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Presented by Miss D. B Moore to Miss Mary Coleman July 7th, 60.

Miss Louie Mallory born July 28, 1866 daughter of Will and Mary.

Miss Mary Coleman and George Willis Mallory were joined in matrimony Nov. 25, 1863 and Mary died Sept. 22, 1867.

Miss Louie M. Mallory and Charley Ready were married August 21st 1883.

Maggie May Ready born May 24, 1884 at the home of Geo. W. Mallory.

Louise Ready [Mallory] born July 28, 1866 in old Mallory house.

Charles Ready born Dec. 1, 1856 in Red Chalk.

This Bible is to be handed down from one generation to another. Maggie May Ready ‘s possession at present in year Nov. 21, 1894 aged 9 years and 7 months. Written by Louie Mallory Ready.

Maggie May Ready married to Wynn Bronson Jan. 19, 1905 had 5 children born at 1322 Pratt St. Elmira NY:

Marian born Oct. 17, 1905 died Aug. 8, 1910

Wallace Chas. born March 1908 died Aug. 9, 1910

Frederick Wynn born Oct. 4, 1911. This Bible is his at the present time. He is 3 years and 2 months old Dec. 9, 1914 written by his mother.

Earl Francis born Nov. 11, 1915

Chas. Lee born Oct. 28, 1924 served in the World’s War was Sargeant in the Radar (ground) A. A. F. C. B. I. (theatre) China, Burma and India.

Fred married Mary Jane Pierce. Children Sharon [Sharron] Ann born ______ and Linda Gay born __________.

Jean Pond September 15, 1937 married Earl Francis. 2 Children Sandra Louise and Eugene Wynn.

Chas. Lee married Rita Bacon. She being a divorced widow had a boy Raymond 9 yrs old. They were married Jan. 1948.

Geo. Willis Mallory born Nov. 14th 1838

Mary L. Mallory born Aug. 31st 1844 - died Sept. 22, 1867. Louie 1 year 14 months.

Charles Ready died April 4, 1955

Louise Mallory Ready died Oct. 4, 1911 [she died Oct. 11, 1911]

This is a very tiny Bible with writing scribbled on the inside covers and pages. Many of the entries are repeated and in various handwritings. The Mallorys lived in Sullivanville. Later Charlie and Lou Ready lived on a farm in Lowman. Maggie and Wynn Bronson moved to Pratt St. in Elmira after their marriage. The children of Wynn and Maggie lived in Elmira.

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