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1808 Taxpayers of Tioga Township

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The 1808 Tioga Assessment list included what is now Athens, Ridgebury, South Creek, Wells, and the western portion of Litchfield townships in present day Bradford County. Tioga Township was formed in 1790 as part of Luzerne County and was bounded by the north line of the State, on the east by the county line, on the south by an east-west line and on the west by the county line. The  township was seventy-six miles in length from east to west and slightly more than eighteen miles from north to south. In 1795 the township was divided and the southerly portion became Wysox. In 1797 Tioga was further divided and Rev.David Craft in the History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania states that the northern portion became Athens and the southern portion became Ulster and that the name Tioga was "lost to our county." However, this does not seem to be the case as the four townships in the 1800 census were Tioga, Ulster, Wysox, and Wyalusing. Each of the first three were about six miles from north to south and seventy-five from east to west. In 1801, Tioga was further reduced by the creation of Rush and Mt. Zion (now Orwell) Townships, which included present Windham and Warren Townships. There were no further reductions until the 1808 assessment list, which was probably created in 1807 for the 1808 tax year. Shortly thereafter, in 1808, present Athens, Ridgebury, South Creek, and Wells Townships that had been included in Tioga Township, Luzerne County became part of Smithfield Township, Lycoming County until the creation of Bradford County. A map on page 112a of Rev. David Craft's History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania shows Tioga Township as it would have existed in 1807-08, which is labeled as Athens, before the creation of Lycoming County, the dotted line indicating that portion that became Lycoming County - J. Kelsey Jones
Name Present Township, If Known Notes
George Adams Owego, New York in 1810  
David Alexander Athens  
Oliver Arnold Athens  
John Atwood Elmira, New York in 1810  
Stephen Bates perhaps Wells  
James Bidlack Athens  
Samuel Bennett Ridgebury  
John Bensley Athens  
Chester Bingham Athens  
David Bosworth Athens  
David Bosworth, Jr. Athens  
Joseph Broughton Wells or South Creek also Boughton
John Brown Athens  
John Brown    
Elijah Buck Ridgebury  
Henry Burnham    
Benjamin Burt Ridgebury  
Ezekiel Campbell Ridgebury  
Joel Campbell Ridgebury  
Joel Campbell, Jr. Ridgebury  
Jonathan Campbell Ridgebury  
Nathaniel Campbell Ridgebury  
Samuel Campbell Litchfield  
William Carner Athens  
Eliphalet Clark Athens  
Nathaniel Clapp Athens  
Simonson Clapp Athens  
Howard Comfort    
Thomas Conner    
William Conner    
Samuel Connet   perhaps Conant who was in Burlington in 1810 (that portion that became Troy)
Benjamin Cook    
Adam Crans Athens  
Andrew Crans Athens  
Philip Crans Athens  
Henry Decker Athens  
Jeremiah Decker Athens  
Jacob Dent    
William Dent    
Elijah Depue    
Jacob Dewitt    
Elnathan Ellis Wysox in 1810  
Daniel Elwell Athens  
Nicholas Euston Athens Eberson in 1810 census
James Farlan Athens Farland
Joseph Farlan Athens Farland
Barnard Farran Elmira, New York in 1810 and Dansville, New York in 1820  
Zephon Flower Athens  
John Franklin Athens  
Isaac Fuller Ridgebury  
Lemuel Gaylord Wells  
William Gere Ulster in 1810  
Alpheus Gillett Ridgebury  
Luther Gilmore    
Russell Goff probably Ridgebury  
Oliver Grant    
Billa Graves Ridgebury  
John Greaves Ridgebury  
Samuel Green Ridgebury  
Lodwick Green Athens  
John Griffin Athens  
William Hamilton    
Henry Hamin    
Joseph Hamin    
Henry Harmon    
Alpheus Harris Athens  
Jonathan Harris Athens  
Samuel Harris Athens  
Joseph Harris    
Moses Hatfield Wells  
Stephen Hopkins Athens  
Reuben Horton Wells  
Samuel Horton Athens  
John Hubly    
Benoni Hulet Athens  
James Jacklin Owego, New York in 1810  
Isaac Jones    
Solomon Johnson    
Solomon Judson Wells  
Richard Lamphire    
Samuel Lamphire settled in Columbia Township  
Elnathan Loomis Athens Elnathan Lewis on 1810 census enumeration
Theodore Loomis Athens  
Wright Loomis Athens  
Daniel McDuffee Athens  
Neal McDuffee Athens  
Rebecca McKinney Athens  
Robert McElhoe Athens  
Samuel McLowrey    
Samuel McLowrey    
Isaac Marsaless Ridgebury  
John Marsaless Ridgebury  
Elizabeth Mathewson Athens  
Albert Mead Athens  
Daniel Mead    
Eleazer Merrill, Jr. Litchfield  
Solomon Merrill Litchfield  
Elias Middaugh Ridgebury  
John Miller Athens  
Daniel Moore Athens  
Elijah Moore    
Jesse Moore South Creek  
John Moore Athens  
John Moore, Jr. Athens  
Jonathan Moore    
Johnston Moore    
Joseph Moore Wells  
William Moore Wells  
Isaac Morley Athens  
Abner Murray Athens  
Samuel Naglee Athens  
Abijah Northrop Athens  
Nehemiah Northrop Athens  
Daniel Orcutt Athens  
John Osgood Wells  
Thomas Osgood Wells  
Clement Paine Athens  
David Paine Athens  
Enoch Paine Athens  
Daniel Park Litchfield  
Daniel Park 2d Litchfield  
Moses Park Athens  
Asahel Pratons Athens Porter on 1810 census enumeration
Anna Prentice Athens  
Julia Prentice Athens  
John Reddington Athens  
Levi Rice Athens  
Israel Rickey Ridgebury  
Nathan Roberts Ridgebury  
Samuel Roberts Athens  
David Ross Athens  
Horatio Ross Owego, New York in 1820  
William Ross    
John Saltmarsh Athens  
Daniel Satterlee Athens  
Elisha Satterlee Athens  
Nathaniel Satterlee Athens  
Samuel Satterlee Athens  
Benjamin Seeley Wells  
Lewis Seeley Wells  
Samuel Seeley Wells  
John Shepard Athens  
John Shipley Athens Shippey on 1810 census enumeration
Francis Smith Wells  
John Smith Wells  
Mrs. Francis Sneckenberger Athens  
Abraham Snell Athens  
Abraham Snell, Jr. Athens  
Daniel Snell Athens  
Henry Snell Athens  
Mrs. Margaret Snell Athens  
John Snell Athens  
Howard Spalding Athens  
John Spalding Athens  
Joseph Spalding Athens  
John Squires, Jr. Ridgebury  
Chester Stephens Athens  
Mrs.Sybil Stephens Athens  
Job Stiles Ridgebury  
William Stewart    
John Swain Athens  
Benjamin Taylor    
William Tharp  Athens William Thorp
Daniel Thurston    
Julius Tozer Athens  
Absalom Travis Athens  
Joseph Tyce Ridgebury Joseph Tice
Joseph Tyler Athens  
Stephen Tuttle Athens  
Daniel Vancamp Athens or Ridgebury Daniel VanCampen
George Walker Athens  
Elisha Wiber    
Henry Wilson Athens  
Jonathan Wilson Athens  
William Wilson Athens  
Joseph Wing Smithfield  
John Wolcott Litchfield  
Benjamin Wyncoop Chemung, New York  
Source: A History of Old Tioga Point and Early Athens, Pennsylvania, 1908, Louise Welles Murray, p. 635.
Present Township and Notes columns added by J. Kelsey Jones

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