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Bible Records of Edward Jesse Eastabrook of Stevensville, PA and Hammonton, NJ
 The Holy Bible published by J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia - Collins, Printer  - Publication date not given.
“Presented as a token of respect by the teachers of the Stevensville Sabbath School to
E. J. Eastabrooks Supt.“  Signed: Henry A. Ross, Dec. 25th 1871.”


"Edward J Eastabrook married to Emiline Potter Oct. 18th 1846

Elmore D Stevens married to Clara Bell Eastabrook Sept. 11th 1870

Fred F Eastabrook married to Sara A. Stevens Sept. 13th 1879

Frank E. P. Eastabrook married to Ella ____ Stevens Jan. 5th 1885

Edward J Eatabrook married to Ann Belle Langham Jan. 1st 1891

Martin N Eastabrook married to Nellie Quinby of Stevens Point Wisconsin April 11th 1893

Freda Belle Eastabrookmarried to Harry Earl Kehler May 1st 1812"


"Edward J. Eastabrook born Feb. 29th 1824

Emiline Potter born July 9th 1823

Isabele F. Eastabrook born Dec. 3 1847

Clarrissa L Eastabrook born June 14th 1849

Clara Bell Eastabrook born July 3 1852

Fred Tyler Eastabrook born Aug 14th 1855

Frank Edward Potter Eastabrook born Jan 12th 1860

Ana Belle Langham Born May 27th 1853

Freeda Bella Eastabrook Born Aug 18th 1892

Kathryn Mildred Kehler Born Feb. 8th 1913

Edward Eastabrook Kehler Born Feb. 27th 1914

Harry Grant Kehler and twin Freda Annabelle Kehler Born May 6th 1919"

"Grand children of Harry and Freda Eastabrook Kehler

Rodney Falkinburg -------- Son of Kathryn Kehler

Kathleen Ann Dodds ------- Dau of Freda Kehler

Suzanne Harriet Dodds ------ Dau of Freda Kehler

Brenda _____Kehler ------ Dau of Edward Kehler

Kathryn Mildred Kehler ------ Dau of Edward Kehler"


"Isabel F. Eastabrook died Dec. 18th 1869

Clarrissa L Eastabrook died Feb. 19th 1851

Mrs. Emiline Eastabrook died Aug 8, 1888

Martin N. Eastabrook Died Jan. 11th 1895

Edward J. Eastabrook Died May 4th 1903

Anna Belle Langham Eastabrook Died June 19th 1937

P.F.C. Harry Grant Kehler, July 10th 1943 World War two, killed first day of Sicilian Invasion."

Freda Bell Eastabrook Kehler Feb. 1st 1973 - 1892

Husband Harry Earl Kehler July 7th 1969 - 1892

Freda Annabelle Kehler Dodds July 9th 1973 - 1919

Edward Eastabrook Kehler March 9th 1974-1914"

Submitted by Theressa Graham 10 January 2001

  Note the spelling of the name.  Mr. Ross added an “S” to Eastabrook.
  Edward’s 2nd wife is Anna Belle (Gifford), the widow of James H. Langham.  Rev. H. R. Rundall, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, married them in Elwood, Mulica Township, Atlantic Co., New Jersey.  Her parents were Eli & Lucy Ann M. (Truax) Gifford.
  Freda Belle Eastabrook is Edward and Anna Bella’s only child.
  Fred Tyler or Fyler.
  Birth dates of Harry & Freda Kehler’s grandchildren are omitted, they are living.
  Earlier dates after death date are birth years.  These entries were added by Harold E. Falkinburg note Harold’s mistake on Edward E. Kehler’s b. date.

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