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Names and Addresses of the School Directors and Teachers of Tioga County
(These names are taken from Reports of Secretaries of School Districts.)
Published in Wellsboro Agitator November 17, 1909 (These are appointments for the 1909-10 school year so will correspond to the 1910 School Souvenir booklets.) I have listed teachers above the line and directors below for each township.
These names are taken from the reports of secretaries of School Directors, and in each list the names of President, Secretary and Treasurer are written in the order named from beginning of list.
r. stands for R. F. D. mail route.
Thos. V. Tormey, Prin., Arnot.
Josie Breen, Arnot.
Nellie M. Watkins, Arnot.
Joanna Mannix, Arnot.
Alinn Zink, Arnot.
Margaret Ditchburn, Arnot.
Mary Hopkins, Arnot.
Kathryn Feeney, Arnot.
Nellie E. Clary, Arnot.
Alice Breen, Arnot.
Mrs. Isabelle Scofield, Arnot.
William Batley, Pres., Arnot.
G. L. Ferguson, Sec’y., Arnot.
John Gray, Treas., Arnot.
John W. Jackson, Arnot.
Alexander Logan, Arnot.
August Dahlgren, Arnot.
M. F. Jones, Prin., Blossburg.
Olia Passage, Blossburg.
Jean Arrowsmith, Blossburg.
E. Mae Hughes, Blossburg.
Eva Keefe, Blossburg.
Elizabeth Skelly, Blossburg.
Eva Preston, Blossburg.
Bridgie Brennan, Blossburg.
Mary Bambury, Blossburg.
Nina Gaylord, Blossburg.
Edna D. Case, Blossburg.
Edith Dieher, Blossburg.
Charles Schults, Blossburg.
F. H. Stratton, Blossburg.
F. B. Smith, Blossburg. (Not a director.)
E. P. Mecum, Blossburg.
D. R. Evans, Blossburg.
G. E. Darby, Blossburg.
W. H. McCarthy, Blossburg.
Lynn Martin, Knoxville.
Louise DeGroat, Knoxville.
Anna B. Guiles, Knoxville.
Ethel Woodbury, Knoxville.
Ina A. Hunt, Westfield.
Adah L. Blakley, Westfield, R.
Jessie L. Mills, Westfield, R.
Elvira McPeek, Westfield, R.
Mrs. M. M. Edwards, Westfield, R.
W. L. McLean, Westfield.
W. A. Simmons, Westfield.
J. H. Bush, Westfield.
N. B. Bush, Westfield.
L. B. Hunt, Westfield.
Edgar Cook, Austinburg.
Lynn Soper, Prin., Wellsboro, R.
Allen W. Jones, Wellsboro, R.
Florence V. Doumaux, Wellsboro, r.
Edna Lewis, Wellsboro, R.
Blanche M. Fuller, Wellsboro, R.
Ada D. English, Wellsboro, R.
Myrtle Jones, Wellsboro, R.
Frances Rundell, Wellsboro, R.
Eleanor Sampson, Wellsboro, R.
Mary A. Austin, Wellsboro, R.
Charlotte Mann, Wellsboro, R.
Lulu Bowen, Wellsboro, R.
F. C. Moore, Wellsboro.
T. M. Lewis, Wellsboro.
P. C. VanHorn, Wellsboro.
L. W. Wilkins, Wellsboro.
H. A. Corwin, Wellsboro.
Joseph Emberger, Crooked Creek.
Walter S. Haight, Prin., Little Marsh.
Katherine Mouka, Little Marsh.
Jessie Monks, Middlebury Center.
Mrs. Emma Colegrove, Knoxville.
Georgia Adamy, Little Marsh.
Edith Bonny, Middlebury Center.
Mayme Cloos, Little Marsh.
Mary Kirtland, Knoxville.
Vera Shellman, Knoxville.
Florence Flaitz, Little Marsh.
Mrs. Anna Lattimer, Westfield.
F. M. Jackson, Little Marsh.
Geo. A. Ferris, Knoxville.
Joseph Cooper, Little Marsh.
Bennett Reynolds, Little Marsh.
George Ransom, Knoxville.
Armon Cloos, Little Marsh.
L. M. Payne, Prin., Sabinsville.
Matie Mascho, Westfield, R.
Viola Doty, Sabinsville.
Eva Chamberlain, Westfield, R.
Edna Balch, Westfield.
Minnie Compton, Westfield, R.
Clara Martin, Westfield.
Amy Stott, Westfield.
Emily Stott, Westfield.
Elen Shott, Sabinsville.
Rex Bair, Sabinsville.
B. E. Clark, Westfield.
B. A. Griffin, Sabinsville.
B. Foote, Westfield.
G. A. Stebbins, Sabinsville.
James Kernan, Westfield.
J. R. Doty, Sabinsville.
E. E. Marvin, Prin., Covington.
Eva May Clemons, Covington.
Martha Brown, Covington.
Dr. S. A. Gaskill, Covington.
T. J. Scalfe, Covington.
John Kendrick, Covington.
S. H. Mitchell, Covington.
W. A. Blanchard, Covington.
R. T. Marvin, Covington.
M. S. Knowlton, Covington.
Julia G. McMurty, Mansfield.
Alice M. Vedder, Mansfield.
Bertha J. Ridge, Mansfield.
Joseph Clemons, Covington.
Ivah LeValley, Covington.
Katherine Lewis, Covington.
Foster Haverly, Covington.
John Hulslander, Covington.
B. R. Haity, Mansfield.
O. W. Smith, Covington.
Hugh Davie, Mansfield.
Henry Packard, Covington.
J. P. Cleveland, Covington.
Katherine VanDusen, Westfield.
Madge Kilbourn, Austinburg.
Mayme Terry, Austinburg.
Dorothy White, Knoxville.
Laura VanDusen, Osceola.
Frederika Willour, Knoxville, R.
Ethel Brimmer, Osceola.
Henry Westsuller, Osceola.
B. B. Daniels, Knoxville.
L. C. Gerould, Knoxville.
M. F. Inscho, Knoxville.
G. D. Lattlmore, Austinburg.
Sarah M. Tuttle, Wellsboro, R.
Mazie Houghton, Wellsboro.
Jennie Powers, Wellsboro.
Nellie Wetherbee, Wellsboro.
Celia Schwartz, Wellsboro.
Esther Butler, Wellsboro.
Beatrice Wheeler, Wellsboro.
Vernie Powers, Wellsboro.
Belle Knowlton, Wellsboro.
Della Ludington, Wellsboro.
Clyde Walbridge, Wellsboro.
Eunice Mitchell, Wellsboro.
Ethel Olmstead, Wellsboro.
Nellie Valsing, Wellsboro.
May L. Gee, Middlebury Center.
Jeannette Phippen, Wellsboro.
Ella M. Orr, Wellsboro.
Mary Campbell, Wellsboro.
Mary Sheidweller, Wellsboro.
Nettie Bockus, Wellsboro.
Harry E. Willard, Wellsboro.
Myra Muchler, Tiadaghton.
Sarah Wilcox, Tiadaghton.
Sarah Walbridge, Wellsboro.
Georgia Whitney, Wellsboro.
Blanche Houghton, Wellsboro.
Charlotte VanSice, Wellsboro.

Charles Repard, Wellsboro.
Geo. T. Hatherill, Wellsboro.
Charles Orr, Wellsboro.
P. J. Tuttle, Wellsboro.
F. P. Ludington, Wellsboro.
S. E. Shepard, Wellsboro.
R. R. Stuart, Prin., Elkland.
Anna P. Swanson, Antrim.
Lenore O’Connell, Antrim.
Hazel Estep, Antrim.
Margaret Nash, Antrim.
Ida Eldsburg, Wellsboro, R.
William Estep, Antrim.
John Nelson, Antrim.
Jas. B. Howell, Antrim. (Not a director.)
John Brauge, Antrim.
August Peterson, Antrim.
Martin Novisky, Antrim.
James Sease, Antrim.
Claude A. Ely, Prin., Leetonia.
Mrs. Stella M. Ely, Leetonia.
Elida Lowe, Leetonia.
DeWitt Messner, Gaines, R.
Carrie Graves, Gaines, R.
T. J. Campbell, Leetonia.
Gustave Gross, Gaines.
R. A. Dewey, Gaines.
W. H. Plank, Leetonia.
David Cole, Leetonia.
B. E. McCracken, Gaines.
R. M. Steele, Prin., Antrim.
Eva Cass, Elkland.
Eleanor Donovan, Elkland.
Gertrude Warren, Elkland.
Rena Campbell, Elkland.
Jessie Utter, Elkland.
C. L. Kenyon, Elkland.
B. H. Parkhurst, Elkland.
W. W. Jones, Elkland.
Egbert Utter, Elkland.
F. M. Cornelius, Elkland.
S. A. Weeks, Elkland.
B. S. Rathbun, Elkland.
Fred Dailey, Elkland.
C. F. White, Elkland.
Andrew Anderson, Elkland.
A. D. Allen, Elkland.
Ushon Culver, Elkland.
Bertha A. Whitman, Tioga, R.
Oliver S. Blanchard, Tioga.
Flora Gee, Tioga.
Daniel Clark, Tioga.
Burr Hall, Crookedcreek.
Margaret Donovan, Elkland.
Mrs. Lena S. Howe, Osceola.
Edna M. West, Middlebury Center.

Lewis Treat, Tioga.
G. L. Ashdown, Nelson.
E. J. Hall, Crooked Creek.
Fred Cass, Nelson.
Charles Starr, Osceola.
L. C. Johnston, Osceola.
Flossie Hare, Gaines.
M. Jane Whittaker, Manhattan.
Wilhelmina Dutcher, Gaines.
Bruce Dimmick, Gaines.
Beatrix Lewis, Manhattan.
Clara Zimmerman, Gaines.
Edna Danks, Gaines.
G. E. Tate, Gaines.
J. W. Goodwin, Gaines.
F. E. Reinwald, Gaines.
F. H. Reinwald, Gaines.
W. N. Ladd, Gaines.
I. Lewis, Manhattan.
R. G. Husted, Prin., Morris Run.
Lewis Wetsel, Morris Run.
Kathryn Moriarty, Morris Run.
Mary D. Duggan, Morris Run.
Margaret Fogarty, Morris Run.
Elizabeth Coleman, Morris Run.
Olga M. Heron, Blossburg.
Margaret A. Parfitt, Morris Run.
Nellie Ganson, Morris Run.
Lena Dwyer, Morris Run.
John Chrzan, Morris Run.
R. B. Martin, Morris Run.
Malcolm McDougal, Morris Run.
H. A. Munro, Morris Run.
John Higland, Morris Run.
George Krejezski, Morris Run.
Jennie MacDonough, Prin., Mil’t’n
Pearl Adams, Millerton.
A. U. Deming, Lawrenceville, R.
Mrs. Edna Tickner, Seely Cr, N. Y. R.
Louise Daggett, Seely Cr, N. Y. R.
A. F. Johnson, Millerton.
Agnes Scott, Seeley Creek, NY.
Lura Adams, Millerton, R.
Bertha Roff, Millerton, R.
Helen Satterlee, Lawrenceville.
Olive Robbins, Jackson Summit.
Nina Friends, Jackson Summit.
Iva Colegrove, Lawrenceville.
Myrtle Payne, Millerton.
J. A. Seeley, Lawrenceville.
Lyman Ayres, Jackson Summit.
F. B. Hamilton, Millerton.
L. B. Spencer, Jackson Summit.
John Signor, Jackson Summit.
F. C. Garrison, Rutland.
G. P. Snyder, Prin., Knoxville.
Nettie Matteson, Knoxville.
Mrs. D. M. Herdle, Knoxville.
Ruth C. Fraley, Knoxville.
Kate Donovan, Knoxville.
Nora Knowlton, Knoxville.
C. E. Martin, Knoxville.
C. E. Wainwright, Knoxville.
Dr. L. E. Clark, Knoxville.
F. L. Matteson, Knoxville.
S. Fisk, Knoxville.
J. H. Burch, Knoxville.
Inez Calkins, Lawrenceville.
June D. Buckbes, Lawrenceville.
Flora E. Graves, Blossburg.
Adelaide Starr, Osceola.
Mayme Hazlett, Elkland.
Frank B. Hayes, Mansfield.
Leroy Baker, Lawrenceville.
W. F. Reep, Lawrenceville.
G. G. Close, Lawrenceville.
M. K. Patchin, Lawrenceville.
P. R. Doud, Lawrenceville.
Geo. Clark, Lawrenceville.
J. G. March, Prin., Lawrenceville.
Helen P. Swan, Wellsboro.
Elizabeth C. Harrower, Lawrenceville.
J. W. Rockwell, Lawrenceville.
John N. Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville.
W. W. Hutchinson, Lawrenceville.
W. E. Barnes, Lawrenceville.
L. G. Seelye, Lawrenceville.
Charles Cherry, Lawrenceville.
Francis C. Roupp, Prin., Liberty.
Estella Yandes, Liberty.
Dr. G. A. Smith, Liberty.
C. U. Mineval, Liberty.
R. F. Bastian, Liberty.
B. F. Bastian, Liberty.
M. K. Smith, Liberty.
W. A. Ostrom, Liberty.
Nora Ritter, Liberty.
Bessie Mase, Liberty.
Frank Shick, East Point.
Adelia Hallett, East Point.
Ada Ordley, Liberty.
Martha Norman, Liberty.
Clara Messner, Sebring.
Anna Snyder, Liberty.
Elma Kohler, Liberty.
R. P. Bastian, Liberty.
Geo. Heyler, Sebring.
W. H. Maneval, Morris.
William Dennison, Liberty.
Arthur Zink, Liberty.
Samuel Beyler, Morris.
E. A. Retan, Prin., Mansfield.
Grace Reynolds, Mansfield.
Nettie Shepard, Mansfield.
May Taylor, Mansfield.
(Six grades are taught in Model School of State Normal School).

H. B. Taylor, Mansfield.
Dr. F. G. Wood, Mansfield.
J. P. Bates, Mansfield.
U. S. Snover, Mansfield.
E. B. Dorsett, Mansfield.
Chas. W. Earley, Mansfield.
Benjamin Gee, Prin., Middlebury Ctr.
Bessie Smith, Middlebury Center.
Theodore Morton, Middlebury Center.
Angie Niles, Middlebury Center.
Gertrude Dickinson, Middlebury Center.
Lillian Rou, Middlebury Center.
Chas. W. Briggs, Middlebury Ctr.
Fahy Jackson, Middlebury Center.
Mabel Cloud, Middlebury Center.
Anna Kerwin, Wellsboro.
Daisy Hymes, Hammond.
Arnold Dickinson, Middlebury Ctr.
M. J. Smith, Keeneyville.
C. L. Shaff, Middlebury Center.
Arthur G. Hammond, Hammond.
George Adams, Middlebury Center.
Wm. Peckham, Middlebury Center.
W. H. Young, Prin., Morris.
Alma M. Eldesburg, Morris.
Delia Darby, Morris.
Nellie A. Hurley, Morris.
Mary A. Plank, Morris.
Joanna Desmond, Morris.
Homer H. Root, Morris.
Ida E. Peterson, Antrim.
Rena L. White, Hoytville.
Gertrude Curtin, Antrim.
Flora Hostrander, Hoytville.
Mary Williammee, Morris.
Rudolph English, Lloyd, R.
D. H. Darby, Hoytville.
L. W. Hart, Morris.
R. A. Sharping, Morris.
G. S. Blackwell, Lloyd, R. D.
William Plank, Morris.
John B. Desmond, Morris.
Clayton Brown, Morris.
Walter Schanbacher, Prin., Nelson.
Mildred B. Potter, Nelson.
Clara Baxter, Nelson.
C. B. Lugg, Nelson.
Wm. Pepper, Nelson.
J. L. Hazlett, Nelson.
C. T. Merritt, Nelson.
Charles Blackwell, Nelson.
A. Stevens, Nelson.
No teachers- Students sent to other townships

L. R. Brown, Elkland.
Mrs. D. M. Brown, Elkland.
C. F. White, Elkland.
O. P. Babcock, Elkland.
W. H. Rice, Elkland.
Mrs. O. P. Babcock.
D. M. Brown, Elkland.
Fred McLean, Prin., Osceola.
Louise Hall, Osceola.
Louise Burgess, Osceola.
W. H. Clark, Osceola.
Charles Tubbs, Osceola.
F. J. Seeley, Osceola.
Grant Seely, Osceola.
D. H. VanDusen, Osceola.
Frank VanDusen, Osceola.
R. E. Bench, Prin., Mansfield.
Lucy Marvin, Mansfield.
Mrs. Harriett Gillett, Mansfield.
E. P. Shaw, Mansfield.
Walter J. Shaw, Mansfield.
Mrs. Edna Shaw, Mansfield.
Daisy Brace, Mansfield.
Genevieve Barden, Mansfield.
Bullock School
Mabel Barnes, Mansfield.
Beulah Shaller, Mansfield.
Inon Webster, Mansfield.
Bertha Brewster, Mansfield.
G. O. Spencer, Mansfield.
C. J. Bench, Mansfield.
L. M. Goodall, Mansfield.
M. G. Cleveland, Mansfield.
John Carlson, Mansfield.
Seymour Shaw, Mansfield.
Not included in list this year
Not included in list this year
Edith Benson, Snedekora.
Ross Soper, Rutland.
E. Webster, Rutland.
Mary Barer, Rutland.
Andrew Nelson, Mansfield.
Frank Ashley, Mansfield.
Gertrude Makely, Mansfield.

T. J. White, Rutland.
L. E. Wood, Rutland.
Samuel Frost, Rutland.
Dr. O. S. Nye, Rutland.
John Hill, Rutland.
Henry French, Millerton.

Francis Witt, Ansonia.
Alma Hamilton, Wellsboro.
Effie Sheehan, Asaph.
Catherine Devers, Asaph.
Bertha Butler, Wellsboro.
Louise Wilcox, Wellsboro.
Florence Mudge, Wellsboro.
Madget Bodine, Wellsboro.

Eli G. Campbell, Wellsboro.
C. L. Schoonover, Wellsboro.
C. C. Maynard, Wellsboro.
J. M. Campbell, Ansonia.
W. A. Wood, Asaph.
N. R. Cleveland, Wellsboro.
Wilhelm McEntee, Prin., Mansfield.
Nellie Seymour, Mansfield.
Edna Ashley, Mansfield.
Chester Beach, Mansfield.
Fannie Hulslander, Mansfield.
James McConnell, Mansfield.
Maud Seymour, Mansfield.
Jennie DeWitt, Mansfield.
Earl Chamberlain, Mainesburg.
Lena Beardslee, Sylvania.
Francis Jaquish, Mansfield.
Ethel Roberts, Mansfield.
Marcia Fitzgerald, Mainesburg.

A. D. Ballard, Mansfield.
Arch Robbins, Mansfield.
J. B. McConnell, Mansfield.
T. H. Chamberlain, Mainesburg.
R. G. Bradford, Columbia X Roads.
C. W. Harvey, Mansfield.
J. W. Stull, Prin., Tioga.
Joanna Hurley, Tioga.
Lou A. Bishop, Tioga.
Harriet Boughtin, Tioga.
Daniel Berry, Tioga.
E. D. Bingham, Tioga.
H. L. Baldwin, Tioga.
W. J. Ramsdell, Tioga.
G. L. Abrams, Tioga.
Dr. C. W. Sheldon, Tioga.
Arvine Clarke, Prin., Crooked Creek.
Mrs. Stella D. McKinney, Tioga.
Bess B. Alford, Tioga.
Mrs. F. W. Loveless, Tioga.
Eliza Brown, Tioga.
Frances Hughes, Tioga.
Alvena Sterner, Tioga.
Helen McCain, Tioga.
D. P. Metcalf, Tioga.
Charles A. Horton, Tioga.
Frank McKinney, Tioga.
Joseph Berg, Tioga.
M. M. Baker, Tioga.
Vine B. Hughes, Tioga.
E. J. Maloney, Prin., Roaring Branch.
Mary Barrow, Ogdensburg.
Margaret Kinsley, Roaring Branch.
Carrie Krise, Roaring Branch.
Jessie Kilbourne, Roaring Branch.
Nelson C. Stull, Roaring Branch.
J. C. VanVetchon, Roaring Branch.
Olive Plank, Roaring Branch.
Lynn B. Carl, Leolyn.
Edwin Smith, Ogdensburg.
Fred Watkins, Ogdensburg.
Fannie Gorton, Canton.
Cora E. McNett, Leolyn.
H. S. Baldwin, Roaring Branch.
C. B. Thomas, Roaring Branch.
S. A. Spencer, Roaring Branch.
Wm. Carl, Leolyn.
Dyer Leonard, Roaring Branch.
Thos. Collins, Roaring Branch.
Carolyn Lyon, Troy.
Clara Austin, Fall Brook.
Anna Duggan, Morris Run.
Anna C. Dwyer, Morris Run.
Edward Kinsley, Ogdensburg.
N. Austin, Fall Brook.
W. L. Vaughn, Fall Brook.
Henry Hill, Canton, R. D.
T. C. Thomas, Fall Brook.
Wm. Weightman, Canton.
Charles Hill, Canton, R. D.
Henry E. Raesly, Prin., Wellsboro.
Rock L. Butler, Wellsboro.
Laura M. Shaw, Wellsboro.
Nellie Champaign, Wellsboro.
A. T. Bowen, Wellsboro.
Alta Crumm, Wellsboro.
Eleanor Sullivan, Wellsboro.
Nannie E. Johnson, Wellsboro.
Margaret Roberts, Wellsboro.
Florence Kiefer, Wellsboro.
Julia Strait, Wellsboro.
Alice Swartout, Wellsboro.
Charlotte Lapple, Wellsboro.
Addie Millis, Wellsboro.
Elosie Borden, Wellsboro.
Louise VanValkenburg, Wellsboro.

Francis M. Sheffer, Wellsboro.
Howard F. Marsh, Wellsboro.
W. D. VanHorn, Wellsboro. (Not a director.)
D. C. Smith, Wellsboro.
Leonard Harrison, Wellsboro.
M. L. Klock, Wellsboro.
M. A. Blair, Wellsboro.
Herbert Grant, Prin., Westfield.
Ruth Broughton, Westfield.
Rena Rexford, Westfield.
Sarah Stocker, Westfield.
Robert Browsell, Westfield.
Mrs. Mildred Streeter, Westfield.
Carrie Edgcomb, Westfield.
Bessie Kimball, Westfield.
J. R. Harvey, Westfield.
L. E. Knapp, Westfield.
E. M. Tucker, Westfield. (Not a director.)
Dr. M. R. Pritchard, Westfield.
J. C. Edgcomb, Westfield.
F. P. Taylor, Westfield.
W. J. Greigson, Westfield.
B. W. Trowbridge, Potterbrook.
Julia Milliman, Westfield.
Florence Gridley, Westfield.
James Whittaker, Westfield.
Matie Mattison, Knoxville.
Mabel McNallon, Westfield.
L. Bliss Everett, Westfield.
Nelie Grignon, Westfield.
G. A. Davis, Phillips Station.
A. R. Weeks, Potterbrook.
N. C. Davy, Westfield.
F. C. Briggs, Westfield.
O. A. Locke, Westfield.
W. O. Scott, Westfield.

Annual Report
Of the Superintendent of Schools of Tioga
County for the Year 1909-10.

Dr. Nathan C. Shaeffer, Supt. Public Instruction, Harrisburg, Pa.

My dear sirs:

The year just closed has been one of steady progress along all educational lines. A good healthy interest in our schools on part of school officers and patrons has been in evidence, and teachers and pupils have been faithful to their work. The attendance of pupils has been very satisfactory in most districts. Over 500 Certificates of Award have been given for perfect attendance.

During the year 17 educational meetings have been held, viz: the Annual County Institute, the County Directors’ Association, the County Teachers’ Association, and 14 local institutes. With few exceptions, the teachers were active at these meetings, which were well attended, and the interest in every instance was most excellent.

The instructors at the Annual Institute were Drs. C. C. Ellis, Byron King, Andrew Thomas Smith, O. T. McFarlane, Supt. Charles Lose and Prof. T. L. Gibson.

Those who addressed the Directors’ Association were David F. Fortney, Esq., Supt. Charles Lose, Prof. O. T. Gortner, Francis M. Sheffer and the County Superintendent. The work of both Teachers’ Association and local institutes was done almost entirely by our county teachers, and in every case the program was thoroughly arranged, and the teachers acquitted themselves most creditably. The institute at Blossburg especially was marked by a large attendance of teachers, and by the presence of several members of that Board. It was a most helpful meeting. These institutes have been in large measure an inspiration and help to our teachers.

An interesting memorial service for Prof. M. F. Cass, who died Nov. 17, 1908, constituted a part of the program of the Teachers’ Association, quite a large number of his friends taking part.

Prof. Cass was for several years a prominent teacher and educator of the county. Besides teaching in the rural schools, he held the principalship of Lawrenceville, Nelson and Elkland schools, respectively. For three terms he was superintendent of this county. All of these places he filled with great credit to himself and to the positions he occupied. He was an earnest, energetic, inspiring teacher, an excellent school officer, a faithful friend, and an exemplary citizen. For several years before he died he was a member of the clerical force of the Department of Public Instruction at Harrisburg.

The coming year Charleston school district will test the practicability of centralization of schools in the hill districts of this county. A fine six-room building, complete in modern equipment, is in process of construction. The most model wagons, made especially for the purpose, will be used in the transportation of the children. The directors are making every effort to give the patrons an excellent, up-to-date high school, and to make the enterprise in every way a success. Several other districts have the establishment of high schools under construction.

During the year, I have visited 313 schools, examined 305 applicants for provisional certificates, attended 22 educational meetings, and attended to a large and increasing correspondence.

In conclusion, I thank all who have in any way contributed to the advancement of our educational interests, and especially acknowledge the many courtesies received from the Department of Public Instruction.

Very respectfully,
W. R. Longstreet,
County Superintendent.

Schools of Tioga County

Annual Statistical Report of W. R. Longstreet, Superintendent of Tioga County for the School Year Ending June, 1909.
Number of school houses 301
Number of school rooms 407
Number of houses built during the year 1
Number of good school houses 224
Number of rooms without suitable furniture 42
Number of high schools 9
Number of graded schools, other than high schools 10
Number in which the Bible is read 330
Number of provisional certificates issued 171
Number of professional certificates issued 18
Number of applicants rejected 128
Number who have had no previous experience 46
Number who hold provisional certificates 159
Number who hold professional certificates 39
Number who hold permanent certificates 14
Number who have graduated at a State Normal School 130
Number who are graduates from colleges 7
Number of schools visited by the Superintendent 312
Number of school directors under the jurisdiction of the superintendent 240
Number of women school directors 2
Number of schools in which agriculture is taught 14


Local Institute Districts.
1. Westfield (borough and township), Clymer and Brookfield.
2. Gaines and Elk.
3.  Delmar, Shippen and Wellsboro.
4.  Duncan and Morris.
5. Liberty (borough and township).
6. Bloss, Blossburg, Fall Brook and Hamilton.
7. Covington (borough and township).
8. Roseville, Rutland, Jackson.
9. Sullivan.
10.  Mansfield and Richmond.
11. Tioga (borough and township), Lawrence and Lawrenceville.
12. Elkland, Farmington, Nelson and Osceola.
13. Deerfield and Knoxville.
14. Chatham and Middlebury.
15. Charleston.
16. Ward and Union.

The teachers of the first half of the Local Institute districts will elect their executive officers, consisting of a Chairman and a Secretary on Tuesday, November 16th, and those of the second half on Wednesday, Nov. 17, at the close of the afternoon sessions of the County Institute.


I believe in boys and girls, the men and women of a great to-morrow; that whatsoever the boy soweth the man shall reap. I believe in the curse of ignorance, in the efficacy of schools, in the dignity of teaching, and the joy of serving another. I believe in wisdom as revealed in human lives as well as in the pages of a printed book; in lessons taught not so much by precept as by example; in ability to work with the hands as well as to think with the head; in everything that makes life large and lovely. I believe in beauty in the school-room, in the home, in daily life and out-of-doors. I believe in laughter, in love, in all ideals and distant hopes that lure us on. I believe that every hour of every day we receive a just reward for all we are and all we do. I believe in the present and its opportunities, in the future and its premises, and in the divine joy of living; Amen.--Edwin Osgood Grover.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11 NOV 2006
By Joyce M. Tice
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