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Originally Published in Tioga County PA Records: Ancestral Sketches Vo. 1, 1973

Reprinted by permission of Rhoda ENGLISH {Ladd


The pages of this Bible record had been torn from the Bible. Mr. Bob Grojean, our friendly Wellsboro Barber, realizing their Genealogical value and fearing for the loss of the original pages gave permission for these pages to be copied and used in our Book of Records. In 1978 pages are in the possession of Robert Grojean, Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Records will be copied as they appear retaining original spellings. 

  Family Record Marriages

Israel Plumley and Hannah his wife was married November the 17th 1808

Israel Plumley Sr and Mahala Lent was married August the 4th 1844

Lumand Plumley and mary A. Kenedy was married January the 19th 1846

Hannah Plumley was married April 12th 1846 to William G. Hall

Mary Plumley was married Sept the 23rd 1846 to Horace May

Susannah Plumley was married to David M. hall Arpil the 23rd 1848

Calvin L. Plumley was married to Catherine E. Ferris the 12th August 1848

Christopher Plumley was married to Cordelia Deker April the 1849

Rispa Manerva Plumley was married to Luciaz Sabinz June the 1st 1851

Sophronia Plumley was married to Albert D. Hall June the 3rd 1852 

Family Record Births

 Israel Plumley was born July the 14th 1785

Hannah Locke was born February the 8th 1789

Augustus Plumley was born August the 23rd 1809

Christopher Plumley was born January 22nd 1811

Hannah Plumley was born May the 18th 1812

Israel Plumley was born February the 6th 1814

Lumund Plumley was born May the 1816

Murilla Plumley was born March the 6th 1818

Calvin L. Plumley was born the 29th 1819

Sophronia Plumley was born November the 9th 1820

Joseph Plumley was born February the 9th 1822

Sueannah Plumley was born February the 29th 1824

Mary Plumley was born November the 15th 1825

Hannah Plumley was born May the 20th 1827

Joseph Plumley was born June the 17th 1829

James L. Plumley was born April the 3rd 1831

Rispa M. Plumley was born October the 1832 

Family Record Births

Mary E. Grosjean born Friday Nov 15 1832

Margaret Grosjean born Friday Jan 13 1837

Sharlot C. Grosjean born Saturday July 28 1838

Sirquet E. Grosjean born Saturday 25 Sept 1841

Melving M. Grosjean born Sunday August 9 1845

Henry E. Grosjean born Saturday November 30 1847

Emlia Grosjean born March 10 1849

Marian Grosjean borned April 17 1854

Agnes E. Grosjean born Friday December 12 1867

Charley E. Grinell born Dec 10 1831

Mrs. Margret Holden borned January 18th 1837 

 Separate sheet of paper

 Lewis Dean Grosjean born 4th of July 1883 on Tuesday

 Married December the 23rd 1862 Mr. Sirquet E. Grojean to Malissa Jane Plumley of Delmar Tioga county, Pa., by Rev. J. F. Calkins of Wellsboro.

Sirquet E. Grosjean born Sept the 25th Saturday 1841

Melissa Jane Plumley born Febr the 1st 1845

Married by Rev. J.F. Calkins December the 23rd 1862 

 Family Records Births

Edith Lovinia Grosjean born December the 10th Thursday 1863

Otas Lee Grosjean born Thursday June the 22nd 1865

Willis Frank Grosjean born Thursday October the 4th 1867

Edward E. Grosjean born December 10th Saturday 1870

Arthur Grosjean born November the 22nd Saturday 1873

Agness Mabel Grosjean born September the 5th Wednesday 1877 

 Family Records Deaths

 Otos Lee Grosjean died June the 28th Wednesday 1865

Carrie S. Eliet died April the 23rd 1883 age 31 yrs

Mrs. Mahala Hearrington died the 29th of Nov 1889

buried 1st of Dec 1889

Age 63 in 1889

Mrs . Jane Hearrington died 29th of Nov 1889 buried the 1st of Dec age 63

(on separate paper )

Mr. Israel Plumley died 27th Nov 1890 age 74


Mary E. Grinell died Dec 24 1851 

  no name on paper no date on paper contains valuable data

Mr. Edward Grosjean, a pioneer of Delmar Twp., Tioga Co., Pa. died at his home there Jan..20th Sunday A.M. aged 80 yrs, He was born in DeBerne, Switzerland in Dec., 1814 and came to this country with his parentents age 3 yrs, locating at Baltimore. His father died soon after. In 1820 the family moved to Wellsboro, soon purchased a farm on the Pine Creek Road. November 5th 1835 Edward married Mary Ann Fuller who survives him with two sons and six daughters.

Two sons, S.E. and Henry Grosjean; Charlotte, widow of C.P. Grinnell;

Melvina, wife of A.B. Torpy; of Delmar, Tioga county, Pennsylvania.

Margaret, wife of George Holden, of Charleston; Agnes, wife og Lloyd Bailey, of Albany, Oregon;

Emma, wife of E.J.Playfoot, and Mary, wife of Orrin Navle, of Kennedy.

Services were conducted by Rev. A.C.Shaw of the Presbyterian Church

Death 1894 

Fellows Bible Record

 Elijah Fellows born Feb 9th 1787

Matilda Newcomb born May 10th 1790

married March 6th 1810

Elvira M. born Nov 26th 1810

Harriet E. born Mar 12th 1812

Mary Ann born Jan 30th 1814

Sophronia M. born Feb 28th 1816

Sarah born Jan 31st 1818

Elijah born Jan 20th 1820

Nancy M. born Aug 7th 1822

Levi born Aug 14th 1824

Samantha born Mar 28th 1827

Livira born May 13th 1830

Sylvo Jane born Feb 16th 1833

one still born

Makes 12 Children

Harriets Children Mary Ann’s Children;

Francis b. 14 Oct 1836 Mary b. 15 Nov 1832

Marietta b. Sep 1839 Margaret b. 13 Jan 1835

Jacob b. 20 Oct 1843 Charlotte b. 28 Jul 1838

Joseph b. Apr 1845 Sirquit b. 25 Sep 1840

Charles b. Jan 1846 Malassia b. 6 Aug 1844

Henry b. 30 Nov 1846

Samantha Children: Emily b. 10 Mar 1849

Marion b. 17 Apr 1854

DeWitt C. b. 7 Oct 1848 Agnes b. 12 Sep 1857

Charity b. 6 Mar 1853

Lucy’s Children:

Wm.E. b. 30 Mch 1846

Matilda b. 11 1848

Mary b. 7 Jun 1850 

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