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Ridgebury Township
in Bradford County,
Ridgebury Township Histories
Ridgebury is located on the northern border of Bradford County and Pennsylvania, adjacent to Chemung County NY.
Ridgebury was created in 1813 from Wells and Athens and it split in 1835 to form South Creek
Ridgebury Township History by D. C. Craft
Ridgebury Township History by C. F. Heverly
Ridgebury History from Seven Counties Outline...
Ridgebury Township History by H. C. Bradsby
Township Articles
Place Origins of Irish of Chemung and Bradford Counties
Township Postcards & Photos
Bentley Creek Postcards
Post Offices
Bentley Creek PO
Ridgebury PO
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Villages Past & Present
Ridgebury Township Census Records
1800 Tioga, Luzerne County
1810 Smithfield, Lycoming County PA
1820 Ridgebury Census
1830 Ridgebury Census
1840 Ridgebury Census
1850 Ridgebury Township
1860 Ridgebury Census (Volunteer Needed)
1870 Ridgebury Census
1880 Ridgebury Census
1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 (Volunteers Needed)
Ridegbury Township Directories
1900 Ridgebury Directory 1907-08 Ridgebury Township
Township Tax Records
1812 Taxables at County Formation 
(Part of Ridgebury included in Wells)
1812 Taxables at County Formation 
(Part of Ridgebury included in Athens)
1808 Tioga Township, Luzerne County Assessment
Ridgebury Township Cemetery Records
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Ridgebury Cemeteries (Article) Buck Cemetery
Bentley Creek Cemetery (1999) Bentley Creek Cemetery Obituaries
Baldwintown Cemetery Covell Cemetery
Craig Cemetery (on Patterson Farm)
Cummings Cemetery
Cooper Cemetery (George and Esther Family)
Doty Hill Cemetery (just over line in South Creek)
Doty Hill Cemetery (1999 Reading)(Just over line in South Creek)
Green Mountain Cemetery
Hanlon Hill Cemetery
Hanlon Hill Cemetery (1999)
Hanlon Hill Cemetery Obituaries
Laurel Hill Cemetery
Lefler Cemetery (See Burnham book - soon)
Owen Cemetery (Off back left hand corner of Bentley Creek Cemetery)
Ridgebury Catholic Cemetery (Partial)
Ridgebury Catholic Cemetery
Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Ridgebury Catholic) Obituaries
Ridgebury / Centerville Cemetery
Centerville Cemetery Obituaries
McAfeee Stone
Ridgbebury Township Schools
1871 Dirgie School
1871 Green Mountain School
1872 Pennyville School (Bentley Creek)
1874 Green Mountain School
1906 & 1912 Hanlon Hill School
1920s Bentley Creek School House
School & District No.  Year 
History of Ridgebury Schools
1. Centerville Jan. 1954
2. Bentley Creek Jan. 1954
3. Dewey School Sept. 1922
4. Halstead School Sept. 1921
4. Larison School Sept. 1922
5. South Grove (Green Mountain) Sept. 1951
6. Laurel Hill School Sept. 1921
7. Baldwin School Sept. 1922
8. Hanlon Hill School Sept. 1947
9. Cain School
10. Miller's Pond School Sept. 1923
11. Desmond School Sept. 1925
12. Chapel School Sept. 1931
Independent District - Doty Hill Sept. 1940
Ridgebury Township Business Histories & Photos
1907 Ridgebury Businesses
Hotels in Township
Ridgebury Township Organizations
Ridgebury Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
The Churches In Our Midst, Burnham
Ridgebury Township Family Bible Records
Miller / Davidson Bible Record
Thompson / Houtz Bible Record
Fuller - Ryman Bible with Extracts from Chattie Fuller Diaries
Phoebe Campbell Bible
Sturgis - Fuller - Dewey Bible
Graves - Campbell Records
Miller - Coleman - Dale Bibles Flynn - Collins Bible Records
Ridgebury Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Some Fuller Papers
Mary Green & Henry Harris
Township Resident Photo Album
Ridgebury Township Diaries & Letters 
1870 Chattie Fuller Diary 1871 Chattie Fuller, Julia Fuller Diaries
1855 - 1884 Letters of the Covell and Cook Families
Ridgebury Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
1829 Will - James Dewey
1844 Will - Isaac Miller
1853 Will - Jacob Reyman
1855 Will - Eliel Stevens
1844 Will of Daniel Williams
1859 Will - Isaac Fuller
1882 Deed - Gillett to Gillett 1890 Heirs of Samuel Rayner
Ridgebury Township Military Records
1865 Pension Application - Aurelia "Horning"
Township Sports 
Township Population Statisticss 
1887 Ridgebury Township = 1489