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Hulslander School District # 13, Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Map is from the 1875 Tioga County Atlas

The Hulslander School District was in the  east side of Sullivan Township, bordering  Columbia Township in Bradford County. Directly north of it was the Holly District. The Holly District was on the hill and the Hulslander District was parallel to it and in the valley.
Althea M. Holly
W. R. Longstreet
Richard Bradford
Galusha York
Morris Whitlock
Minnie York
Florence Whitlock
Nellie York
Charles Mason
Willard York
Daisy York
Joe Whitlock
This view of the Hulslander District (see road running through middle of photo) and the Holly District on the hill behind it, was taken May 1997 by Joan NASH O'Dell on our ambitious trek from Gray Valley, up over the hill (and the next hill, and the next hill) and nearly down into the Elk Run School District. To compare this photo with the 1875 map above, the first place on the left would be the York or Munroe places. The Styres Place no longer has buildings, only stone foundations remain. It shows as a brown area below the road.(see the X) It was at this location that 12 year old Roy Styres was killed by lightning in 1899. The roofs showing up the road further to the right would be the Bradford and Card locations in 1875. The Hulslander School itself, would have been located just about where the clump of evergreens above the road about in the center of the photo is. (See the H)
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