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 Mansfield High School Classes
 Class of 1917-1918
In the lower picture the Brick Shool, built 1881, is shown in 1920. The  picture at left shows the old schoool in the right background with the 1927 gym addition in front. The old school was eventually torn down. In its place now stands the larger part of the present High School.

Mansfield High School Graduates

LISTINGS FROM THE 1938 MANSFIELD HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK , "MANSCRIPT" Prior to 1913, not a pupil had graduated from a four year high school course in Mansfield. The course was narrow and only the few who wanted to go on to college stayed for the new high school course. The enrollment was sixty four for four years of high school in 1914. In 1913 a class of three graduated in a three year course and in 1914, a class of seven in a four year course. Not all of the following addresses were verified. A question mark has been added in cases of extreme doubt. In a few instances, no information was available.

This information was taken from the 1938 school year book. Joyce M. Tice has added supplemental information.

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List from 1938 Mansfield Year Book - Last four columns added by Joyce M. Tice

in 1938
AUSTIN Rozelle 1917       12122 1898-1966 New Orleans
ASHLEY Diantha 1917 Mainesburg, Pa   Wilmot Purvis 14125 MSNS 1919 1898-1957 State Road
BAILEY Edward P. 1917 315 N.Solano, Albuquerque,NM (Paul Edward Bailey)    86969 MSNS 1921 1897-1950 St. Andrews
BEDENK Fred J. 1917 State College, Pa Phys Ed., Penn State   88718 MSNS 1919 1897-1978 State College
BORDEN Arthur 1917 289 Parker Dr.,Mt.Lebanon,Pittsburgh,Pa     88723 1899-1953 Michigan
BROWN Elwin 1917 Elmira, NY Elmira Business Inst.   92487 1899-1976 Vestal NY
BRYANT Fred 1917 114-57 210th St, St.Albans,NY (?)     05652 1897-1990 California
CARPENTER Vera 1917 South America     92071
COX John 1917 Deceased   See Below 80080 WW1 1899-1917
DECKER Ruth E. 1917 15th & Denon Ave, Kansas City, Mo     19317 MSNS 1919 1898-1977
GILLETTE Casper 1917 312 Adriatic Ave, Atlantic City,NJ MGM Pictures   88731 MSNS 1920 1898-1983 New Jersey
HAYES Richard 1917       86900 1893-1985 Oakwood
HEDRICK Fayne 1917 858 Lake St, Elmira, NY   Clayton Lovell 92064 1898-1992 Arizona
HOLLY Margaret 1917 1707 Upshur St, N.W., Washington, DC   Alonzo R. Myers 05646 1898-1997
HUSTED Helen 1917 540 W. High St, Painted Post, NY   Armel Jamison 92065 MSNS 1919 1897-1993 Painted Post
JAQUISH Josephine 1917 831 George St, Throope, Pa.   George Michaels 55132 MSNS 1919 1898-1974 Gray Cemetery
JUPENLAZ Helen 1917 474 W. Main, Kutztown, Pa.   Harold Chatfield Beard 79254 1896-1997 Florida
KELLEY Gerald 1917 Deceased    
KELLY Regina 1917 Mansfield, Pa.   Earl Mudge 02577 1897-1987 St. Andrews
KINGSLEY Edwin 1917 Mansfield, Pa.     58950 1896-1979 State Road
MILLER Warren 1917 Mansfield, Pa. H.S. Principal Elizabeth Grove, 
Dr. Mildred Menge 
11088 MSNS 1919
MSTC 1928
1899-1982 State Road
OLVER Wyllys H. 1917 1156 Keystone Rd, Chester, Pa     85624 1897-1960 Linwood PA
PRUYNE Harry 1917 Deceased     92068 1898-1925
REPPARD Edna 1917 810 Cedar St., Elmira, NY  Teacher 92069 MSNS 1919
RICHARDS Forrest 1917 New York City   92070 MSNS 1919 1897-1981
SHAW Wade 1917 R D 2, Mansfield, Pa.     80637 1896-1986 Prospect
SMITH Hazel 1917 Mansfield, Pa   Charles Barker 78796   1899-1996 Florida
SPENCER Archie 1917 Jackson Summit, Pa     92072 1897-1986 Maple Ridge
STRANGE Martha 1917 New Albany, Pa.   Lewis Palmer 10281 MSNS 1919 1898-1960 New Albany
WHITE Frank 1917 Wellsboro, Pa.    
WHITTAKER Stella 1917 Blossburg, Pa.   Ross Bailey 34888 1897-1993 Prospect
WILLIAMS Myra 1917 103 Franklin Ave, Tunkhannock, Pa.   Johnson  92074 1899-1995 Nicholson PA
1917 - 32           10 of 32
Diantha Ashley
1898- 1957
Rozelle Goff Austin

BAILEY, Paul Edward, aged 53, years, a veteran of World War I, died at the Bath Veterans’ Hospital Friday, Nov. 10, 1950, after a long illness. He is survived by his wife, Jeanette, of Mansfield; sisters, Mrs. Thomas Seley, of Mt. Vernon, NY; Mrs. Harvey Hendricks, of Cross Forks; Mrs. Wade Goodall, of Mansfield; a brother, Leo J. of Smithville, NJ; a cousin, Mrs. Agnes Ross, of Mansfield; several nieces and nephews. The Rosary was said Sunday evening at the funeral home, Main Street, Mansfield. Requiem High Mass was held at St. Andrew’s Church, Blossburg, on Monday with the Rev. Gerald F. Canivan officiating. Burial in St. Andrew’s Cemetery, Blossburg. – Wellsboro Agitator, 15 November 1950, p.2

BAILEY, Paul Edward [SRGP 86969] – Paul Edward Bailey, 53, died at the Bath Veterans’ Hospital Friday, Nov. 10, 1950, after a long illness. A son of James and Mary Bailey, he was born at Leetonia January 30, 1897. The family came to Mansfield in 1907 and he graduated from Mansfield Senior High School and Mansfield State Teachers College. He played football and basketball while attending both schools. After graduating he taught for a time in the Manlius School for Boys, Manlius, NY. He was a veteran of World War I and was a member of Hold Child Church and Austin-Cox Post, American Legion. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Jeanette Bailey, Mansfield; sisters, Mrs. Thomas Selep, Mt. Vernon, NY; Mrs. Harvey Heinrich, Cross Fork, and Mrs. Wade Goodall, Mansfield; brother, Leo J. Bailey, of Smithville, NY; a cousin, Mrs. Agnes Ross, of Mansfield; several nieces and nephews. The Rosary was said Sunday evening at 8 o’clock at the Shaw & Robena Funeral Home. Requiem High Mass was held at 9:30 a.m. Monday at St. Andrew’s Church, Blossburg, the Rev. Gerald F. Canivan officiating. Burial was in St. Andrew’s Cemetery, Blossburg. – Mansfield Advertiser, 15 November 1950, p.1, col.4

BEDENK, Fred Joe – Died 2 May 1978. Burial at Centre County Memorial Park at State College.Penn State Football Head Coach 1949. Walter Camp First Team All American Guard 1923. Penn State Baseball Coach 1931-1962. Selected to the (defunct) College Baseball Hall of Fame in 1966. He played football at Penn State from 1921 to 1923 (and baseball in 1922 and 1923) and was selected as a second team All American in 1921 and a first team All American in 1923 by Walter Camp and played in the 1923 Rose Bowl. He was an assistant football coach at Rice under John Heisman and then at Florida but returned to his alma mater in 1929 as line coach, which position he held until 1952, excepting his one year as head coach. He also took over the baseball coaching reins at Penn State in 1931. He relinquished his position as Penn State head football coach in 1949 after only one season, which led to the arrival of Hall of Fame coach Rip Engle from Brown with his newly graduated assistant coach--Joe Paterno. He led his baseball teams to the College World Series in 1952, 1957, and 1959, finishing third, second, and fourth, losing to the eventual national champions each time. He is the all-time leader in wins for Penn State at 380. He retired in 1962.

BORDEN, Arthur Robert [SRGP 88723] – Word has been received of the death on July 6, 1953, of Arthur Borden of Grosse Point, Mich., formerly of Mansfield. No further information is obtainable at present. – Mansfield Advertiser, 15 July 1953, p.1

BORDEN, Arthur Robert [SRGP 88723] – Services for Arthur R. Borden, 53, of 421 Chalfonte, Grosse Pointe Farms, will be at 8 p.m. Thursday at the Verheyden Funeral Home, 16300 Mack. He died Sunday. A native of Mansfield, PA, an a graduate of Pennsylvania State College, he was a registered engineer who in recent years had been district manager of the Hagen Corp. and its subsidiaries. A Mason and member of several engineering societies, he is survived by his wife, Gertrude, and two children, A. Robert, Jr., and Louanne. – Detroit Free Press, Michigan, 8 July 1953, Wednesday, p.24

Austin-Cox American Legion Post in Mansfield named for John F. Cox

    Mansfield Soldier Died In Base Hospital Monday     Son of Mr. And Mrs. J. A. Cox Passes Away in Washington, of Pneumonia Following Attach of Influenze 
     Died on Monday, September 30, 1918, at 12:00 noon, at Walter Reid Hospital, Washington, D. C., John F. Cox, a soldier.   In those four lines is told the story of a young lad’s sacrifice for his country.  In mid-summer, in the month of August, a father and mother gave their eldest son to the service of their country and on Monday, September 30, at the hour of noon he gave his life, the victim of an  insidious disease which took out from this world one of the best boys that ever breathed the breath of life.  John Cox was nineteen years of age last March.  He was born in Newcastle, Lawrence county, Pa.. the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cox.  He came with his parents to this boro about five years ago, when his parents purchased a farm on the outskirts of town, and immediately entered Mansfield-Richmond High school, where he was a general favorite, being an all-around good fellow, a fine musician, and an excellent student: one of the best debaters in the school.  He graduated with the class of 1917, and then entered the Normal School, where he became prominent in the work of the Y. M. C. A., being president of the organization at the end of the school year, and holding the presidency over until this year.  He was also a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. He enlisted in August, and became a member of the hospital Corps and was training to be an assistant to the military doctors.  While engaged in his duties he contracted influenza, which was followed by pneumonia, resulting in his death at Walter Reid Hospital, Tacoma Park, Washington, on Monday.   His body will be brought to this boro tomorrow under military escort and the funeral will be held from the Methodist Episcopal church Thursday afternoon at 2:00 o’clock.   He is survived by his father and mother, two brothers, Frank and Gilbert, and one sister, Genevieve.      The heartfelt sympathy of their many friends goes out to this family in this sad hour of bereavement. 
    W. S. S.

COX - John F. Cox of Mansfield, son of Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Cox died on Monday, September 30 [1918], at noon, at Walter Reid hospital, Washington, DC.He was 19 years of age last March and was born in Newcastle, Lawrence county, the son of Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Cox. He came with his parents to Mansfield about five years ago when his parents purchased a farm on the outskirts of town, and he immediately entered the Mansfield-Richmond High School, where he was a general favorite, being an all round good fellow, a fine musician, and an excellent student; one of the last debaters in the school, says the Advertiser. He graduated with the class of 1917, and then entered the Normal School, where he became prominent in the work of the YMCA, being president of that organization at the end of the school year, and holding the presidency over until this year. He was also a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. He enlisted in August and became a member of the hospital corps and was training to be an assistant to the military doctors. While engaged in his duties he contracted influenza, which was followed by pneumonia, resulting in his death at Walter Reid hospital, Tacoma Park, Washington on Monday. His body was brought to Mansfield Thursday under military escort and the funeral was held from the Methodist Episcopal church Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. He is survived by his parents, two brothers, Frank and Gilbert and one sister, Genevieve. - Wellsboro Agitator, October, 9, 1918

Caspar Gillette


JAQUISH Josephine M - [SRGP 55132] Mrs. Josephine M. Wilson, 76, of Mansfield RD 3, died Friday, November 8, 1974, in the Green Nursing Home, Wellsboro. She was the widow of Cyril A. Wilson. She was born in Clearfield County on April 2, 1898, a daughter of Joseph and Christeen Preston Jaquish. Mrs. Wilson was a member of the Church of Christ, Disciples, Covington. A 1919 graduate of Mansfield State College, she taught school in the Bethlehem and Camden, NJ areas. She was a member of Twilight Chapter 475, Order of the Eastern Star. Surviving are a daughter, Miss Dorothy Michaels, of Mansfield RD 3, and a sister, Mrs. Russell Marvin, of Covington. The funeral was at 1 pm Monday in the church. Burial was in Gray Cemetery Covington. The Rev. Gordon E. Abrams, her pastor, officiated.

Jupenlaz, Helen

1920 - On staff at Mansfield State Normal School

JUPENLAZ, Helen [SRGP 79254] – Helen J. Beard, 100, of Tallahassee, Fla., died Friday, June 20, 1997. She was born in Mansfield, but she had lived in Tallahassee since 1947. She served as secretary to the president of Mansfield State College for many years. She was a former teacher at Mansfield State College and at the training school in Mansfield. She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church; Chapter CL of PEO Sisterhood and the Circle of King’s Daughters in Allentown. Surviving are a brother, Ernest Jupenlaz of Mansfield and a sister, Elise Jupenlaz of Mansfield. Calling hours were held Sunday, June 22, at Culley’s Meadowwood Riggins Road Chapel. Funeral services were held there Monday, June 23. Memorial donations may be made to the charity of the donor’s choice. – Wellsboro Gazette, 25 June 1997, p.8

KELLEY, Regina M. MUDGE, Age 90, of the Green Home, formerly of Mansfield, PA, Tuesday, October 6, 1987. Friends are invited to call at the Wilston Funeral Home, 18 N. Main St., Mansfield, PA Friday from 7 to 9 P.M. Recitation of Rosary will be at 8 P.M. Funeral will be held Saturday at 12 noon at Holy Child Catholic Church, Mansfield. The Rev. John Tamalis officiating. Burial, St. Andrew's Cemetery, Blossburg, PA. Survived by several nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her husband Earl in 1963, 2 brothers, Francis and Harold Kelly and 1 sister, Mrs. Henry Korb who were long time local residents. Mrs. Mudge was born June 25, 1897 in Lambs Creek. She is the last of 10 children of William and Margaret Kerwain Kelly. She was a member of Holy Child Catholic Church, graduate of the Arnot Ogden School of Nursing class of 1921. She was the former head nurse of the Kenmore NY school district, a private duty nurse and a hospital nursing supervisor in the Buffalo, NY area. Mrs. Mudge had returned to Mansfield in the 1960's after living in Patterson, NJ for over 20 years where her husband was a supervisor for Curtis Wright Aircraft Engine Corporation.

KINGSLEY - EDWIN P. KINGSLEY,  age 83, of Mansfield, died on Monday, June 11, 1979. He was born January 15, 1896, in Mansfield, the son of Dennis and Moria Pratt Kingsley. He was a former employee of the Mansfield Novelty Works for 43 years. He is survived by wife Edith Walters Kingsley; two sons, Jack R. of Millerton, PA; Larry W. at home; one daughter, Sally Ann, at home; mother-in-law, Mrs. Ruth Aumick of Mainesburg, and four grandchildren. Funeral services were held on Wednesday at 1 pm at the Kuhl Funeral Home in Wellsboro with the Rev. Ira Hindman officiating. Burial in state Road Cemetery. - Wellsboro Gazette, 13 June 1979, p.12

 Retired Mansfield High School principal Warren L. Miller, age 83, died on Sunday, Nov. 7, 1982, at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital in Wellsboro. He was born Sept. 16, 1899 on a farm in Sullivan Township, the son of Charles and Helen Kelly Miller. Mr. Miller graduated from Mansfield Normal School in 1919 and received his bachelor's degree in education in 1928 from Mansfield State Teachers College.  He received his masters degree from Bucknell University in 1937. Mr. Miller, of 78 St. James St., had taught, coached, and supervised at Mansfield High School for 41 years.  He was principal of that school from 1930-1934 and supervising principal until his retirement in 1964. During his tenure, Mr. Miller coached every sport at the school, including football, baseball, basketball, track, and soccer. Two years after Mr. Miller retired, when a new elementary school in Mansfield was completed, the school board voted to name it after him. He was a member of the First Baptist Church in Mansfield, member of the Kiwanis Club of Mansfield, member and past master of Friendship Lodge #247 Mansfield, member of the Mansfield American Legion.  He was one of the original organizers of the Corey Creek Golf Club, was one of the original members of the Northern Tier Broadcasting Council, active for many years in Boy Scouting, and was the recipient of the Silver Beaver Award. He received an honorary membership in the Future Farmers of America in 1961. He is survived by his wife, Mildred (Menge) Miller; two daughters, Mrs. Paul (Eleanor) Reed, Gloversville, NY, and Mrs. Edward (Jo Ann) Lemos of Dover, NH; two sons, Robert G. of Mainesburg, and C. Richard of Harrisburg; one brother, Paul, of Kane; 13 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 1 pm at the First Baptist Church with the Rev. Benjamin Nevin, his pastor, officiating.  Burial at State Road Cemetery, Mainesburg. Donations may be made in his memory to the charity of your choice. Arrangements in charge of the Kuhl Funeral Home at Mansfield.

SHAW - H. WADE SHAW, 89, of 112 Academy Street, died Friday, Jan. 3, 1986, at his home. Born in Richmond Twp., Tioga County, Oct. 16, 1896, he was a son of Seymour D. and Alice Grover Shaw. Mr. Shaw was a member of First United Methodist Church of Mansfield. He was a member of Covington Arbon Lodge 489 and Canton Lodge 10 of the International Organization of Odd Fellows, and the Grand Encampment, IOOF of Pennsylvania. Mr. Shaw and his wife, the former Hettie Grover, observed their 57th wedding anniversary April 12, 1985. Surviving, besides his wife, is a daughter, Mrs. Mary Alice Rockwell, of Troy RD 3. The funeral was held Monday at Kuhl-Wilston's, 18 North Main St. Burial was in Prospect Cemetery. The Rev. James T. Dawes, his pastor, officiated. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the United Methodist Church Memorial Fund.

 Archie W. Spencer, age 89 of RD 1, Millerton, Pa., (Maple Ridge) died on Friday January 31 1986 at the Arnot Ogden Memorial Hospital. He was a lifelong Millerton farmer and a member of the Holstein Association. He is survived by his sister, Miss Bessie Spencer; cousins, Arlene Spencer of Elmira, Earl Spencer of Dallas Tex., Ernest Spencer of Honolulu, Hawaii, Archie Lane of Florida, James Lane of Jackson Summit, Pa., Mrs. Elizabeth Woodbury of Millerton, Mrs. Leona Baker of California, Mrs. Edson Sheive of Millerton, and Mrs. Bernal Eighmey of Millerton, RD. Funeral and committal services were held on Monday at the Olthof Funeral Home at Elmira. Interment Maple Ridge Cemetery.

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Class of 1918
in 1938
ARMSTRONG Albert 1918 R D , Mansfield, Pa.     92076 WW1 1899-1940 Watson
BAILEY Prudence 1918 Mansfield, Pa.   Wade Goodall 69505 1900-1972 Prospect
BALDWIN Jay 1918 256 East 7th St, Brooklyn, NY   Juanietta Taber  79602 MSNS 1920 
1899-1983 Prospect
BOWEN Rachel 1918 66 Larchmont Rd, Elmira, NY     92077 MSNS 1919
1899-1987 Welsh Settlement
BROWN Nena 1918 907 Sullivan St, Elmira, NY   Roy J. Webber 11364 1899-1973 Big Flats
BURNHAM Frederick 1918 Mansfield, Pa. Postal Clerk Lillian Cummings 16268 MSNS 1921 
1898-1968 Prospect
BURTON Lois 1918 Mansfield, Pa.     90525 MSNS 1921 1898-1986 Prospect
CLARK Harold 1918 R D 3, Mansfield, Pa.   Marion Bisbee  19189 1898-1992 Prospect
CLARK Janice 1918 178 Buckland Ave, Rochester, NY   Charles Rumrill 25999 MSNS 1920 1901-1994 Rochester
CLEVELAND Roy [Leroy] 1918 R D, Mansfield, Pa.   Pansy Erway  73871 1898-1978 Prospect
CRUTTENDEN Helen 1918 Wellsboro, Pa.   Harold Ludlam 82772 1898-1971 Wellsboro Cemetery
DORSETT Lewis 1918 Mansfield, Pa Teacher, Charleston   80847 MSNS 1923 1899-1961 Prospect
FOWLER Welwood 1918 Deceased     86453 1899-1922 Prospect
GARRISON Ceral 1918 112 Parkway, Utica, NY   Bryan Husted 42526 1898-1979
GILLETTE Kathryn 1918 2247 Johnson Pl, Newberry, Pa   James W. Kinsley 92078 1901-1988
GLENWRIGHT Mary 1918 Wash.Sanitarium, Tacoma Park, Wash.DC     86332
GOODALL Wade 1918 Mansfield, Pa.   Prudence Bailey  69506 1899-1953 Prospect
GREEN Margaret 1918 26 Polo Road, Great Neck, NY   Graham Hemminger 92080 1901-1990
HAMILTON Margaret 1918 R D, Mansfield, Pa.   Joseph Holleran 85882 1898-1989 St. Peter's, Wellsboro
HARVEY Ora 1918 Mainesburg, Pa.   Ralph Kendrick 04619 1901-1993 Oakwood
HEDRICK Hazel 1918 Home St, Elmira, NY   Irving Houghtalling 92067 1901-1986 Woodlawn, Elmira
HOWE Bessie 1918 R D 3, Mansfield, Pa.   Jerry Griffin 40411 1897-1985 Prospect
HOWE Evelyn 1918 Mansfield, Pa.   Arthur Boucher 40417 MSNS 1920 1896-1998 Prospect
HUSTED Bryan 1918 112 Parkway, Utica, NY   Ceral Garrison  42565 1897-1981 Utica NY
HUSTED Ruth 1918 16 Harriet St., West Englewood, NJ   Kenneth Hart 39447 MSNS 1920 1899-1977 New Jersey
JAQUISH Lottie 1918 Covington, Pa   Russell Marvin 55133 MSNS 1921 1900-1985 Gray Cemetery
JUPENLAZ Gussie [Augusta] 1918 Mansfield, Pa     79256 MSNS 1920 1900-1989 Ohio
KEENEY Harold 1918 Clearfield, Oh     64407 1899-1983
KINNAN Ivan 1918 Wellsboro, Pa.     92085 MSNS 1923 1899-1967 Middlebury-Union
LEWIS Beatrice 1918       92086
LONGSTREET Olive 1918 628 Woodland Ave, Springfield, Illinois   Horace M. Newell 83345 MSNS 1920 1900-1991 Kerrville TX
McCLURE George 1918 Deceased     25347 1899-1933 Glenwood
RIPLEY Keith Smith 1918 R D, Mansfield, Pa   Doris Welch  04368 MSNS 1922 1898-1983 Mainesburg
RIPLEY La Rancie 1918 Troy, Pa.   Leon Smith 28910 1897-1983 Glenwood, Troy
SHEPARD Ivah 1918 4802 Lexington Ave,Merchantville, NJ   Edward Walton 19217 MSNS 
1899-1987 Prospect
SHERMAN Lyle 1918 R D 3, Mansfield, Pa.   Iva Smith  00584 1897-1972 Tioga Memorial Gardens
SHERMAN Oscar 1918 St Thomas, Franklin Co, Pa Supvsr. Agriculture Mary Ishler
Mildred Weinman
02894 MSNS 
1900-1990 Tioga Memorial Gardens
SOPER Frances 1918 R D., Covington, Pa.   Oscar Smith 12288 1899-1983 Gray Cemetery
SOPER Leland 1918 R D, Columbia Cross Roads, Pa.     14681 1896-1968 Bradford C MEm Park
STILWELL Richard 1918 4302 13th Pl, N.E. , Washington, DC     53144 MSNS 1922 1899-1964
WARTERS Genevieve 1918 Mansfield, Pa     82610 MSNS 1920 1899-1980 Prospect
WHEELER Leon 1918       92089 pr 06996 1898-1978
WOOD Harold 1918 6212 7th St., N.W., Washington, DC     10691 1899-1895
YOUMANS Elizabeth 1918 Mansfield, Pa.   Walter Cole 92090 MSNS 1920 1899-1983 Hammond Cemetery
1918 - 44          
Albert B. Armstrong, aged 41 years, of Roseville, died at his home Monday. He was a merchant in Roseville for about 10 years. He leaves his widow, Louise Berthod Armstrong, formerly of Elmira; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Armstrong; and aunt, Bertha Bond, of Picture Rock, Pa. Funeral Thursday at 2 p.m. at the family home; burial in the Watson cemetery at Roseville. (15 JUL 1940)

Prudence BAILEY
Goodall, age 72, of Mansfield, Penna, Wednesday, August 2, 1972 at Blossburg State General Hospital. Friends are involved to call at the Shaw and Robena Funeral Home, Mansfield Friday 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Recitation of the Rotary Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. Funeral services from the Holy Child Church Saturday at 11 a.m., Rev. Allen Conlan, Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield. Survived by daughters, Mrs. Jean Rich of Mansfield, Mrs. Diane Sim of New Cumberland, Penna, Mrs. Mary Ann Clements of Lebanon, Penna., 10 grandchildren; one great grandson; brother Leo J. Bailey of Treble, N.Y.; sister Mrs. Frances Heinrich of Cross Forks, Penna. Mrs. Goodall was a life long resident of Mansfield and communicant of Holy Child Church in Mansfield. She was a member of American Legion Mansfield and a member of Ladies auxiliary of VFW of Mansfield. She was one of the Gold Star Mothers of Mansfield.

BALDWIN - Burial was in Prospect Cemetery at Mansfield last weekend for Jay Austin Baldwin, of Mansfield, who died Aug. 23, 1983, in Hamilton Square, NJ. He was born Nov. 3, 1899 in Mansfield, a son of Charles T. and Lillian Haight Baldwin. His wife, the former Juanieta Taber, preceded him in death. Mr. Baldwin was graduated from the former Mansfield Normal School and the Pennsylvania State University. A teacher and accountant, he also was comptroller of Near East College Assn., Inc., New York City for 19 years. He was a veteran of World War I. Mr. Baldwin was a member of Friendship Masonic Lodge 247. He worked more than 40 years with handicapped and cerebral palsy children on Long Island. Surviving is a son, J. Charles, of Woodmere, NY. - Wellsboro Gazette, 9 November 1983

 Rachel Bowen Mack, 88, formerly of Larchmont Road, Elmira, NY, died Sunday, September 6. She was born in Welsh Settlement, the daughter of David M. and Leah Lloyd Bowen. Mrs. Mack attended Charleston High School, Mansfield Normal and Penn State. She was an English teacher at Elmire Free Academy and a member of Christ's United Methodist Church. Her husband, Clarence C. Mack, died in 1977. Surviving are a niece, Phyllis Hamm of Elmira; several cousins; and several friends, including Hazel Everett of Elmira. Funeral services were today, (Wednesday, September 16), at 2 pm at the Smith-Fudge-Marshall Funeral Home. The Rev. M. Russell Lee, her pastor, officiated. Burial will be made in Welsh Settlement Cemetery at the convenience of the family. Flowers will be provided by the family. Memorial contributions may be made to the charity of one's choice.

BROWN, Nena –MRS. NENA M. WEBBER age 74, of Beaver Dams, RD 2, N.Y., Sunday, Sept. 16, 1973. Friends are invited to call at the Barrett Funeral Home, Tuesday 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Funeral services will be held there Wednesday at 1:30 p.m., Rev. Lewis F. Bachman, Pastor of Catlin Methodist Church, burial in Rural Home Cemetery, Big Flats. She is survived by husband, Roy Webber; sons, Chester of Beaver Dams, Doyle of Danby, N.Y., Philip of Camp Verde, Arizona; daughters, Mrs. Fred (Virginia) Osborne of Odessa, Mrs. June Rowland of Elmira, Mrs. William (Beverly) Fuller of Beaver Dams, Mrs. Hubert (Maureen) Personius of Beaver Dams, Mrs. Shirley golden of Elmira, Mrs. Kenneth (Kay) Parrotte of Beaver Dams, Mrs. Donald (Alison) Wandell of Horseheads; 20 grandchildren; brothers, Hamilton Brown of Mansfield, Lloyd of Golden Gate, Florida. –Elmira Star-Gazette 9/17/1973

BURNHAM, Frederick D.
 Frederick D. Burnham, age 69, of Mansfield, died Monday, Feb. 5, 1968 at the Divine Providence Hospital, Williamsport, following an extended illness.  Funeral will be at the Shaw and Robena Funeral Home, Mansfield, Thursday at 1 p.m.  Rev. Harry A. Sagar will officiate.  Burial will be in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield.  Survived by wife, Mrs. Lillian Cummings Burnham; daughter Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hoffman; son Frederick D. Burnham, Jr., both of Mansfield; three grandchildren, Kurt, Sandra and Julie Hoffman, all of Mansfield.  He was a veteran of World War I; American Legion; Methodist Church, Mansfield; belong to Mansfield Lodge I.O.O.F. No. 526; member of Canton Encampment No. 319, Tyco No. 10; member of Friendship Lodge No. 247.  He was the tax assessor of Mansfield Borough.  Mr. Burnham graduated from Mansfield State College in 1921 and from Syracuse University in 1925.  He taught at the Mansfield High School before becoming an employee at the Mansfield Post Office from which he retired several years ago.  Old Fellows Committal was held Wednesday evening at 7:30 and a Masonic Committal at 8:00.

BURTON, Lois - Lois Burton Warters, 88, of 37 First St., Mansfield, died Sunday, April 13, 1986, in Cook's County Home, Mainesburg. Her husband, Walter A. Warters died in 1970. Born Jan. 29, 1898, at Richmond Township, she was a daughter of James and Ann Jane Baker Burton. Mrs. Warters was a member of First Baptist Church, Mansfield. She was graduated from the former Mansfield Normal School and was a longtime area school teacher. Mrs. Warters was a member of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Surviving are a stepdaughter, Mrs. Eleanor Rifley, of Mansfield, and a stepson, James R. Warters, of Copley, Ohio. The funeral was held at 2 p.m. Wednesday [today] at the Kuhl-Wilston Funeral HOme, Mansfield. Burial was in Prospect Cemtery. The Rev. Benjamin Nevin, her pastor, officiated. Memorial contributions may be made to the First Baptist Church at Mansfield. - Wellsboro Gazette, April 16, 1986

 Harold G. Clark, 93, of Mansfield RD 3, died Tuesday, February 18, 1992 at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital in Wellsboro, PA. He was born September 29, 1898 in Richmond Township, the son of Wesley E. and Blanche Gillespie Clark.  He was the fourth generation to work the Clark's family farm in Richmond Township, Tioga County. He is survived by sons and daughters-in-law, Richard Clark, Titusville, PA, David and Doris Clark of Mansfield, PA and Phillip and Anne Clark of Roseville, PA; daughters and sons-in-law, Linda and Edgar Lloyd Lawton of Mansfield, PA and Phyllis and Allan Moody of Blue Bell, PA; 21 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; one sister and one sister-in-law; several nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his wife of 46 years, Marion Bisbee Clark, in 1972. Funeral services were held February 22 at the Scureman Funeral Home in Mansfield, PA with the Rev. Douglas Wiley officiating and burial to be in Prospect Cemetery in Mansfield. Donations may be made to the Mansfield Library or the charity of one's choice. (TGR, Thursday, February 27, 1992)

CLEVELAND - Leroy Cleveland - Word was received Wednesday that LeRoy Cleveland of Tampa, Florida, formerly of South Main Street, Mansfield, died at the Kernanis SuCasa Nursing Home in Tampa on July 4, 1978. He was preceded in death by her wife, Pansy Erway Cleveland, who died in October, 1975. The body is at the Kuhl Funeral Home, Mansfield, and burial will be in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. - Wellsboro Gazette, 5 July

CLEVELAND - LeRoy Cleveland, to of Zepher Hills, Florida, a native of Mansfield died Tuesday July 4, 1978 at the Kernanis SuCasa Nursing Home, Tampa, Florida. Born May 28, 1898 in Mansfield he was a son of Martin and Letha Smith Cleveland. He was preceded in death by his wife Pansy Erway Cleveland who died in October 1975. Mr. Cleveland was a retired farmer, World War I veteran and a member of the Austin Cox American Legion Post, Mansfield. Surviving are five daughters, Mrs. Barbara Raymond of Elmira, NY, Mrs. Lester (Shirley) Button of Lawrenceville, Mrs. Harold (Wilma) Maynard of Campbell, NY, Mrs. Edward (Pauline) Whiting of Miami, Florida and Miss Rosamond Cleveland of Fort Lauderdale, Florida; a sister, Mrs. Gertrude Miller of  ??, Florida; 14 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. The funeral was held at the Kuhl Funeral Home, Mansfield on Friday July 7, 1978 at 10:30 a.m. with the Rev. Benjamin Nevin, pastor of the First Baptist Church, Mansfield, officiating. Burial was in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield. - Wellsboro Gazette, 12 July 1978

CRUTTENDEN, Helen Mary [SRGP 82772] – Mrs. Helen Mary Ludlam, age 72, of Water Street, Wellsboro died June 30th at the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital. She was born January 10, 1899 at Mansfield the daughter of Vine and Estella Presit Cruttenden. She was married to the late Harold E. Ludlam. She was a member of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, the Altar and Rosary Society and the Golden Age Club. She is survived by one son, Donald F. Ludlam of Corning; one brother, Harold T. Cruttenden of Wellsboro; one grandchild and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held at St. Peter’s Catholic Church with the Rev. Robert Brague officiating and burial was in the Wellsboro Cemetery. – Wellsboro Gazette, 8 July 1971, p.14

DORSETT - LEWIS S. DORSETT, 62, of Winter Park, FL, formerly of Mansfield, died Thursday, Sept. 21, 1961. He was a milk inspector for the New York State Board of Health for 15 years and a former principal of the Charleston and Millerton High Schools. Survived by wife, Mrs. Ann Dorsett; stepson, Thomas McCormick of Williamsport; mother, Mrs. Catherine Dorsett of Elmira; brothers, Howard E. Dorsett of Mansfield and Edward Dorsett of Lime Rock, Conn.; sister, Mrs. Helen West of Elmira. Funeral was at the Kuhl Funeral Home, Wellsboro, Tuesday at 1:30 pm, the Rev. Gene Callihan officiating. Burial was in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield.

FOWLER, Wellwood [SRGP 86453] – Wellwood Fowler died March 19, at his home on the Orebed Road, near Mansfield. About two years ago his knee was injured in the Goodyear Rubber Company’s factory at Akron, Ohio. Later it was thought best to amputate his leg. This was done at the Blossburg hospital, in the hope that he might recover. He had been a great sufferer, having been confined to his bed many months. He is survived by his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Fowler, with whom he lives, and one brother, Henry Fowler. – Wellsboro Agitator, March 22, 1922, p.2

Crown Hill Memorial Park [New Hartford, NY]
GARRISON - Mrs. Ceral Garrison Husted, 80, of 215 Gilbert Road, New Hartford, NY, died Friday, May 11, 1979, at St. Luke Memorial Hospital Center. She was born in Wells Twp., Bradford County, a daughter of Freeman and Ada French Garrison. In 1918 she married Bryden W. Husted. The couple lived in Mansfield until 1936 when they moved to Utica, NY with their children. Mrs. Husted was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Utica and its organizations; the Utica Garden Club; the Presbyterian Home Auxiliary; the Oneida Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, where she served on the Board of Management and was chairman of the Americanism Committee for 16 years, greeting thousands of citizens in naturalization court. She is survived by her husband, at home; two sons, Philip B. Husted of New Hartford and William G. of Whitesboro, NY; two daughters, Millicent H. Roarabaugh of Syracuse and Jane H. Layens of Oriskany; 14 grandchildren, one brother, Merle F. Garrison of Mansfield, and many nieces and nephews. Funeral Services were held Monday at the First Presbyterian Church with the Rev. John R. Sisley officiating. Interment was in Crown Hill Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers, donations were made to the Heart Fund.

GOODALL, Wade Thomas [SRGP 69506] – Wade T. Goodall, 54, of Mansfield, died unexpectedly on Monday, Sept. 21 at Lock Haven. He was a veteran of World War I, a member of the Austin-Cox Post American Legion and the Loyal Order of Moose. He is survived by his wife, Prudence; three daughter, Dian and Mary Ann of Mansfield, and Mrs. Jean Rich of Marietta, GA; two brothers, Howard of Mansfield and Roscoe of Liberty; one sister, Mrs. Gertrude Brace of Westfield; and two grandchildren. Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at Mansfield with Rev. David Griffiths officiating. – Wellsboro Gazette, 24 September 1953, p.10
GOODALL, Wade Thomas [SRGP 69506] – Wade T. Goodall, 54, of Mansfield, died unexpectedly Sept. 21, 1953, at Lock Haven. A son of Herbert and Callie Youmans Goodall, he was born at Canoe Camp July 31, 1899, and spent his life in Canoe Camp and Mansfield. He was a veteran of World War I and was a member of Austin-Cox Post, American Legion, and the Order of the Moose. Survived by his wife, Mrs. Prudence Goodall; daughters, Miss Diane and Miss Mary Ann Goodall, of Mansfield, and Mrs. Jean Rich of Marietta, GA; two brothers, Howard Goodall, of Mansfield, and Roscoe Goodall, of Liberty; sister, Mrs. Gertrude Brace, of Westfield; two grandchildren; several nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held today at 2 p.m. at the Shaw & Robena Funeral Home, the Rev. David J. Griffiths officiating. Burial was in Prospect Cemetery. – Mansfield Advertiser, 23 September 1953, p.4, col.3

HAMILTON, Margaret [SRGP 85882] – Margaret Holleran, 91, of 1003 Ridgeview Drive, Cherokee, Iowa, formerly of Wellsboro, died Sunday, Nov. 26, 1989 at the Sioux Valley Memorial Hospital, Cherokee, Iowa. Born Sept. 20, 1898 in Asaph, she was the daughter of Frank E. and Mary Jane Gillespie Hamilton. She was owner and operator of the Holleran Inn, Pearl St., Wellsboro, and former co-owner of the Redwood Inn, Hills Creek. She was a member of St. Peter’s Catholic church and the VFW Ladies Auxiliary. She was preceded in death by her husband, Joseph C. Holleran, in 1946 and a son, Joseph C. Holleran Jr., in 1971. Surviving are a son, John R. Holleran, of Kingwood, W. Va.; daughters, Mrs. Mary Jane Schofield, of Utica, NY and Mrs. Roxana Behn, of Cherokee, Iowa; brother, Loren Hamilton, of Wellsboro; 20 grandchildren; and several great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews.Calling hours will be held at the Tussey-Mosher Funeral Home, 139 Main St., Wellsboro on Wednesday, Nov. 29 from 7-9 p.m. Services will be held Thursday, Nov. 30 at 10 a.m. at St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Wellsboro. The Rev. John Tamalis will officiate. Burial will be made at St. Peter’s Catholic Cemetery. – Wellsboro Gazette, 29 November 1989, p.40

HARVEY - Ora F. Kendrick, 91, of Mansfield RR#3 died Monday, Feb. 1, 1993, at the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro. Born May 16, 1901, in Sullivan Township, she was the daughter of Claude W. and Minnie Cleveland Harvey. She was a graduate of the Elmira Business Institute, Elmira, NY. Preceding her in death was her husband, Ralph J. Kendrick, on Dec. 6. 1984. Surviving are three daughters, Janice Smith and Carol Benson, both of Mansfield, and Shirley Bennett of Potomac, Md.; one son, Loren Kendrick of Mansfield; one sister, Ina Payne and a brother, Leslie Harvey, both of Covington; seven grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; several nieces and nephews. Friends may call at the Scureman Funeral Home, 130 S. Main St., Mansfield, on Wednesday, Feb. 3, from 7 to 9 p.m. Services will be held there Thursday, Feb. 4, at 1 p.m. with the Rev. Raymond Valimont officiating. Burial will be made at Oakwood Cemetery, Mansfield. The family will furnish the flowers. Memorial donations may be made to the Mansfield Ambulance Association. - Wellsboro Gazette, February 3, 1993

   Bessie V. Griffin, 87, of 49 North Main St., Manfield, died Thursday, Aug. 22, 1985, in Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre, Pa. Her husband, Jerry Griffin, died about 35 years ago.Born Sept. 2, 1897 in Richmond Township, she was a daughter of Bertrand and Mabel Cruttenden Howe. Mrs. Griffin was a member of First United Methodist Church and its Helpful Home Circle. There are no immediate survivors. The funeral was held Sunday at the Kuhl Funeral Home, Mansfield. Burial was in Prospect Cemetery in Mansfield.The Rev. James T. Dawes, her pastor, officiated.

Howe, Evelyn Boucher
Evelyn H Boucher, 101, of Mansfield died Saturday, May 23, 1998, at St. Joseph's Hospital, Elmira, NY. Born Nov. 18, 1896 in Mansfield, the daughter of Charles and Helen Husted Howe. She was the former owner of the X-Trail Restaurant in Mansfield and had been employed by the Southern Tioga Schools. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church of Mansfield. Preceding her in death were her husband, Arthur; and two sisters, Margaret Jupenlaz and Mary Milks. Graveside services will be held Thursday, May 28, at Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield, with Rev. Joyce Treas, her pastor officiating. Memorial Donations may be made to the First United Methodist Church Building Fund, 67 E. Wellsboro St. Mansfield, Pa. 16933. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Wilston Funeral Home, 18 N.Main St., Mansfield.

\Ruth Husted

MHS 1918
Gray Cemetery, Covington Township
JAQUISH - Mrs. Lottie G. Marvin, 85, wife of Russell T. Marvin of Covington died Wednesday, November 27, 1985 in the Green Home, Wellsboro. She was born July 4, 1900 in Tioga County, a daughter of Joseph and Christine Preston Jaquish. She was a member of Covington Church of [Disciples]. Mrs. Marvin was graduated from the former Mansfield Normal School and was a retired school teacher. She and her husband were married 61 years last June 5. Surviving besides her husband are a son Russell C. Marvin of Covington, son and daughter-in-law, Richard D. and Joanne Marvin of Covington; 2 grandchildren; a nephew, Duane R. Smith of New York City; a niece, Miss Dorothy J. Michaels of Mansfield. Funeral services were held Saturday at the Covington Church of Christ Disciples with Rev. Ira E. Hindman officiating. Burial in Gray Cemetery at Covington. Arrangements by Scureman Funeral Home, 130 South Main St., Mansfield. - Wellsboro Gazette, December 4, 1985

Gussie Jupenlaz

Olive Longstreet

George N. McClure died last week of monoxide gas poisoning from his automobile, which was found parked on the old road on Big Hill last Saturday morning. He had been with his wife Thursday evening at the Meaker Clinic, where a daughter was born to them. Later he went to the home of his mother, Mrs. I. R. Vincent, where he had been staying for a few days. George McClure was born at Columbia Cross Roads, June 6, 1899, the son of Dean and Mary Wood McClure. He attended the Wolf Hollow School, and was later graduated from the Mansfield High. He enlisted in the University of Pennsylvania Training Corps., and following the war was salesman for automobiles, lights, etc. He was married November 26, 1919, to Miriam Susan Morse, at Columbia Cross Roads. He came to Mansfield as proprietor of the McClure Motor Co., dealers in Ford cars, and operated this company until his death. He lived in Troy and Corning, also in connection with his business. He was well liked by all who knew him, as he was a genial sort of person. He was of good Christian character and a devoted husband and father. He was a member of the local Masonic Fraternity and of the Presbyterian Church and the American Legion. Besides his widow he is survived by his mother, Mrs. I. R. Vincent, and two children James Edward, eight years old and June who was born last week. Also by the following brothers, Wayne and Fred of Snedekerville, Pa. and Wylie of Williamsport. The funeral was held from the home of his mother Tuesday afternoon at two o’clock, the Revs, Owen Barrett and J. R. Harris officiating. Burial was in Glenwood Cemetery, Troy. The pall bearers were Ray Hall, Warren Miller, Merle Garrison, George Dyer, Charles Loomis and James Morgan. Among those from a distance attending the funeral were Harold Wood, Washington, D. C.; Mr. and Mrs. Wylie McClure, Williamsport; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McClure and Mr. and Mrs. Fred McClure, Columbia Cross Roads, Mrs. Grace Sellick and Mrs. John Wright, Henderson, Md. (handwritten on article Apr. 1933)

Keith Smith Ripley
MHS 1918
Mainesburg Cemetery, Sullivan Township
RIPLEY - Keith S. Ripley, 84, of Mansfield, died Friday Feb. 11, 1983 in the Witt Nursing Home, Nauvoo. He was born July 28, 1898 in Sullivan Township, the son of Delbert and Mae Ripley Smith. He was a retired school teacher and retired farmer. A graduate of Mansfield State College, he was a member of the Elk Run Methodist Church, of the East Sullivan Grange 821 and of Friendship Lodge F&AM Mansfield. Surviving are one son, Gordon of Mansfield, one brother, Aaron R. Smith of RD#1 Mainesburg, and several nieces and nephews. Friends were invited to call at the Kuhl Funeral Home, Mansfield on Monday. The funeral was held there Tuesday, Feb. 15 at 1 p.m. with the Rev. Phillip Shear, his pastor, officiating. Burial was in Mainesburg Cemetery. Masonic services were held Monday evening at 8:45 p.m. at the funeral home. - Wellsboro Gazette, February 16, 1983

Ivah Shepard


 Lyle B. Sherman, age 75 of Mansfield RD 2, died Friday, February 4, 1972, at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro.  Funeral service was at the Shaw and Robena Funeral Home Tuesday at 12:30 pm.  The Rev. Ira Hindman officiated.  Burial was in the Tioga County Memorial Gardens. Survived by wife, Iva Sherman; daughters, Mrs. Robert Smith, Mrs. James Bradley, Mrs. Bradley Copp all of Mansfield; sons, Lynn Sherman of Mainesburg, Donald Sherman of Orlando, Florida, Walter, Arthur, Milton and Joseph Sherman all of Mansfield; brother Oscar Sherman of Mansfield; sister Mrs. Florence Tice of Mainesburg; 33 grandchildren. Memorial gifts may be made to the Tioga County Parkinson's Disease Foundation. 
Brothers Lyle and Oscar Sherman both graduated in the class of 1918.
 Oscar R. Sherman, 89, formerly of Mansfield, died Sunday, July 22, 1990, at the McMurray Hills Manor in McMurray. Born Nov. 11, 1900, in Sullivan Township, he was the son of John W. and Nettie Richmond Sherman. He was a member of the Elk Run Methodist Church and the E. Sullivan Grange No. 821. He had attended the former Mansfield State College and was a graduate of Penn State.  He was an agriculture teacher in various districts in Pennsylvania and a real estate representative for Wandell-Jackson Real Estate. Surviving are his wife, Mildred Wineman Sherman of McMurray; a son, John Wesley Sherman of Lusby, Md.; a daughter, Connie Siren of Pittsburgh; six grandchildren; five great grandchildren; and a sister, Florence Tice of Mainesburg. There were no calling hours. Services were held Wednesday, July 25, at 10:30 am at the Elk Run Methodist Church.  The Rev. Robert Stump officiated. Burial was made at the Tioga County Memorial Gardens, Charleston Township. Arrangements were handled by the Scureman Funeral Home, Mansfield. 
Oscar studying at Penn State
SOPER, Frances E. [SRGP 12288] - Frances E. Smith, 84, of West Hill, Covington, died Wednesday Dec. 28, 1983 at her home. Her husband Oscar Smith died in 1966. Born in Covington Dec. 12, 1899 she was a daughter of William and Ella Everetts Soper. Mrs. Smith was a member of Covington Baptist Church. Surviving are a son, Chester and a daughter, Mrs. Leonard Ames, both of Covington and five grandchildren. The funeral was held Saturday at the church. Burial was in Gray Cemetery at Covington. The Rev. John Truax, her pastor, officiated. Arrangements by the Kuhl Funeral Home in Mansfield. - Wellsboro Gazette, 4 January 1984, p.20

Stilwell, Frank R.
F. Richard Stilwell, age 65, of Bellwood, Illinois, formerly of Mansfield, died Wednesday, Dec. 23, 1964. He was a graduate of Mansfield State Normal School and Ohio Wesleyan University at Delaware, Ohio. He was a former government rehabilitation counselor and for the past several years had been a counselor for the Harbor Light branch of the Salvation Army in Chicago. Survived by wife, Ninita Roof Stilwell of Bellwood; sons, Lawrence G. of Hillside, Ill., F. Raymond of Silver Springs, Md.; sister, Mrs. Allen Best of DeKalb Junction, NY; sister-in-law, Mrs. Gladys Stilwell of Mansfield; three grandchildren. The funeral and burial were in Maywood, Illinois on Saturday, Dec. 26.
Genevieve Warters

WARTERS - Miss Anna Genevieve Warters, (SRGP 82610) age 81 of Gillett, Pa., died Wednesday, November 19, 1980 at the Troy Community Hospital. She was born October 12, 1899 in Mansfield, the daughter of William Smith and Lucy Nittrour Warters. She was a member of the Gillett Baptist Church and a member of its Berean Fellowship Class. She was a member of the Mansfield WCTM; a graduate of Mansfield State College.
 She taught school for 39 years, the last 22 years in the Brainard School in Mr. Holly, NJ. She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Stuart (Viola) Miller of Elmira, NY, Mrs. John (Florence) Jones of Mansfield RD1, one sister-in-law, Mrs. Lois Warters of Mansfield; three nieces, Mrs. Eleanor Rifley of Mansfield RD1, Mrs. Jervis (Marie) Boughton of Gillett RD1, Mrs. Leon (Sarah) Hall of Gillett RD2; 4 nephews, William L. Miller of Elmira RD1, James Warters of Akron, Ohio, Darwin G. Miller of Jonesboro, Ga., David Jones of Hamilton, Al.; several grandnieces and nephews. Funeral services were held at the Kuhl Funeral Home in Mansfield on Saturday with the Rev. John Valiant Jr., her pastor officiating. Burial was in the Prospect Cemetery at Mansfield. - Wellsboro Gazette, 26 November 1980

Mansfield Advertiser, 12 June 1968, p.4
Pictures - Harold Wood & Hallock Wood
Brothers - Educators Retire This Year

Harold S. Wood and Hallock A. Wood, brothers of Helen Wood of Mansfield and both graduates of Mansfield High School will retire this year.
Harold Wood graduated from the local High School in 1918 and from Bliss Electrical School in 1922.
Then he joined the faculty and when the school closed in 1950 to become Montgomery Junior College, he became one of the college faculty. Now, after 45 years he has retired.
At a tea given to honor Mr. & Mrs. Wood on Friday [May 24], he was given a money gift by the college faculty, an electric drill by the Harrisburg [PA] Bliss Society; a colored television with 3 year service from the Montgomery County [MD] Bliss Society, and money for a trip to Florida. A former Bliss student gave an additional money gift, and will re-wire his home, completely for free to bring all of the wiring up-to-date.
He has a wife, the former Margaret Green of Elmira, and two daughters and six grandchildren. He has been the mainstay in keeping the Bliss Societies across the nation active. Harold is giving the MJC Library his Bliss memorabilia which will be treasured in the archives of the college.
He is also an elder in the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church and active in civic affairs.
Mr. Bliss, founder of the School of Electrical Technology, was a pupil of Thomas Edison and has alumni all over the world. One of them was responsible for wiring the Panama Canal. One of them did the U.S. Capitol Building.
Hallock A. Wood, Mansfield native, is a 1923 graduate of Mansfield State College and a 1927 graduate of Franklin and Marshall College.
He has been an educator on Long Island for many years, the last 14 years at Southold as Assistant Principal and High School Science Teacher.
He is treasurer of the Library Board, Vice President of the North Fork Lion's Club, member of the Archaeological Society, Historical Museum, Republican Club, Civic Organizations, and the Boy Scouts of America.
He has four children, all married and living within easy driving distance of Southold.


Elizabeth Youmans

YOUMANS, Elizabeth [SRGP 92099] – Mrs. Elizabeth Y. Cole, 84, a Mansfield native, of Tampa, Fla., died Thursday, Nov. 10, 1983, in Asheboro, NC. She was the widow of Walter Cole. Born in Mansfield on May 31, 1899, she was a daughter of Thomas and Lizzie Neal Youmans. Mrs. Cole was a former school teacher in Hammond. Surviving are a son, Donald W., of Asheboro, NC; a daughter, Mrs. Samuel [Anna] Buchanan, of Tampa, Fla.; a sister, Mrs. Ruth Schraderof, of Sayre; seven grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. A graveside service was held Sunday at Hammond Cemetery. The Rev. Benjamin E. Nevin, pastor of First Baptist church, Mansfield, officiated. – Wellsboro Gazette, 16 November 1983, p.12

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