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School: Leraysville  School
Township: Pike Township, Bradford County PA
Year: 1955 Yearbook
Photos Submitted by: 
Susan Miller from Yearbooks borrowed from Carolyn Russell
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1955 LeRaysville School – 1st Grade

Back Row: Russell Andrus, George Watson, James McManus, Marilyn Carr, Richard Snyder, Miss Bradshaw.

Middle Row: Virginia Lee, Patty Hicks, John Flanagan, Anne Upham, Barbara Coleman, Robert Hammerly, Dale Taylor.

Seated: David Barnes, Ruth Kochanowski, David Cooley, Virginia Alderson, Edward Taylor, Raymond Barber.

Absent: Darla Benjamin.

1955 LeRaysville School – 2nd Grade

Back Row: Mrs. Bebee, Claudia Potter, Ray Kenney, Sharon Benjamin, James Edsell, Gloria Barnes, Virginia Edsell, Kay Cobb, Ellyn Thomas, Ellen Kochanowski.

Middle Row: William Field, Barbara Fuller, Donna Webster, Elaine Watson, Anna Travis, Jerry Rogers, Donald Clink, John Williams, Stephen Shafer.

Seated: Nancy Racht, Robert Merrifield, Sharon Cobb, Jack Williams, Barbara Carr, James Flanagan, Patricia Devine, Lois Green, Stuart Brink.

1955 LeRaysville School – 3rd Grade

Back Row: Mrs. Jones, Vern Hunsinger, Elbert Hicks, Carl Edsell, Richard Albritton.

Middle Row: Rose Marie Bender, Dennis Carr, Peggy Taylor, David Culley, Philip Carr.

Seated:  Joyce Brink, Barbara Andrus, Tommy Parsons, George Delong, Carolyn Gebhard, Jane Hicks, Sharon Jones.

1955 LeRaysville School – 4th Grade

Back Row: Mrs. Jones, Pauline Hunsinger, John Ross, Wayne Kenney, Duane Soper, Carl Albritton.

Middle Row: David Rockwell, Clair Edsell, Eileen Williams, Jack Carr, Marjorie Andrus, Ronald Davis, Gertrude Brink, Russell Coleman.

Seated: Roy Edwards, Elaine Howland, Halbert Brink, Thelma Devine, Brian Coleman, Rhonda Williams, Paul Milnes.

1955 LeRaysville School – 5th Grade

Back Row: Neil Benjamin, Vicky Edsell, Joseph Mills, Duane Travis, Mrs. Coleman, Alan McCarthy, Billy Fuller, Darius Bolton, Lucille Rockwell, Marleah Upham.

Seated: Laurine Albritton, Patricia Field, Gary Green, Jane Robinson, Richard Wildrick, Sandra Jones, Walter Webster, Beverly Brink.

1955 LeRaysville School – 6th Grade

Back Row: Kenneth Andrus, Betty Jeanne Field, Philip Hicks, John Edsell, Carl Benjamin, Dennis Lantz, Nancy Cragle.

Middle Row: Mrs. Coleman, Mary Williams, Lynmar Chaffee, Thomas Taylor, Carol Hunsinger, Stanley Field, Hilary Hawblitz, Vernon Peck, Judith Merrifield.

Seated: Kenneth Davis, Robert McManus, Wanda Edsell, Ann Morgan, Paul Barnum, Freas Freeman, Roy Bolton, Terry Williams, Ray Bolton.

1955 LeRaysville School – 7th Grade

Back Row: Lyle Rockwell, Dayson Kendrick, Harold Bender, Richard Spencer, Clarence Cook, Ann Hawblitz, Wayne Edwards.

Middle Row: LoRita Wood, Jack Belcher, Shirley Hunsinger, Sally Evans, Robert Chilson, Carol Hennip, Thomas Milnes, Donna Williams, Mr. Hutchins.

Seated: Mary Ann Jones, James Hammond, Donald Travis, Mary Ellen Frisbie, Edwin Roof, Thomas Brown, Elizabeth Cragle, Joseph Westbrook, Margaret Gray.

Absent: Violet Benjamin.

1955 LeRaysville School – 8th Grade

Back Row: Avery Moore, Ruth Ann Taylor, John Juller, Doris Keeney, Mr. Davis, Harold Rockwell, Alice Powell, Susan Hawblitz, Loretta Russell.

Middle Row: Leatrice Russell, James Carlson, Mary Daugherty, Edna Wilbur, Rodney Pitcher, Carol Thomas, Albert Mills, Christine Corbin, Peggy Lilley, Burton Platt.

Seated: Doris Brink, Robert McCarthy, Janice Brink, Donald Allis, Marjory Upham, Jerry Corbin, Charles Jones, Donna Allis, Donald Coddington, Charles Clink.

1955 LeRaysville School – 9th Grade

Back Row: Betty Davis, Judy Goff, Dorothy Wheaton, Kathleen Carlson, Helen Temple, Mrs. Davis, Betty Hennip, Janice Edsell, Mary Lou Rowe, Douglas Wheaton, Judy Lott, Charlotte Chilson.

Middle Row: Helga Kruemberg, Lillian Welch, JoAnne Barnum, Lawrence Welch, Sandra Palmer, Rowland Powell, Lola Lantz, Frederick Hunt, Preston Hicks, David Cropper.

Seated: Beverly Mills, Floyd Edsell, James Robinson, Mae James, Barbara Howe, Marvin Goodwin, Albert Baker, Robert Soper, Donald Uhouse, Albert Chaffee.

1955 LeRaysville School – 10th Grade

Back Row: Verna Baldwin, Jane Carey, Betty Taylor, Edwin Eastman, Janice Jones, Jack Clink, Lena Conklin, Larry Kratz, Dorothy Brenchley, James Stewart.

Middle Row: Mr. Gallicchio, Jill Williams, Don Chaffee, Janice Morgan, Jeremy Hawblitz, Esther Kelly, Beverly Rockwell, Jim Davis, William VanSice, Linda Pitcher.

Seated: Steve Schrader, Norine Edsell, Alice Brink, Jim Clink, Sarah Frisbie, Dorothy Coleman, Katherine Upham, Nancy Newman, Bob Platt.

1955 LeRaysville School – 11th Grade

Back Row: Mr. Ottaviani, Arlene Hicks, Shirley Hennip, Anita Tuttle, Richard Rockefeller, Cleatis Bolton, Barton Taylor, Norma Warner, Betty Orshal.

Middle Row: Esther Gamble, Barbara York, Helen Brink, Robert Brown, Harrison Johnson, Ronald Rockefeller, Allyn Jones, Shirley Moore, Janine Lott, June Racht.

Seated: Jean Cragle, William Thomas, Victoria Barnum, Judy Kendrick, Harlan Williams, Gladys Coleman, Edward Newman, Mary Welch, Carl Milnes.

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