Jenkins, Blossburg.
Charles Shults, Blossburg.
Edith Bonney, Austinburg.
Mrs. Etta E. Moore, Westfield.
Etta E. Bush, Westfield.
Lulu L. Bush, Westfield.
Mabel Ryder, Westfield.
George Plank, Westfield.
Mayme Terry, Austinburg.
Elvira McPeck, Westfield.
Ethel Buvdie, Westfield.
W. W. Baker, Westfield, r. 1.
G. N. Davis, Westfield, r. 2.
J. H. Bush, Westfield, r. 1.
H. A. Wakely, Austinburg.
C. W. Plank, Westfield, r. 1.
W. A Simmons, Westfield, r. 1.
Blanche Fuller, Wellsboro.
Minnie M. Edwards, Wellsboro, r.
Anna Eldsburg, Wellsboro, r.
Frances Rundell, Wellsboro, r.
Florence Donnraux, Wellsboro, r.
William A. McEntee, Wellsboro, r.
John F. Losey, Crookedcreek, r.
Mrs. Emma H. Colegrove, Mansfield. McInroy School
F. Lucy Nent, Wellsboro.
Gertrude Curtin, Antrim.
Eleanor Sampson, Wellsboro, r. Ferry School
Charlotte Mann, Wellsboro, r.
Myrtle Jones, Wellsboro, r.
Edith Ingerick, Wellsboro, r.
Ada English, Wellsboro.
F. C. Moore, Wellsboro, r.
B. F. Edwards, Wellsboro, r.
L. W. Wilkins, Wellsboro, r.
P. C. Van Horn, Wellsboro, r.
T. M. Lewis, Wellsboro, r.
Jos. Emberger, Crooked Creek, r. 1.
W. H. Carson, Prin., Little Marsh.
Ethel Carpenter, Little Marsh.
Ida Ransom, Knoxville, r.
Jessie Monks, Middlebury Center.
Mrs. Clara Wetherbee, Middlebury Center.
Maymie Cloos, Little Marsh.
Nellie Matteson, Knoxville.
Gertrude Dickinson, Middlebury Center.
Sylvester Treat, East Chatham.
Dr. Ross H. Jones, Little Marsh.
Bennett Reynolds, Little Marsh.
Joseph Cooper, Little Marsh.
George Ferris, Knoxville, r.
F. M. Jackson, Little Marsh.
R. Trowbridge, Prin., Sabinsville.
Rex Blair, Sabinsville.
Mrs. Viola D. Tucker, Sabinsville.
Bessie Sabins, Sabinsville.
Vera Wilcox, Sabinsville.
Bertha Roberts, Westfield, r.
Mildred Cushing, Lansing, r.
Edna Balck, Westfield, r.
Bessie Kimball, Westfield, r.
Eva Chamberlain, Westfield, r.
L. M. Payne, Sabinsville.
B. A. Griffin, Sabinsville.
L. L. Warren, Lansing.
L. W. Rice, Sabinsville.
Winfield Scott, Sabinsville.
Benjamin Fout, Westfield, r. 3.
J. H. Kernan, Westfield, r. 3.
W. I. Burrell, Prin., Covington.
Martha L. Brown, Covington.
Mrs. Eva Clemons, Covington.
L. N. Avery, Covington.
S. H. Mitchell, Covington.
Dr. S. A. Gaskill, Covington.
R. C. Cunningham, Covington.
B. F. Doud, Covington.
W. A. Blanchard, Covington.
Sadie Cowan, Covington.
Hazel Phelps, Covington.
Emma Jones, Cherry Flats.
Jennie DeWitt, Mansfield, r.
Katherine Lewis, Covington.
Lucy Zittel, Covington.
M. S. Knowlton, Covington.
W. O. Jenkins, Mansfield, r.
David Ames, Covington, r.
F. W. Frost, Mansfield, r. 1.
M. S. Manigan, Covington.
Hugh Davey, Mansfield, r.
F. B. Cowan, Covington.
Geo. W. Smith, Covington.
Mrs. Eunice Campbell, Academy Corners.
Myra Campbell, Academy Corners.
Mary Kirtland, Academy Corners.
Jennie McDonough, Knoxville.
Marguerite E. Wood, Knoxville.
Alice Westbrook, Knoxville.
Matie Matteson, Knoxville.
K. F. Bellows, Knoxville.
Preston R. King, Knoxville.
Fred J. Merrick, Knoxville.
L. C. Gerrow, Knoxville.
G. M. Wood, Knoxville.
J. Butler, Osceola, r.
Mary Sheidweiler, Wellsboro.
Ella M. Orr, Wellsboro.
Ehinta Matlurs, Wellsboro, r.
Anna Stott, Wellsboro, r.
Mary Willard, Wellsboro.
Jeanette Phippen, Wellsboro, r.
Mary Campbell, Wellsboro, r.
Verna Powers, Wellsboro, r.
Nellie Wetherbee, Wellsboro, r.
Beatrice Wheeler, Wellsboro, r.
Mary Greene, Wellsboro, r.
Tina Wheeler, Wellsboro, r.
Lulu Roblyer, Wellsboro, r.
Della Kretsler, Wellsboro, r.
Winifred Floughton, Wellsboro, r.
Nellie Valsing, Wellsboro, r.
Lida Eldsburg, Brownlee.
Eunice Mitchell, Wellsboro, r.
Nettie Bockus, Wellsboro, r.
Mary Derbyshire, Wellsboro, r.
Beatrice Sabin, Wellsboro, r.
Esther Butler, Wellsboro, r.
Celia Schwartz, Wellsboro, r.
Sarah Tuttle, Wellsboro, r.
Jennie Powers, Wellsboro, r.
Nellie Brew, Wellsboro.
Delia Ludington,
Georgia Whitney, Wellsboro, r.
Carrie Vandergrife, Antrim.
Harry Willard, Wellsboro, r.
E. J. Tuttle, Wellsboro, r.
Herbert Roblyer, Wellsboro, r.
Charles Repard, Wellsboro, r.
George Hatherill, Wellsboro, r.
L. R. Mudge, Wellsboro, r.
Charles Orr, Wellsboro, r.
R. M. Steele, Prin., Antrim.
Leaore O'Connell, Antrim.
Anna D. Swanson, Antrim.
Margaret Nash, Antrim.
Hazel Estep, Antrim.
Beatrice Jacobson, Antrim.
William Estep, Antrim.
John Clifford, Antrim.
James B. Howell, Antrim. (Not a director.)
Joseph Nowiski, Antrim.
John Nelson, Antrim.
August Peterson, Antrim.
James Jones, Antrim.
 Claude A. Ely, Prin., Leetonia.
Mrs. Stella Ely, Leetonia.
Mildred Crum, Gaines, r.,
J. Wilford Foote, Gaines, r.,
Effie M. Sheehan, Leetonia.
Jessie Mills, Gaines, r.,
Joseph Gorton, Leetonia.
Gustave Gross, Gaines.
Leslie Lookwood, Leetonia.
Joseph Grimm, Gaines.
R. E McCracken, Gaines.
Wm. Kelley, Leetonia.
H. F. Walker, Prin., Elkland.
Eva Cass, Elkland.
Eleanor Donovan, Elkland.
Rena Campbell, Elkland.
Gertrude Warren, Elkland.
Jessie Utter, Elkland.
C. L. Kenyon, Elkland.
R. H. Parkhurst, Elkland.
S. N. Weeks, Elkland.
A. B. Miner, Elkland.
F. M. Cornelius, Elkland.
James Donovan, Elkland.
Margaret Donovan, Elkland.
B. S. Rathbun, Elkland.
Fred Dulley, Elkland.
C. F. White, Elkland.
Stephen Rice, Elkland.
John Berg, Elkland.
A. D. Allen, Elkland.
Laura VanDusen, Elkland.
Kate J. Donovan, Elkland.
Ethel Brimmer, Osceola.
Adelaide Starr, Osceola.
Gertrude Mackley, Nelson.
Mrs. Ruth Pierce, Nelson, r.,
Inez Calkins, Tioga, r.,
Oliver S. Blanchard, Tioga, r.,
Edna M. West, Middlebury Center.
Fred Carss, Nelson, r.
Lewis Treat, Tioga, r.
J. A. Leslie, Tioga, r.
J. R. Smith, Osceola, r.
Charles Starr, Osceola, r.
G. L. Ashdown, Nelson, r.
Alvina English, Gaines.
J. M. Marsh, Gaines, r.,
Myra Smith, Gaines, r.
Maud O'Donnell, Gaines, r.
Flossie Hare, Gaines.
Trixy Lewis, Manhattan.
Maud Walbridge, Gaines, r.
Delos D. Rexford, Gaines.
H. L. Marsh, Gaines.
M. M. Smith, Gaines.
Chas. Whittaker, Manhattan.
John W. Goodwill, Gaines.
Henry Eick, Manhattan.
C. C. Redington, Prin., Morris Run.
Mary E. Duggan, Morris Run.
Margaret A. Pasfitt, Morris Run.
Katherine Moriarty, Morris Run.
Elizabeth Coleman, Morris Run.
Isabelle Woodhouse, Morris Run.
Olga M. Heron, Morris Run.
Margaret Forgarty, Morris Run.
Raymond Husted, Morris Run.
Lena Dwyer, Morris Run.
Martin Saporowski, Morris Run.
R. B. Martin, Morris Run.
Malcolm McDougal, Morris Run.
John Chzram, Morris Run.
Patrick Lobeski, Morris Run.
Martin Gannon, Morris Run.
J. S. Hughes, Tioga, r.
Olive Dobbins, Seely Creek, r.
Agnes Scott, Seely Creek, r.
Edna Camp, Tioga.
Pearl Adams, Millerton, r.
E. R. Paige, Millerton, r.
Mildred Baker, Millerton, r.
Earl Spencer, Jackson Summit.
Mrs. Maria A. Gaige, Millerton, r.
Bernie Mitchell, Lawrenceville, r.
Eva Mitchell, Lawrenceville, r.
Albert Deming, Lawrenceville, r.
Fannie Cleveland, Lawrenceville, r.
J. A. Seeley, Lawrenceville, r.
W. N. Smith, Millerton, r.
R. W. Garrison, Seeley Creek, r.
Cyrus Jewell, Millerton, r.
F. B. Hamilton, Millerton, r.
R. A. Mitchell, Lawrenceville, r.
F. F. Wilcox, Prin., Knoxville.
Mrs. F. P. Wilcox, Knoxville.
Gertrude Case, Knoxville.
Oriza R. Honetor, Knoxville.
Lonnie Leonard, Knoxville.
Elizabeth M. Hurdle, Knoxville.
C. E. Martin, Knoxville.
S. Fisk, Knoxville.
Dr. F. E. Clark, Knoxville.
F. E. Matteson, Knoxville.
Chas. H. Martin, Knoxville.
C. E. Wainwright, Knoxville.
Heleft O. Cloos, Lawrenceville.
Mabel McNallon, Lawrenceville.
Mrs. Sarah L. Colegrove, Lawrenceville.
Vera Graves, Lawrenceville, r.
Gordon Champney, Mansfield.
Esther W. Wales, Lawrenceville, r.
Leroy Baker, Lawrenceville, r.
W. F. Risip, Lawrenceville, r.
G. G. Close, Lawrenceville, r.
M. K. Patchen, Lawrenceville, r.
P. R. Doud, Lawrenceville, r.
Geo. Clark, Lawrenceville, r.
J. G .March, Prin., Wellsboro.
Clara M. Biltbeld, Lawrenceville.
Anna C. Enced, Elkland.
Elizabeth C. Harrower, Lawrenceville.
L. G. Seely, Lawrenceville.
John H. Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville.
W. W. Hutchinson, Lawrenceville.
W. E. Barnes, Lawrenceville.
J. W. Rockwell, Lawrenceville.
W. H. Ryon, Lawrenceville.
F. Y. Snyder, Prin., Liberty.
Lida M. Bastian, Liberty.
Dr. G. N. Smith, Liberty.
C. U. Maneval, Liberty.
R. F. Bastian, Liberty.
H. E. Brion, Liberty.
M. H. Smith, Liberty.
Alma Kelder, Roaring Branch.
Adelta Hallett, East Point.
Bessie Mase, Liberty.
Lewis Sindlinger, Liberty.
Raymond Ostruith, Liberty.
Fred Gleimer, Liberty.
Adna Kelley, Liberty.
Martha Norman, Liberty.
Mary Harer, Liberty.
Johanna Desmond, Liberty.
Peter Gmeiner, Liberty, r.
Wm. Parker, Liberty, r.
Frank Sheffer, Liberty, r.
George F. Heyler, Liberty.
Arthur Zinck, Liberty.
B. J. Yetter, East Point.
E. A. Retan, Prin., Mansfield.
Mattie D. Radine, Mansfield.
Eva M. Reese, Mansfield.
Mae Taylor, Mansfield.
(Six grades are taught in Model School of State Normal School.)
H. B. Taylor, Mansfield.
Dr. F. G. Wood, Mansfield.
John T. Bates, Mansfield.
I. S. Snover, Mansfield.
T. W. Judge, Mansfield.
E. B. Dorsett, Mansfield.
Benjamin Gec., Prin., Middlebury Center, r.
Bessie Smith, Middlebury Center, r.
Angie Gee, Middlebury Center, r.
May Gee, Middlebury Center, r.
William Carpenter, Middlebury Center, r.
Hazel Hammond, Hammonds.
A. N. Clark, Tioga, r.
Lillian Ros, Middlebury Center, r.
Angie Niles, Middlebury Center, r.
Geo. Morton, Middlebury Ctr.
M. J. Smith, Keeneyville.
W. D. Day, Middlebury Center.
C. E. Shaff, Middlebury Center.
J. E. Redfield, Keeneyville.
Arthur Hammond, Hammond.
Lynn G. Soper, Prin., Morris.
Kathryn Snyder, Morris.
Nova Ryan, Morris.
Nellie Hurley, Morris.
Mary Plank, Morris.
Mrs. Edith M. Gleckler, Nauvoo.
Ida Peterson, Antrim.
Mary Williammee, Morris, r.
Anne Desmond, Morris, r.
J. Andrew Dennison, Morris, r.
A. B. Ashley, Morris, r.
Mrs. A. H. Ashley, Morris, r.
J. T. Williammee, Hoytville.
L. W. Hart, Morris.
R. A. Sharping, Morris. (Not a director.)
Clayton Brown, Morris, r.
C. S. Blackwell, Hoytville.
Wm. Plank, Morris.
R. C. Lewis, Lloyd.
Elvin Jaquish, Prin., Nelson.
Eloise Borden, Nelson.
Lucilla Beach, Nelson.
Wm. Petiner, Nelson.
R. E. Baker, Nelson.
J. E. Hazlett, Nelson.
M. B. Seely, Nelson.
S. R. Heysham, Nelson.
C. F. Merritt, Nelson.
No teachers- Students sent to other townships
L. B. Brown, Elkland.
Mrs. D. M. Brown, Elkland.
C. F. White, Elkland. (Not a director.)
D. M. Brown, Elkland.
G. P. Babcock, Elkland.
Robt. Babcock, Elkland.
Mrs. O. P. Babcock, Elkland
F. E. Marvin, Prin., Osceola.
Mrs. Lulu B. Marvin, Osceola.
Mary Aurelle Wilson, Osceola.
W. H. Clark, Osceola.
Charles Tubbs, Osceola.
F. J. Seely, Osceola.
Frank Van Dusen, Osceola.
D. H. Van Dusen, Osceola.
L. B. Young, Osceola.
John Doane, Mansfield.
Frank Bly, Mansfield, r.
Mrs. Harriette Gillett, Mansfield.
Mildred Colegrove, Mansfield.
Lulu Warter, Mansfield, r.
Rena Cass, Mansfield.
Walter W. Stratt, Mansfield.
R. Ellsworth Beach, Mansfield.
Mabel Barnes, Mansfield.
Bessie Baldwin, Mansfield.
Walter J. Shaw, Mansfield.
Edna L. Lewis, Mansfield.
L. N. Goodall, Canoe Camp.
Geo. W. Coveny, Mansfield, r.
W. W. Inscho, Canoe Camp.
John Carlson, Mansfield, r.
O. F. Kelley, Mansfield, r.
G. O. Spencer, Mansfield, r.
William Webster, Rutland.
L. C. Benson, Rutland.
A. C. Young, Rutland.
Dr. O. S. Nye, Rutland.
C. W. Kelley, Rutland.
Thomas White, Rutland.
S. E. Brown, Rutland.
Bertis Benson, Snedekerville.
Edith Benson, Snedekerville.
Jennie Orvis, Troy.
Edna Gartison, Seely Creek, NY.
Inon Webster, Rutland, r.
Mrs. Emma Burton, Mansfield, r.
Mrs. Edith Borg, Mansfield, r.
E. Webster, Rutland.
Judson Oldroyd, Rutland.
J. W. Soper, Mansfield, r.
Bert Treats, Mansfield, r.
Geo. Frost, Mansfield, r.
Samuel Frost, Rutland.
E. E. Wood, Rutland.
Annie R. Kerwin, Wellsboro.
Matie B. Martin, Wellsboro.
Lillian Wood, Wellsboro, r.
Jessie Ackley, Wellsboro, r.
Clara Zimmerman, Wellsboro, r.
Nera Knowlton, Wellsboro, r.
Sadie Wilcox, Wellsboro, r.
W. A. Wood, Asaph.
J. M. Campbell, Ansonia.
R. L. Wood, Wellsboro, r.
C. C. Maynard, Wellsboro, r.
C. A. Jones, Wellsboro, r.
Jolen Stover, Asaph.
John C. Strange, Mansfield, r.
Harry Hulslander, Mainesburg, r.
Ernest Webster, Mansfield, r.
Nathaniel J. Soper, Mainesburg.
Mrs. Blanche A. Jones, Covington, r.
Ethel DeWitt, Mansfield, r.
Ethel Roberts, Mansfield, r.
Nellie Seymour, Mansfield, r.
Helen Updyke, Mansfield, r.
Holly School
Althea Holly, Columbia X Roads, r. Robbins Hill School
Mrs. Laura Updyke, Mainesburg, r.
Ethel B. Clarke, Mainesburg, r.
C. R. Palmer, Mainesburg, r.
B. A. Webster, Covington, r.
A. D. Rulfard, Mansfield, r.
J. B. McConnell, Mansfield, r.
U. W. Harvey, Mansfield, r.
Archie Robbins, Mainesburg.
J. W. Stall, Prin., Tioga, Pa.
Rosa Lechner, Tioga.
Lon. Bishop, Tioga.
Harriette Roughton, Tioga.
W. J. Ramsdell, Tioga.
G. L. Abrams, Tioga.
H. L. Baldwin, Tioga.
R. T. Camp, Tioga.
E. D. Brigham, Tioga.
Daniel Berry, Tioga.
Mrs. Laura McKinney, Prin., Tioga.
Fredericka Krieger, Tioga.
Rees B. Alford, Tioga.
Alta Westbrook, Tioga.
Anna R. Greene, Tioga.
Eva Krieger, Tioga.
Katherine Grammem, Tioga.
Maud Ramsdell, Tioga.
Ada Allen, Tioga.
D. W. Hurd, Tioga.
John G. Kentel, Tioga, r.
Frank McKinney, Tioga.
W. E. West, Tioga, r.
W. K. Hughes, Tioga, r.
Charles Horton, Tioga.
R. C. Kemp, Prin., Roaring Branch.
Carrie Krise, Roaring Branch.
Margaret Kinsley, Ogdensburg.
Gertrude Randall, Canton, r.
Olive Plank, Roaring Branch.
Mary Barrow, Ogdensburg.
Clara Rastian, Liberty.
Lucy Thomas, Roaring Branch, r.
Gertrude Hill, Canton, r.
Alma Zinck, Ogdensburg.
Lynn Carl, Leolyn, r.
Nellie Landon, Canton, r.
Lulu Bruce, Canton.
C. Schneltzle, Roaring Branch, r.
S. N. Spencer, Roaring Branch, r.
F. R. Austin, Ogdensburg.
Wm. Carl, Leolyn.
H. C. Landon, Canton, r.
G. J. Smith, Gleason.
Nettie Boyd, Canton.
Carolyn Lyon, Fall Brook.
Maud Lyon, Fall Brook.
Clara Austin, Fall Brook.
T. C. Thomas, Fall Brook.
T. E. Segar, Canton, r.
Chas. Hill, Canton, r.
Wallace Chase, Fall Brook.
J. J. Arnold, Canton, r.
Catopbell Lowry, Fall Brook.
Henry E. Ruesly, Prin., Wellsboro.
Rock L. Butler, Wellsboro.
Laura M. Shaw, Wellsboro.
Nellie Champaign, Wellsboro.
A. T. Bowen, Wellsboro.
Florence Buckley, Wellsboro.
Eleanor Sullivan, Wellsboro.
Nannie E. Johnson, Wellsboro.
Margaret Roberts, Wellsboro.
Florence Kiefer, Wellsboro.
Arles Swartout, Wellsboro.
Lucy L. Trusler, Wellsboro.
Charlotte Lappin, Wellsboro.
Addie Mills, Wellsboro.
Katherine Lorden, Wellsboro.
Louis VanValkenburg, Wellsboro.
Leonard Harrison, Wellsboro.
Ray F. Hosal, Wellsboro.
W. D. Van Horn, Wellsboro. (Not a director.)
H. L. Blatchley, Wellsboro.
Howard F. Marsh, Wellsboro.
Milan L. Klock, Wellsboro.
Francis M. Sheffer, Wellsboro.
J. B. Southard, Prin., Westfield.
Carrie Thomas, Westfield.
Alto Crutan, Westfield.
Cora Miller, Westfield.
Myra Gaige, Westfield.
Carrie Edgcomb, Westfield.
Harriette Teachman, Westfield.
J. E. Harvey, Westfield.
L. E. Knapp, Westfield.
E. M. Tucker, Westfield. (Not a director.)
Emmer Rnck, Westfield.
J. C. Edgcomb, Westfield.
J. F. Eberle, Westfield.
M. R. Pritchard, Westfield.
James Whittaker, Westfield, r.
Lena Weeks, Westfield.
Rilla Mistman, Westfield.
Edna Weeks, Westfield.
Anna Hurlburt, Westfield.
Bertha Rollson, Westfield.
L. A. Skinner, Potterbrook.
Grace Kimball, Westfield.
Zella Kuner, Westfield.
F. C. Briggs, Westfield, r.
L. J. Skinner, Potterbrook.
W. O. Scott, Westfield, r.
J. G. Bowen, Cowanesque.
E. A. King, Westfield, r.
N. C. Davy, Westfield, r. 
Annual Report of the Superintendent of Schools of Tioga County for the Year 1906-7.

To Dr. N. C. Schaeffer, Sup't of Public Instruction:

Dear Sir:  Herewith I have the honor to submit my annual report, ending June 1, 1907.

The work of the year just closed has been with few exceptions most gratifying.  Our teachers have worked with their usual zeal in their school rooms, their professional spirit has never been stronger, and school officers have been faithful in the performance of their duties.  Eighteen educational meetings have been held and with one exception well attended.

The 39th annual session of the Tioga County Teachers Institute was held in Wellsboro, October 29 to Nov. 2.  The instructors were Drs. Ira Howerth of Chicago University, Jonathan Rigdon, Worcester, Mass., Hon. Emerson Collins, Williamsport, Pa., Prof. S. Mountz, Chicago, Miss Lena M. Dickinson, Mansfield State Normal School, and Louise Van Valkenburg, Wellsboro, Pa.

The evening lectures and entertainments were as follows:

Monday, Panama in Picture and in Prose, Dr. Edward Burton McDowell; Tuesday, S. W. Gillan, Humorist; Wednesday, Kellog-Haines Singing Party; Thursday, The Angel's Lily, Dr. Russell H. Conwell.  The opinion seemed unanimous that we never had a better institute.

The Directors Association met in the Court House Wednesday p. m. and Thursday of Institute week, and had a fair attendance of directors.  Not as large as it should have been, however, especially since the Legislature has made such ample provision for their expenses while in attendance.  Were such a thing possible, we should say that the interest of those present more than made up for the lack of attendance.  Addresses were made by Hon. Emerson Collins, of Williamsport, Major George W. Merrick, Judge David Camron, H. F. Marsh, Esq., Wellsboro, M. M. Smith, Gaines, Rev. John O'Toole, Wellsboro, Mrs. M. N. Edwards, Westfield.  The officers of the Association are Hon. Charles Tubbs, President, and B. F. Edwards, Sec'y and Treasurer.

Two County-Teachers' Associations and 14 local institutes were held during the year, and the County Superintendent was able to attend all these meetings but two of the local institutes.  The work at these meetings was largely done by the teachers of the county and the respective districts, and with one exception, it was very satisfactory.  Many new libraries have been put in our rural schools, and many material additions have been made to those already established.  I would be glad to mention every teacher who has been active in this work during the past year, but time permits me to mention the name of only one whose efforts I believe deserve special mention.  Mr. Edward Kinsley, teacher of the Segur School, Ward township, has, during the past two years raised nearly $50, which was expended for a library and an organ.  Considering so small a community it was an unusual effort.

At the close of the year I gave 500 Certificates of Award for perfect attendance--a fact which speaks for itself.  Certificates were also given for three, four and five years perfect attendance, all of which is the very best evidence of the interest the boys and girls of Tioga county take in their school work.

The work of many rural schools has been seriously handicapped by the enforcement of the Vaccination Law.  The attendance in several districts was so reduced that the schools were almost closed.  I have reason to regret exceedingly that our rural districts can not be relieved from the stringent requirements of the present Vaccination Law.  It seems to me that there is far less need for such a law in these districts than in the thickly settled communities--boroughs, cities, etc.

The Arnot High School, Bloss township, will advance to a High School of the second class the coming year.  Morris township will establish a High School of the third class.  Other townships will follow soon.  I am confident that I shall be able to name in my next annual report at least three or four other townships as having established High Schools; and considering the growing sentiment among our people--a sentiment that I have in every way encouraged--I am equally confident that the time is coming, and is not far hence, when nearly every district will have its High School.  The High School has been appropriately termed the "People's College."  Let us have many of them--they can not come too soon for the good of our boys and girls.  They mean more than increased appropriation for our several districts, they mean a more liberal education for the many, and a higher educational standard for the county.

During the year, I have examined 315 applicants for certicates, made 352 visits to schools, attended 18 educational meetings, including the Teachers' Annual Institute, and the County Superintendents' Annual Convention, Harrisburg, Pa., attended the closing exercises of several High Schools, served as a member of State Board of Examiners at a State Normal School, attended to a large and increasing official correspondence, and performed many duties that might be expected from a County Superintendent in so large a county.

I cannot close without acknowledging the loyalty of the teachers,  the faithfulness and support of the directors, and the helpfulness and kindness of many patrons and citizens.

Very respectively,
W. R. Longstreet.

Schools of Tioga County.
Summary of Annual Statistical Report of Superintendent for the Year 1906-7
Number of school houses 306
Number of school rooms 408
Seating capacity 15,095
Number of good school houses 205
Number of male pupils enrolled 5,189
Number of female pupils enrolled 5,018
Whole number of pupils enrolled 10,207
Number of schools 354
Number of graded schools 130
Number in which the Bible is read 344
Number in which any higher branches are taught 147
Number of public examinations held each year 14
Number of provisional certificates granted 206
Number of professional certificates granted 6
Number of applicants rejected 107
Number of male teachers employed 65
Number of female teachers employed 292
Number of teachers who hold provisional certificates 169
Number of teachers who hold professional certificates 24
Number of teachers who hold permanent certificates 14
Number of teachers who hold State Normal School-certificates or diplomas 150
Number of teachers who are graduates from Colleges 10
Number of teachers who have no previous experience 83
Number of teachers who have taught five or more terms 111
Number of visits to schools by Superintendent 362
Number of educational meeting attended by Supt. 18
Number of Directors 248
Number of women who are members of school boards 2
Number of school districts 41
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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