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This undated postcard is from very early in the 
Twentieth Century
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Published in the Interests of the Elkland Joint School System
By The Elkland High School
Alumni Association
June 1963


(a brief history of the school)

Because the pioneers who first farmed the "Elklands" of the Cowanesque Valley considered the education of the young a prime requisite, schooling has been with us since 1813. The earliest "select" schools were held in cabin homes; then in 1827 a frame building was erected specifically for school purposes. This "little, red, school house" stood just west of the Presbyterian Cemetery. The oldest building in Elkland, it stands today as a portion of the A. Lee Redfield home at 304 West Main Street.

Our second formal school building also stands. It is the present Gospel Mission Church on Parkhurst Street This structure, originally built adjacent to the Elkland Methodist Church on Buffalo Street, was used as a school until 1877.

With the coming of the brick Parkhurst Street school in 1876, the town and the school came of age. The "most elegant" school in Tioga County at the time, this framed old building has remained in the hands of the school board until this year, when it was presented to the Borough of Elkland as a gift.

The center of education was again shifted to Buffalo Street when the present high school was opened in 1932. Additions were made to this plant in 1936 (gymnasium wing), 1952 (cafeteria wing), 1958 (classroom addition).

In 1958, the Clark H. Wood Elementary School was built adjacent to the high school. This made Elkland the only school district in the county with a single campus educational center.

The Alumni Association dates from May 31, 1909 when a formation meeting was held to plan the first alumni Banquet which was held in Parkhurst Hall on June 1st. The Constitution and By-laws were accepted in 1910. The records of the association contains the minutes of the initial meeting.

Osceola and Nelson students have received secondary education at Elkland schools for an extended period, as have Farmington, Elkland Township and children from the nearby areas of New York State. Consolidation, however, did not start until 1938 when Elkland Township joined the Borough School System. The Elkland Joint School was formed on March of 1948 to combine Osceola, Farmington, Nelson and Elkland districts. In November of 1962 voters in Elkland, Osceola, Farmington and Lawrenceville approved merger and a new centralized district is now in the formative stages, which will ultimately create one large school district for the entire Cowanesque Valley.

Elkland schools, located in the largest municipality in the merger and centrally established, will continue as an important primary-secondary center of education.

Ruth Cass Jackson

Secretary and Editor

Alumni officers
President George Smith
Vice-President Elaine Hall Russell (Donald)
Secretary Ruth Cass Jackson (Carlyle)
Treasurer Margaret Seeley Marzo (Orlando)


BEFORE 1886 ( All Deceased)

Mrs. D.S. Albee

Mrs. C.L. Babcock

Hon. L.O. Murray

Mr. Ed Coates

Mrs. Ed Smith

Mrs. Francis Orser

Mr. B.H. Parkhurst

Mrs. Ella (Kelly) Murray

Mr. Arthur Miner

Mrs. Hammond Bailey

Mrs. Grace Parkhurst

Mrs. M.F. Cass

Mrs. M.F. Cornelius

Miss Virginia Wood


(All deceased)

John N. Brennan

Rush Manley

Emmett Stull


Anna L. Allen

Lewis Hammond

Nellie Moon Parkhurst


Fred Green


Alice Moon Blank

Lillian Lanning Dewey

Mayme Campbell Selph

Emma Ryon Smith


David Brown


Anna Brown Smith

Edward Stull


No Class

Mabel Snyder Kennedy Deceased
Dr. Edward Murray Deceased

Rhoda Lent Barnes Deceased
Rose Campbell Jones Deceased
Martin Murray Deceased
Ray Stull Deceased

John Brenhen Deceased
George Cass Deceased
Eleanor P. Donovan Main Street, Elkland, Pa.
Ruth Ensell Miner Deceased
Olive Mowcomber Roundtree Deceased

L. W. Brown Deceased
Rena Campbell Deceased
Susie Crandall Evans Ridgefield, New Jersey
J.P. Gleason Deceased
Lena Smith Howe Osceola, Pa.
Walter Jones Deceased
Robert Moon Deceased
David Murray Deceased
Mary Bosworth Pattison Deceased
Earl Rice Deceased
Henry Smith Deceased
Frank Hammond Deceased

Eugene Cass Deceased
Irene Stokes Chaffin Deceased
Anna Cloney Deceased
Anne Donovan Egleston Deceased
Charles L. Pattison Deceased
Lois Perry Deceased
Nellie Brown Snyder Elmira, N.Y.


CLASS OF 1898 and 1899

No Classes

Irving Segwalt Deceased

Fred Stedge Deceased
Burr Van Dusen Deceased


No Class

Jessie Utter Carr (Percy) Corning, N.Y.
James Donovan Buffalo, N.Y.
Elizabeth Wolverton Johnson Elkland, Pa.
Kate Donovan Middaigh Deceased
Inez Kelly Siglen Deceased

Ethel Strong Berk Wellsburg, N.Y.
Blanche Cilley Hill Wellsboro, Pa.
Ellen Bergin Murray Addison, N.Y.
Clara Bailey Mann Alfred, N.Y.
Margaret Donovan Sumner Osceola, Pa.
Guy Cornelius Deceased
Dr. Ernest Hand Deceased
Floyd Howe Deceased
George Northrup Deceased
John Northrup Deceased
Nellie Stuart Bates Deceased

Mayme Hazlett Dewey Elmira, N.Y.
Edith Cilley Pease Harrisburg, Pa.
Minnie Heckman Barr Deceased
Hugh Ellison Deceased
Bessie Fields Deceased
Hattie Cook Watson Deceased

Daniel Buckbee Elmira, N.Y.
Gertrude Bailey Kreidler Arkport, N.Y.
Oscar Bell Deceased
Wilfred Foote Deceased
Margaret Murray Hammond Deceased

Arvine Clark Deceased
Daniel Clark Deceased
Elias Walck Deceased

Robert Allen Roaring Branch, Pa.
Roy Herrington Woodhull, N.Y.
Mary Lynch Hallinan Deceased

Harold Bailey Irvington, N.J.
Douglas Miner Narberth, Pa.
Marion Orser Pitt Elmira, N.Y.
Mary Hanley Deceased
Adelin Runyan Markham Deceased
Lily Cole Sprague Deceased
Otto Townsend Deceased

Margaret Cornelius Elmira, N.Y.
William Ordway Elkland, Pa.
Edith Strong Wellsburg, N.Y.
Paul Bergin Deceased
Mildred Campbell Deceased
Susan Dorrance Ordway Deceased
Florence Nelson Smith Deceased
Irene Adamson Sperry Deceased

Ethel Cilley Eldridge Batavia, N.Y.
Helen Townsend Hepworth Sherrill, N.Y.
Mary Kyofaki Elkland, Pa.
Tracy Weeks Bristolville, Ohio
Clarice Moore Wilcox Wellsboro, Pa.
Lawrence Fessler Deceased
Joseph Kyofaki Deceased

Hazel Margeson Greer Elmira, N.Y.
Ferris Hazlett Sabinsville, Pa.
Anna Kelley Knebel Addison, N.Y.
Florence Allen MacKay Andover, N.Y.
Ella Gleason Simpson (Faye) Elkland, Pa.
Belle Stewart Erie, Pa.
Joseph Cornelius Deceased
George Dorrance Deceased
Grace Thompkins Hollenbeck Deceased
Herbert Petterson Deceased
Harold Mitchell Deceased

Lee Redfield Elkland, Pa.
Marion Humphrey Richert Kenmore, N.Y.
Nina Hand Walker Atlanta, N.Y.
Edna Beckwith Deceased
Ernest Preston Deceased

Norma Hood Surina R.D., Elkland, Pa.
Alida Norton Cole Deceased
Aldena Herrington Deceased
Hazel Herrington Deceased
Dora Fenton Fenstemacker Deceased
Edith Protzman Deceased
Ruth Beard Palmer Deceased
Rosa Van Dusen Deceased

Gordon Bailey New York 14, N.Y.
Althea Coates Croose Gary, Indiana
Albra Fessler Deceased
Isabel Hoyt Fields Deceased
Esther Freberg Merritt Deceased
Howard Mocomber Deceased

Frances Cornelius Kenyon Elkland, Pa.
Frances Weeks Langdon Kane, Pa.
Lillian Warburton McIllwain Jersey Shore, Pa.
Mark Redfield Corning, N.Y.
Gilbert Fierro Deceased
Frank Nichols Deceased
Ray Stedge Deceased

Josephine Allen Bellows R.D., Knoxville, Pa
Marion Clark Hunt Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Dorothy Baker Kenrich Silver Springs, N.Y.
Virginia Cane Lara New York City, N.Y.
Hope Smith Lowry (Kenneth) Mamaroneck, N.Y.
Hildred Tuttle Murray Osceola, Pa.
Mazie Connelly Smith Elmira, N.Y.
Hugh Webster Horseheads, N.Y.
Norma Frisbie Williams Deceased

Mary Crandall Baker Rock Stream, N.Y.
Margaret Slade Clemens Inglewood, Cal.
Mary Stull Koop Syosset, Long Island, N.Y.
Gus Smith Elkland, Pa.

Myrtle Dailey Brass (Harold) Elkland, Pa
Eliza Dailey Pearsall Salisbury, Md.
Clark Wood Elkland, Pa.
Freda Gee Early Deceased

Margaret Odle Brownell Big Flats, N.Y.
Virginia Cornelius Washington, D.C.
Edrie Smith Dalton (Ralph) Pine City, N.Y.
Florence Blend Raymond R.D., Elkland, Pa.
Arlene Jacobs MacDonald Niagara Fall, N.Y.
Helen Bates Wood (Clark) Elkland, Pa.
Aaron Baker Deceased

Loretta Maxwell Blend Rochester, N.Y.
Thelma Hillman Button Westfield, Pa.
Mary Caton Sherman Rathbone, N.Y.
John Weeks Mansfield, Ohio
Rexford Coates Deceased
Curtis Hammond Deceased

Mildred Baker Carey (Robert) Tucson, Arizona
Rhea Chilson Davis Nelson, Pa.
Helen Freberg Elkland, Pa.
Doris Chamberlin Hackett (Ritner) Painted Post, N.Y.
Martha Weeks Herrington Waverly, N.Y.
Lawrence Hurd R.D., Elkland, Pa.
Flossie Backes Jones (Frank) Corning, N.Y.
Francis Mitchell Beaver Falls, Pa.
Ralph Odle Williamson, N.Y.
Verna Hunt O’Reilly Purcell Shelbyville, Indiana
Merritt Rathbun Nelson, Pa.
Mary Kemp Rice Mansfield, Pa
Eleanor Barnhart Sherman Elmira Heights, N.Y.
Nettie Smith Stedge (Fred) Elkland, Pa.
William Snyder Elkland, Pa.

Benjamin Caffo Elkland, Pa.
Robert Carey Tucson, Arizona
Robert Casbeer Tioga, Pa.
Dora Seeley Church (Louis) Osceola, Pa.
Dorothy Casbeer Harding Redwood City, Cal.
Emily Wiles Heckart (Perry) Nelson, Pa.
Millard Hillman Painted Post, N.Y.
Christine Keck Houghtaling Osceola, Pa.
Laura Grover Johnson Blossburg, Pa.
Geraldine Baker Smith Harrisburg, Pa.
Paul Smith Lindley, N.Y.
Richard Snyder Elkland, Pa.
Elizabeth Stull Elkland, Pa.
Fannie Baker Cressman Northfield, N.J.
Elizabeth Howe Bush Deceased
Clarence Bedell Deceased
Robert Lugg Deceased
Effa Sherman Deceased
Louise Bostwick Snyder (Richard) Deceased
Joseph Yurkewitch Deceased

Gertrude Elliot Wetmore (Leon) Osceola, Pa.
Gladys Kline Odle (Ralph) Williamson, N.Y.
Cora Lent Simonds R.D.2, Woodhull, N.Y.
Christine Forsburg Bates (Stuart) Deceased
Gertrude Ball Webster (Richard) R.D., Campbell, N.Y.
Theo Irons Towner Ithaca, N.Y.
William Baker Endwell, N.Y.
Ava Weeks Ulster, Pa.
Winifred Grover Minard Elkland, Pa
Robert Thompson Elmira, N.Y.
Philip Hess Addison, N. Y.
Arthur Libbey Arkport, N.Y.
Martha Brown Tanner (Theodore) Osceola, Pa.
Hattie Preston Seeley R.D., Knoxville, Pa.
Curtis Cornelius Deceased
Lowell Bostwick Deceased

Stuart Bates Hayward, California
Louis Farmelo Elkland, Pa.
Glenn Van Zile Deceased
Frank Yurkewitch Easton, Pa
Retta Bostwick Elkland, Pa.
Irene Caffo Sharak Briar Cliff Manor, N.Y.
Betty Misner Benedict Jamestown, N.Y.
Angie Van Zile McInroy (Floyd) Wellsboro, Pa.

Orlando Barocco Elkland, Pa
Ned Haynes Arkport, N.Y.
Leonard Hoaglin Addison, N.Y.
Kenneth Taft Corning, N.Y.
Ida Forsberg McCreight (Wm.) Elmira, N.Y.
Florence Freberg Johnson (George) Elkland, Pa.
Evelyn Hartman Elmira, N.Y.
Margaret Mull Teed Morris, Pa.
Lovina Plummer Fogel (Richard) Newberry, Pa.
Eva Stoddard Doan (Hugh) Osceola, Pa.
Marie Stoddard Troy Rochester, N.Y.
Gwendolyn Upham Brink Corning, N.Y.
Lena Sayre Van Sickle (Clifford)  L. Angeles, Cal.
Marietta VanGordon VanZile (Glenn) Rochester, N.Y.
Genevieve VanZile Kroeger  Middletown, N.Y.
Mary Pattison White Deceased
Charlotte Warburton Osgood Deceased
Hugh VanDusen Deceased

Otto Doan Westfield, Pa.
Ward Elliott (Rev.) Bakerstown, Pa.
Preston Odle Elkland, Pa.
Ralph Simonetti Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Raymond Slocum R.D., Elkland, Pa.
Jessie Cane New York City, N.Y.
Margaret Croft McConnell  Endicott, N.Y.
Dorothy Harding Ferrais Vestal, N.Y.
Estelle Johnson Deceased
Marian Sheen VanDusen Corning, N.Y.
Ruth Tubbs Krise Knoxville, Pa.
Sarah VanDusen Cardman Osceola, Pa.
Eldora Wheeler Seeds Pinellas Park, Fla.
Irene Yurkewitch Caffo Elkland, Pa.
Leah Cass Bailey Deceased
Leah Novak Deceased
Donna Elliott Shumberger Mechanicsburg, Pa.

DeForrest Frank R.D., Westfield, Pa.
Cora Beard Johnson Summerville, S.C.
Anna Strauss Cook (Sheffield) Coudersport, Pa.
Lawrence Baker R.D.2, Wellsboro, Pa.
Irene Jacobs Simonetti (Ralph) Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Leo Blanchard Dillsburg, Pa.
Maynard Gleason Bethesda, Md.
Vivian Pease Bastable (Charles) Brooklyn, N.Y.
Clayton Cheesman Westfield, Pa.
Thurman Pattison Elkland, Pa.
Elberta Holt Mertz Elmira, N.Y.
Vernon Fisk Elkland, Pa.
Paul Margraff Elkland, Pa.
Dorothy Egleston Silva Newtonville, Mass.
Durrell Sunderlin Westfield, Pa.
Ralph Ferry Lawndale, Cal.
Geraldine Holt Patterson Knoxville, Pa.
Roy Newton Buffalo, N.Y.
Harlon Learn Nelson, Pa.
Alda Bianco Farmelo (Louis) Elkland, Pa.
Dominic Farmelo Port Allegany, Pa.
Romolo Barocco Canaseraga, N.Y.
Dorotha Warren Fritchey Harrisburg, Pa.
Richard Smith Los Angeles, Cal.
James Wheeler Humeville, Pa.
Birdie Hackett Judd Harrisburg, Pa.
Jack Elliott Snyder, N.Y.
Earl Foreman Lanham, Md.
Walter Cook Canisteo, N.Y.

Frances Ormsby Foster Buffalo, N.Y.
Iva Brimmer Bianco Elkland, Pa.
Josephine Caffo Bradley  Buffalo, N.Y.
Emil Caffo Elkland, Pa.
Elwood Learn El Monte, Cal.
Hazel Cooper Elkland, Pa.
Guy Maier Addison, N.Y.
Hulda Ludlam Gleason R.D., Osceola, Pa.
Gladys Bollen Carr (Kenneth) Osceola, Pa.
Judson Ruch York, Pa.
Betty Bailey Farmelo (Dominic) Port Allegany, Pa.
Jean Brownell Croft (Ormond) Addison, N.Y.
Gladys Mourhess Roche Orlando, Fla.
Bertha Dorn Bullers Deceased
Allen Cook Deceased
Henry Hartley Saugerties, N.Y.

Adelbert Allen Painted Post, N.Y.
Carlton Cass Elkland, Pa.
James Childs, Jr. Detroit, Mich.
Leon Egleston Norvelt, Pa.
Hugh Elliott Rochester, N.Y.
Ralph Lyon  Painted Post, N.Y.
John D. Murray Painted Post, N.Y.
Walter Ruch, Jr. St. Clair Shores, Mich.
James Sheen Montoursville, Pa.
Raymond Smith R.D., Osceola, Pa.
Elizabeth Cameron Cevette (Orlon) Endwell, N.Y.
Helen Cevette Nozero (Lawrence) Detroit, Mich.
Velma Chilson Rouse Marino, Cal.
Georgiana Crandall Clark Osceola, Pa.
Christine Pattison Cocks (Robert) Williamsport, Pa.
Velma Teachman Boyle (Herbert) Towanda, Pa.
Elizabeth Thompson Becker Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Ernestine Ward Davidson Rd, Painted Post, N.Y.
Robert Elliott Knoxville, Pa.

Donald Avery Elkland, Pa.
Robert Bailey Pottstown, Pa.
Gordon Freberg Elkland, Pa.
William Kreisler Elkland, Pa.
Alfred Piecuch  Cincinnati, Ohio
Lawrence Smith Rochester, N.Y.
D. Lee Stoddard Elkland, Pa.
Paul Sumner Elkland, Pa.
Hammond Withers Osceola, Pa.
Jean Elliott Buffard (Elie) Knoxville, Pa.
Ernestine Frank Cashdollar (Charles, Jr.) Elkland, Pa.
Ruth Lindsay Trembley (Edgar) Bristol, Pa.
Pricilla Margraff Taft Elkland, Pa.
Dorothy Pease Ashton (Chester) Knoxville, Pa.
Josephine Sayre O’Reilly (Leslie) Endwell, N.Y.
Clara Searl Elmira, N.Y.
Doris Slade Kleingartner (Philip) Elkland, Pa.
Genevieve Woodbeck Allen (John) Elkland, Pa.
Helen Yurkewitch Caffo (Benjamin) Elkland, Pa.
Uleta Kreisler Margraff (Paul) Deceased

Robert Brass Cowanesque, Pa.
Nunzy Cevette Detroit, Mich
Thomas Childs Washington, D.C.
Charles Forsberg Knoxville, Pa.
James Hartley RD, Osceola, Pa.
Lloyd Kirk Nelson, Pa.
Alan Snyder Pittsford, N.Y.
John Taft Tioga, Pa.
Glen Webster Memphis, Tenn.
Forrest Woodward Elkland, Pa.
Jessie Birk Carpenter (Walter) Ithaca, N.Y.
Doris Cass R.D. 1, Middlebury Ctr., Pa.
Dorothy Cass Rogers (Purley) R.D. 3, Wellsboro, Pa.
Catherine Elliott Casbeer (Clinton) Elkland, Pa.
Genevieve Gleason Clark (Sheldon) Corning, N.Y.
Virginia Ludlam Sahrle (C.R.) Osceola, Pa.
Rose Lumazza Baldwin (Stuart) Menlo Park, Cal.
Dorothy Mallory Reed (Glenn) Dundin, Fla.
Irma Mallory Whitehill (Glynn) Elkland, Pa.
Margaret Rathbun R.D., Elkland, Pa.
Lillian Stewart Anglea  Corning, N.Y.
Emery Gee Deceased
David Thompson Deceased

John Allen Elkland, Pa.
Floyd Cass RD 3, Apollo, Pa.
Armanda Cane Elkland, Pa.
Harry Dorn Elkland, Pa
Frank Hertz National Park, N.J.
John Little Pinellas Park, Fla.
Edward Lyons Painted Post, N.Y.
Weldon Pease  Nelson, Pa.
Donald Rice RD., Osceola, Pa.
James Spencer RD., Osceola, Pa.
Roy Trumpter Healdsburg, Cal.
Kenneth Van Schaick Elkland, Pa.
Gertrude Baker Whiting (John) Elmira, N.Y.
Irma Egleston Davis (Charles) Middlebury Ctr., Pa
Anna Hertz Trousdale (Thomas) Elkland, Pa.
Dorothy Knapp Stevens (Karl) Candor, N.Y.
Ruth Learn Kemp (Maynard) Nelson, Pa.
Bernice Ludlam  Washington, D.C.
Florence Mattison Swan Miami, Fla.
Hazel McConnell Hammond (George) RD 3, Wellsboro, Pa.
Velma Miles Davenport Romulus, N.Y.
Hildreth Shaver Thorpe ( Carl) Elkland, Pa.
Joe Mulaski Deceased
Alice Wheeler Rice Deceased

9James Kizer Elkland, Pa.
Kathryn Sheen Sims Bridgeville, Pa.
Ivan Woodward Elkland, Pa.
Louis Lumazza Elkland, Pa.
Emily Gross Watkins (Forrest) Port Allegany, Pa.
Jack Bailey Owego, N.Y.
Gladys Creeley Palmer Addison, N.Y.
Albert Bernardo Spencerport, N.Y.
Franklin Burr Painted Post, N.Y.
Clara Dorn Hill Creal Spring, Illinois
Alec Darby Hopeville, Ga.
Margaret Finnerty Horton (Paul) Elkland, Pa.
Harry Eaton Wyalusing, Pa.
Vernon Close Corning, N.Y.
Inez Giordano Swartz (Franklin) Lowman, N.Y.
Richard Kreisler Elkland, Pa.
Wallace VanDusen RD., Osceola, Pa.
Olga Learn Healy (Hugh) Nelson, Pa
Beldon Wakley RD., Nelson, Pa.
Leonard Wakley RD., Tioga, Pa.
Gertrude Mahoney Gleason (Bruce) Westfield, Pa.
Stanley Matis Orchowski Elkland, Pa.
Robert Young Lawrenceville, Pa.
Reita Sheen Wolfe Shillington, Pa.
James Swan Rochester, N.Y.
Olive Van Schaick Sereno (Victor) Elkland, Pa.
Vesta Smith Deceased
Frank Davis Deceased

Jean Little Bailey Pottstown, Pa.
Mary Jane Bailey Horton (Samuel) Elkland, Pa.
Francis Piecuch Kohut (John ) Elkland, Pa.
Julia Cornalia Moss (Wilford) Jennings, Mo.
Roma Jean Ingersoll Morgan (Fred) Elkland, Pa.
Magdalene Finelli LaManna (Vincent) Bradford, Pa.
John Croft Wellsboro, Pa.
Ann Ellicott Schultz (Louis) Elkland, Pa.
Uleta Learn Eaton (Harry) Wyalusing, Pa
Paul VanZile Elkland, Pa.
William Cosier Elkland, Pa.
Jeanette Pattison Mannion Johnstown, Pa.
Carmen Cevette Tini (Ray) Detroit, Mich.
Helen Snyder Sheen (Donald) Elkland, Pa.
Josephine Nelson Hurd Lodi, N.Y.
Robert McCaslin Alexandria, Va.
Winifred Carr Lewis Harrison Valley, Pa.
Betty Elliott Campbell (James) Elkland, Pa.
Robert McDonald Stoystown, Pa
Francis Hall New Cumberland, Pa.
Kenneth Weeks Bristolville, Ohio
Elizabeth Davis Lockwood (Paul) RD., Tioga, Pa.
Alberta Adriance Kane (Raymond Jr.) Nashua, N.H.
John McCaslin West Chicago, Ill.
Glenn Weeks Windham, Ohio
Alice Backes Sereno (Norman) Tonawanda, N.Y.
Wilma Owlett Davis (Philip) Lawrenceville, Pa.
Kenneth VanDusen Elkland, Pa.
Helen Cashdollar Parker (Allen) Whitesboro, N.Y.
John Hammond Gainesville, Fla.
Evelyn Patricia VanGorden Gleba Rochester, N.Y.
Bernice O’Reilly Ferry Escondido, Cal.
Wendall Baker Elkland, Pa.
Ronald Foreman Albuquerque, N.M.
Gladys Carson Parker E. Palestine, Ohio
Sylvia Gardner Williams (Howard) Elkland, Pa.
James Campbell Elkland, Pa.

Helen VanDusen Hall (Francis) New Cumberland, Pa.
Velma O’Dell Kinner (John) Orlando, Fla.
Rev. Marion Finch Bradford, Pa.
Ruth Wynkoop MacHenry York, Pa.
Arma Mourhess Eicher (Robert) Winter Park, Fla.
Norma VanZile Seeley Knoxville, Pa.
Marion Wheeler Woodward (Forrest) Elkland, Pa.
Robert Lounsbury Buffalo, N.Y.
Jennie Milinski Geiser (Leo) Elkland, Pa.
Ethel Martin Elmira, N.Y.
Myrtle Carr Manning (Neil) Osceola, Pa.
Janet Wallis Young (Kenneth) Elkland, Pa.
Mary Prindle Ogas (Manuel) Alexandria, Va.
Christine Colegrove Wakley (Leonard) RD., Tioga, Pa.
Vern Bartlett Davenport (George) Tonawanda, N.Y.
Blanche VanDusen Mattison (Ralph) RD., Osceola, Pa.
Dorothy Burr Colvin (Gaylord) Prattsburg, N.Y.
Marjorie Blackwell Lewis Norfolk, Va.
Morgan Colegrove Nelson, Pa.
Janet Avery Caffo (Emil) Elkland, Pa.
Gertrude Croft Peterman Corning, N.Y.
Charles Snyder Osceola, Pa.
James Rice RD., Bath, N.Y.
Annabelle Stewart Spencer (Sydney) Tioga, Pa.
Ruth Childs Thomas Brooklyn, N.Y.
Emery Cass Elkland, Pa.
Llewelyn Wakley RD., Nelson, Pa.
Ida Vincent Johnson (Irvin) New Ellenton, S.C.
Eleanor Carpenter Spencer (James) RD., Osceola, Pa.
Roger King Nelson, Pa.
Jack Beheman Deceased
Ruth Button Hazlett (Ralph) Deceased

Doris Lyons Thomas (George) Westfield, Pa.
Malcolm Stull  Deceased
William Newton Elkland, Pa.
Gertrude Finch Shaw (Seymour) Mansfield, Pa.
Bessie Horn Draper (Clyde) St. Petersburg, Fla.
Irene Wynkoop Pattison (Charles) Corning, N.Y.
Cecilia Piecuch Souza (Ben) Hayward, Cal.
Josephine Oswinski Camereski (Larry) Elmira, N.Y.
Marjorie Gross Fanning (LaVerne)  Elmira, N.Y.
Barbara Snyder Slocum (Thomas) Osceola, Pa.
Margarette Searl Corning, N.Y.
Bruce Gleason Westfield, Pa.
Charles Pattison Corning, N.Y.
Philip Egleston RD., Lawrenceville, Pa.
Burdette Baker Deceased
John Campbell Williamsville, N.Y.
Freda Dibble McNamara (Dr. Thomas) Corning, N.Y.
Doris Phelps Petterson (Richard) Holly, N.Y.
Norma Giordano Hazlett (Donald) Elkland, Pa.
Kenneth Bailey Red Creek, N.Y.
John Cain Elmira, N.Y.
Lloyd Close Kaneohe, Hawaii
Lyle Kreisler Elkland, Pa.
Paul Lockwood RD., Tioga, Pa.
James Lindsay Elmira, N.Y.
Louis Ludlam  Osceola, Pa.
Fred Morgan Elkland, Pa.
William Preston Syracuse, N.Y.
Harold Stevens  S. Corning, N.Y.
Gordon West Nelson, Pa.

Major Arthur McConnell Midwest City, Okla.
Lyle Baker Turlock, Cal.
Joette Dailey Milinski (Edward) Elkland, Pa.
Kathryn Lyons Reynolds (Wilmont) Webster Groves, Mo.
Lorraine Sereno Stoddard (D. Lee) Elkland, Pa.
Jane Pattison Tudor (George) West Newberry, Mass.
Robert Smith Newark, N.Y.
Rose Barocca Strehlke  Natick, Mass.
Tressa Cevette Easton (Max) Elmira, N.Y.
Eleanor Horton Riley (Robert) Elmira Hgts, N.Y.
Lauretta Bakes Thurston (Kenneth) Elkland, Pa.
Alice Bailey Warren (Bion) Elkland, Pa
Fredrick Cook Warren, Mich.
Louise Caffo Doleski (John) Elkland. Pa.
Kenneth Thurston Elkland, Pa.
Ethelwyn Croft Rinne (Paul) Finleyville, Pa.
Phyllis Lockwood Smith (Raymond) Deceased
Mary Finelli Miller (Wm.) Waverly, N.Y.
Dr. Louis Caffo Elkland, Pa.
Bertha Dunn Hallinan (Kenneth) RD., Addison, N.Y.
Graham Kohler Painted Post, N.Y.
Florence Tubbs Cosier (Wm.) Elkland, Pa.
Robert Dorn Elkland, Pa.
Elsie Tubbs Mull (Saxton) Osceola, Pa.
Harry DeSera  Elkland, Pa.
Helen Piecuch Kreamer (Harry) Corning, N.Y.
John Spencer  Sepulveda, Cal.
Julia Close Frisbie Elmira, N.Y.
Wallace Wither Cleveland, Ohio
Velma VanSchaick Colegrove (Arnold) Lawrenceville, Pa.
John Antonio Nelson, Pa.
Ruth Cass Jackson (Carlyle) Elkland, Pa
Eleanor Martin Husted (George) Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Beatrice Hurd Kohler (Graham) Painted Post, N.Y.
Theresa O’Bryan Foreman (Earl) Lanham, Md.
Dorothy Slade Gee (Wilbur) Elkland, Pa.
Philip Davis Lawrenceville, Pa.
James Wykoff Palm Harbor, Fla.

Richard Hurlburt Johnson City, N.Y.
Elaine Redfield Perham (Wm.) Pittsford, N.Y.
Harold Rowe Elmira, N.Y.
Arlene Outman Seamans (Bernard) Knoxville, Pa.
Elayne Gleason Matis (John) Osceola, Pa.
Dellivan Blackwell Hamden, Conn.
Ida Campo Fantasky Williamsport, Pa.
Martha Knapp Norton (Wm.) Newfield, N.Y.
Nora Graham Hopper Elkland, Pa.
Jeanette Norton Rexford Vestal, N.Y.
Yolanda Cevette Giantomasi E. Syracuse, N.Y.
Evelyn Hall Hornsby (Col. J.D. Hornsby) Ramsey, N.J.
Beatrice Elliott Patterson (Ernest) RD. 2, Mansfield, Pa.
Kathryn Wakley West (Gordon) Deceased
Isabel Chilson Barr (Raymond) Elmira, N.Y.
Alberta Miles Mannix (John) Navesink, N.J.
Luella Martin Holland (Harold) Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Charles Fisk South Charleston, W. Va.
Norma Upham Rice (James) Bath, N.Y.
Mary Swan Preston (Wm.) Syracuse, N.Y.
Marguerite Colegrove Kline (Eldred) Bath, N.Y.
Mary Cosier Dewitt (Kenneth) Ovid, N.Y.
Georgianna Newberry Bliss (Nathan) Osceola, Pa.
Gerald Pease Nelson, Pa.
Douglas Snyder Telford, Pa.
Doris VanZile Russell Elkland, Pa.

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