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Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania 1812 Taxpayers 
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Early Taxpayers of Columbia Township

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Residents at the organization of Bradford Co., PA, 1812-13. The taxable inhabitants (all males 21 years and over and females owning property) as ascertained from assessment rolls, voting lists and other sources. Taken from Clement F. Heverly's Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford Co., Pa., 1800-1825, Vol. II, 1915, reprint pages 189-200. Typed for the Tri-Counties Site by John Hoff of Oklahoma. SRGP IDs added by Joyce M. Tice as references to her Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project

Columbia Township

Included part of present day Troy Township

Baldwin, Samuel Haswell, David R.  Merritt, Calvin Smith, Silas 7488 (pr)
Ball, David Hitchcock, Stephen Merritt, Nathaniel 20929 Smith, Wm. 
Ballard, Samuel Howe, Asa 19530 or 11826 Merritt, Reuben 74506 Soper, Levi Jr.  2364
Batterson, Joseph 74529 Hullburt, Ebenezer Merritt, William Soper, Roger 3767
Beaman, Joseph 42245 Hullburt, Samuel Miller, Daniel Soper, Solomon 14671
Benson, Isaac pr. 20709 Hullburt, Zacheus Morgan, Chapman Spencer, Thos. 
Benson, James pr 70770 Johnson, William Morgan, James Squires, Aaron 670
Besley, Oliver 4430 Jones, Asa Morgan, Nathaniel Squires, Jabez 59889
Bixby, John 52647 Jones, Phineas Morse, Benoni Stevens, Cyprian
Button, Peter 62499 Jones, Stephen Mulford, Eleazer Stone, John
Canfield, Oliver 4017 Keyes, Charles 23058 Nash, Reuben 2930 Stone, Oliver
Chapin, James Lamb, James Palmer, David 26049 Strait, Burton 19869
Chapin, Lorenzo Lamphere, Levi Palmer, David Jr.  7736 Strait, Samuel 19872
Chapin, Samuel Lamphere, Samuel Parsons, Eli 62900 Taylor, Charles  8611
Collins, Ami Lane, Allen 61921 Parsons, Eli Jr.  Taylor, Moses 14318
Early, Robert 49845 Lane, Allen Jr.  Parsons, James 62886 Tinkham, Calvin 63043
Edsall, Richard Lewis, Thomas 673 Parsons, Kellog Watkins, David 7633
Edsall, David Lilley, John 53176 Preston, Colburn Watson, Otis
Furman, Judson   Lillibridge, Joseph Preston, Levi Webber, Wm.  55164
Furman, Peter 25221 Lillibridge, Joseph Jr.  Peters, Comfort 74276 Webber, Wm. Jr.  55168
Furman, William 25217 Matson, Isaac Powers, Simeon 55153 West, John
Gernert, Peter 61563 Matson, James Pratt, Rufus Wheeler, Isaac
Gibbs, Sheldon Maynard, Shubal 30885 Rexford, Thomas 7753 Wheeler, Moses
Gibbs, Wareham McArthur, Allen 5424 Robbins, Philip Wilber, John
Goodrich, Elnathan McClelland, Frederick Rose, William 9633 Wolf, Michael 25386
Hakes, David 9377 McClelland, John  61846 Seeley, Adam Wood, Jabez 59849
Hakes, Solomon 58296 McClelland, John W.  Seeley, Benj.  Woodward, Daniel
Harris, Harvey Seeley, Joseph Wright, Thomas 73824 (??)
 (1) Many of the Columbia families overlap the families of Sullivan and Rutland Townships included in Joyce's Sulliven-Rutland Genealogy Project. Some also moved to Sullivan and Rutland from Columbias, or had properties that overlapped the boundaries. Many intermarried with Sullivan or Rutland township families. The SRGP IDs are the references to that person in Joyce's database.

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