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People of the Tri-Counties
1931-32 Troy Basketball Team
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Champions of S.V.I.A.A.
Standing left to right: Lawrence Brown, Manager; Bowen Card, Oliver Stanton, Clyde Allen, William Welch, Robert Tillinghast, Coach Crumbling
Sitting: Kenneth Andrus, Myles Merritt, Merle Merritt, Captain; Clyde Strope, David Rumsey
Who: Troy Basketball Team
Where: Troy, Bradford County PA
What: Photo
When: 1932
Photo  Submitted by: Don Stanton
Names & Scores provided by Janet PETERS Ordway
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Boy's Basketball Team
Game.............................Opps.  Troy
South Williamsport..away    12      20
New      13     20      19     14
Wellsboro..............away     14      10      14      17      18      19      11      38
Sayre....................away     14      24
Waverly.................away     16      22
South       36       6        8      25
Mansfield...............away       7        5      20       30        6       32      16       21
Canton..................away     14       16
Towanda................away     27       36
Subj:  Troy HS 31-32 Basketball Team
Date:  11/08/2003 12:40:57 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Donald Stanton)
To: (Joyce Tice)

Hi Joyce - I see you have found the names for the picture.  I finally found mine-believe it or not.  The person next to L.W. Brown (he was a Doctor in
Troy) is Bob Card.  His real name may have been Bowen, but his Dad was know as Bowen and he always went by Bob.  The Merritt brothers, I have as Mike (not Myles - again this may have been his given name) and Merle.


Subj:  1932 Troy Team
Date:  12/09/2003 12:02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Linda Mutzer)

I see that Don found the names of the basketball players and you've added them. (Actually Janet found them). The Coach's first name is Harry and Harry Crumbling was also the Principal. Myles and Merle Merritt are twins.

This info is from Nellie Dickerson who pulled out her husband, Laverne Dickerson's 1931-32 yearbook, the team photo is on page 72.

Nellie, his wife wrote in reference to Boy's Basketball Team, Champions of S.V. 1-AA 1931-32
"For sometime I wondered where I might get a yearbook. Then it dawned on me that my husband graduated in that class.  He had taught . . . in
rural schools but only graduated from a 3 yr H.S. at Shunk.  The University of PA would not admit him.  So he studied a summer and took exams to make up credits for required subjects, which he could not claim as Shunk didn't have enough teachers.
   The next year he entered Troy - a married man.
   A dentist attended an opera - in which he (Laverne) sang.  He asked a H.S. girl sitting beside him "Who's that boy?"  "He's no boy - he's a married man." (her reply)  He was in all of the musical activities and seemed to blend in well.  The next time I went to the dentist this was his story."

Joyce, thank you for putting the past together, one piece at a time.

Linda Mutzer-

When I saw this photo and the year, I was certain that Nellie Rockwell Dickerson would know the full names of these players, and she does.  Janice is her daughter and graciously relayed this message to her mother for me.  This is in Nellie's handwriting . . . she's amazing at 97 yrs.
Linda Mutzer
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/29/2003
By Joyce M. Tice
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