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Transcribed and Submitted by Don Stanton
courtesy of William T. Card
A group picture of the family circa 1901. 
Blanche Victoria Rockwell - Eugene - Charles Elias Stanton, Sr. 
Ella - Charles E., Jr.
Charles E. Stanton – Blanche V. Rockwell Family Bible

Charles E. Stanton and Blanche V. Rockwell were united by me in Holy Matrimony at Wellsburg, New York on the Third day of December In the year of our Lord 1892 in Presence of Ahara Drake and Alta Drake.

Signed – C. E. Drake, Minister of the Gospel
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Walter Eugene Rockwell West Franklin, PA Jan. 25, 1850 July 3rd 1872 Mar. 28, 1926
Ella Williams Rockwell Troy, PA Sept. 13, 1853 July 3rd 1872 Nov. 3, 1946
Simon Hodges Stanton Owego, NY August 7, 1836 Aug. 27, 1862  
Lurena Hila Rockwell Stanton Troy, PA May 12, 1842 Aug. 27, 1862  
Charles Elias Stanton Burlington, PA March 25, 1868 Dec. 3, 1892 May 28, 1930
Blanche Victoria Rockwell Troy, PA Sept 13, 1874 Dec. 3, 1892 Dec. 1955
Simon Eugene Stanton Troy, PA May 14, 1895 Dec. 19, 1913 (1) 

Jan. 23, 1943 (2)

July 13, 1970
Ella Catherine Stanton Troy, PA February 8, 1897 (Never married) Feb. 8, 1970
Charles E. Stanton, Jr. Troy, PA April 24, 1900 Aug. 3, 1921 Aug. 8, 1970
Edith Marie Stanton Troy, PA Aug. 29, 1903 Aug. 19, 1927  
Edmund Saltmarsh Stanton Troy, PA Sept. 24, 1904 Nov. 24, 1937 1951
Matie Leone Marshall Franklindale, PA Aug. 31, 1894 Dec. 19, 1913  
Oliver Marshall Stanton Troy, PA May 16, 1915    
Virginia Pauline Stanton Troy, PA Dec. 27, 1916    
Pansy Marie Kratzer Stanton Gaines, PA May 7, 1898 Aug. 3, 1921  
Edmund Eugene Stanton Elmira, NY Dec. 2, 1927    
James Thornton Card Sylvania, PA June 13, 1906 Aug. 19, 1927 Jan. 15, 1933
William Kenneth Card Troy, PA March 8, 1930 Jan. 28, 1951  
Donald Franklin Stanton East Troy. PA Nov. 6, 1931    
Eunice Stark Stanton Higginsville, NY Jan. 13, 1907 Nov. 24, 1937  
Mary Orcutt Jones Stanton Troy, PA Jan. 29, 1896 Jan. 23, 1943  


Chas. E. Stanton, Jr., age 16, enlisted in World War April 9, 1917 Co. L 3rd Infantry N.G.N.Y. transferred to Co. L. 108th U. S. Inf. Oct. 1, 1917. Left U. S. May 18, 1918 arrived in U. S. March 6, 1919. Awarded D.S.C. (Distinguished Service Cross) Jan. 21, 1919 order of Gen. Pershing. Decorated at New York by Prince of Wales.

Discharge No. 3,094. Wounds received in service: gunshot and shrapnel wounds left leg and back. St. Souplet Oct. 17, 1918.

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The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933
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