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Pike Township & Leraysville Borough
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Pike Township Histories
Named for Gen. Zebulon Pike of the War of 1812. 
Formed 1813 from Orwell and Rush (now extinct) - 
Split in 1837 to form Herrrick and Split 1926 to form Stevens Township
Pike Township History by H. C. Bradsby
Pike Township History by D. C. Craft
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Brushville / Bushville ?
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1800 Ulster, Luzerne County
1800 Wysox, Luzerne County
1810 Rush Township, Luzerne County
1820 Pike Township Census
1830 Pike Township Census
1840 Pike Township Census
1850 Pike Township Census
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1880 Pike Township Census
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Two stones in farm cemetery  (Chas.X.Hutchinson interred)
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1895 - 96 Neath School
1899 School District Nine
1918 Leryasville High School
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1. Stevensville District 9. ?
2. ? 10. Bushville District
3. Ford Street District 11. West District
4. Wells District 12. Marsh District
5. Welch Settlement District 13. Beach Grove District
6. Beecher District Inghamtown District
7. Maple Grove District Leraysville District
8. ? 14. Pine Glen District
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J. F. Bosworth & Sons
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L.L. Bosworth - Postmaster & Gen't Merchandise
W.W. Browning, Prop. Mansion House
D. S. Golding, Homeopathic Physician
C. H. Warner, M.D. Physician and Surgeon
Porter & Nichols, Mfg. Harness & Sadlery
W. W. Browning, Undertaker
Pike Township
H. B. Chaffee, Gen'l Blacksmith, Dealer in wagons,
and carriages
Joseph Haigh, Dealer & Manufacturer woolen cloth, yarn
N. J. Lines & Son, Planing Mill, Mgf. Sash Doors, Blinds
Miss C. A. Vangilder, P.M Pike Post Office
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Hello Joyce. Found your web site very interesting. A group of some 50 people from my area of  Wales UK viz.Swansea ,emigrated to Neath ,Pennsylvania around 1850. Many of them attended a Chapel in Neath called Carmel. Does the chapel still exist? We would like to contact some decendants of these emigrants. Can you help?  Roy Davies.

Hello again Joyce. I've seen on Google that you've entered my query about Carmel Chapel, Neath. I wonder whether this extract from the attached article would be of any interest to anyone: 
Rev. Daniel Jones, 
Minister at Neath, County of Bradford, Pennsylvania, U. S. A. -

The Neath Welsh Congregational Church still exists but not the original church.
                            Rev. Daniel Jones was not from Tresgeirch but from Pentwyn farm (now derelict) in the Parish of Llangiwg. 
                                                Pentwyn farm was situated on the Garth mountain and is now part of Perthigwynion.

Rev. Daniel Jones returned to marry Mary Williams at Llangyfelach Church in December 1832, returning with his bride to America. Rev. Daniel Jones died a young man at the age of 42, his wife remarrying.

Why did they choose to name their settlement Neath?

Early census returns for the area and gravestone inscriptions might provide the answer. The minister that followed Daniel Jones in 1850 was the Rev. Samuel Williams (Llanidloes). Family history papers by the descendants of the Rev. Samuel Williams claim that the place is named Neath because his wife Jane Mills Williams was born in Neath, Wales, as were their children (i.e. the ones that were born in Wales). This information is incorrect. One has only to follow Rev. S. Williams' ministry from Llanidloes to Capel Isaac to Hendy (Llanedi), to find his marriage took place at Llanidloes and the children were born either in Montgomeryshire or Carmarthenshire.

May 2008 - Hello Joyce,
I just wanted to let you know how your very informative website has helped me to research the family connections between members of the Welsh settlement at Pike township and the parishes of Llangiwg and Llangyfelach in Glamorgan, South Wales.
My research (which is ongoing) is at:

My homepage for this website is:

Many thanks
Rina Callingham

Pike Township Family Bible Records
Eastabrook - Potter Bible Bolles- Marsh Bible
Canfield / McKee Bible Humphrey - Roberts Bible
White - Rockwell Bible
Pike Township Families & Individuals,
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Champion Family Notes
1880-1885 Ella Stevens Autograph Book with many signatures
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Frank Eastabrook and Eva Briggs Letters, 1881-82
1834-1851 Robert Heywood Letters
Pike Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
1828 Indenture BT DeChaumont & Beeman
1835 Guardianship of Hancock Children
1847 Will of Zina Beeman
1861 Indenture between Gorham and Beeman 1876 Deed - Beardlsey - Gorham
1894 Indenture James Gorham to Mary Gorham 1851 Will - John Ford, Sr.
1866 Will - John Bowman Ford 1868 Will - John Ford, Jr.
Makinson Family Wills
Township Population Statisticss 
1887 Pike Township = 1496
1887 Leraysville Borough = 324