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Transcribed & Submitted by Dwight Gleason
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FEB. 2, 1921 – DEC. 5, 1939



At Parents home Delmar Township Penna.

On February 2, 1921 At 4:00 O’clock

Weighs 9 Pounds

Father Mr. Henry W. Gleason

Mother Mrs. Ella E. Gleason

Baby’s Grandparents

Mr. Lester W. Gleason

Mrs. Mary E. Gleason

Mr. George Edward Hakes

Mrs. Julia Hakes

Doctor: Dr. Foster Harris Kennedy


Mr. G. E. Bennett of the Saving and Trust Co. of Wellsboro, PA

Mrs. Ester Freeman, Aunt of baby of Corning, NY

Mrs. Libbie Thompson, Aunt of baby of Penn Yan, NY


Howard Edward Gleason

On Feb 4, 1921

At Parents Home Tioga Co. Delmar Township, PA

By Mother

Persons Present

Mrs. F. H. Kennedy

Mrs. Lucy Carrigan

Dr. F. H. Kennedy

Mrs. Julia Hakes


Mrs. Rose M. Davis on Feb 2, 1921

Mrs. Julia Buck on Feb 2, 1921

Mrs. Walter Sutton on Feb 3, 1921

Mrs. Lucy Carrigan on Feb 3, 1921

Mrs. Jasper Niles on Feb 6, 1921

Mrs. Walter Smith on Feb 7, 1921

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Gleason on Feb 12, 1921

Mrs. Leon Sweet on Feb 11, 1921

Mrs. Foster Kennedy on Feb 4, 1921

Miss Mary Thompson on Feb 14, 1921

Mrs. Ester Freeman on Feb 15, 1921

Mrs Mary Gleason on Feb 25, 1921

Mr. & Mrs. Mose Allen on Feb 27, 1921

MOTHER AND FATHER are also photographed for their Baby

Mother, Father, Beatrice and Foster

This was taken about 6 mo before I came to their house at my Grandma’s house on Grandpa’s birthday. (typists note: the little boy Foster in the picture is my grandfather at 3 years of age.)

Our Baby Has an OUTING

Was outdoors for the first time Feb 20. Goes out nearly every day now.

Our Baby’s Eyes are blue. At age 7 years still has blue eyes.

Our Baby’s Hair is Light Brown. At age 7 years has golden hair

Our Baby Resembles as he grows older he looks like grandma Gleason

Our Baby’s First Bath by Mother Feb 20, 1921, cried every minute

Our Baby’s First Laugh – am 2 months and commencing to laugh at mother now

Our Baby’s First Cry – cries nearly all the time the first months

Our Baby Has a Tooth September 14, 1921

Our Baby wears a short Dress for the first time April 27, 1921

Our Baby Speaks Nov 1921. First says mamma & dad.

Our Baby Creeps Sept 1921

Our Baby makes a Journey on March 7, 1921, comes home March 11, 1921

To visit Grandma & Grandpa Gleason at Kenneyville, PA, also at Shortsville to Uncle Fred Gleason and Uncle Allen Gleason of Losey Creek.


The First Month

Visits Grandma Hakes Feb 20, 1921

Cry every night with colic

The Second Month

Have been to church and to Wellsboro and also to the neighbors. I can laugh at mother and father now.

I know Grandma Hakes now.

Sister likes to hold me now, she thinks I am getting big.

Do not cry as much as I did.

Sleep good nights from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am

The Third Month

Am 3 mo old May 3. can laugh out loud now. I visited Grandpa and Grandma Gleason May 7-8 had a long ride and got awful tired. I have an outing every day now and do not have my face covered up as I don’t like it covered

The Fourth Month

Mamma sits me up in the cradle with lots of pillows. I know papa now when he talks to me. I have on short dresses now. I have nice new stockings and little checkered booties.

The Fifth Month

I have been up to Grandma Gleason’s again. She thinks I am awful nice. I can laugh at her now. I take 3 or 4 naps a day.

The Sixth Month

I am feeling fine now can sit up all alone now mamma sits me outdoors on a large blanket. I just love to be outdoors. I also like to ride.

Sister likes to carry me around now.

The Seventh Month

Sept. 2, 1921

Am now seven months old. Can go all over the floor now and get into lots of thing but mamma always thinks I am in something I had not ought be in. I can tell my papa now ever time I hear him coming. I have to nurse on a bottle now part of the time. I have my first new shoes now which I think are fine.

The Eighth Month

Oct. 2, 1921

Mamma says I am awful bad now. I get into everthing that is in my reach. I can tell now when Grandma Hakes comes to see me. I like to have her take me. Sister likes to carry me but I am getting nearly and heavy as she is. Pappa think I am getting cute now. Mamma says I am cross. Have got one tooth and will soon have another.

The Ninth Month

Nov 2, 1921

I can say mamma and papa now. My greatest delight is to get the phonograph records. Just love to play with them but mamma won’t let me. I can play with sister and brother now but they don’t like to have me. Julia Buck comes up to see me real often now. Am awful glad to see her for she will take me and dance my it is fun you bet. Have got another tooth.

The Tenth Month

Dec. 2, 1921

Am ten months old. They say I am getting to be a big boy. I do not go much now for it is too cold. Was over to Aunt Rose’s one day. Am looking for Santa now soon so you see I have to try and be good but I have a cold and it makes me cross. I like to get the cat and dog to play with but they don’t seem to like to play with me.

The Eleventh Month

Jan 2, 1922

Am nearly one year old. Am awful cross for I am cutting teeth, I have got 3 now and will soon have another. I can walk real good now if someone hangs to my hand.

The Twelfth Month

Jan 2, 1922

Am one year old now. I seem lots older for I can walk now a little but have to be awful careful for I get some awful bumps.

Mr. Henry W. Gleason and Ella E. Hakes were married Aug. 19, 1914 by Rev. W. Lotten at the brides home in Delmar Township, Penna.

Beatrice Mae Gleason was born at Niles Valley, July 17, 1916 at 7 o’clock p.m. weighed 7 ¾ pounds.

Foster Henry Gleason was born at Delmar March 4, 1918 at 3 o’clock a. m. weight 8 ¼ lbs.

Howard Edward Gleason was born in Delmar Township Feb 2, 1921 at 4 o’clock p.m. weight 9 lbs.

Grace Virginia Gleason was born in Blossburg PA Hospital April 23, 1924 at 3:30 AM weight 8 ¾ lbs

Mary Etta Gleason was born Blossburg PA Hospital May 27, 1932 at 11:00 P.M. weight 7 lbs.

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