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Robert Burr Baily & Lucy Holden Family Bible A. D. 1849

Religion, tis a thing If rightly understood, Will mend mens morals, And make their actions good.

Kimber and Sharpless Steretype Edition The Holy Bible containing the' Old and New Testaments Translated out of the originals Tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and revised with ??'s marginal notes and references, to which ae added an index, an alphabetical table of all the names in the Old and New Testaments, with their significations, tables of scripture weights, measures, and coins, etc. Stereotyped by E. White, New York, Philadelphia Published and Sold by Kimber and Ebarpless at the Book Store No. 50 N. 4th St.

Bible now in possession of Esther BAILEY Wetmore, Wellsboro, Tioga Co., PA


R. B. Bailey was born January 28th A.D. 1808

Lucy Holden born December 31st A.D. 1812

Julia Hager born May 2nd A. D. 1830 Julia Hager Bailey died March 11th 1911

A son born Nov. 21st 1834

Lydia Lucinda Bailey was born Nov. 7th A. D. 1835

Justus M. Bailey was born Sept. 26th A. D. 1837

Mary Augusta Bailey was born Jan 26th A.D. 1839

Charlotte Lucy Bailey was born Feb. 22nd A. D. 1841

Roswell Burr Bailey was born Feb. 13th A.D. 1843

Dallas Bailey was born April 14th 1845

Eliza Mary Ann Stratton Bailey was born July 1st A.D. 1847

Miran Truman D. Bailey was born Aug. 11th 1856

Robert Wilson Bailey was born July 21st 1858

Elton Lincoln Bailey was born Sept. 2nd A. D. 1860

Wallace Judd Bailey born Jan'y 18th A.D. 1862

Elwyn Carle Bailey born January 11th 1865

Frank Wilson Bailey born June 2nd 1869 (twin)

Fred Dettulow Bailey born June 2nd 1869 (twin)


R. B. Bailey was married to Miss Lucy Holden Feb. 20th A. D. 1834 at Mansfield, Tioga Co. PA

R. B. Bailey was married to Julia Hager July 23rd 1855, Sullivan Twp., Tioga Co., PA

Charlotte Lucy Bailey married to Mr. Ananais Richmond Oct 11th 1899.

Fred D. Bailey married to Christine Smith April 18th 1898, Binghamton, NY.

Fred D. Bailey married to Grace Cruttenden Watson July 14 1930, Scranton, PA.

Carl E. Bailey married to Martha B. Warren Nov. 2nd 1933 both of Elkland, PA.

Mary Augusta Bailey married to Geo. Baker Dec. 25th 1862.

Eliza M. Stratton Bailey married to Lewis Clark Oct 11th, 1865.

Lydia L. Bailey married to Geo. Holland Jan. 2nd 1866.

Roswell Burr Bailey married to Eliza Hillier July 3rd 1867.

Justus M. Bailey married to Eliza Hillier July 3rd, 1867.

Myron F. Bailey was married to Miss Carrie Austin Sept. 8th, 1878.

Wallace J. Bailey was married to Miss Vina A. Smith Feb. 25th 1883.

Elton L. Bailey ws married to Mrs. Ida G. Baily Oct. 23rd 1893.


Martha Warren Bailey, wife of Carl E. Bailey, died in Elkland, PA, November 3, 1935, at the Sayre Hospital.

Frederick D. Bailey, husband of Florence Cruttenden Bailey, died at Mansfield, PA, on April 17, 1942, age 72 years and ten months.

Viola Cross Bailey, wife of Carl E. Bailey, died Dec. 8th, 1925, at Elkland.

Nancy Overfield Bailey, wife of Wallace J. Bailey, died at Wellsboro, PA. Oct 1929.

Floy J. Bailey, wife of C. E. Bailey, died July 17th. 1932.

Wallace J. Bailey died at Wellsboro, August 11th, 1932.

Christine Smith Bailey, wife of Fred D. Bailey, died July 7, 1907, Binghamton, NY.

A son died Nov 21st, 1834.

Lucy H. Bailey died July 13th, 1847.

Robert Wilson Bailey died April 23rd, 1862.

Dallas H. Bailey departed this life Tuesday at 1 o'clock Sept. 30th, 1862.

Justus M. Bailey died in Elderado, Kansas, Aug't 22nd, 1880.

Lyde Bailey the Beloved Companion of J. M. Bailey departed Aug. 14th, 1880. The departed couple left one little girl 11 years old about 1800 miles from their former home Wellsboro, Tioga Co., PA.

Delphine Bailey, The Beloved Companion of Burr R. Bailey left this world to receive a Crown above Sept. 29th A. D. 1880.

R. B. Bailey died on Oct. 17th 1884 in the 77th year of his age.

Roswell Burr Bailey died July 5th 1902.

Ida G. Bailey died in Syracuse, NY, Dec. 9th 1903, wife of E. L. Bailey.

Mary Bailey, wife of Burr R. Bailey, died _______________.

Charlotte Lucy Bailey Richmond died Feb. 1st, 1916, at Mansfield, PA, aged 74 years 11 months and 10 days.

Frank W. Bailey died at Danville, PA 1909.

Julia Hager Bailey died Nov. 11th, 1911. Myron F. Bailey died Oct. 23rd, 1923.

Elton Bailey of Elkland, PA, died Friday, May 23, 1952, at Blossburg Hospital, born Sep. 2 1860, at Mansfield, PA. He was 91 yers.

Fred D. Bailey born June 2nd 1869 died April 17 1942.

Carl Bailey, 88 yrs. old, died at Blossburg Hospital, July 30, 1953. Born in Mansfield. Lived at Elkland, PA.

Submitted by: Shirley Kay Brownell 3219 State St. Caledonia NY 14423-1209 716 538 4540 FAX 716 538 6903 e-mail

The above Baileys are my ancestors and I have a book done in 1952 that contains information on a lot of them who married into the Johnson family.
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