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The Fuller/Ryman Bible
Holy Bible, Pub. Phinney & Co, Buffalo 1850


Wm. J. Fuller Borne August 5, 1819 

Cynthia Fuller Born May 6, 1822 

Triphena Jane Fuller Born Aug. , 1846 

Charity M. Fuller Born March 1, 1850 

Parmenous Ahirah Fuller Born May 28, 1852 

Vilina Vilinda Fuller Born April 11, 1855 

Julia Augusta Fuller Born August 25, 1856 

Edith M. Fuller Born January 25, 1870 

B. Ryman born March 25, 1817 

S. Ryman 

John M. Ryman Sept. 7th 1842 

George J. Ryman Jan. 20th , 1846 

Lomis B. Ryman Nov. 22nd, 1849 

Mark E. Ryman June 22nd , 1852 

Emma E. Ryman Apr. 10, 1854 

A. F. Ryman Aug. 11th , 1859 

Judson Coffrin Jan. 20th , 1853 

Edith Croffrin 

Esther M. Annis Mar. 21, 1854 

Julia A. White Feb. 20th 1843 

M. E. Ryman Oct 26th 1865 

Lester E. Ryman Apr. 19th , 1871

Vilina Vilinda Fuller Died October 3, 1855 

Triphena Jane Fuller Died July 21st , 1871 

Parmenous Ahira Fuller died Oct 5th 1880 

Wm. J. Fuller died May 21st 1885 

Cynthia Fuller died July 18th 1899 

Abiel Fuller died Oct. 11th 1867. 80 yrs, 8mo. & three days 

Rachel Fuller died May 27th 1860. 71 yrs 3 mo. & 23 days 

Note: William James Fuller and Sophia Fuller Ryman were the children of Abiel Fuller and Rachel Campbell Fuller. Both were born in Ridgebury, Bradford Co, PA. Sophia and her husband, Benjamin Ryman, migrated to Wisconsin in the mid- 1800’s but would return to Ridgebury with their children and grandchildren to visit.

All entries are as they appear in the Bible.

The Wm. J. Fuller Family Register found in the Fuller/Ryman Bible , pub. Phinney & Son, Buffalo, 1850. 

Names of Family ===== Where & When Born ==== Married =========Died ==================

Parents: =====================================================================

William J. Fuller ======= August 5th 1819 ===== Jan. 2nd 1842 ===== May 21st 1885 ============

Cynthia M. Fuller ======= May 6th 1822 ====== Thompson Hill, ==== July 18, 1899=============

====================== on the ============ Penn ================================

===================================== Cowanesque =============================
======================================= River ================================


Children: =====================================================================


Triphena J. Fuller ======= August 6th 1846 ====================== July 20th 1871 ===========

Chattie M. Fuller ======= March 1st 1850 ====== Nov. 25th 1891 ===========================

Paremenus A. Fuller ===== May 28th 1852 ====== March 6th 1876 ===== Oct 5th 1880 ============

Valina V. Fuller ======== April 11th 1855 ======================= Oct 3rd 1855 ============

Augusta J. Fuller ======= August 25th 1856 ==== December 25th ===========================

Edith M. Wands ======== Jan. 25th 1876 ====== September 20th ======================================== 

Note: William James Fuller , son of Abiel Fuller & Rachel Campbell Fuller, was born, married, and died in Ridgebury, Bradford Co., PA. His wife, Cynthia Melissa Graves Fuller, daughter of Abner Graves and Charity Campbell Graves, was born in Elkland, Tioga Co., PA, but spent the majority of her life in Ridgebury with her husband and their children.

Edith M. Wans, daughter of Triphena Jane Fuller Wans, was correctly born in 1870.

All are buried in the Doty Hill Cemetery, South Creek, Bradford Co., PA, but Julia Augusta and Edith.

All entries are as they appear on the Register. 

This Bible and its contents belong to the Family of C. W. Ferris. Transcribed and sent with their permission by Lee Freeman


 Jan. 25  Uncle John Bust buried today.
 Mar. 30 Eunice Thorp buried.
            Apr.   1 Amieigh, Beckwith, Peterson, Miller, and Wood moved today.
 Oct. 18  Mr. Early’s brother-in-law is dead last night.
   “    24  Lill Stevens buried on Doty Hill 

 Mar. 18 Lilis Fuller died today
 Jun. 15  Rev. Ambrose Ferris died and is buried on Doty Hill.
 Aug. 5   William James Fuller’s birthday
   “     6   Tryphenia Jane Fuller Wans birthday.
 Sept. 3   James Miller and Flora Burnham married today. 
 Jan. 4   Charlie Beech and Julia Brigham engaged.
 Feb. 2   Heard Will Linsey is dead. Funeral on the 4th
    “   5   Mrs. Zena Baldwin died about 2:00
 May 1  Mrs. Fraly died, her son is Charlie Fraly
    “    9  Went up to Doty Hill Cemetery to fix graves… Mrs Anglemire’s,
              Mr. Ferris, Tryphena Jane Fuller Wans, and Valina Valinda Fuller’s.
              note: Julia Earily married ________ Brigham.
             Jun. 8  Funeral of David Missler(?) belonging to the Good Templers.
    “  28  Heard Sarah Hall and Wilmot Halsted are to be wed on the 4th   ;
    “  29  Heard Mrs. Baldwin and Dell are both going to be married this summer 
 Mar. 7  Clate Brigham was married.
 Dec. 29 Six deaths this week: Mrs Clark, Mrs. French, Jake Conklin, Helen Wood, , a little Irish girl that lived at Mr. Sam Makood’s(?), and
    also their youngest child. 

 Mar. 6   P. A. Fuller and Margaret Johnston were married today.
 Apr. 10  W. Stevens died (his son is Herman Stevens)
 Sept. 21 Mr. Palmer and Kate Walker married in the Methodist Church,  Waverly. 

 Jan.   4  Alice Westbrook and husband had a little girl about 6 PM.  Her name is Cora Alice Westbrook.
 Feb.  9   Mrs. Joe Lewis died this morning.
    “   15   Mr. John Dean is dead.
    “   17   Mrs. Stevens about 87 years
    “   19   Heard that Belle Kinner’s(?) little boy was buried day before
    “   21   Flora Miller and her son 2 or 3 years old died from the effect of
      being burnt by a lamp. They will be buried on the 24th.
 Mar.  3   Dan Gillett is to be buried today.
   “     4    Edna Johnston was buried, sermon by Rev. G. L. Paine.
     Heard Mrs Brown was dead.
   “    20   Amaiza Gillett died.
   “    24   Lyman Burke’s daughter buried, Matie.
Apr.  3    Old Mrs Carr in Durgy was buried.
   “     9    Old Mrs. Wright was buried.
   “     15   Mr. Cummin’s child was buried.
   “    21   Frankie Gillett born 1873. Mrs Dewey is 69 yrs old today.
   “    25   Nan Gillett’s birthday. She is 39.
   “    27   Mr. Simon Young shot himself and died.
   “    30   Mrs. Andrus has a boy.
May  5    Mrs. Mott Tubbs buried.
   “    10   Theodore Livermore died.
   “    12   Mrs. De Smith at Wellsboro is dead.
Jun.  3     George Reynold’s little girl buried.
Aug. 1     Laura Fuller, daughter of P. A. & Maggie Fuller is 5.
   “    3     Julia Wilson of Elmira is buried. Dr. Up DeGraph is dead.
   “    9     Dell Griswold’s funeral.
   “   13    Will Hopeman died. Buried on the 15th.
   “   18    Two brothers dead on Thompson Hill, named Wilkins, of Diptheria.
   “   19    A boy named Hewett shot himself, a nephew of Joe Carr..
   “   20    Edith Wans and Ernest Larrison married at Dan Colewell’s. Rev. Paine
   “   24    Heard Joe Lewis was married again.
   “   25    Julia Augusta Fuller’s birthday, 29 years.
Sept. 6     Mrs. Judd Brown buried.
   “    5     Mrs. Hatt D. Walker died, buried on the 7th.
   “    10   A girl by the name of McConnell died at Wellsburg.
   “    23   Mrs Buck buried one of their twin babes.
   “    29   Mr. Thomas Chambers was buried.
Oct.  5     P. A. Fuller died 5 years ago.
   “   13   Mr. Barrett was buried.
   “   21   Mrs. Alden Burnham was buried up river.
   “   23   Mrs. Donahue was buried, lived at Wellsburg, buried.[Elder Sanford’s
                little girl Caddie Sanford, died in the summer]
   “   29   Mr. David Rickey was buried.
Nov. 5    Mr. Wall died. Funeral in Pennieville. Buried in Anthens.
   “  18   Volorus Graves and Mate Merriam married in Wellsburg.
Dec. 2    Charles Wesley Ferris birthday.
   “    5    Mrs. George Reynolds died.
   “   11   Mrs Jesse Watson died.
   “   24   Louise Dewey was found dead in her bed in the morning.
               Mrs. Lemon Palinico(?) died.

           Dec.  26   Mr. Galivan shot his wife on Christmas Eve, she died on the 26th. They
               have taken him to Towanda.
   “   27   Helen’s father, Mr. McDowell died about a month ago. 

           Jan. 20   Mr. Mott Tubbs buried today.
           Feb. 10   Edd Dean died today.
              “   23    Mrs. George Roberts buried today.
              “   27    Rhoda Nickerson buried to day, died of too much physic.
           Mar.  4   Mr Skeeler found dead in Mr Buck’s shop, cause liquor.
                     7   Amanza Squires died today.
                     8   Rev. Paine preached a funeral sermon of a minister’s wife at
                          Herrickville last week, Mrs. Blackman.
                   10   Minnie Gasway, a colored girl, buried in Wellsburg.
                   16   Heard Mrs John Griswald is dead. She went tp her room to lay down
                          and fell dead before she reached the bed.
                   20   Sylvester Scott died tonight about 10 PM. Buried Mar. 23
                   23   Mrs. Cummingham of Wellsburg buried today.
                   31   Saw an Irish funeral pass on the way to the settlement.
           Apr.  1   Took Emma Baldwin to the Asylum in Danville.
                          Another Irishman buried today.
                   10   Rev. P. S. Slauson died, W M Minister
                   13   Heard that Capt. West was dead, buried the 1st, 90 years.
                   11   Mr. Campbell was buried today.
                   15   Heard old Mrs Raynor is dead
                   28   Johnnie Ferris is dead.
                   30   Heard Geo. Beach in Springfield is dead.
           May  9   Guy Conklin buried today.
                   19   Mrs Biddings died today sister of Ellen Salisbury.
           Jun.  5   Ulissa Ferris little girl is dead.
                  15   Mrs. Add Farmer buried.
                  18   Heard old Mr. White dead and buried.
                  26   Mrs Geo. Parcell is dead.
           Jul.   1   Mrs. C. J. Budd died today.
                  29   Mrs. John Dean buried today.
           Aug.      Heard Albert Campbell is dead and buried, also one of his dau.
                    8   Thomas Campbell died with Heart Disease.
                    9   Mrs. Decker died.
                  13   Mr. Gleason’s son in Springfield buried.
                  20   Learned that Mr. Decker of Wellsburg was dead.
                  23   Heard Rachel Miller is dead.
                  27   Henry Griswald is/was buried today.
                  28   Mrs. Jake Decker is dead.
                  30   Mrs. Merriam is dead
           Oct. 10  Ernest and Edith Wans Larrison had a boy. Mrs White, M.D., delivered at
                          9:00 AM.
           Nov. 21 Frankie Parks was buried today.
                    26   Heard Jennie Leggett’s little boy is dead.
                         Mrs. Farr was buried today.
           Dec.  1  Peter Dean is dead.
                     9  De Comfort of Elmira and Amos Brees in company were killed by the
              cars this afternoon. Funeral preached by Rev. VanTyle, the ME
              Minister of Wellsburg.

                   15  Heard that William Comfort died last spring-  found dead in his bed. 

            Jan. 1   Mr. Cassady’s dead.
              “   28   Mrs. Buck’s father was buried today in Elmira. There were 11 hacks and
                         5 covered carriages from Elmira that came down to go up with them.
           Feb. 11  Mrs Judson Raynor died this morning.
              “    13  Heard that Nan M. Gillett’s father was buried a week or two ago.
              “    27  Lem Hakes was buried today.
           Mar.  3  Mr. John Calves was buried today.
              “     6  Mrs. Peter Miller died tonight.
              “   14  Mrs. Herman Lewis is dead.
           Apr. 24  Ed Hopeman is buried today.
              “    26  Wm. H. Johnson died today.
                          Heard Mrs. Prescott at Wellsburg died last March.
              “    29  Wm. Hanmer died this morning.
              “    31  Mark Baldwin is dead.
            Jun.   1  Edmond Miller living in Southport is dead. Also his cousin.
              “    22  Isaac Bennett died.
              “    30  Mary Paine, dau. of Rev. Paine married to Rev. S. A. Manwell.
            Aug.  2  Thompson Ball buried.
               “     8  Mrs H. Scott(?) little child buried.
               “   15  Mr. Hicks was buried today, lived on Wine_____ Creek.
               “   16  Mrs Jim Scott buried today.
               “   20  Heard that John Evens was buried.
            Sep. 18  Heard Dr. Cora was dead.
               “   24  Heard that Juilette Bowman is dead.
            Nov.  1  Mr. Donahue buried today.
               “     4  Arnold Gillett died today
               “     6  Aunt Eunice Gillett died
           Dec. 24  Wm. Harkness buried today.
               “    ?     Mr. McGraw was buried. 
            Jan.   1  Mrs. Castle was buried today at Wellsburg.
               “     2  Helen Baker died today at 2:00 PM.
                          A sister-in-law of Joe Wilcox  buried.
               “   15  Heard Mrs. Amaza Squires was dead.
               “   19  Mrs. T. Jenkins mother-in-law buried today.
               “   21  Mrs. Armstrong buried tomorrow.
               “   22  Mrs. Haines little girl buried today.
               “   24  Mr. Drake’s youngest boy died today.
            Jan. 27  A man from South Creek went into Geo. Jenkin’s house to talk a
                          few minutes and before he left- fell off his chair dead.
              “    28  Mrs. Ferrol was buried today.
            Mar.  1  Mrs. L. Fricher(?) is dead.
              “     12  Mr. A. H. Baker, MD, was buried today.
              “     15  Mr. Bell at Wellsburg dropped dead at work at his Blind & Sash
                           factory today.
              “     16  Lewis Alexander was buried today.
              “     30  James Leary(?) buried today.
            Apr. 15  Mr. Hopeman’s son died today at Wellsburg.
              “     22  Mrs. Vincent Owen died today.
              “     28  Belle Squires buried.
            May   1  Old Mrs. Hazelly buried.
                     12  Old Mrs. Brown up to Springfield buried today
                     20  Mr. Wheeler buried todady
                     30  Mr. HAmilton’s little child buried today.
            Jun.    4  Lena White died today.
              “       6  Went up to Mrs Carolines’ to see if I could assist them any as the
                            baby died last night and the 2 other children were very sick w/measles.
            Jul.     4  John Seely is buried today.
              “       7  Peter Howell’s boy was buried today.
                           James Mason buried today
              “       8  Baptised : Ernest & Edith Larrison, Letta Treat, Clara & Lucinda
                           Townson, Letta’s brother, Maria Davidson.
              “     22  Mrs. Leroy Palmer buried today.
            Aug.   5  Mr. Comfort is dead.
              “       9  Smith Halstead buried today.
            Sep.  12  Walter Worden died this morning, Willis’s youngest boy.
              “           S. Gates buried.
            Oct.   13  Mrs. Pelton is buried today.
              “            Flo Heatfield(?) buried the last of October.
            Nov.    1  Budd Colwell buried.
              “        3  Mrs Betsy Boilier(?) buried today.
            Dec.    5  Mrs. Hazelly is dead.
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