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John W. Kratzer  - Barbara Allen Family Bible - Submitted by Don Stanton

Mr. John Kratzer of Mansfield, Tioga Co. and Mrs. B. Allen (Barbara E. B. Allen previously married to Leon Delos Hoagland) were joined in marriage the 29 of August, 1893 at Gibson, Town of Corning, N. Y. by Wm. A. Spencer J of P. Witness: John A. Webb


Mr. John W. Kratzer April 22, 1864 Liberty, Tioga Co., PA

Miss Allie Kratzer May 21, 1894 Elk, Tioga Co., PA

Miss Bessie E. Kratzer May 9, 1896 Gaines, PA

Miss Pansy M. Kratzer May 7, 1898 Town of Gaines, PA


Miss Bess E. Kratzer of Mansfield, PA and Guy Day of Mansfield, PA married November 27, 1915 at Horseheads, N.Y. by Rev. Merritt Soper.

Miss Allie Ina Pearl Kratzer of Washington, D.C. and Marvin L. Poythress of Charlotte, N.C. married December 23, 1919 at Alexandria, VA

Pansy Kratzer to Charles Stanton, August 2, 1924


Jacob Allen January 26, 1902 Gaines, PA

Sarah Allen August 21, 1912 Richburg, NY

Marvin Poythress January 15, 1927

Emma Sue Hoagland July 8, 1938

Mabel Boyd March 12, 1939


Mr. Theodore F. Bardwell of Troy, PA and Mrs. Barbara E. Allen (previously married to Leon Delos Hoagland and John W. Kratzer) of Mansfield, PA were married at his home near Troy, January 1, 1915 by Merritt Soper, Minister of the Gospel. Witness: Bessie and Pansy Kratzer; Geo. Bardwell and wife Ella; Mrs. Geo. Gardiner and Guy Day. Scarfe-Stevens Family Bible
Mansfield, Tioga County, PA

Transcribed from photocopies of actual Bible pages - provided by Bonney Dahlgren

Marriage Certificate
George Scarfe of Wandsworth, London S.W., England
Eliza Mary Stevens of Lambeth, London S.W., England
At Trinity Chapel Brixton on 1st June 1865
Witnesses – Joseph Stevens & Mary Ann Stevens
Signed by – Alfred Brandon, Baptist Minister

George Scarfe left London, England for America arriving in New York in March 1869 followed by his wife and son, Geo. Jr. aged 2 ½, in June of same year. They lived in Brooklyn, NY until Feb. 1870 when they removed to Mansfield, Tioga County, PA.

Geo. Scarfe Junior left Towanda, PA and settled with his wife and family of 5 children in California in July 1900.

George Scarfe [Junior], of Mansfield, Tioga County, PA to Effie May Horton, of Tioga, Tioga County PA, March 9th 1887; by Rev. E.M. Mills of First M.E. Church, Elmira, NY

Marion Hilda Scarfe, of Mansfield Tioga County PA to Frank C. Lounsberry of Canoe Camp Jan. 3rd 1894 at State Line, NY by Rev. W.L. John of Elmira.

Charles Henry Scarfe of Mansfield, Tioga County to Miss Martha Everts of Covington, PA June 2nd 1897.

Children born to George Scarfe and Eliza Stevens
George Scarfe [Junior], November 22nd 1866 in London, England
Francis Scarfe, April 21st 1868 in London, England
Eliza Mary Scarfe, April 21st 1868 in London, England
Marion Hilda Scarfe, November 9th 1870, Mansfield
Joseph Edwin Scarfe, October 14th 1873, Mansfield
Charles Henry Scarfe, July 15th 1875, Mansfield

Children born to George Scarfe Junior
George Orrin Scarfe at Canton, PA, Oct. 23rd 1887
Ethel Luella Scarfe at Canton, PA, April 14th 1889
Charles Edward Scarfe at Waverly, PA, Jan. 3rd 1891
Leonard Maurice Scarfe at Towanda, PA, September 26th 1894
Stanley Wells Scarfe at Towanda, PA, Jan. 18th 1897

Children of F.C. & M.H. Lounsberry
Mildred Eliza Lounsberry, Dec. 7, 1895
Babe [unnamed] Lounsberry, May 26, 1898
Maud Elizabeth Lounsberry, April 20, 1899
George Almond Lounsberry, April 14, 1901
Ruth May Lounsberry, April 1, 1903
Franklin Carl Lounsberry, June 16, 1904
Florence Ethel Lounsberry, Oct. 17, 1906

Francis Scarfe, August 11th 1868
Eliza Mary Scarfe, August 23rd 1868
Joseph Edwin Scarfe, November 14th 1890, and interred in Hope Cemetery, November 16th at Mansfield, Tioga County, PA
Eliza Mary Scarfe, Dec. 3rd 1903 and interred in Hope Cemetery Dec. 9th 1903 at Mansfield, PA
Frank C. Lonsbery, Oct. 30th 1906 interred in Hope Cemetery Nov. 1st 1906
Babe [Lounsberry] born May 26th 1898, died June 5th 1898
Marion Hilda Lounsbery, June 3rd 1913, interred in Hope Cemetery June 6th 1913