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Robbins Hill  School 1904
District No. 9

Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA 

Map is from the 1875 Tioga County Atlas

Mildred E. Spaulding
E. B. Robert
J. C. Strange
Nelson Holly
J. G. Leiby
A. D. Ballard
Charles Smith
W. R. Longstreet
Elsie Leiby
Nina Richmond
Lee Richmond
Mabel Robbins
Harry Tice
Martha Strange
Lee Tice
Bessie Richmond
Emma Smith
Ruby Howard
Morris Smith
Philip Tice
Lola Strange
Marcus Strange
This  Summer 1998 photo by Joyce M. Tice was taken of the Robbins Farm from Ames Hill. Descendants of the original Robbins - Gloyd settlers still live in the Robbins School District. The house that Harvey Tice & Cora Smith lived in on Ames Hill in 1904, when their children attended the Robbins Hill School, no longer exists,. but it was across the road and just east of the Ames Hill Cemetery. The dot can be seen on the map above. 
Descendants of the Robbins Family have erected a monument to Blacksmith - Gunsmith, Billie Robbins, who was well known for the quality guns he made during the Civil War period. 
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