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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Hamilton Childs
Gazetteer & Business Directory
Chemung & Schuyler Counties NY
FOR 1868 - 69.

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(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Ackley, Solon, (Smith Valley), farmer leases 97.

Adee, Darius, (Reynoldsville), farmer 97.

Adee, Elijah, (Reynoldsville), farmer 134.

Adriance, Charles E., (Logan), carpenter and farmer 2.

ADRIANCE, GEO. E., (Hector), (Adriances, Hodges & Tyler), (Adriance & Hodges), farmer 12.

ADRIANCE & HODGES, (Hector), (John R. Hodges and Geo. E. Adriance), horticulturists, 9 acres.

ADRIANCE, HODGES & TYLER, (Hector), (Joseph A. Tyler, Jno. R. Hodges and Geo. E. Adriance), nurserymen.

AGARD, ALEX., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 86.

AGARD, NOAH, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 100.

Albright, John, (Burdett), farmer 95.

Aldridge, P. S., (Bennettsburgh), postmaster, grocer and farmer 1.

ALDRIDGE, SYLVESTER H. REV., (Burdett), M. E. minister.

Allen, Ephraim, (Perry City), farmer 100.

ALLEN, EPHRAIM S., (Perry City), farmer 103.

ALLEN, JAMES, (Searsburgh), farmer 250.

Allen, Rachael, (Burdett), farmer 84.

ALLEN, REUBEN S., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 94.

Allen, Samuel, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 98.

Allen, William, (Burdett), farmer 120.

Allen, William F., (Burdett), farmer 120.

Ammack, Joseph B., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 25.

Andrews, Richard, (Logan), farmer 32.

Armstrong, Annon, (Logan), farmer 130.

ARMSTRONG, WM. F., (Mecklenburgh), blacksmith.

*ARNOLD, JAMES H., (Mecklenburgh), furniture dealer and undertaker.

Arrance, George, (Perry City), farmer leases 30.

Aston, William, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 50.

Atwater, Darius, (Smith Valley), farmer 9.

Auble, George, (Logan), farmer 100.

BABCOCK, ZINA, (Reynoldsville), farmer 50.

Bailey, Alanson, (Burdett), meat market.

Bailey, Grover S., (Logan), farmer 98.

Bains, William, (Perry City), farmer 20.

BAKER, HENRY M., (Mecklenburgh), proprietor of Exchange Hotel.

Baldwin, Eliza Mrs., (Burdett), farmer 50.

Ballard, Delevarge, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 50.

Ballard, Harry G., (Searsburgh), dealer in hides and pelts and farmer 40.

Banker, Isaac, (Burdett).

BANKER, JACOB, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 200.

BARBER, CYRUS, (Searsburgh), keeper of Poor House and farmer 133.

Barber, Edmond, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 150.

Barber, Frederick G., (Perry City), farmer 136.

Barber, Ansel, (Smith Valley), shoemaker.

Barker, Debie, (North Hector), farmer 14.

Barker, Samuel, (North Hector), farmer 163.

BARKER, S. M., (North Hector), manuf. mowing machines and farmer 160.

Barker, Zalmon, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 6.

Bassett, John, (North Hector), mason and farmer 2 ½.

Beach, William H., (Logan), allopathic physician and farmer 8 ½.

BEARDSLEE, ICHABOD, (Burdett), blacksmith.

Beardsley, Sherman, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 121.

Becker, Allen G., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 62.

Becker, Harlow, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 100.

Becker, Leroy, (Perry City), farmer 200.

Bedell, Jacob, (North Hector), mason.

Bell, John, (Burdett), farmer 95.

BEMENT, ASAHEL, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 100.

Bement, Charles H., (Logan), blacksmith and farmer 1.

Bement, Porter, (Smith Valley), farmer 70.

Benjamin, John H., (Burdett), carpenter and joiner.

Bennett, Lep, (Burdett), farmer 50.

Bennett, Mathew L., (Burdett), allopathic physician.

Bennett, Miner, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 43 ½.

Bennett, Simon, (Perry City), farmer 187.

Benson, Chester, (Burdett), farmer 136.

BENSON, JOHN W., (Burdett), carpenter and joiner.

Benson, Joseph, (Burdett), farmer 150.

BERGEN, BELDEN S., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 70.

Berry, Hezekiah S., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 94.

Bess, Lewis, (Searsburgh), shoemaker.

Billing, Edson, (Perry City), (with Spencer Stilwell), saw mill.

Birge, David, (Hector), allo. physician and farmer 18.

Bishop, Lewis, (North Hector), farmer 98.

BLAIN, A. D., (Logan), farmer 130.

Bodle, Charles, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 147.

Bodle, James, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 30.

Bodle, Jay S., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 150.

Bodle, Schuyler, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 150.

Bodle, Wm. H., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 60.

Boice, Cornelius, (Searsburgh), farmer 52.

Bond, David Jr., (Searsburgh), farmer 135.

Bond, Jacob, (Bennettsburgh), lumberer, stump-puller, building mover and farmer 75.

Bond, James H., (Logan), farmer 60.

Bond, Joseph, (Logan), farmer 80.

Bowers, Albert L., (Burdett), (Bowers & Brother).

Bowers & Brother, (Burdett), (Isaac N. and Albert L.), butchers.

Bowers, Isaac N., (Burdett), (Bowers & Brother).

Bowers, John, (Burdett), farmer 1.

Bowers, William, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 3.

Boyce, David, (Smith Valley), farmer 60.

Boyce, Ebenezer J., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 80.

Boyce, Henry, (Smith Valley), farmer 75.

Boyd, Eliza Mrs., (Reynoldsville), farmer 7.

BROKAW & HOAG, (Perry City), (Philip T. Brokaw and Marble B. Hoag), proprietors Perry City shingle mill.

BKOKAW, PHILIP T., (Perry City), (Brokaw & Hoag).

Brown, Edmond, (Burdett), allopathic physician and farmer 3 ½.

BROWN, GIDEON C., (Burdett), farmer 250.

BROWN, GILBERT, (Perry City), farmer 161.

BROWN, ISAAC, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 80.

BROWN, NATHAN, (Burdett), farmer 170.

Brown, Reuben, (Burdett), farmer 120.

Brown, Reuben S., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 52.

Brown, William, (Burdett), saw mill and farmer 100.

Budd, Betsey, (North Hector), farmer 135.

Budd, Daniel P., (North Hector), stock dealer and farmer 1.

Budd, Mahlon, (North Hector), farmer 108.

Budd, Robert C., (Hector), farmer 187.

Bullard, Geo. W., (Perry City), saw mill and farmer 6.

Bullard, William W., (Perry City), farmer 2.

Bunn, Isaiah, (Logan), farmer 100.

BURD, ABRAM L., (Mecklenburgh), loan commissioner, grain buyer and farmer 47.

BURD, MERRITT C., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 101.

Burd, Thomas J., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 67.

Burden, William, (Searsburgh), farmer 100.

Burge, Robert, (Burdett), clothing store and farmer 140.

Burr, Bradley & Son, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 150.

Burr, Eben, (Searsburgh), farmer 100.

Burr, Jonathan, (North Hector), farmer 120.

Burr, Lewis, (Seneca), farmer 80.

Burr, Walter, (Searsburgh), farmer 68.

BUSH, ERASTUS, (Bennettsburgh), tannery.

Canfield, Adoniram, (Burdett), farmer 70.

Canfield, Jonas, (Burdett), farmer 150.

CARMAN, MORDECAI, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 96.

Carman, Thomas, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 150.

Carpenter, Alvah, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 108.

Carpenter, William H., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 50.

Carr, John, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 54.

Carr, John S., (Bennettsburgh), carpenter and farmer 1.

CARRIGIN, CUMPFORT C., (Burdett), constable and blacksmith.

Case, Ezra G., (Reynoldsville), farmer 50 ½.

Case, Joseph, (Burdett), farmer 111.

Case, Joseph B., (Reynoldsville), farmer 154.

Case, Wm. Rev., (Hector), Presbyterian minister.

Caywood, Peter, (Cayutaville), farmer 100.

Caywood, Pierce, (Reynoldsville), carpenter.

Chalfand, Andrew, (Reynoldsville), farmer 33.

CHANDLER, F. F., (North Hector), mercantile agent and farmer 2 ¾.

CHANDLER, JOHN B., (North Hector), dealer in groceries, hardware, drugs, &c., and farmer 69.

CHANDLER, J. C., (North Hector), tin shop and farmer 1.

Charles, Aaron L., (Cayutaville), farmer 44.

Chase, Abner, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 80.

Chase, Isaac T., (Hector), vineyard and farmer 10.

Chase, John E., (Searsburgh), farmer 50.

Chase, Obadiah, (Searsburgh), farmer 60.

Chesley, Alonzo, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 77.

Chesley, George W., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 16.

Chichester, Darwin Rev., (Burdett), pastor Presbyterian Church.

Clark, Anna, (North Hector), farmer 105.

Clark, John S., (Reynoldsville), farmer 25.

Clark, Oliver, (Mecklenburgh), tailor.

Clawson, Benjamin, (North Hector), farmer 11.

Clawson, Isaac B., (North Hector), farmer 80.

Clawson, Watson, (North Hector), farmer 60.

CLEVELAND, EDWARD, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 92.

COATS, PETER A., (Burdett), farmer 124.

Coddington, Aaron O., (Reynoldsville), farmer 120.

Coddington, John M., (Reynoldsville), farmer 175.

CODDINGTON, JONATHAN O., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 100.

CODDINGTON, LEWIS, (Perry City), farmer 85.

Colbert, James, (estate), (Burdett), farmer 103.

COLBERT, WILLIAM S., (Burdett), farmer.

Colegrove, Silas C., (Burdett), farmer 55.

Compton, Ezekiel, (Logan), farmer 75.

Compton, Salvenar, (Logan), farmer 70.

Conklin, Alvin D., (Smith Valley), farmer 80.

Coon, Lydia L., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 45.

Coon, T. O., (Bennettsburgh), farmer leases 45.

Coon, Wm. C., (Burdett), supervisor, prop. Willow Grove Mills, grocer and farmer 7.

Coons, Eliza, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 20.

Cooper, Denton, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 100.

Cooper, Jason, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 207.

Cooper, Mahlon, (Searsburgh), prop. of Searsburgh Hotel and farmer 15.

Corey, Charles, (Perry City), farmer 13.

Cormac, James, (Mecklenburgh), county treasurer, dentist and justice of the peace.

Cornell, Ira, (North Hector), mason.

Cornwell, Andrew, (North Hector), farmer 50.

Corwin, Stephen F., (Searsburgh), farmer 62.

Coshun, Hiram, (North Hector), shoemaker.

Couse, William, (Burdett), farmer 166.

Crandall, Hiram, (Burdett), farmer 43.

Crawford, Jotham, (Searsburgh), mason.

Crawford, Wm. M., (Reynoldsville), mason.

Creighton, John H., (Burdett), farmer 100.

Cressman, Charles, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 20.

CRIPPEN, LUCINDA Mrs., (Reynoldsville), farmer 34.

CRISSY, WILLIAM, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 80.

Cronk, Seeley, (Reynoldsville), saw mill.

Cronk, Temperance Mrs., (Searsburgh), farmer 50.

CRONK, WASHINGTON, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer leases 213.

Culver, Charles, (Cayutaville), farmer 50.

CULVER, CHAUNCEY, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 152.

Culver, Enos, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 140.

Culver, William, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 92.

CURE, AMOS B., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 85.

Curray, George, (Reynoldsville), proprietor Union House.

Curry, Eugene E., (North Hector), farmer 5.

Cushing, Wm. O. Rev., (Searsburgh), Christian clergyman.

Dailey, James H., (Burdett), farmer 10 ½.

Darling, Andrew, (Smith Valley), farmer 125.

Darling, Hiram T., (Smith Valley), farmer 95.

DARLING, ROBERT, (Reynoldsville), overseer of the poor, town of Hector, and farmer 205.

DARLING, THOS. B., (Reynoldsville), farmer 318.

Davis, Chas. W., (Reynoldsville), farmer 110.

Davis, Harvey B., (Mecklenburgh), prop. Mecklenburgh mill.

Davis, Parthenia A., (Mecklenburgh), milliner.

Davis, Reuben, (Reynoldsville), farmer 150.

Dean, Abram, (Searsburgh), farmer 84 ½.

Dean, Christopher, (Searsburgh), farmer 73.

Dean, Harvey N., (Reynoldsville), farmer 47 1/3.

DEAN, SAMUEL G., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 140.

Demelt, Caleb, (Perry City), farmer 120.

Demelt, Elias J., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 97.

Dempsey, John, (Reynoldsville), farmer 10.

Demund, Edward, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 61.

Demund, John, 2d, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 115.

Deusenbery, Reuben, (Burdett), farmer 88.

DICKENS, HIRAM S., (Mecklenburgh), nurseryman and farmer 14.

Dickens, Levi, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 75.

DICKERSON, HENRY G., (Searsburgh), farmer 44.

Dickerson, John, (Hector), vineyard and farmer 10.

Dickerson, William, (Hector), farmer 20.

DITMARS, PETER V., (Searsburgh), farmer 255.

Drake, F. M., (North Hector), blacksmith.

Drake, George W., (Burdett), proprietor of Franklin House.

DUNHAM, CHARLES, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 100.

Dunham, David, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 145.

Dunham, Ransom H., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 25.

DUNHAM, SOLOMON, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 75.

Duryea, Keziah Mrs., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 26.

Duryea, Walter Jr., (Mecklenburgh), manufacturer of tin, copper and sheet iron.

Dykeman, Sherman, (Mecklenburgh), cooper.

Earl, Henry, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 14.

Easterbrook, Peter P., (North Hector), farmer 84.

Eddy, Daniel, (Perry City), farmer 98.

Egan, Michael, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 140.

Egbert, George, (Logan), farmer 100.

Egbert, George P., (Logan), thresher and farmer 96.

Egbert, John, (North Hector), grist mill.

Egbert, Nelson, (North Hector), miller.

Eldred, Joseph, (Smith Valley), farmer 175.

Elliot, George W., (Burdett), farmer 250.

Elliot, Mrs., (Hector), farmer 58.

Elliott, Hiram B., (Burdett), farmer 103.

Ellis, Isaac, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 150.

Ellis, Thomas B., (Burdett), blacksmith.

Ellls, Zalmon, (Hector), farmer 60.

Elston, Jeremiah, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 130.

Ely, Edward, (Hector), farmer 26 ¾.

Ely, Harry, (Hector), farmer 135.

Ely, Harry Sr., (Hector), farmer 130.

Ely, Hector, (Hector), farmer 98.

Ely, Myron, (Hector), farmer 52.

Ely, William B., (Hector), farmer 83.

EMPSON, WILLIAM, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 220.

Ensley, Benjamin, (Reynoldsville), farmer 67.

Erway, Jacob R., (Hector), blacksmith and farmer 93.

Erway, James M., (Burdett), farmer 115.

Evans, Daniel T., (Hector), farmer 4.

EVANS, SOLOMON B., (Mecklenburgh), mechanic.

Everts, Abraham H., (Hector), farmer 100.

Everts, Alfred, (Hector), farmer 230.

Everts, Charles H., (Burdett), lawyer and farmer 50.

Everts, Charles F., (Burdett), farmer 85.

EVERTS, DANIEL F., (Searsburgh), farmer 44.

Everts, Elmira, (Logan), (with Hellen), farmer 100.

Everts, Hellen, (Logan), (with Elmira), farmer 100.

Everts, Mary A., (Logan), farmer 55.

EXCHANGE HOTEL, (Mecklenburgh), Henry M. Baker, proprietor.

Farington, David, (Perry City), farmer 85.

Farington, Henry, (Perry City), farmer leases 80.

Farington, John R., (Searsburgh), farmer 70.

Farlin, David V., (Hector), farmer 35.

Farlin & Sands, (Burdett), (Wm. H. Farlin and Joseph R. Sands), marble works.

Farlin, William H., (Burdett), (Farlin & Sands).

Faucett, Hiram, (Smith Valley), postmaster, grist mill owner and farmer 15.

Fausett, John, (North Hector), wagon maker.

Fenton, John W., (Burdett), farmer 50.

Fine, T. H., (Burdett), farmer 64.

Fish, Corden, (Lawrence), farmer 50.

Fish, Henry, (Mecklenburgh), allo. physician and farmer 20.

Fish, Henry H., (Mecklenburgh), (Wm. H. Fish & Co.).

Fish, Nathan, (Smith Valley), farmer 22.

Fish, Samuel, (Smith Valley), farmer 76.

FISH, WM. H., (Mecklenburgh), (Wm. H. Fish & Co.).

FISH, WM. H. & CO., (Mecklenburgh), (Wm. H. and Henry H.), allo. physicians and farmers 64.

Fisher, Abel, (Mecklenburgh), farmer leases 200.

Fisher, Abel, (Cayutaville), farmer leases 100.

Fitzgerald, Nathan C., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 75.

Forest, Caldin, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 70.

Foster, A. S. A., (Hector), farmer 1.

Fowler, Hiram, (North Hector), tobacconist and manuf. of cigars.

Freeman, Anson M., (Burdett), farmer leases 115.

*GANOUNG, GEORGE S., (Mecklenburgh), painter and paper hanger.

Gardener, Westlake, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 72.

Gardiner, Silas, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 72.

Gardner, Isaac D., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 27 ½.

GARDNER, WILLIAM, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 120.

Gardner, William, (Logan), farmer 75.

Gaskill, Harrison, (Mecklenburgh), carpenter and farmer 31.

Gee, Joshua, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 63.

German, Harvey, (Logan), farmer 100.

German, James H., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 181.

Gerowe, Gideon F., (Logan), wagon maker and farmer 6.

Gerowe, William E., (Burdett), undertaker and farmer 1.

Gifford, Jesse, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 45.

Gillett, John A., (Hector), classical teacher at Waterloo, Seneca Co., and farmer 1 ½.

Gilmer, Isaac, (North Hector), farmer 95.

Gilmore, David, (North Hector), farmer 80.

Godding, Alvah, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 119 ½.

Godding, William, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 52 ½.

GOLDSMITH, DAVID, (Reynoldsville), farmer 130.

Goldsmith, Frank H., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 63.

GOLDSMITH, WM. G., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 115.

Goodwin, Alfred, (North Hector), ferry from North Hector to Starkey, on Seneca Lake, and farmer 50.

Goodwin, Matilda, (Perry City), tailoress.

Goold, William W., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 30.

Grant, George, (Mecklenburgh), (Freeman & Grant).

Green, Erastus, (Havana), farmer 84 ¾.

Grey, Francis, (Reynoldsville), farmer 17.

Hagadorn, Wilbert S., (Smith Valley), farmer 200.

Hager, Charles, (Logan), general merchant and justice of peace.

Hager, Harlow H., (Logan), commission merchant and farmer 20.

Hager, Orlando, (Reynolds), farmer 12.

Hager, Orlin, (Reynoldsville), farmer 30.

Hager, Oliver P., (Reynoldsville), farmer 88.

Hager, Oscar, (Burdett), farmer 67.

Hager, Tamizon, (Reynoldsville), farmer 65.

Hagerty, Judson, (Burdett), watchmaker and jeweler.

Hall, William, (Burdett), farmer leases 218.

Hallenbeck, John T., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 60.

Halsey, Gilbert, (North Hector), farmer 50.

Hanly, Acron, (Hector), farmer 200.

Harmon, Peter, (Searsburgh), farmer 40.

Harvey, Edward, (Mecklenburgh), farmer.

Harvey, Joel, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 108.

Hatt, Minor, (Searsburgh), farmer 115.

HATT, WILLIAM, (Searsburgh), farmer 40.

Hawes, D., (North Hector), farmer 50.

Hawes, Mahlon, (North Hector), farmer 47.

Hawes, Matthias, (North Hector), allop. physician and farmer 1 ½.

Hawlsey, Parkes, (North Hector), farmer.

Hayes, Isaac, (Perry City), mason.

Hazelitt, David, (Hector), farmer 130.

Hazelitt, George, (Hector), farmer 10.

HAZELITT, JAMES, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 128.

Hazelitt, James R., (Hector), farmer 10.

Hazleet, William, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 79 ½.

Heivener, Richard, (Reynoldsville), shoemaker.

Hendershot, Samuel, (Smith Valley), farmer 100.

HIGGINS, A., (Mecklenburgh).

Hill, Benjamin, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 15.

Hill, Elijah, (Mecklenburgh), carpenter and joiner.

HIMROD, WILLIAM, (Burdett), farmer 31 ½.

HINKLEY, ELIEL M., (North Hector), farmer 65.

Hinkley, Nathan, (North Hector), farmer 70.

HOAG, MARBLE B., (Perry City), (Brokaw & Hoag).

Hoag, Samuel, (Perry City), shoemaker.

HODGES, JOHN R., (Hector), (Adriance, Hodges & Tyler), (Adriance & Hodges).

Holly, Elizabeth, (Burdett), dress maker.

Holly, William, (Burdett), shoemaker.

Hopkins, James C., (Bennettsburgh), shoemaker.

Hopkins, John Q., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 174.

Horton, Nathan, (Searsburgh), farmer 74 ½.

HOSMER, MARTIN 2d., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 95.

Hovencamp, David, (Mecklenburgh), shoe maker and farmer 13.

Hovencamp, John, (Smith Valley), farmer 2.

Hovencamp, Sophronia Mrs., (Mecklenburgh), milliner.

HOVEY, ERASTUS S., (Burdett), farmer 79.

Howard, William, (Hector), blacksmith.

Howard, W. E., (North Hector), prop. Grove Hotel.

Howell, Charlotte, (Hector), farmer 14.

HOWELL, GEORGE, (Logan), farmer 270.

HOWELL, GEO., (Logan), postmaster.

Howell, George O., (Logan), farmer 70.

Howell, Hobert, (Logan), farmer 140.

Howell, Robert R., (Burdett), spoke manuf.

Howell, Samuel, (Burdett), farmer 1.

Howell, Wellington, (Burdett), farmer 153.

HUBBELL, EDMON W., (Reynoldsville), farmer 138.

Hubbell, Oliver C., (Reynoldsville), farmer 172.

Hubbell, Walton, (Burdett), prop. saw mill, bridge builder, millwright and farmer 7.

Hulenbeck, Tamer, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 88.

Hull, Emmit, (North Hector), farmer 108.

Hunter, Daniel G., (Hector), postmaster.

HURD, WARREN, (Burdett), agent for Equity Life Insurance Company and Phoenix and Hartford Fire Insurance Companies.

Hurd, William A., (Burdett), general merchant and farmer 12 ½.

Huston, Maxfield, (Logan), farmer 60.

Huston, Samuel, (Logan), farmer 98.

Hyatt, Mortimer, (Burdett), farmer 1 and leases 14.

Ingersoll, M. H., (North Hector), farmer 7.

Jackson, Artemus F., (Mecklenburgh), cooper and farmer 10.

JACKSON HOUSE, (Burdett), Austin Kirkendall, prop.

Jackson, James, (Reynoldsville), farmer 73.

Jackson, Jessie, (Reynoldsville), farmer 55.

Jaquish, Johnson M. J., (Hector), farmer 100.

Jaquish, M. J., (Logan), farmer 140.

JEFFERS, CORNELIUS, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 96 ½.

Jeffers, Flora Mrs., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 50.

Jeffers, Richard J., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 125.

Jeffers, Thomas, (Trumansburgh,Tompkins Co.), mason.

Jeffers, Wm. H., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 50.

JEWELL, CALVIN, (Reynoldsville), farmer 100.

JOHNSON, AMOS M., (Burdett), wagon maker, manufacturer of grain cradles and the American water drawer.

Johnson, Derrie, (Logan), farmer 100.

JOHNSON, GEORGE E., (Smith Valley), farmer 100.

JOHNSON, JOHN, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 185.

Johnson, Stratton, (North Hector), farmer 50.

Johnston, George, (North Hector), farmer 95.

Jones, David, (Searsburgh), farmer 176.

Jones, Peter, (Logan), farmer 85.

Kaw, Abraham, (Lodi Centre, Seneca Co.), farmer 20.

KEEP, MARTIN M., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 84.

Kelley, Jonathan, (Reynoldsville), farmer 178.

Kelley, Smith, (Reynoldsville), merchant.

KELLY, JAMES M., (Mecklenburgh), deputy sheriff of county, sells mowers and reapers and farmer 62.

Kellogg, Charles, (Lawrence), farmer 53.

Kellogg, George R., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 75.

Kellogg, Stephen, (Lawrence), farmer 51.

Kellogg, Theodore, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 50.

KENNEDY, GILBERT, (Lawrence), farmer 432.

Kilborn, Orange, (Mecklenburgh), harness maker and farmer 8.

KIMBLE, AUGUSTUS W., (Watkins), farmer 150.

King, David, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 130.

King, Geo. A., (Mecklenburgh), carpenter and joiner.

King, James R., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 100.

Kinnan, Abigail, (North Hector), farmer 100.

Kinnan, John B., (North Hector), farmer 25.

KIRKENDALL, AUSTIN, (Burdett), prop. of Jackson House and farmer 4.

Knight, John, (North Hector), farmer 64.

Knightheart, John, (Smith Valley), farmer 120.

Labar, J., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 102.

Lambert, Benjamin, (Burdett), farmer 128.

Lamoraux, Lemuel, (North Hector), farmer 80.

Larison, Monroe, (Lawrence), farmer 65.

LA TOURRETTE, DANIEL & CO., (North Hector), general merchants.

Lee, Daniel, (Burdett), farmer 125.

LEFLER, WM. D., (Bennettsburgh), owns Union House in Scio, and farmer 103.

Leonard, Andrew J., (Reynoldsville), farmer 30.

Leonard, John, (Perry City), farmer 86.

Lewis, Robert, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 100.

Lewis, William C., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 100.

Loomis, Henry, (Burdett), farmer 54.

Low, John, (North Hector), farmer 47.

Luce, James, (Burdett), farmer 226.

Lumis, Frederick, (Smith Valley), farmer 69.

Lyon, James W., (Burdett), surgeon dentist and farmer 1.

Lyons, Abigail, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 2.

Lyons, Zalmon, (Smith Valley), farmer 50.

MACKEY, JOSEPH, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 50.

McCONNEL, MATTHEW, (Lawrence), farmer 120.

Manning, Augustus, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 72.

Manning, Johanna, (Logan), farmer 1 ½.

Manning, V., (Burdett), farmer leases 236.

Martin, Archer, (Burdett), farmer 86.

MARTIN, JOHN T., (Burdett), farmer 80.

Mathews, Aaron K., (Burdett), farmer 115.

Mathews, Daniel, (Logan), farmer 100.

Mathews, David T., (Seneca), farmer 75.

Mathews, George W., (Burdett), farmer 75.

Mathews, Gilbert, (Logan), farmer 35 and leases 35.

Mathews, Jeremiah, (Logan), farmer 100.

Mathews, J. E., (Logan), farmer 96.

Mathews, Milford, (Burdett), farmer 190.

MATHEWS, N. M., (North Hector), wool and lumber dealers and farmer 200.

MATHEWS, WILLIAM O., (Burdett), farmer 140.

Matthews, Lanson, (Hector), farmer 72.

McAdam, Amos, (Smith Valley), farmer 10.

McArty, Daniel, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 3 ½.

McCain, Lewis, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 1.

McCoy, Ephraim R., (Reynoldsville), blacksmith.

McELHENEY, THEODORE, (Burdett), dealer in boots, shoes, groceries, &c., Methodist minister and farmer 106.

McKIGGAN, ANDREW J., (Mecklenburgh), retail dealer in groceries.

McKinney, Sarah M. Mrs., (Mecklenburgh), post mistress.

McNish, Jesse S., (Burdett), farmer 130.

Mead, Garwood J., (Burdett), farmer 100.

Mead, Harvey, (Burdett), shoemaker.

MEAD, JOHN C., (Burdett), farmer 11 ½.

Mekeel, Abraham B., (North Hector), farmer 70.

Mekeel, Isaac D., (Searsburgh), farmer 270.

Mekeel, Joshua, (Perry City), farmer 72.

Menell, Charles, (Burdett), farmer 114.

Miller, Aaron, (Burdett), farmer 60.

Miller, Daniel, (North Hector), farmer 32.

Miller, Hiram B., (Burdett), (J. & H. B. Miller).

Miller, James, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 100.

Miller, Jonathan, (Burdett), (J. & H. B. Miller).

Miller, J. & H. B., (Burdett), (Jonathan and Hiram B.), general merchants.

Miller, Warren, (Seneca), farmer 96.

Milliman, Andrew, (Logan), farmer 100.

Milliman, James, (North Hector), proprietor Milliman Hotel.

Minor, Christopher C., (Seneca), post master and farmer 100.

Moore, Jason A., (Mecklenburgh), farmer leases 79 ½.

Moore, Samuel B., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 100.

More, Enoch, (Logan), farmer 98.

MORGAN, ALEXANDER, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 75.

Morgan, Arnica, (Mecklenburgh), (with Nelson), farmer 60.

MORGAN, JOHN, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 68.

Morgan, Nelson, (Mecklenburgh), (with Arnica), farmer 60.

Morris, Andrew, (Burdett), farmer 210.

Morris, Ephraim, (Burdett), farmer 190.

Morris, Isaac, (Burdett), farmer 135.

Morris, Robert, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 143.

MORRIS, THOMAS, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 84.

Murlin, Fhomal, (Bennettsburgh), carpenter.

Murphy, Lewis, (Reynoldsville), farmer 12 ½.

Murrey, Patrick, (Logan), shoemaker and farmer 40.

Nichols, T. H., (North Hector), post master, grocer and farmer 1.

Nicholson, Charles, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 65.

Nivison Bros., (Mecklenburgh), (John W., Oziel and Mark), manufacturers of all kinds of farming implements.

Nivison, Mark, (Mecklenburgh), (Nivison Bros.).

NIVISON, NELSON, (Burdett), allo. physician and farmer 1.

Nivison, Oziel, (Mecklenburgh), (Nivison Bros.).

Nye, Sylvanus, (Cayutaville), farmer 65.

OGDEN, ENOS C., (Burdett), turner of wood and chair maker.

Osaw, Putnam, (Hector), farmer 2.

OSBORN, BURR, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 72.

Osborn, Charles, (Burdett), (with Wm.), farmer 98.

Osborn, John W., (Mecklenburgh), lawyer and notary public.

Osborn, William, (Burdett), (with Charles), farmer 98.

OWEN, HENRY S., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 120.

Owen, Jessie B., (Smith Valley), mason.

OWEN, LUZERNE A., (Mecklenburgh), livery stable.

Paige, Francis F. Sen., (Mecklenburgh), painter.

Paige, Frank F. Jr., (Mecklenburgh), painter.

PALMER, SIMON C., (Reynoldsville), wagon maker.

Pangburn, Daniel, (Logan), farmer 1 and leases 14.

Parmer, Levi J., (Perry City), painter.

Parmer, Mary E. Mrs., (Reynoldsville), milliner.

Parsons, Julian, (Hector), tailoress.

Parsons, Thomas, (Burdett), farmer 117.

Parsons, Truman, (Burdett), farmer 85.

PATERSON, ARCHIBALD, (Burdett), postmaster and harness maker.

PATTERSON, JOHN S., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 19.

Payne, John J. Rev., (Mecklenburgh), Methodist clergyman.

PEASE, ISRAEL, (Reynoldsville), farmer 125 and leases 42.

Pease, Norman, (Reynoldsville), farmer 62.

Peck, Daniel, (Searsburgh), farmer 20.

Peck, Sylvester B., (Hector), farmer 8 ½.

Pees, Thomas D., (Reynoldsville), carpenter and farmer 13 ½.

Peloubet, Alexander O. Rev., (Mecklenburgh), pastor Presbyterian church.

Perry, Thomas, (Reynoldsville), farmer 47.

Philrock, Daniel W., (Perry City), farmer 13.

Phoenix, William, (Smith Valley), farmer 120.

POTTER, CHARLES T., (Perry City), (Jno. A. Potter & Son).

POTTER, JOHN A., (Perry City), (John A. Potter & Son), postmaster.

POTTER, JOHN A. & SON, (Perry City), (John A. and Charles T.), general merchants.

Potts, James, (Burdett), farmer 46.

Potts, Mary, (Reynoldsville), farmer 30.

Potts, Samuel J., (Reynoldsville), farmer 105.

Powell, R., (North Hector), tailor.

Pratt, L. A., (Burdett), farmer leases 100.

Predmore, David H., (North Hector), farmer 57.

Predmore, James N., (North Hector), carpenter and joiner.

PRENTISS, GEORGE, (Burdett), house, sign and carriage painter.

PROPER, ALBERT E., (Searsburgh), farmer 36.

PROPER, ALBERT W., (Searsburgh), farmer 80.

Proper, Almerian R., (Searsburgh), farmer 5.

Proper, I. G., (Searsburgh), farmer 5.

Proper, James M., (Searsburgh), farmer 32.

PROPER, LEWIS W., (Searsburgh), farmer 70.

Proper, Peter V. S., (Searsburgh), farmer 75.

Pruden, Elijah S., (Hector), mason.

Pruden, Samuel, (Hector), farmer 50.

Purdy, Elias A., (Burdett), farmer 70.

PURDY, THOMAS, (Reynoldsville), farmer 260.

RATHBUN, CHAS. W., (Reynoldsville), farmer 53.

Raymond, Abraham, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 54.

Reade, Willard, (Cayutaville), carpenter and wagon maker.

Reynolds, Andrew J., (Reynoldsville), saw mill and farmer 147.

Reynolds, Cornelius F., (Burdett), shoe maker and farmer 1 ¾.

REYNOLDS, GIDEON, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 125.

Reynolds, Hiram, (Burdett), mechanic.

Reynolds, Joel, (Reynoldsville), justice of the peace and farmer 100.

Reynolds, Marvin E., (Reynoldsville), farmer 80.

Reynolds, Smith, (Reynoldsville), farmer 111.

REYNOLDS, WESLEY, (Burdett), carpenter, joiner and farmer 2 ¼.

REYNOLDS, WM. B., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 60.

Rich, David, (Logan), farmer 100.

Ring, Charles, (Perry City), insurance agent.

Robinson, Christopher S., (Searsburgh), farmer 103.

Robinson, O., (North Hector), lumber dealer and farmer 127.

Robinson, Sabins, (Reynoldsville), farmer 96.

Robinson, Squire, (Reynoldsville), farmer 54 ½.

Robison, Catharine Mrs., (Burdett), tailoress.

Rodgers, John M., (Lawrence), farmer 70.

Rogers, Hiram, (Searsburgh), farmer 136.

Rolisun, James M., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 50.

Root, Parley D. Rev., (Mecklenburgh), pastor Baptist church.

ROSEKRANS, IRA, (Burdett), wagon maker.

ROW, JAMES, (Burdett), shoe maker, notary public and farmer 10.

Rowen, Elizabeth, (Smith Valley), farmer 48 ½.

Rudy, Minor, (Reynoldsville), farmer 100.

Russel, John, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 14.

Russel, Tunis, (Reynoldsville), farmer 6.

SACKET, BUEL, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 127.

Sackett, John C., (Bennettsburgh), lumberer and farmer 180.

Salisbury, John, (Mecklenburgh), farmer leases 84.

Sands, Joseph R., (Burdett), (Farlin & Sands), farmer 2.

Satterly, Charles, (Burdett), farmer 123.

Saw, Jay R., (Perry City), insurance agent.

Saw, William K., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 52.

SAYLER, HENRY H., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 100.

SAYLER, JOHN, (Reynoldsville), farmer 168.

SAYLER, SAMUEL, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 189.

Searles, Daniel M., (Mecklenburgh), (D. M. Searles & Co.).

Searls, D. M. & CO., (Daniel M. Searls and Wm. H. Vandine), general merchants.

SEARLES, ELIAS, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 300.

Searles, Jason A., (Reynoldsville), shoemaker.

Sears, David F., (Searsburgh), post master.

Sears, George W., (Searsburgh), farmer 130.

Sears, Orin, (Smith Valley), farmer 185.

SEARS, PRESTON, (Smith Valley), farmer 98 ½..

Sears, Thomas B., (Searsburgh), farmer 200.

Secor, Daton, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 65.

Secord, Charles, (Smith Valley), farmer 92.

SECORD, ROWLAND, (Reynoldsville), farmer 230.

Secord, Susan, (Reynoldsville), farmer 70.

Secoy, Barney, (Searsburgh), farmer 113.

Sergent, John, (North Hector), wagon maker.

Serino, William, (Searsburgh), farmer 14.

Shannon, Daniel, (Seneca), farmer 50.

Shannon, Mark, (Reynoldsville), farmer 75.

Shanon, John T., (Townsendville, Seneca Co.), farmer 80.

SHARPSTEN, SMITH H., (Reynoldsville), inspector of elections and farmer 87.

Shaw, Thomas, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 67.

Sherer, Hiram W., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 82.

Sherrer, John W., (Burdett), (with Samuel), farmer 115.

Sherrer, Samuel, (Burdett), (with John F.), farmer 115.

Sherwood, Harrison J. M., (Searsburgh), farmer 166.

SHERWOOD, HENRY, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 66.

Sherwood, Orlando B., (Cayutaville), allopathic physician and surgeon.

Shoemaker, Lewis, (Burdett), farmer 2 ½.

Shriner, John, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 70.

Shriner, Richard W., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 43.

Sirrine, Horace S., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 60.

Skinner, Joseph L., (Lodi Centre, Seneca Co.), carpenter and farmer 11.

Slack, Harrison, (Perry City), farmer 30.

Slaght, Abraham, (Watkins), farmer 125.

Slaght, Lewis, (Seneca), farmer 100.

Sloan, James R., (Reynoldsville), farmer 85.

Small, John B., (Smith Valley), miller.

Smead, C. D., (Logan), farmer 91.

Smith, Alexander S., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 99.

Smith, Andrew J., (Reynoldsville), farmer 161.

Smith, B. B., (North Hector), farmer 109.

SMITH, BELA C., (Reynoldsville), farmer 63.

Smith, Catharine, (Cayutaville), farmer 30.

Smith, Chauncey W., (Logan), farmer 140.

Smith, David, (Burdett), veterinary surgeon and farmer 5.

SMITH, DAVID L., (North Hector), farmer 28.

Smith, Dewitt, (Lawrence), farmer leases 120.

Smith, Edward, (Hector), farmer 99.

Smith, Erminda O., (Logan), cabinet shop and farmer 6.

Smith, Eugene B., (Cayutaville), merchant.

Smith, E. L., (Burdett), (with J. S.), farmer 160.

Smith, Frank, (Mecklenburgh), butcher.

SMITH, HORACE W., (Burdett), farmer 125.

Smith, Isaiah, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 120.

Smith, James, (Mecklenburgh), glove and mitten manuf.

Smith, John, (Smith Valley), farmer 78.

Smith, John H., (Burdett), farmer 100.

Smith, John L., (North Hector), farmer 97.

Smith, John M., (Burdett), farmer 50.

Smith, John S., (Searsburgh), farmer leases 79.

Smith, J. S., (Burdett), (with E. L.), farmer 160.

Smith, Joseph C., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 50.

Smith, Lewis B., (Burdett), farmer 7 ½.

Smith, L., (Logan), farmer 16.

Smith, Milton, (Smith Valley), farmer 76.

Smith, Minor, (Cayutaville), farmer 115.

Smith, Samuel W., (Bennettsburgh), blacksmith.

Smith, Thomas S., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 110.

Smith, Tunis S., (Searsburgh), farmer 73.

Smith, Whitley J., (Logan), farmer 128.

Smith, William, (Cayutaville), farmer 20.

Smith, Wm. P., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 185 ½.

Smyth, Lammoraux, (North Hector), farmer 60.

Snook, John, (Searsburgh), farmer 60.

Snyder, Adam, (Burdett), farmer 125.

SNYDER, A. L., (North Hector), vocal music and farmer 105.

Snyder, Benjamin O., (Burdett), farmer 60.

Snyder, Isaac, (Burdett), farmer 73.

Snyder, Stewart C., (Mecklenburgh), mechanic.

SOULE, ALFRED W., (Reynoldsville), lime kiln and farmer 12.

Soule, George A., (Reynoldsville), farmer 36.

SPALDING, D. A., (Reynoldsville).

SPAULDING, ELMER C., (Burdett), lumber merchant and farmer 100.

Spaulding, John, (Mecklenburgh), saw mill.

Spaulding, Wm. B., (Reynoldsville), farmer 81.

Spence, William, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), (with Henry Vensicklen), farmer 100.

Spence, William W., (Seneca), farmer 214.

SPENCER, JOHN O., (Burdett), farmer 106.

Spencer, J. P., (Logan), farmer leases 115.

Spencer, W. T., (Logan), farmer 86.

Sprague, John, (Reynoldsville), farmer 8.

Squires, Theodore, (North Hector), grain dealer and farmer 6.

Stanley, William, (North Hector), shoe maker and farmer 1.

STEVENS, CHARLES, (Hector), general merchant.

Stevens, Oscar, (Perry City), blacksmith.

Stevens, Theron, (Hector), blacksmith.

Stevenson, Nathaniel, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 116.

Stewart, George B., (Searsburgh), blacksmith.

STILWELL, DAVID, (Perry City), mason.

STILWELL, GEORGE H., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 90.

Stilwell, Charles, (Reynoldsville), farmer 35.

Stillwell, Cornelius, (Reynoldsville), farmer 85.

STILWELL, IRA, (Perry City), farmer 850.

Stilwell, Ira, (Reynoldsville), farmer 60.

Stilwell, James, (Perry City), farmer 25.

STILWELL, JOHN, (Reynoldsville), farmer 100.

STILWELL, JOHN F., (Perry City), farmer 191.

Stilwell, John G., (Perry City), carpenter and farmer 25.

STILWELL, LEWIS, (Perry City), farmer 135.

Stilwell, Marvin D., (Perry City), farmer 100.

STILWELL, MORGAN L., (Perry City), farmer 67.

STILWELL, PETER, (Perry City), farmer 60.

Stilwell, Spencer, (Perry City), (with Edson Billing), saw mill.

Stilwell, Stephen, (Perry City), farmer 295.

Stilwell, Sylvester, (Reynoldsville), farmer 145.

Stilwell, William, (Reynoldsville), farmer 54.

Stilwill, Lewis M., (Reynoldsville), farmer 86.

St. John, Benjamin, (Smith Valley), farmer 24.

Stobb, Alexander, (Mecklenburgh), tailor.

Stothoff, John H., (Burdett), farmer 165.

Stoughton, James H., (Reynoldsville), farmer 108.

Stoughton, Manning, (Reynoldsville), farmer 75.

Stout, Andrew, (Bennettsburgh), (with James), farmer 335.

Stout, James, (Bennettsburgh), (with Andrew), farmer 335.

Strader, Iyar, (Burdett), farmer leases 207 ½.

Strader, Peter, (Burdett), farmer 207 ½.

Sturdevant, Orry, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 55.

Swan, Aden, (Cayutaville), blacksmith.

SWICK, A. P. V., (Burdett), miller.

Swick, Dewitt C., (Searsburgh), farmer 173.

Swick, George W., (Perry City), farmer 170.

Swick, John H., (Reynoldsville), farmer 244.

Swick, John M. Rev., (Reynoldsville), Wesleyan clergyman and farmer 6.

Taber, William H., (Lawrence), farmer 117.

Tailby, William, (Searsburgh), farmer leases 65.

TALLMADGE, RUFUS, (Mecklenburgh), homeopathic physician and farmer leases 95.

Terry, George H., (Perry City), painter and farmer 11.

Terry, Ira L., (Searsburgh), farmer 136.

Terry, Nathaniel J., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 148.

Terryberry, Priscilla, (Searsburgh), farmer 6.

Thomas, Charles, (Perry City), carpenter.

Thomas, Jerome, (Mecklenburgh), blacksmith and machinist.

THOMPSON, DANIEL, (Burdett), commissioner of highways and farmer 170.

Thompson, David M., (Burdett), farmer 63 ½.

Thompson, Norman M., (Burdett), general merchant.

THOMPSON, PHILAMON J., (Perry City), farmer 107.

Thompson, P. M., (Burdett), agent for Morris Run Coal Co., store at Coal Point.

THOMPSON, THOS. W., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 146.

Thompson, William C., (Burdett), farmer 63 ½.

Titus, David, (Townsendville, Seneca Co.), farmer 64.

Titus, Timothy W., (Hector), botanic physician.

Tompkins, Elijah H., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 53.

Tompkins, George W., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 180.

Townsend, John W., (Logan), farmer 45.

Townsend, Orville, (Logan), farmer 185.

Tracey, Allen C., (Logan), farmer 96 ½.

Tracey, G. A., (Logan), homeopathic physician.

Tredwell, Joseph, (Smith Valley), shoe maker.

Treman, Geo. B., (Mecklenburgh), (Treman & Grant).

Treman & Grant, (Mecklenburgh), (Geo. B. Treman and Geo. Grant), merchants.

TREMAN, JAMES C., (Mecklenburgh), (M. Treman & Son).

TREMAN, MADISON, (Mecklenburgh), (M. Treman & Son).

TREMAN, M. & SON, (Mecklenburgh), (Madison and James C.), merchants.

Tripp, Humphrey D., (Perry City), wagon maker.

Trotter, Benjamin W., (Smith Valley), farmer 85.

TYLER, DANIEL, (Burdett), farmer 106.

TYLER, JOSEPH A., (Hector), (Adriance, Hodges & Tyler), farmer 293 ½.

UPDIKE, IRA, (Searsburgh), farmer 135.

Updike, John H., (Perry City), farmer 70.

Updike, Lewis, (Hector), farmer 200.

Updike, Rensselaer, (Logan), farmer 100.

Updike, Moses, (Searsburgh), farmer 60.

Usher, George A., (Burdett), farmer 125.

Vanburen, John W., (Burdett), farmer 15.

Vanburen, Michael, (Perry City), insurance agent, painter and grainer and farmer 13.

VANDERGEE, MARTIN T., (Perry City), farmer 162.

Vanderpool, Wm. N., (North Hector), shoemaker.

Vandine, James, (Searsburgh), wagon maker.

Vandine, Wm. H., (Mecklenburgh), (D. M. Searles & Co.).

Vandorn, Horatio W., (Burdett), farmer 250.

Vanfleet, Jonathan, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 103.

Vanhorn, Oliver, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 70.

Vanhorn, Simeon, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 52.

Vantile, Wansa, (Smith Valley), farmer 33.

Vantuile, A. J., (Hector), farmer 45.

VanValkenburgh, C. A., (North Hector), dentist, proprietor of vineyard and farmer 19.

Vanvleet, James, (Reynoldsville), farmer 30.

Vanvleet, Jared, (Reynoldsville), farmer 75.

Vanwormer, Timothy, (Logan), farmer leases 168.

Vaughan, Amos O., (Burdett), farmer 128.

Vaughan, Anna, (Burdett), farmer 4.

VAUGHAN, ERIE, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 109.

VAUGHAN, WILLIAM, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 115.

Velie, John W., (Logan), farmer 52.

Vensicklen, Henry, (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), (with Wm. Spence), farmer 100.

Wager, G., (Hector), farmer leases 58.

Wager, James H., (Mecklenburgh), blacksmith.

Wait & Peck, (Hector), warehouse at Peach Orchard Point.

Wait, William H., (North Hector), proprietor store house at Peach Orchard Point and farmer 14.

Wakeman, Abby H., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 20 ½.

Wakeman, Moses A., (Trumansburgh, Tompkins Co.), farmer 60.

Walworth, Amos, (Smith Valley), farmer 62.

Ward, William, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 15.

Warren, James, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 30 and leases 5.

Warren, Samuel, (Perry City), farmer 72 ½.

Warthout, John S., (North Hector), farmer 144.

Weaver, William, (Logan), farmer 50.

Welding, James E., (North Hector), carpenter.

Wescott, Amos, (North Hector), farmer 100.

Wheeler, Amos, (Reynoldsville), farmer 52 ½.

Wheeler, Mrs., (North Hector), farmer 20.

Whitehorn, Clark, (Burdett), (Whitehorn & Son).

Whitehorn & Son, (Burdett), (Clark and Wesley W.), woolen factory and farmers 5.

Whitehorn, Wesley W., (Burdett), (Whitehorn & Son).

Whitman, Gaylord G., (Reynoldsville), merchant.

Whitman, Mary Mrs., (Reynoldsville), farmer 40.

Wickham, Alexander E., (Bennettsburgh), farmer 100.

Wickham, Charles, (Bennettsburgh), farmer leases 109.

Wickham, Erastus, (Bennettsburgh), farmer 400.

Wickham, G. C., (Burdett), farmer leases 236.

Wickham, Martha Mrs., (Hector), farmer 120.

Wiggins, Eunice, (Perry City), farmer 10.

WIGGINS, JOHN, (Bennettsburgh), grist mill and farmer 26.

Williams, Jacob, (Burdett), farmer 137.

Williams, Oliver, (Burdett), farmer 110.

WILSON, JAMES, (Burdett), farmer leases 56.

Wilson, Lorenzo, (Burdett), farmer leases 118.

Wilson, Peter J., (Smith Valley), farmer 160.

WILSON, ROBERT, (Burdett), shingle factory and farmer 10.

Withiam, Harrison, (Burdett), cooper.

Wixom, Elnathan, (Mecklenburgh), farmer 385.

WIXOM, JOHN B., (Mecklenburgh), farmer 75.

Wood, Alfred, (Mecklenburgh), mason.

Wood, David, (Perry City), farmer 6.

Wood, Milton, (Reynoldsville), mason and carpenter.

Woodford, Asa, (Smith Valley), farmer 95.

Woodford, Reuben, (North Hector), farmer 1.

Woodward, Arthur, (Logan), farmer 110.

WOODWARD, HORATIO H., (Burdett), farmer 300.

Yaples, Smith, (Smith Valley), millwright.

Yates, Christopher, (Searsburgh), farmer 150.

Yates, Mary A. Mrs., (Searsburgh), farmer 163.


(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Aber, Elias, (Odessa), farmer 50.

Ames, Julius B., (Havana), physician and surgeon.

Anketell, John Rev., (Havana), Rector of St. Paul’s Church, (Episcopal).

Armstrong, Arnold, (Havana), carpenter.

Austin, Rusell, (Havana), farmer 80.

Ayres, William, (Havana), farmer 172.

Babcock, Perry, (Havana), farmer 76.

BALEY, GILBERT D., (Havana), allo. physician and surgeon, and farmer 260.

*BALL, ALONZO G., (Havana), editor of Havana Journal.

BALLOU, DARIUS, (Havana), (D. Ballou & Brother).

BALLOU, D. & BROTHER, (Havana), (Darius and Otis), hubs, spokes and bending works.

BALLOU, OTIS, (Havana), (D. Ballou & Brother).

Barber, Amos, (Havana), prop. of old Havana Woolen Mill, manufacturer of woolen cloths, flannels, yarn, &c.

BEARD, GBORGE M., (Havana), allopathic physician and surgeon.

BEARDSLEY, JAMES B., (Odessa), farmer 80.

Beardsley, James E., (Catharine), farmer 38.

Beebe, Dwight, (Havana), (Beebe & Hinman).

Beebe & Hinman, (Havana), (Dwight Beebe and Grove C. Hinman), hardware merchants.

Beers, Ebenezer, (Havana), blacksmith and farmer 80.

BENEDICT, D. D. T., (Havana), claim agent.

Bonnett, Henry M., (Catharine), farmer 58.

Borden, James P., (Havana), farmer 175.

Bowlby, Ira R., (Havana), brick maker.

Bradley, Austin J., (Odessa), farmer 93.

Bradley, Edwin, (Havana), farmer 38.

Bradley, Lewis H., (Odessa), carpenter and joiner.

Briggs, Jesse, (Havana), boatman.

BRINK, SAMUEL, (Havana), farmer 200.

Brodrick, Minor T., (Havana), justice of the peace and farmer 155.

Brown, Joseph, (Odessa), farmer 53.

Brown, Rensselaer, (Havana), farmer 70.

Brown, Sherman Z., (Havana), farmer leases of Lucretia Brown 46.

Brown, William, (Havana), canal lock tender.

Buckley, Darius, (Catharine), farmer 40.

Burchfield, Robert, (Havana), shoemaker.

HUNTLEY, ROLLIN D., (Havana), house, sign and ornamental painter and grainer.

Jackson, John, (Havana), farmer 175.

JOBBITT, ANDREW, (Havana), prop. livery and grocer.

JONES & SMITH, (Havana), (John E. Jones and Charles B. Smith), carriage makers.

JONES, JOHN E., (Havana), (Jones & Smith).

KEELER, SAMUEL C., (Havana), attorney and counselor at law, at Clerk’s office Building.

KEYSER, ALPHEUS, (Havana), (P. & A. Keyser).

KEYSER, PETER, (Havana), (P. & A. Keyser).

KEYSER, P. & A., (Havana), (Peter and Alpheus), general merchants.

KNAPP, SAMUEL A., (Havana), foreman of Schuyler Co. Stone Ware Works.

KNIGHT, JOHN J., (Havana), farmer 70.

LAREW, JOHN C., (Havana), farmer 269.

LE, ISAIAH D., (Havana), farmer 115.

Lee, John W., (Havana), farmer 102.

Leland, C. B. Mrs., (Havana), milliner.

Levenworth, Russel, (Havana), carpenter.

LEWIS & CRAWFORD, (Havana), (Mortimer G. Lewis and Leroy Crawford), props. of Cook Flouring Mills and manufacturers of barrels.

LEWIS, MORTIMER G., (Havana), (Lewis & Crawford).

Lewis, Nathan, (Havana), farmer 7.

Look, J. B. Mrs., (Havana), millinery store.

Luck, Peter, (Havana), farmer 78.

*LYBOLT, HENRY, (Havana), carpenter and joiner and master builder.

Mack, John, (Havana), farmer leases 105.

MALLETT, ERRA, (Havana), mason and constable.

Mallett, Jesse, (Catharine), farmer 70.

Mandeville, Elvin K., (Havana), superintendent of coal mine and farmer 80.

Martin, William, (Havana), house painter.

MAXWELL, NATHAN, (Havana), first miller in Havana mills.

McAly, Peter, (Havana), mason and farmer 50.

McClure, Henry G., (Havana), dealer in stock and farmer 130.

McClure, Thomas, (Havana), (with John), farmer 150.

McClure, John, (Havana), (with Thomas), farmer 150.

McGeine, Jeremiah, (Havana), attorney and counselor at law.

Mead, Minor M., (Havana), lawyer and insurance agent.

Meeks, Ira B., (Odessa), farmer leases of A. G. Campbell, 80.

Miller, Charles, (Havana), farmer 72.

Miller, Harrison, (Havana), farmer leases of Mary Miller, 61.

Miller, Horatio D., (Havana), house and carriage painter and paper hanger.

Miller, Mathias, (Havana), farmer 32 ¼.

Mills, Henry F., (Havana), farmer 100.

Millspaugh, Lewis, (Havana), farmer leases of Deborah Kimble, 130.

Minier, Theodore L., (Havana), cashier First National Bank.

Mire, Right, (Havana), shoemaker.

MITCHELL, JOHN L., (Catharine), farmer 82.

Mitchell, Phineas C., (Odessa), farmer 90.

Mitchell, Sally, (Catharine), farmer 40.

Mitchell, Walter Mrs., (Odessa), farmer 13.

MONTOUR HOUSE, (Havana), Giles & Rockwell, props.

Morgan, John, (Havana), farmer 100.

MUMFORD, ERASTUS S., (Havana), (Wager & Mumford).

Oest, Henry R., (Havana), tobacconist.

PALMER, BENJAMIN, (Havana), photographer.

Pike, Sewall, (Havana), undertaker and manufacturer of furniture.

Platt, Giles, (Havana), blacksmith.

Prime, Henry V., (Havana), hair dresser.

RAYMOND, HIRAM, (Havana), dealer in groceries and provisions, Main St. and Lock No. 1, also farmer 75.

REED, MARVIN, (Havana), farmer 115.

ROCKWELL, REUBEN D., (Havana), (Giles & Rockwell).

Russel, William, (Havana), blacksmith.

Sacket, Samuel W., (Havana), farmer 149.

Sands, Joseph R., (Havana), (Farland & Sands).

Second National Bank, (Havana), Hull Fanton, president; H. C. Higman, cashier.

Severn, Henry W., (Havana), eating house.

SHELTON, DAVID L., (Havana), dealer in groceries, provisions, drugs, medicines, paints, oils, &c.

Shelton, Lewis, (Odessa), farmer 50.

Shelton, Ralph, (Odessa), farmer 31.

SHERRER, JAMES P., (Havana), farmer 117.

Sherwood, Minor L., (Havana), farmer.

SKELLENGER, NATHAN, (Havana), prop. of Havana Furnace, manufacturer of all kinds of machinery and agricultural implements.

Slocum, Benjamin, (Havana), blacksmith.

SMITH, CHARLES B., (Havana), (Jones & Smith).

Smith, Hiram, (Havana), farmer 51.

Smith, Isaac H., (Watkins), teacher of the Havana Union School and farmer 162.

Smith, Thomas C., (Havana), carriage maker.

Snyder, Peter B., (Havana), farmer 90.

Spaulding, Calvin E., (Havana), custom tailor.

Spaulding, Phineas, (Havana), farmer 7.

Stanley, Eli, (Havana), manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes.

Statenbur, Abram, (Havana), farmer 7.

Stephens, Reuben, (Havana), blacksmith.

Stone, Charles, (Havana), (with John), farmer leases 150.

STONE, GARRY, (Havana), farmer 150.

Stone, John, (Havana), (with Charles), farmer leases 150.

STOUT, WILLIAM P., (Havana), cooper.

Stowell, Alexander D. Rev., (Havana), pastor of Presbyterian Church.

Stratton, Edward, (Havana), boat builder.

Stuart, Sevellon A., (Catharine), farmer 100.

SWARTHOUT, WASHINGTON W., (Havana), mason and paper hanger.

THOMPSON, NATHANIEL S., (Havana), farmer 76.

Thompson, Ananias C., (Watkins), farmer 170.

Thompson, Grant B., (Havana), farmer 92.

Tift, Reuben Jr., (Millport, Chemung Co.), boatman.

TOMPKINS, FRANK, (Havana), homeopathic physician and surgeon.

TOPPING, BENJAMIN W., (Havana), farmer 80.

Townsend, John W., (Havana), nurseryman.

Tracy, Daniel, (Havana), general merchant.

Tum, Michael, (Havana), farmer 17.

VAN ARDER, CHAS. G., (Havana), carpenter and joiner.

Vangorder, James W., (Havana), farmer 60.

VAUGHAN, JOHNSON, (Havana), farmer 127.

WAGER, ELIAS B., (Havana), (Wager & Mumford).

WAGER & MUMFORD, (Havana), (Elias B. Wager and Erastus S. Mumford), allopathic physicians and surgeons.

Wakely, Raswell S., (Havana), justice of the peace, ornamental and sign painter.

WEAVER & ELLSWORTH, (Havana), (Myron H. Weaver and James Ellsworth), groceries and provisions.

Weaver, Moses E., (Havana), meat market.

WEAVER, MYRON H., (Havana), (Weaver & Ellsworth), lumber dealer.

WEED, HORACE V., (Havana), (J. M. & H. Weed).

WEED, JOSEPH M., (Havana), (J. M. & H. Weed), hardware merchant.

WEED, J. M. & H., (Havana), (Joseph M. and Horace V.), prop. of Havana Mills.

Weed, Mason N., (Havana), merchant tailor and general merchant.

WELLER, EDWIN, (Havana), general merchant.

Weller, Jacob, (Catharine), farmer 112 ¾.

Welsh, Joseph B., (Havana), boot and shoe maker.

WHITEHORN, ABRAM, (Havana), carpenter and builder.

WHITFORD, DAVID E., (Havana), civil engineer of Keuka Lake and Chemung Canal.

Whittemore, A. O., (Havana), (Hall & Whittemore), prop. Schuyler stoneware works and farmer 55.

Wickham, F. Marian, (Havana), farmer leases of Erastus Wickham, 220.

WICKHAM, GEORGE C., (Havana), farmer 120.

Will, Emanuel, (Havana), ready made clothing.

Williams, Solomon, (Watkins), farmer 170.

Williams, William, (Watkins), farmer 174.

WILSON, JAMES, (Havana), cartman.

Wilson, Peter, (Havana), carpenter.

WISE, CHARLES H., (Havana), telegraph operator and agent for U. S. Ex. Co.

YOUNG, JOSEPH R., (Havana), mason and paper hanger.


(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Allen, Abby Mrs., (Orange), farmer 150.

ALLEN, DOTIS E., (Orange), millwright and farmer 132 ½.

Allen, Thomas, (Orange), farmer 140.

Andrews, John, (Orange), wagon maker and farmer 50.

Andrews, Philip, (Orange), carpenter.

Ayers, James, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 5.

Babitt, Charles B., (Orange), farmer 115.

BAKER, HIRAM, (East Orange), farmer 120.

Baker, Levi, (Pine Creek), farmer 75.

Baldwin, Ephraim, (Orange), farmer 13.

Ballard, Joseph, (Tyrone), farmer 45.

Barker, Calista Mrs., (East Orange), farmer 15.

Barker, Levi C., (East Orange), farmer 93.

BARKLEY, ABRAM, (Orange), collector and farmer 100.

Barkman, Jacob, (Orange), farmer 107.

Barnes, Calvin H., (Orange), farmer 60.

Barnes, Louis, (Orange), farmer 62.

Bates, Mary Mrs., (Sugar Hill), (Lewis Bros. & Sisters).

Bates, Monroe B., (Sugar Hill), peddler of fruit trees and farmer 1.

Bell, John, (Orange), farmer 115.

Bell, Robert, (Orange), physician.

Bell, Wm., (Orange), farmer 10.

Benham, Alonzo J., (Pine Creek), farmer 15.

Benit, Calvin, (Orange), farmer 1.

BENNETT, DAVID W., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), blacksmith and farmer 23 ½.

BEVIER, CHARLES, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), (with George), farmer 100.

BEVIER, GEORGE, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), (with Charles), farmer 100.

Bogert, Henry G., (Orange), farmer 75.

Bolt, Wm. L., (East Orange), farmer 70.

Bowman, Adam, (Beaver Dams), farmer leases 81.

BOYES, THOMAS, (Orange), farmer 360.

Brace, Hiram, (Orange), farmer 64.

Bradner, James, (Pine Creek), farmer 80.

Brien, James, (Sugar Hill), farmer 44.

Brimmer, Jacob, (Mead’s Creek), farmer 20.

Britten, Walter, (Orange), farmer 50.

Brown, Louis, (Sugar Hill), farmer 63.

BRYAN, JOSEPH, (Orange), farmer 50.

Bucher, Frederick, (Sugar Hill), farmer 100.

Buck, Wm. C., (Sugar Hill), farmer 226.

Burgess, Squire, (Orange), farmer 7.

Burlew, John, (Orange), farmer 50.

Burlew, Rachael Mrs., (Orange), farmer 50.

Bussey, Irah, (Beaver Dams), farmer 55.

Button, George, (Orange), farmer 150.

Caldwell, William, (Sugar Hill), farmer 140.

Caring, Stephen, (Orange), farmer 8.

Carman, Jacob, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 80.

Carmon, Jacob, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), dairyman and farmer 60.

CARR, CHARLES W., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), 250.

Carr, James A., (Sugar Hill), farmer 54.

Carson, Erastus, (Orange), farmer leases 150.

Caslin, Wm., (Orange), farmer 50.

Caywood, Elizabeth Mrs., (Orange), farmer 1.

Chamberlain, Julia, (Orange), farmer 110.

Chamberlain, S., (Orange), farmer 50.

Chamberlain, Leander, (Mead’s Creek), postmaster and farmer 110.

Chambers, L. Mrs., (Orange), tailoress.

CHAPMAN, BERKLEY, (East Orange), farmer leases 184.

Chapman Bros., (Orange), (Daniel and Ezra), blacksmiths.

Chapman, Charles Rev., (Orange), Presbyterian clergyman and farmer 60.

Chapman, Daniel, (Orange), (Chapman Bros.), farmer 89.

Chapman, Ezra, (Orange), (Chapman Bros.), farmer 6.

Chrisjohn, George, (Mead’s Creek), farmer 48.

Churchill, Joseph, (Orange), farmer 106.

Clark, Charles, (Orange), farmer 127 ½.

Clawson, George, (Orange), farmer 130.

Colman, James, (Orange), farmer 143.

Coon, Eli, (Orange), farmer 50.

Coon, Elias, (Orange), farmer 14.

Coon, John N., (Orange), farmer leases 74.

Coon, Stephen O., (Orange), farmer 100.

Coon, William C., (Orange), farmer 50.

Cooper, Cornelius, (Orange), farmer leases 5.

Corkendall, John, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer leases 80.

Cornell, John, (Orange), farmer 4.

Covert, Abraham, (Sugar Hill), farmer leases 59.

Cowell, Elizabeth Mrs., (Orange), farmer 57 ½.

Cowell, Henry R., (Orange), farmer 61.

Craig, Hiram, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 68.

Crane, William E., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 145.

Cratsley, Abram, (Orange), thresher and farmer 117.

Cronkrite, Henry, (Tyrone), farmer 199.

Cronkrite, Lyman, (Tyrone), farmer 90.

Crotchley, Abraham, (Orange), (with Wm. & Levi Giles).

Crouch, Thomas J., (Orange), town clerk, justice of the peace and stage prop.

Crum, Mortimer, (Sugar Hill), farmer 72.

CUMPTON, HEZEKIAH, (Orange), farmer 1 ½.

CURTIS, FRANKLIN, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), (with William Switzer), farmer 95.

Davenport, Henry, (Orange), farmer 110.

Davenport, Joseph, (Orange), farmer 60.

Decker, Conrad, (Orange), farmer 80.

Dening, Alexander, (Tyrone), farmer 50.

Dening, Robert, (Pine Creek), farmer 50.

Dening, Wm., (Tyrone), farmer 50.

DeWitt, Andrew G., (Orange), carpenter and farmer 12.

DEWITT, GEO. M., (Orange), farmer leases 110.

Done, Asa, (Orange), farmer 182.

DOWLING, MICHAEL, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 118.

Drake, Sylvester S., (Pine Grove), farmer 91.

Eaves, William, (Orange), farmer 51 and leases 60.

Edwards & Damouth, (Orange), farmer 116.

EDWARDS, LUMAN, (Tyrone), farmer leases 100.

Ellis, Carpenter, (Orange), farmer 50.

Ellis, Gideon T., (Beaver Dams), farmer 100.

Everts, Rollin, (Tyrone), farmer 58.

FEAGLES, GEORGE B., (Orange), (with Jacob H.), farmer 112.

FEAGLES, JACOB H., (Orange), (with George B.), farmer 112.

Fero, Isaac W., (Beaver Dams), farmer 200.

Finch, Samuel, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 100.

Finger, Philip, (Pine Creek), farmer 50.

Fletcher, John, (Orange), farmer 197.

Florance, Aaron, (Orange), farmer 3 ½.

Forbes, Robert, (Tyrone), farmer 30.

Force, Levi, (Orange), (Johnson & Force).

Frank, Simeon P., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 85.

Frost, Jacob, (Orange), farmer 180.

Frost, Jacob, (Beaver Dams), farmer 50.

Gale, Thomas, (Beaver Dams), farmer 75.

Gates, Moses, (Orange), farmer 50.

Gaylord, Alonzo, (Orange), dealer in mercandise and farmer 600.

Gaylord & Knox, (Orange), (Louis A. Knox and Leroy Gaylord), flour, feed and groceries.

Gaylord, Leroy, (Orange), (Gaylord & Knox).

Gerin, Sylvester, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 150.

GILES BROTHERS, (Pine Grove), (Wm. and Levi), threshers and farmer 177.

GILES, LEVI, (Pine Grove), (Giles Brothers).

GILES, WM., (Pine Grove), (Giles Brothers).

Goatfalt, John H., (East Orange), farmer 35.

Goble, Truman L., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 80.

Goltry, Paul, (Pine Creek), farmer 150.

Goltry, Richard, (Orange), farmer 100.

Goundrey, Joseph, (Orange), blacksmith and farmer 62.

Goundry, Christopher, (Orange), farmer 50 and leases 100.

Goundry, Thomas D., (Orange), blacksmith.

Graham, Isaac, (Sugar Hill), farmer 109.

Granger, Chester, (Orange), farmer 130.

Grant, James H., (Orange), painter.

Gray, William C., (Mead’s Creek), farmer 75.

Green, Asel B. Rev., (Orange), Baptist clergyman.

Groves, John, (Pine Creek), farmer 100.

Hackett. Richmond, (Orange), farmer 101.

HAGER, PETER, (East Orange), farmer 62 ½.

Hall, Allen, (Sugar Hill), farmer 40.

HALL, BENONI B., (Orange), farmer 318.

Haring, Cornelius, (Orange), farmer 128.

Harrison, Parmelia Mrs., (Orange), farmer 14.

Havens, Albert, (Beaver Dams), farmer 64.

Hawley, Sidney S., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 88.

Hayes, Brazier, (Pine Creek), farmer 60.

Hays, Caleb, (Pine Creek), blacksmith and farmer 32.

Hedges, Caleb S., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 50.

Henderson, Alexander, (Pine Creek), farmer 110.

Hendrick, Charlotte Mrs., (Orange), farmer 100.

HENDRICK, IRA B., (Orange), farmer 100.

Henry, Theron, (Orange), farmer leases 97.

Herd, Caleb, (East Orange), farmer 60.

Hicks, Samuel, (Sugar Hill), farmer 43.

Hight, John N., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 1 ½.

Hill, Julia Mrs., (Sugar Hill), (Lewis Bros. & Sisters).

Hoite, George, (Orange), farmer 108.

HOLAWY, TIMOTHY, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 76.

HORNING, HAMPTON, (Orange), wagon maker, constable and farmer 30.

Horning, Nathan, (Orange), carpenter and farmer 21.

Horton, James P., (Orange), farmer 130.

Horton, Thomas P., (Orange), farmer 210.

Horton, Wm., (Sugar Hill), farmer leases 50.

Hough, Geo., (Orange), farmer 29.

House, Daniel, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer leases 103.

Howe, Horace, (Pine Creek), farmer 47.

Howell, Ann Mrs., (Tyrone), farmer 305.

HOYT, ORLANDO M., (Sugar Hill), farmer leases 96.

Hugey, Joseph H., (Orange), farmer 1.

Hughey, Andrew, (Townsend), farmer 84.

Hughey, Edwin C., (Townsend), farmer 20.

Hughey, James, (Tyrone), farmer 50.

Hughey, Jane Mrs., (Sugar Hill), farmer 77.

Hughey, Joseph, (Tyrone), farmer 100.

Hughey, Robert S., (Sugar Hill), farmer 125.

Humiston, George W., (Orange), harness maker.

Humiston, Henry, (Orange), turner and farmer 1 ¼.

Humiston, John, (Tyrone), millwright and farmer 26.

Humiston, Mark B., (Orange), farmer 37 ½.

HUMISTON, WILLIAM J., (Orange), supervisor and merchant.

Hurd, Hiram, (Orange), farmer 19 ½.

Jacoby, Arena Mrs., (Orange), farmer 15.

Jacoby, Stephen, (Orange), farmer 50.

Jessop, Amos, (Tyrone), farmer 56.

Johnson, Aaron, (Tyrone), farmer leases 100.

Johnson, Anna B. Mrs., (Orange), farmer 113.

Johnson, Demster, (Orange), (Johnson & Force).

Johnson & Force, (Orange), (Demster A. Johnson and Levi Force), physicians.

Johnson, Thomas, (Orange), farmer 45.

JONES, CHARLES, (Orange), farmer 110 and leases 210.

KEEFER, HENRY, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 70.

Keeper, Aaron, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 53.

Keeper, Lewis, (Orange), farmer 70.

Kelly, Simeon C., (Orange), farmer 100.

Kels, Wilson, (Orange), prop. of saw and grist mills and farmer 125.

Kelse, John, (Tyrone), farmer 50.

Kendell, John, (Sugar Hill), farmer 42.

Kenyon, Elmer, (Orange), farmer 30.

Kenyon, Horace, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 84.

Kilmer, Anthony, (Tyrone), farmer 53.

Kimerman, Edward, (Orange), farmer 60.

Knapp, Wm., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 63.

Knickerbocker, Walter, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 162.

Knox, Louis A., (Orange), (Gaylord & Knox).

Kress, Andrew T., (Orange), farmer 60.

Lampher, Silas, (Orange), farmer leases 60.

Lamphere, Jackson, (Orange), farmer 25.

Lamphere, Sherman, (Mead’s Creek), farmer 4.

Lane, Henry, (Beaver Dams), farmer 55.

Lemunyan, William, (Orange), farmer leases 110.

Leonard, Henry, (Tyrone), farmer 1 ½.

Leonard, Henry T., (Tyrone), farmer 50.

LEONARD, JACOB, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 92.

Lewis Brothers and Sisters, (Sugar Hill), (Thos. and Peter Lewis, Mrs. Martha Payne, Mrs. Julia Hill, Mrs. Mary Bates and Mrs. Mary Lewis), farmers 125.

Lewis, Isaac, (Sugar Hill), farmer 50.

Lewis, Mary Mrs., (Sugar Hill), (Lewis Bros. & Sisters).

Lewis, Peter, (Sugar Hill), (Lewis Bros. & Sisters).

Lewis, Thos., (Sugar Hill), (Lewis Bros. & Sisters).

Libolt, Francis W., (Townsend), farmer 62 ½.

Littell, Lana Mrs., (Orange), farmer 120.

Lockwood, John C., (Sugar Hill), farmer 62.

Lockwood, Wm. C., (Orange), shoemaker and farmer 3 ½.

Love, Joseph, (Sugar Hill), farmer 25.

Love, Wm., (Tyrone), farmer 98.

Lybolt, James, (Beaver Dams), (with William), farmer 125.

Lybolt, William, (Beaver Dams), (with James H.), farmer 125.

Macreery, Wm., (Sugar Hill), farmer 125.

Main, Alonzo, (East Orange), farmer 38.

Main, Ira M., (Beaver Dams), farmer 68.

Main, Uriah H., (Beaver Dams), farmer leases 68.

Maltby, Curtis, (Orange), prop. of Mantera Hall and farmer 215.

Maper, Eugene B., (Orange), clerk of the board of supervisors and farmer 130.

Mapes, James, (Orange), farmer 150.

Mapes, William E., (East Orange), farmer 60.

Mathews, Charles, (Orange), farmer 2 ¼.

Mathews, Nicholas, (Orange), carpenter and farmer 50.

Mathews, William, (Orange), farmer 87.

McConnel, Ichabod, (Sugar Hill), farmer 50.

McDOWELL, DAVID, (Orange), farmer.

Merrit, Morgan L., (Orange), farmer 250.

Milespaugh, Samuel S., (East Orange), farmer 60.

Miller, Aaron, (East Orange), farmer 20.

MILLER, DAVID R., (Orange), farmer 106.

Miller, Garret, (East Orange), farmer 65.

Miller, Levi, (Orange), farmer 127.

Miller, Nathan, (East Orange), farmer 34.

Miller, Philando, (Pine Creek), farmer 75.

Miller, William B., (East Orange), farmer 122.

Mizner, Melinda Mrs., (Orange), farmer 119.

MOORE, AARON, (Orange), farmer.

Moore, Martin, (Orange), farmer 245.

Morehouse, Isaac P., (Orange), farmer 122 ½.

Morrison, Daniel E., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 180.

Morse, Abner, (Orange), farmer 1.

Morse, Stephen, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 187 ½.

Moss, John, (Orange), farmer 17.

Munson, Jesse, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 200.

Newcomb, Algernon S., (Orange), prop. of cheese factory and farmer 200.

Newcomb, Hiram, (East Orange), farmer 77.

Nichols, Harvey, (Sugar Hill), farmer 230.

Northrop, Solomon, (Orange), farmer 92.

O’Daniels, Francis, (Beaver Dams), farmer leases 108.

Ogden, George, (Orange), farmer 30.

Olmstead, Harvey C., (Sugar Hill), blacksmith and farmer 40.

Orr, Samuel, (Sugar Hill), farmer 4.

O’Shea, Patrick, (Orange), farmer 102.

Overhiser, Amanda M. Mrs., (Orange), farmer 100.

Overhiser, Casper, (Orange), farmer 150.

Overhiser, Martin, (Orange), farmer leases 17.

Overhiser, Nathan, (Orange), farmer 40.

Owen, Daniel, (Tyrone), farmer 20.

Owen, Stephen H., (Tyrone), farmer 120.

Paddock, James D., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer leases 100.

Pangborn, John, (Townsend), farmer 116.

Pangborn, Wm., (Sugar Hill), carpenter and joiner and farmer leases 1 ½.

Pangburn, Eugene, (Pine Grove), carpenter and farmer 4.

PARKER, DARIUS, (Orange), farmer 94.

PARKER, JAMES R., (Pine Creek), blacksmith.

Parkes, John Jr., (Sugar Hill), farmer 109.

Parks, David, (Sugar Hill), farmer 83 ¼.

Parks, James, (Sugar Hill), farmer 96.

Parmer, George F., (Beaver Dams), farmer 44.

Parmer, Guardency, (Beaver Dams), farmer 53.

Payne, Martha Mrs., (Sugar Hill), (Lewis Bros. & Sisters).

Peck, Benoni, (Orange), farmer 94.

Personius, Andrew, (Beaver Dams), farmer 40.

Peter, Paddock, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 40.

Phelps, Phebe Mrs., (Beaver Dams), farmer 100.

Pheris, Nancy Mrs., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 60.

Phinney, Elhanon, (Sugar Hill), farmer 30.

POTTER, ISAAC C., (Pine Creek), farmer 70.

Potter, Stokes, (Pine Creek), farmer 144.

Powell, Jacob, (Pine Creek), farmer 95.

Powell, John, (Pine Creek), farmer 30.

Powell, Nicholas, (Pine Creek), farmer 170.

Priest, Benjamin, (East Orange), postmaster and (with Carlton), farmer 70.

Priest, Carlton, (East Orange), (with Benjamin), farmer 70.

Putnam, Eben, (Sugar Hill), farmer leases 23.

Putnam, George P., (Orange), farmer 104.

Putman, Linas, (Orange), farmer 177.

Randall, John, (Orange), miller and farmer 1.

Raplee, Andrew J., (East Orange), farmer 40.

Rappley, Josiah, (Tyrone), farmer 45.

Renif, Philo, (Orange), farmer 50.

Ribbell, David, (Tyrone), farmer 130.

Rice, Samuel, (Pine Creek), farmer 60.

Robbins, Alonzo, (Sugar Hill), postmaster and farmer 149.

Robins, Charles E., (Sugar Hill), farmer 64.

Rockwell, Eben, (Orange), farmer 40.

Rockwell, Samuel, (Orange), farmer 60.

Rolfe, Jonathan, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 20.

Rolfe, Walter H., (Orange), farmer 2.

Rolles, Esli, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer leases 170.

Roof, Nancy Mrs., (Beaver Dams), farmer 71.

Rorick, Charles, (Orange), farmer 12.

Rowlee, Heman, (Orange), hop grower and farmer 116.

Rowley, John H., (Pine Creek), post master and farmer 90.

Rowley, John M., (Pine Creek), farmer 94 ½.

Rusco, Isaac, (Orange), carpenter and joiner and farmer 40.

Rusco, James, (Orange), farmer 53.

Rusco, James Jr., (Orange), farmer 6.

Rusco, Nelson, (Orange), prop. Orange House.

Rusco, Philip, (Orange), merchant and cabinet maker.

Rutledge, James, (Pine Creek), farmer 50.

Rutledge, John, (Orange), shoe maker.

Salisbury, Frederick, (Orange), farmer 180.

Salisbury, Joseph, (Beaver Dams), farmer 50.

Schuyler, Darman, (Beaver Dams), farmer 145.

Scott, David, (Pine Creek), farmer 20.

Scott, James, (Pine Creek), farmer 20.

Scott, James A., (Sugar Hill), farmer 50.

Scott, Robert H., (Tyrone), farmer 75.

Scott, William, (Pine Creek), farmer 68.

SCOTT, WM. W., (Pine Creek), farmer 53.

SEDAM, CHARLES, (Orange), jeweler and farmer 1.

Seely, William, (Orange), shoemaker.

Sharp, George E., (Orange), tailor and farmer 8.

Sharp, John E., (Orange), shoemaker.

Shelts, Betsy Mrs., (Orange), farmer 2.

Shepard, Doctor, (Tyrone), farmer leases 12.

Sherman, Robinson Rev., (Tyrone), M. E. clergyman and farmer 60.

Sickels, Geo. W., (Orange), farmer 80.

Sickles, Wm., (Orange), farmer 86.

Simmons, Geo. B., (Tyrone), farmer 100.

Simpson, John, (Sugar Hill), shoemaker and farmer leases 2.

Skiff, Myron, (Tyrone), farmer 70.

Smalley, Betsy Mrs., (Orange), farmer 2.

Smith, Charles, (Orange), millwright and farmer 30.

Smith, Daniel, (Sugar Hill), farmer 50 and leases 73.

Smith, Francis, (Sugar Hill), farmer 100.

Smith, Lorenzo, (Orange), farmer 52.

Sott, James, (Pine Grove), farmer 31.

Speares, Joel, (Orange), farmer 2.

Sparry, Samuel, (Sugar Hill), farmer 84.

Spielman, Joseph, (Orange), farmer 88 ½.

Sproul, Andrew C., (Pine Creek), farmer 150.

Sproul, Thomas, (Tyrone), farmer 100.

Strickland, Joseph F., (Orange), farmer 107.

Switzer, Abram F., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 75.

Switzer, Barzila K., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 107.

SWITZER, HENRY, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 92.

SWITZER, VELOROUS B., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 58.

SWITZER, WILLIAM, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), (with Franklin Curtis), farmer 95.

Talbert, Asa, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 170.

Thomas, Johnson, (Orange), farmer 17.

Tichenor, Joseph, (Orange), farmer 169.

Tissue, Louisa Mrs., (Orange), photographer and farmer 1.


Tompson, Calvin, (Orange), carpenter and farmer 1.

Tompson, John, (Orange), farmer leases 150.

TOUHEY, PATRICK, (Townsend), farmer 111 ½.

Traugh, Samuel, (Orange), tanner.

Vanburgh, Marenda L. Mrs., (Orange), farmer 70.

Vanliew, Isaac W., (Tyrone), farmer 330.

Vine, George, (Orange), farmer 110.

Vine, John H., (Beaver Dams), farmer 45.

Voorhees, Benjamin, (Beaver Dams), farmer 153.

Vosburg, Aaron P., (Orange), farmer 100.

Vosburgh, John, (Orange), farmer 89.

Walever, Samuel, (Beaver Dams), farmer 75.

WALLACE, HENRY, (Pine Creek), farmer 24.

Wallin, Anthony, (Orange), farmer 17.

Wallin, ---(Tyrone), farmer 16.

Ward, John L., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 76.

Warden, William H., (Mead’s Creek), farmer 200.

Warner, John A., (Orange), farmer 130.

Waugh, Elizabeth Mrs., (Pine Creek), farmer 20.

Waugh, James, (Tyrone), farmer 91 ¾.

Waugh, John, (Orange), farmer 100.

Webb, Bradford, (Sugar Hill), farmer 85.

Webb, David, (Sugar Hill), farmer 94.

Webber, Azro B., (Orange), farmer 154.

Webber, Oscar, (Orange), post master and merchant.

Welch, Harriet Mrs., (Orange), farmer 67 ½.

Welchman, John, (Watkins), marble cutter and farmer 9.

Wellar, Henry, (Beaver Dams), carpenter, millwright and farmer 62.

Weller, Harlem C., (Orange), millwright and farmer 40.

Wessle, Lorenzo, (Orange), farmer 20.

Westbrook, Mahala Mrs., (Orange), farmer 48.

Westerfield, John, (Orange), farmer 200.

Wetzell, Solomon Rev., (Orange), M. E. clergyman.

Wilber, Austin C., (Tyrone), farmer 85.

Wilber, Daniel C., (Orange), farmer 200.

Williams, Jacob G., (Beaver Dams), farmer 55.

Williamson, Henry B., (Mead’s Creek), farmer 33 ½.

Wolverton, James, (Tyrone), farmer 50.

Wolverton, John, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 50.

Wood, Joel P., (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 140.

WOODWARD, JOHN V., (Sugar Hill), farmer 155.

WORDEN, WM., (Pine Creek), farmer leases 130.

Wright, John W., (Orange), farmer 62 ½.

Yawger, Scott, (Bradford, Steuben Co.), farmer 170.

Young, Hannah Mrs., (Orange), farmer 70.