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Transcribed from a typed copy of the original records. Submitted by Tom Flynn Walker

Flynn - Collins Family Bible
This certifies that marriage of Michael R. Flynn of Cohocton Center and Ellen Collins of Ridgebury, PA according to the right of the Holy Catholic
Church at Athens on the 22nd day of January in the year of our Lord 1871  and presence of Patrick Connelly and Maggie Collins.
Signed by - Rev. Father Garvey

Marriages Date  
John E. Flynn and Mima Kenney August 20, 1902  
Mary E. Flynn and George Rosette April 22, 1903  
Mike T. Flynn and Lucille Roundsville October 17, 1903  
Agnes Flynn and Arthur Larson April 19, 1904  
Louis F. Flynn and Clara Wingert December 27, 1904  
William J. Flynn and Phoebe Thompson August 4, 1907  
Maude R. Flynn and Nathaniel Walker June 22, 1909  
Terese Gertrude Flynn and Bert Donoher June 30, 1917  
Thomas James Flynn and Lulu Ripley November 24, 1914  
(Hand scribed "Grandchildren)    
Norman Joseph Flynn April 7, 1910  
Gerald Flynn December 3, 1903  
Gertrude H. Rosette July 25, 1904  
Mamie M. Rosette September 17, 1905  
Isabelle Flynn October 9, 1906  
James Flynn no date  
Edward Rosette September 3, 1910  
George Rosette November 3, 1908  
John J. Rosette March 24, 1912  
Marion Walker October 12, 1910  
Thomas Walker December 12, 1911  
Leo Francis Walker June 15, no year  
Clyde Flynn no date  
Eriving Flynn no date  
Robert Flynn no date  
Eleen Flynn no date  
Helen Flynn March 7, 1914  
Marcia Flynn August 7, 1911  
June Flynn June 19, 1918  
Walter Flynn no date  
Kathleen Walker October 8, 1922  
Geraldine Walker July 9, 1925  
William J. Walker August 9, 1928  
Michael Walker October 6 or 8, 1961  
Children of Michael Flynn and Ellen Collins    
John Edward Flynn November 28, 1871  
Mary Ellen Flynn September 22, 1873  
Mike Thomas Flynn September 3, 1875  
Luke Francis Flynn February 25, 1878  
Agnes Ann Flynn April 19, 1880  
Thomas James Flynn September 19, 1882  
William Joseph Flynn April 30, 1885  
Maude Rose Flynn December 11, 1887  
Terese Gertrude Flynn January 11, 1892  
Mary Ellen Flynn and George Joseph Rosette children    
Gertrude Susan Rosette July 25, 1904  
Mamie Margaret Rosette September 17, 1905  
George Joseph Rosette, Jr. November 3, 1908  
Edward Rosette September 8, 1910  
John Rosette March 24, 1912  
William Joseph Walker August 9, 1928  
Thomas Flynn Walker Jr. no date  
Judith Ann Walker December 15, no year  
Marion Walker no date  
Thomas Raymond Kelly April 3, 1938  
Caroline Kelly April 2, 1936  
Michael R. Flynn (Father) March 22, 1913  
Albert Flynn no date  
Delores Gertrude Walker 1917  
George J. Rosette (Father) April 15, 1926 age 46
Thomas James Flynn February 26, 1928  
Mima Flynn July 5, 1930  
John E. Flynn August 28, 1946  
Agnes Larson August 14, 1938  
Ellen Flynn July 15, 1948 3:43 PM
Mrs. William (Phoebe) Flynn October 2, 1949 9:45 PM
N. G. Walker March 25, 1952  
William J. Flynn January 7, 1956  
Mrs. Mary Ellen Rosette October 15, 1961 1:45 AM
Louis Francis Flynn September 19, 1963  
Maude Rose Walker April 28, 1966  
Michael T. Flynn November 28, 1966  
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