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Names and Addresses of the School Directors and Teachers of Tioga County
(These names are taken from Reports of Secretaries of School Districts.)
Published in Wellsboro Agitator Nov , 1912 (These are appointments for the 1912-13 school year so will correspond to the 1913 School Souvenir booklets.) I have listed teachers above the line and directors below for each township.
These names are taken from the reports of secretaries of School Directors, and in each list the names of President, Secretary and Treasurer are written in the order named from beginning of list.
r. stands for R. F. D. mail route.
Thomas H. Tormey, Prin., Arnot.
Edith F. Logan, Arnot, Pa.
Nellie M. Watkins, Arnot, Pa.
Kathryn Feeney, Arnot.
Margaret Ditchburn, Arnot.
Josie Breen, Arnot.
Josephine Kinney, Arnot.
Isabella Scofield, Blossburg.
Lillian Fleming, Arnot.
Mary Murphy, Arnot.
George Norman, Jr., Sebring.
Wm. J. Murray, Pres., Arnot.
Wm. Batley, Sec’y, Arnot.
J. L. Peterson, Treas., Arnot.
J. Martin Feeney, Arnot.
James Small, Arnot.
M. F. Jones, Prin., Blossburg.
E. May Hughes, Blossburg.
Jean Arrowsmith, Blossburg.
Elizabeth Skelley, Blossburg.
Ida M. Pitts, Blossburg.
Edna Marvin, Blossburg.
Louise Burgess, Blossburg.
Mary Arrowsmith, Blossburg.
Margaret Tingley, Blossburg.
Bridgie Brennan, Blossburg.
Elma Roberts, Blossburg.
Geo. E. Darby, Blossburg.
F. H. Stratton, Blossburg.
F. B. Smith, Blossburg.  (Not a director.)
W. H. McCarty, Blossburg.
D. R. Evans, Blossburg.
Dr. J. R. Davies, Blossburg.
Ina A. Hunt, Westfield, r. 2.
Bessie Hunt, Westfield, r. 1.
Mary Burlingame, Knoxville.
Anna B. Guiles, Knoxville.
Lulu Bush, Westfield, r. 2.
Mate I. Mascho, Westfield, r.
Earl B. Holmes, Westfield, r. 2.
L. B. Hunt, Westfield, r. 2.
Theo. Pierce, Westfield, r. 2.
Chas. Hunt, Westfield, r. 1.
W. H. Clark, Westfield, r. 2.
Claude Ely, Prin., Wellsboro, r.
Trella Briggs, Mansfield.
Gladys Catlin, Mansfield.
Lula Rowen, Wellsboro, r.
Blanche M. Fuller, Wellsboro, r.
F. Faye Neal, Wellsboro, r.
Lewis D. Corwin, Wellsboro, r.
Henry M. Husted, Wellsboro, r.
Maggie M. Wheeler, Wellsboro, r.
Lura Patterson, Wellsboro, r.
C. N. Austin, Wellsboro, r. 1.
T. M. Lewis, Wellsboro, r. 8.
S. F. Baity, Wellsboro, r. 5.
H. A. Bronn, Wellsboro, r. 8.
H. W. Wilkinson, Wellsboro, r. 10.
Neil Gleason, Little Marsh.
Mrs. Armon Cloos, Little Marsh.
Kate Monks, Middlebury.
Minnie Crampton, Little Marsh.
Jessie Ransom, Knoxville.
Mabel Treat, Knoxville.
Myra Cloos, Little Marsh.
Edith Pierce, Westfield.
Joseph Wilson, Little Marsh.
Armon B. Cloos, Little Marsh.
Joseph Cooper, Little Marsh.
Bennet Reynolds, Little Marsh.
Wallace Burrell, Little Marsh.
Walter Clark, Prin., Sabinsville.
Clara Martin, Lansing.
Bella Rushmore, Westfield, r.
Emily Stott, Westfield.
Eva Chamberlain, Westfield, r. 3.
Mina VanNess, Westfield, r. 3.
Mrs. Myra Hancock, Sabinsville.
Rex Bair, Sabinsville.
Viola Doty, Sabinsville.
Tom Stebbins, Sabinsville.
Leslie Parker, Sabinsville.
B. A. Griffin, Sabinsville.
Mark Chamberlain, Westfield.
J. R. Doty, Sabinsville.
Ray Trowbridge, Sabinsville.
G. W. Stebbins, Sabinsville.
E. E. Marvin, Prin., Covington.
Ruth Reynolds, Mansfield.
Mabel Snover, Covington.
Bertha Ridge, Covington.
Annie Arrowsmith, Blossburg.
Lloyd C. Avery, Covington.
Dr. S. A. Gaskill, Covington.
Chas. E. Richards, Covington.
L. T. Wilkins, Covington.
W. A. Douglass, Covington.
Eva M. Clemons, Covington.
Joseph Clemons, Blossburg.
Foster Haverly, Covington.
Francis Kelly, Mansfield, r.
Edw. E. Marvin, Covington, r.
H. E. Wilcox, Covington, r.
Jas. S. Blair, Mansfield, r.
Williard Passmore, Covington, r.
Kathryn VanDusen, Westfield.
Anna Wood, Knoxville.
Nellie Matteson, Knoxville.
Flora Lung, Knoxville.
Evan Adams, Knoxville.
Perry L. Wood, Knoxville, r. 1.
Merritt F. Inscho, Knoxville, r. 1.
W. H. Ludlam, Knoxville, r. 2.
L. C. Gerow, Knoxville, r.
Edwin S. Husted, Knoxville, r.
Marian Walbridge, Wellsboro, r. 2.
Sarah Tuttle, Wellsboro, r. 1.
Lubbie Mitchell, Wellsboro, r. 2.
Mary Campbell, Wellsboro,  r. 6.
Selena Bodine, Wellsboro, r. 3.
Vera E. Davis, Wellsboro.
Lloyd Walbridge, Wellsboro, r. 6.
Pearl Campbell, Wellsboro.
Lawrence Coolidge, Wellsboro, r. 3.
Harry Willard, Wellsboro, r. 6.
Margaret Hildreth, Wellsboro, r. 6.
Bessie F. Benauer, Wellsboro, r. 2.
Wm. Vandergrift, Wellsboro, r. 6.
Rose G. Wilcox, Wellsboro, r. 3.
Mazie English, Wellsboro.
Lynn C. Copestick, Wellsboro, r. 1.
Charlee M. Moore, Wellsboro, r. 2.
Carrie Husker, Wellsboro, r. 4.
Bertha Butler, Wellsboro.
Blanche S. Houghton, Wellsboro, r. 6.
Miss Mary Sheidweller, Wellsboro.
Lyle A. Fisher, Wellsboro, r. 4.
Ethel Olmstead, Tiadaghton, r. 1.
Sarah Wilcox, Tiadaghton, r. 1.
Jennie Powers, Wellsboro, r. 6.
Georgia Whitney, Wellsboro, r. 6.
Chas. Repard, Wellsboro, r. 1.
Geo. Hatherill, Wellsboro, r. 1.
Chas. Orr, Wellsboro, r. 2.
L. J. Tuttle, Wellsboro, r. 1.
Elwin Steele, Wellsboro, r. 1.
Anna P. Swanson, Prin., Antrim.
Celia McDonnell, Antrim.
Elizabeth P. Dwyer, Antrim.
Leonora O’Connell, Antrim.
Hazel K. Estep, Antrim.
Ida Eldsburg, Antrim.
John W. Brague, Antrim.
John Nelson, Antrim.
Jas. B. Howell, Antrim. (Not a director.)
Gust. Petterson, Antrim.
Martin Nowiski, Antrim.
A. B. James, Antrim.
 Harry E. Briggs, Prin., Mansfield.
Elida Low, Leetonia.
Janette Kilbourn, Leetonia.
Bernlee Jackson, Marshlands.
Flossie Marvin, Mansfield.
David Coole, Leetonia.
C. H. Whittaker, Leetonia.
Benj. McCracken, Gaines, r. 1.
R. A. Dewey, Gaines, r.
LeRoy Kilbourn, Leetonia.
W. S. Hafer, Prin., Elkland.
Aaron H. Coble, Elkland.
Eleanor Donovan, Elkland.
Catharine Donovan, Elkland.
Rena Campbell, Elkland.
Margaret Murray, Elkland.
Gertrude Hughes, Elkland.
Gertrude Warren, Elkland.
C. L. Kenyon, Elkland.
R. H. Parkhurst, Elkland.
S. A. Weeks, Elkland.  (Not a director.)
W. A. Ellison, Elkland.
J. B. Redfield, Elkland.
C. A. Margeson, Elkland.

Bertha Close, Tioga.
Phoebe Smith, Osceola.
Flora Mae Gee, Tioga.
Nida Niles, Holiday.
Roscoe Kemp, Nelson.
Cecil Butler, Nelson.
Angie Niles, Middlebury.
Frank Leslie, Tioga.

J. A. Leslie, Tioga, r.
W. W. Stevens, Nelson, r.
C. D. Burtch, Nelson, r.
H. C. Kemp, Nelson, r.
Frank Brown, Osceola, r.
Anna Phoenix, Gaines.
Utsel Gorton, Mansfield.
Sadie M. Smith, Gaines.
____ Merrill, Gaines.
Beatrix Lewis, Gaines.
Mildred Marsh, Marshlands.
Carl Smith, Gaines.
Wm. D. Dewey, Gaines, r.
Dr. Harry Howland, Gaines, r.
J. W. Freligh, Gaines, r.
Irwin Lewis, Gaines, r.
N. I. Strait, Gaines, r.
Raymond G. Husted, Prin., Morris Run.
Margaret Fogarty, Morris Run.
Effie R. Munro, Morris Run.
Lena F. Dwyer, Morris Run.
Jessie F. Labuski, Morris Run.
Uva Janeski, Morris Run.
Margaret McBlane, Morris Run.
Sobe Martin, Morris Run.
Emma Johnson, Morris Run.
John Highland, Morris Run.
R. B. Martin, Morris Run.
Malcolm McDougall, Morris Run.
Frank Kirvuski, Morris Run.
Lewis B. Katluski, Morris Run.
Harry Kelly, Prin., Millerton.
Clara Lapham, Millerton.
Pearl Adams, Millerton.
Ethel Wilson, Trowbridge.
Ora McClure, Millerton.
Lura Adams, Tioga, R.
Hermeone Stilwell, Millerton.
Muriel Montgomery, Jackson S
Mattie Card, Lawrenceville, r.
Bernice Mitchell, Lawrenceville, r.
Rachel Satterlee, Lawrenceville, r.
Myrt Scott, Jackson Summit.
Atta Hogaboom, Millerton.
Cecil Garrison, Rutland, r.
Marion Guiles, Seeley Creek, NY.
W. G. Updike, Millerton, r.
T. J. Parsons, Millerton, r.
N. E. Holton, Seely Creek, r.
T. M. Woodhouse, Jackson S, r.
Winnie Deming, Lawrenceville, r.
A. R. Gilbert, Prin., Knoxville.
Ruth B. Putnam, Knoxville.
Rebecca B. Holbert, Knoxville.
Myrtle S. Jones, Knoxville.
Ethel Beltamer, Knoxville.
E. Kate Everitt, Knoxville.
Nora Knowlton, Knoxville.
Geo. H. Danks, Knoxville.
Dr. T. H. Smith, Knoxville.
L. L. Clark, Knoxville. (Not a director.)
C. E. Wainwright, Knoxville.
C. L. Newton, Knoxville.
Jenny Lind, Tioga.
Mrs. June E. Reep, Lawrenceville.
Dorothy Hutchinson, Lawrenceville.
Iva Colegrove, Lawrenceville.
Inez Calkins, Lawrenceville.
Helen O. Close, Lawrenceville.
F. W. Laffett, Lawrenceville, r.
W. F. Reep, Lawrenceville, r.
P. R. Doud, Lawrenceville, r.
Leroy Baker, Lawrenceville, r.
(There are now only four Directors in Lawrence.)
J. G. March, Prin., Lawrenceville.
Clara B. Steele, Lawrenceville.
Elizabeth C. Harrower, Lawrenceville.
Mildred Colegrove, Mansfield.
N. R. Sevan, Lawrenceville.
John W. Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville.
W. W. Hutchinson, Lawrenceville.
W. E. Barnes, Lawrenceville.
E. B. Stage, Lawrenceville.
T. H. Maitland, Prin., Liberty.
Arthur Dinnison, Liberty.
Anna Snyder, Liberty.
Dr. G. A. Smith, Liberty.
C. L. Maneval, Liberty.
R. I. Rustan, Liberty.
Wm. Spearles, Liberty.
R. E. Ada, Liberty.
Maud Bastian, Liberty, r.
Ada Erdly, Liberty, r.
Jennie DeWitt, Mansfield.
Mabel Norman, Liberty, r.
Mary Fitch, Liberty, r.
Lina Miller, Liberty, r.
Margaret Ritter, Liberty, r.
Cora Morgan, Roaring Branch, r.
W. H. Maurant, Morris, r.
Frank Sheffer, East Point.
Samuel Hevler, Morris, r.
Arthur Zink, Liberty, r.
B. J. Feiter, East Point.
W. R. Longstreet, Prin., Mansfield.
Allen Rockwell, Mansfield.
Mrs. Edith Shaw Jones, Mansfield.
Nettie Shepard, Mansfield.
Bertha Roff, Mansfield.
B. E. Beach, Mansfield.
Olive Robbins, Mansfield.
Rae Matthews, Mansfield.
E. B. Dorsett, Mansfield.
Wm. M. Bardon, Mansfield.
Geo. Oburn, Mansfield.
C. S. Kingsley, Mansfield.
Ida Roff, Mansfield.
Harriet Weller, Wellsboro.
Hallie McCoy, Mansfield.
Edna A. McInroy, Middlebury Ctr.
Edna M. McEntee, Mansfield.
Mary L. Gee, Middlebury Ctr.
Butr Hall, Tioga, r. 1.
Edward V. Ingersoll, Middlebury Ctr.
Gertrude E. Dickinson, Middlebury Ctr.
Douglas C. Minor, Elkland.
Laura Adamy, Wellsboro.
G. R. Adams, Middlebury Ctr, r.
R. R. McInroy, Middlebury Ctr, r.
C. G. Cummings, Middlebury Ctr., r.
C. J. Brown, Crooked Creek.
G. K. Morion, Middlebury Ctr.

 Rudolph English, Prin., Hoytville.
Nellie A. Hurley, Morris, r.
Elizabeth Kline, Morris.
A. B. Ashley, Liberty, r. 1.
Flora Hostrander, Lloyd, r. 1.
Marlan Ayres, Morris, r. 1.
Eva Broughton, Lloyd, r. 1. 
Kay Blackwell, Lloyd, r. 1.
Agnes Brown, Morris, r. 1.
Homer W. Root, Lloyd, r. 1.
Miss Reva Mattoon, Lloyd, r. 1. 
Rena White, Morris.

G. S. Blackwell, Lloyd, r.
J. B. Desmond, Morris.
Peter Kline, Morris.
L. W. Hart, Morris.
R. S. Brown, Morris, r.
Rex Dimmick, Prin., Nelson.
Mayme Huzlett Dewey, Nelson.
Margaret Donovan, Nelson.
J. E. Hazlett, Nelson.
Geo. W. Baker, Nelson.
C. R. Lunz, Nelson.
S. R. Besham, Nelson, r.
Jus. Brennan, Nelson.
No teachers- Students sent to other townships
Males Egleston, Elkland, r.
D. M. Brown, Elkland, r.
U. F. White, Elkland, r.
George Dailey, Elkland, r.
A. D. Allen, Elkland, r.
Robert Gaige, Prin., Millerton.
Blanche E. Provost, Sayre.
Myra L. Campbell, Academy Crs.
D. H. VanDusen, Osceola, r.
H. L. Bosworth, Osceola, r.
Edward H. Gibbs, Osceola, r.
G. B. Crandall, Osceola.
Emmett Champlain, Osceola.
Vivian Warters, Mansfield.
Clara Carlson, Mansfield.
Ida Cleveland, Mansfield.
J. C. Rexford, Mansfield, r.
C. J. Beach, Mansfield, r.
G. O. Spencer, Mansfield, r.
L. M. Goodsall, Canoe Camp.
M. G. Cleveland, Mansfield, r.

Mrs. Roy James, Rutland. [Georgia Austin]
Mae McClure, Snedekers.
Ivah Thorp, Millerton.
Helen Baker, Millerton.
Gertrude Makley, Mansfield.
Lewis Cook, Rutland.
William Walker, Rutland.
Belle Lefler, Mansfield.
Mrs. Nelson Stickler, Mansfield.

L. C. Benson, Rutland, r.
O. B. Cook, Rutland, r.
J. L. Stout, Rutland.
T. J. White, Rutland.
Dr. O. S. Nye, Rutland.
Lottie English, Wellsboro, r. 7.
Helen English, Wellsboro.
Emmertine Severson, Wellsboro.
Leslie H. Wood, Wellsboro.
Alma Hamilton, Ansonia.
W. A. Wood, Asaph.
J. M. Campbell, Ansonia.
P. J. Dartt, Wellsboro, r.
Jerome Oakes, Wellsboro, r.
N. R. Cleveland, Ansonia, r.
Edna Ashley, Covington.
Jessie Gray, Mainesburg.
James McConnell, Mansfield.
Pearl Rumsey, Mainesburg.
Lena Beardsley, Col X Roads.
Mildred Spaulding, Mainesburg.
Jennie Dewey, Mansfield.
Nellie Seymour, Mainesburg.
Earnest Chamberlain, Mainesburg.
Ada Lilley, Covington.
Chas, Strange, Mainesburg, r.
Geo. Bardwell, Mansfield, r.
L. G. Bradford, Mansfield, r.
A. D. Bellard, Mansfield.
Arch Robbins, Mansfield, r.
T. C. Lechner, Prin., Tioga.
Johanna Hurley, Blossburg.
Lou A. Bishop, Tioga.
Catherine Groom, Tioga.
Helen McCain, Tioga.
Edna Camp, Tioga.
Elsie Witts, Tioga.
Mrs. F. W. Loveless, Tioga.
Myrtle Daggett, Tioga.
Phoebe Hughes, Tioga.
Dr. C. W. Sheldon, Tioga.
Walter Adams, Tioga.
J. M. Peck, Tioga.
M. S. Field, Tioga.
John Adams, Tioga.

W. L. West, Tioga, r.
E. J. French, Tioga.
Frank Aiken, Tioga, r.
John Pegendorf, Tioga, r.
Frank McKinney, Tioga, r.
Fred Watkins, Prin., Roaring Branch.
Mabel Thomas, Roaring Branch.
Daisy Gaige, Roaring Branch.
Harry Schmelzle, Roaring Branch.
Lydia Schmelzle, Roaring Branch.
Clara Bunn, Ogdensburg.
Fanny Gorton, Roaring Branch.
Edward Kinsley, Roaring Branch.
Maude Keys, Roaring Branch.
Agnes Wilcox, Roaring Branch.
Jessie Landon, Canton.
Albert Carl, Canton.
Edwin Smith, Roaring Branch.

C. B. Thomas, Roaring Branch, r.
H. S. Baldwin, Roaring Branch, r.
C. W. Schnelzle, Roaring Branch, r.
F. G. Collins, Roaring Branch, r.
M. F. Gaige, Brimh.
Anna Duggan, Morris Run.
Anna Dwyer, Morris Run.
Maude Clark, Mansfield.
C. A. Carlson, Mansfield.
Willis Campbell, Blackwell.
John Hatherill, Fall Brook.
W. T. Vaughn, Fall Brook.
Chas. Hill, Canton, r.
J. S. Schrader, Canton, r.
John Evan, Canton.
H. E. Raesly, Prin., Wellsboro.
R. L. Butler, Wellsboro.
Laura M. Shaw, Wellsboro.
Mary A. Mastin, Wellsboro.
N. T Rowan, Wellsboro.
Mrs. Mildred C. Rowan, Wellsboro.
Alta Cemnam, Wellsboro.
Charlotte Mann, Wellsboro.
Wilhelmina Dutcher, Wellsboro.
Esther Butler, Wellsboro.
Anna R. Kerwin, Wellsboro.
Julia J. Strait, Wellsboro.
Charlotte Luppta, Wellsboro.
Addie R. Mills, Wellsboro.
Eloise Borden, Wellsboro.
Louise VanValkenburg, Wellsboro.
H. F. Marsh, Wellsboro.
F. M. Sheffer, Wellsboro.
W. D. VanHorn, Wellsboro. (Not a director.)
F. Y. Utzer, Wellsboro.
M. F. Klock, Wellsboro.
H. Harrison, Wellsboro.
Herbert Grant, Prin., Westfield.
Miss Lugg, Westfield.
Bertha Whitman, Westfield.
Bess Faulkner, Westfield.
Pruda Erway, Westfield.
Belle Greigson, Westfield.
Carrie Edgcomb, Westfield.
Bess Kimball, Westfield.
J. E. Horver, Westfield.
L. L. Knapp, Westfield.
E. M. Tucker, Westfield.  (Not a director.)
Dr. M. R. Pitchard, Westfield.
W. F. Greigson, Westfield.
 Habel George, Westfield.
Mildred Kelts, Westfield.
James Whittaker, Westfield.
Perley Davis, Westfield.
Isabelle Pierce, Westfield.
Mary Kirtland, Knoxville.
Mrs. M. M. Edwards, Potter Brook.
Mildred Trimm, Westfield.
O. L. Luke, Cowanesque.
A. R. Meske, Potter Brook.
Arch Stevens, Potter Brook.
Arch ??
Mrs. ???

(November 13, 1912.)

Wellsboro Agitator, May 3, 1911, p.1
Prof. E.A. Retan Elected
County Superintendent of Schools by a Majority of Ten Votes Yesterday
Yesterday afternoon a meeting of the School Directors of Tioga county was held at the courthouse, in Wellsboro, for the purpose of electing a County Superintendent of Schools to succeed Prof. W.R. Longstreet, of Mansfield, whose term is about to expire, and who was a candidate for re-election. Prof. E.A. Retan, of Mansfield, was the other candidate for the office.
The meeting convened at two o'clock, the roll call showing 210 of the 240 directors of the county in attendance.
Hon. Charles Tubbs of Osceola, President of the School Directors Association of Tioga county, was unanimously elected Chairman of the convention. He thanked the Directors for the honor in a few well-chosen words.
Messrs. S.A. Weeks, of Elkland, and L.E. Knapp, of Westfield, were elected Secretaries. Mr. E.J. Tuttle, of Delmar, in nominating Prof. W.R. Longstreet for the office, made a few remarks in favor of his choice of candidates, saying that Mr. Longstreet performed the duties of his office for several terms in a manner beyond criticism and that he considered him eminently fitted for further incumbency of that office.
Mr. J.E. Hazlett, of Nelson, in nominating Prof. E.A. Retan, said many things in favor of this experienced teacher, who is held in the highest esteem throughout the county, and who possesses all the qualifications for an efficient Superintendent. The remarks of both the speakers were greeted with tremulous applause.
The election resulted in a victory for Prof. Retan by a majority of 10 votes, he receiving 110 to 100 for Prof. Longstreet. Prof. Retan was cheered to the echo when the result of the election was announced. His salary was fixed at $2,000., which is the same as has been paid for the past few years.
Prof. Longstreet has done splendid work for the schools of Tioga county and there is no reason why the Superintendent-elect cannot uphold the high standard set by his predecessor, as Prof. Retan is particularly well qualified for the office. His many friends congratulate him.
Following is a list of the Directors present, the initials after their names indicating their choice of candidates:
Bloss - John J. Blair, L; William Barley, L; Alexander Logan, L; John W. Jackson, R; John Gray, R; J. Martin Feeney, R.
Blossburg - George E. Darby, R; F.H. Stratton, R; W.H. McCarty, L; D.R. Evans, R; B.P. Mecum, R.
Brookfield - L.B. Hunt, R; W.L. McLean, R; Edgar Cook, R; Nathan B. Bush, R; G.W. Simmons, L; G.W. Haxton, R.
Charleston - T.M. Lewis, R; H.A. Corwin, L; P.C. VanHorn, L; L.W. Wilkins, L; W.M. Benedict, L.
Chatham - Armon Closs, L; Geo. Ransom, L; Joseph Cooper, L; Albert E. Davis, L.
Clymer - B.E. Clark, R; G.A. Stebbins, R; J.R. Doty, L; B.A. Griffin, R; Mark Chamberlain,R.
Covington Borough - John Kendrick, L; Dr. S.A. Gaskill, L; S.O. Putnam, R; S.H. Mitchell, R; T.J. Scaife, L.
Covington Township - G.W. Smith, R; B.R. Baity, R; J.F. Cleveland, R; John Hulslander, R; Henry Packard, R; Hugh Davie, L.
Deerfield - M.F. Inscho, R; L.C. Gerow, R; G.D. Lattimer, R; B.B. Daniels, R; Henry Westmiller, R.
Delmar - Chas. Repard, R; Frank Ludington, L; G.T. Hatherill, L; S.E. Shepard, L; E.J. Tuttle, L.
Duncan - A.B. James, L; William Estep, L; James Scase, L; Martin Nowishy, L; John Nelson, L.
Elk - F.J. Campbell, R; Gustave Gross, L; R.A. Dewey, L; W.H. Plank, R; David Coole, R; B.E. McCracken, L.
Elkland Independent - B.S. Rathbun, R.; Fred Dailey, L; C.F. White, L; Fred Lent, R; A.D. Allen, R; Stephen VanZile, R.
Elkland - B.H. Parkhurst, L; W.W. Jones, L; O.P. Taft, R; F.M. Cornelius, L.
Farmington - E.J. Hall, R; G.L. Ashdown, L; Lewis Treat, R; Fred Cass, R; E.C. Johnson, R.
Gaines - J.W. Goodwin, L; G.E. Tate, R; F.E. Reinwald, R; W.M. Todd, L.
Hamilton - John Highland, L; R.B. Martin, L; Malcolm McDougal, R; H.A. Munro, R; John Chrzan, L; Louis B. Katlewski, R.
Jackson - E.B. Spencer, R; Lyman Ayres, R; F.C. Garrison, R; Jesse Wood, R; F.J. Parsons, R.
Knoxville - G.H. Danks, L; Dr. T.H. Smith, L; E.E. Winwright, L; C.P. VanDyke, L.
Lawrence - P.R. Doud, R; W.F. Reep, L; Leroy Baker, R; Willard Middaugh, L; G.G. Close, L; G.W. Clark, R.
Lawrenceville - L.B. Seeley, R; John W. Hotchkiss, R; J.W. Rockwell, R; Charles Cherry, R.
Liberty - G.A. Smith, L; C.U. Maneval, L; R.F. Bastian, R; B.F. Bastian, R; C.M. Brion, R; W.A. Ostrom, R.
Liberty Township - W.H. Maneval, R; Geo. Heyler, L; Wm. Dennison, L; Samuel Heyler, R; Daniel Maneval, R; F.H. Sheffer, R.
Mansfield - C.W. Earley, R; Dr. F.G Wood, L; John P. Bates, L; Geo. Obourn, L; E.B. Dorsett, R.
Middlebury - Arnold Dickinson, R; R.R. McInroy, R; C.E. Shaff, L; G.R. Adams, R; C.G. Cummings, R.
Morris - G.S. Blackwell, L; D.H. Darby, L; J.B. Desmond, R; L.W. Hart, R; Clayton Brown, L; Wesley Emmick, R.
Nelson - C.B. Lugg, L; C.F. Merritt, R; J.E. Hazlett, R; Arthur Stevens, R; James Brennan, L; E.C. Blackwell, R.
Nelson Township - L.B. Brown, L; W.H. Rice, L; D.M. Brown, L.
Osceola - W.H. Clark, L; Charles Tubbs, L; F.J. Seely, L; Grant Seely, L; D.H. VanDusen, R; Frank VanDusen, R.
Richmond - C.J. Beach, L; John Carlson, L; M.G. Cleveland, L; L.M. Goodall, L; G.O. Spencer, L.
Rutland - Peter R. Stout, R; John Hall, R; Dr. O.S. Nye, L; J.T. Stout, R.
Shippen - L.D. Whitman, L; J.M. Campbell, L; Eli G. Campbell, L; N.R. Cleveland, R; C.L. Schoonover, R.
Sullivan - J.M. McConnell, R; B.G. Bradford, R; T.H. Chamberlain, R; M.O. Mudge, R; Arch Robbins, R.
Tioga- Dr. C.W. Sheldon, R; E.D. Grigham, R; H.L. Baldwin, R; W.J. Ramsdell, L; Daniel Berry, L.
Tioga Township - Frank Aiken, R; Mr. French, L; D.P. Metcalf, L; Wm. Archer, R; V.B. Hughes, L; Frank McKinney, R.
Union - Thos. Collins, R; S.A. Spencer, R; C.B. Thomas, L; C.W. Schmeizle, L.
Ward - John H. Hatherill, R; W.L. Vaughn, R; Chas. Hill, R; T.C. Thomas, R; Thos. Bolt, R; A. Smith, R.
Wellsboro - H.F. Marsh, R; D.C. Smith, L; M.L. Klock, R; L. Harrison, L; Francis M. Sheffer, L.
Westfield - J.E. Harvey, L; F.E. Knapp, L; W.J. Greigson, L; F.P. Taylor, L; J.C. Edgecomb, L; Dr. M.R. Prichard, L.
Westfield Township - A.B. Weeks, L; G.A. Davis, R; O.E. Locke, L; Arch Stevens, L; Arch Taft, R; W.O. Scott, R.
County Superintendent Longstreet has held the office four full terms and some months over, not quite thirteen years. He was first appointed to succeed Prof. Henry E. Raesly, who resigned. Prof. Longstreet has had high ideals at to the public schools and he has devoted himself to the faithful discharge of duty and has seen the grade of the schools and educational methods in Tioga county steadily advance. He retires with the respect and good will of the whole people.
Edmund Arnell Retan, who will assume the duties of the office of County Superintendent June 1st, is forty-seven years of age. He was born in Jackson township, April 26, 1864. He is the son of W.A. Retan. His father died when Edmund was three weeks old. Edmund began very young to look out for himself. He was educated in the Elmira high school and the Mansfield Normal School. He has taught in the public schools of this county for thirty years. He was principal of the schools at Morris Run and Tioga and for the last nine years in Mansfield. He has been interested in farming also and for several years has been a partner in the hardware firm of Strait & Retan, in Mansfield. He is in every sense a self-made man, and that he has the confidence of the public is attested by the vote he received yesterday.
Mr. Retan married about twenty-five years ago Miss Rena D. Cole, of Adrian, Mich. They have two children.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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