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Submitted by Karen Kibbe
Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
Do You Know that you can search just the Bible Records on the site by using the Bibles button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page
Enclosed in the Stoll Bible was a Ridge Cemetery Deed where "Adaline Stoll purchased of the Veteran Cemetery Association, of the Town of Veteran, County of Chemung and State of New York, for the Sum of Ten Dollars, Lot No. 58 in Section containing one hundred eighty feed, know and designated as such on a Map or Plot of the Burying Ground know as Ridge Cemetery…." It is dated Jan. 12th 1892 and signed by J. C. Roberts, Prest. and Hiram E. Wheeler, Secy.

Stoll Bible Family Record entries: (Bible published in Philadelphia 1848)

Marriage Page:

James Stoll as married to Adaline Smith the 18 Day of March 1845

Josephine Stoll was married to Lloyd Young the first Day of January 1870.

James Stoll was Born the 24 Day of March 1815

Adaline Smith was Born the 11 Day of June 1822

Birth Page:

Josephine Stoll was Bornd [sic] the 2 Day of March 1846

Fidlea Stoll was Bornd [sic] the 5 Day of March 1848

Mary Eliza Stoll was Bornd [sic] the 17 Day of July 1849

George W. Stoll was Bornd [sic] the 3 Day of December 1850

James M. Stoll was Bornd [sic] the 7 Day of May 1852

Rhoda Stoll was Born the 10 Day of February 1854

Henry A. Stoll was Born the 14 Day of August 1855

Millard Stoll was Bornd [sic] the 16 Day of November 1857

Maybell Stoll was Bornd [sic] the 25 Day of September 1859

Adaline Stoll was Bornd [sic] the 16 Day of August 1861

Greg G. Stoll was Born the 8 Day of December 1863

Births listed on Death Page:

Andrew Stoll was Bornd [sic] July 21, 1865

Hattie Stoll was Bornd [sic] March 15, 1867

Death Pages:

George W. Stoll Died the 27 Day of June 1851

Andrew Stoll Died October 28, 1866

Hattie Stoll Died March 20, 1867

Guy G. Stoll Died July 29, 1875

Mary Eliza Stanley Died January 13, 1895

{crossed out mildly} Adalin Stoll Died the 17 Day of October 1910

{crossed out mildly} James Stoll Died January 15, 1897

James Stoll Died January the 13, 1897

Adaline Stoll Died October 17, 1910

Henry A. Stoll Died May 15, 1923

Fidelia Stoll Died November 19, 1927

Millard F. Stoll Died August 13, 1931

James Martin Stoll Died October 26, 1932

Adaline Stoll Doxtater Died

Joyce Tip Box -- December 2007 -
If you are not navigating this Tri-Counties Site via the left and right sidebars of the Current What's New page you are doing yourself a disservice. You can get to any place on the site easily by making yourself familiar with these subject and place topics. Try them all to be as familiar with the site's 16,000 plus pages as you can. Stop groping in the dark and take the lighted path. That's also the only way you'll find the search engines for the site or have access to the necessary messages I may leave for you. Make it easy on yourself. 
In a message dated 7/19/2012 2:27:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Dear Joyce,
I've been to your site and am amazed by all the information! I was able to find family there  ( but couldn't see who provided the information so that I could contact them. Would you be able to send me the information or ask them to contact me? Alternately, could you post my name & email to the page in case anyone else is looking? I am related to the Stolls by way of Adaline (Smith) Stoll's brother, O.P./Ozias I have the probate for her parents which list her (dtr. Adaline, wife of James Stull) but no location. That said, I believe I have found them in the 1840 census in Catlin, Chemung Co. but am not sure as it just lists the head of households. The ages & genders of the family do match though so that makes me more confident. I also have not found any other Adaline & James  Stoll/Stull families so I really do think that I have found my family. If there is any way for me to contact the person who contributed, for them to contact me, or for my contact information to be included that would be a huge help.
Please let me know what you think.
Thank You!
Tanya Smith Paro
PS: Adaline would have had the following siblings...
2 brothers -- John & O.P./Ozias
3 sisters -- Mary (Mrs. Harvey A.) Hitchcock, Ann Eliza (Mrs. Leonard) Stonemetz & Lanah Smith
Hi Joyce, I sent you an email a few days ago to try to connect with the Stoll/Stull family so my name  probably looks familiar. In the interim (a few moments ago actually) I found something that I thought you might like to post. While looking for someone else I ran across the biography of John Smith, son of Gabriel & Mary (Peterson) Smith & brother of Adaline (Smith) Stoll/Stull/Stall. Adaline was married to James Stoll/Stull/Stall. I am typing it below and will include a link too. Please contact me with any questions you may have & I'll do my best to clear up any confusion.
Tanya Smith Paro

The History of Dodge County, Wisconsin, containing a history of Dodge
County, its early settlement, growth, development, resources, etc
Published 1880 by Western Historical Co. in Chicago
(page 695.)

JOHN SMITH, farmer, Sec. 31; P.O. Randolph; is a son of Gabriel Smith and Mary Peter- son; born in Chemung Co., N.Y., June 11, 1824; his father was born in 1795, and his mother in 1802;  when 16 years of age, he began the ship-carpenter's trade at Fishkill, N.Y., which he afterward followed for a number of years; in 1847, he emigrated to Waukesha Co., Wis., his parents having come the year before; in 1848, he, with his father, came to the town of Calamus, Dodge Co., and entered 130 acres of land on Section 31, Calamus, and eighty acres in Section 36, town of Courtland, Columbia Co., where he has since made his home. Here his parents both died -- his father Feb. 17, 1864, and his mother Feb. 13, 1878, leaving five children, as follows - Adaline (now Mrs. James Stall, of Chemung Co., N.Y.), John (the subject of this sketch, who married Miss Mary J., daughter of Sylvester and Catherine Churchill, of Oneida Co., N.Y., Jan. 3, 1850, and has had five children - Athalia A. (now Mrs. Carlton Toby, of Courtland, Columbia Co., Wis), Sarah C. (now of Buffalo, N.Y.), Anson G. (deceased), John G. and Harvey L.; the rest of his father's family are Ann E. (now Mrs. L. Stonements, of Beaver Dam), Mary W. (now Mrs. Harvey Hitchcock, of Brown Co., Minn.), O.P. (now of Janesville, Minn.), Lanata (deceased), John has 480 acres of land in Duel Co., Dakota.

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