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In the possession of Duane R. Isham
183 Wildwood Dr.
Churchville, VA

William B. Robinson   03-Nov-1791 1811 28-Sep-1860
Lydia Parker (wife)   19-Oct-1789 1811 27-Apr-1871
Malinda A Robinson   26-Nov-1812    
Olive M. Robinson   20-May-1814    
L. Elisa Robinson   09-Jul-1816    
Wm Orlando Robinson   18-Apr-1919    
Aurora P. Robinson   09-Jul-1822    
James E. Robinson   20-Oct-1825 17-Mar-1847 16-Oct-1900
Almira E. Robinson   11-Jan-1829    
A. Celestina Robinson   20-Sep-1833    
Mary E. Barber (wife of James) 19-Jan-1826 17-Mar-1847 12-Mar-1896
Elbert E. Robinson   22-Mar-1848    
Cynthia A. Robinson   31-Mar-1850    
Jesse O. Robinson   14-Mar-1852   1931
Ida E. Robinson   22-Jul-1854   30-May-1931
Nellie Ette Robinson   05-Sep-1856    
Pheobe Olive Robinson   13-Apr-1859   Jan-1931
Nora Emma Robinson   06-Jun-1861   11-Jun-1861
Amos Edward Robinson Orwell, Bradford, PA 28-May-1862    
Elvira M. Robinson Orwell, Bradford, PA 20-Jan-1865 26-Jun-1879 31-May-1932
Bertha R. Robinson Orwell, Bradford, PA 28-Jan-1870    
John Allen Thetga Standing Stone, PA 23-Aug-1857 26-Jun-1879 06-Mar-1931
Horace J. Thetga Orwell, Bradford, PA 24-Nov-1881 28-Dec-1903 14-Sep-1956
Phoebe E. Thetga Standing Stone, PA 29-Aug-1884 25-Dec-1904 25-Oct-1980
Charles W. Thetga Standing Stone, PA 28-Jul-1889 13-Feb-1910 03-Aug-1970


Phoebe E. Thetga married Charles Francis Squires Dec. 25, 1904

Charles Squires born Feb. 4, 1885 died Nov. 11, 1918

Geraldine Ellen Squires born Nov 13, 1905 died Jul 15, 2001

John Henri Squires born Jul. 18, 1909 died Jan. 31, 1945

Francis Squires born Mar. 8, 1914 died Mar. 1914

Baby Squires born Apr. 18, 1915 died Apr. 1915

Madeline Irene Squires born Apr. 1, 1916

Phoebe E. (Thetga) Squires married Robert W. Russell June 29, 1927

Geraldine E. Squires married Severn H. Yerger Oct 16, 1925

Alan Severn Yerger born Oct. 8, 1926 died Jan 23, 1992

Geraldine E. Squires married Henry Herman Beck Sep. 21, 1938 he died 1987

John Henri Squires married Mildred Crosley Apr. 9, 1934 she died Jul. 4, 2000

Madeline Irene Squires married Wilbur H. Isham Aug 5, 1936 he died Jul 14, 1985

(Other children and marriages have been omitted because they are still living)

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The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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