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Edward S. Thompson / Nancy Dodge Family Bible
Published by: William W. Harding, 1875

Family bible of Edward S. and Nancy Dodge Thompson - 1846-1950
Submited by Ginny Magee

Edward S. Thompson and Nancy Dodge at Terrytown, May 24, 1871
John Franklin Thompson and Eva Emiline Canfield at Spring Hill, May 2, 1906
Grace Elizabeth Thompson and Charles Rose Bliss, Camptown, PA,  October 25, 1919
Charles Fredrick Thompson and Freda Overfield, Camptown, PA, March 12, 1928
Howard Franklin Thompson and Pearl Houghtaylen, Montrose, PA, July 4, 1931
Leland Augustus Thompson and Eleanor McPherson, Mehoopany, PA, March 1, 1936
Francis Edward Thompson and Ida Ashe Richards, Scranton, PA, Feburary 8, 1938
Charles Fredrick Thompson and Eleanor Wyant Noone, Easton, December 25, 1949
Jeanne Ethel Thompson and Robert Kulp, Easton, November 22, 1947

Edward S. Thompson, Terrytown, PA, Oct. 13, 1846
Nancy Dodge,  Terrytown, PA, Aug 4, 1849
Grace Elizabeth Thompson, Terrytown, PA, December 20, 1872
Mabel Emma Thompson, Terrytown, PA April 28, 1878
Charles Fredrick Thompson, Terrytown, PA, Feb. 25, 1880
John Franklin Thompson, Terrytown, PA, Feb 25, 1880
*To John Franklin and Eva Canfield Thompson:
*Charles Fredrick Thompson, Camptown, PA, February 6, 1907
*Leland Agustus Thompson, Camptown, PA, May 5, 1909
*Howard Franklin Thompson, Camptown, PA, September 24, 1911
*Francis Edward Thompson, Camptown, PA, July 14, 1917
Charles Rose Bliss, October 13, 1849
Jeanne Ethel Thompson, Easton, PA, December 20, 1928
Wanda Lorraine Thompson, Binghamton, NY, August 11, 1935
Kathryn Eva Thompson, Sayre, PA, Dec. 20, 1936
Charles Edward Thompson, Sayre, PA, April 15, 1939
Patricia Bernice Thompson, Clarks Summit, PA, Sept 14 1939 (Birth Date should be 9/10/38)
Howard Robert Thompson, Binghamton, NY, Sept 14, 1939
Marilyn Jean Thompson, Clark Summit, PA, Mar 21, 1939
Grace Elizabeth Thompson, Wyalusing, PA, Nov 23, 1942
Nancy Marie Thompson, Townada, PA, Jan 23, 1945
Ida May Thompson, Towanda PA, June 8, 1946
John Franklin Thompson, Sayre, PA, Sept 22, 1946
Alice Lorena Thompson, Easton, PA, Sept 16, 1947
Josephine Ann Thompson, Sayre, PA, July 31, 1948
Nancy Kulp, Burnt Hills, NJ, August 29, 1950
Susanne Elaine Thompson, Easton, PA, Nov 6, 1950

Charles Fredrick Thompson, Camptown, PA, December 18, 1906
Mabel Emma Thompson, Camptown, PA, November 7, 1911
Charles Rose Bliss, Camptown, PA, February 12, 1925
Nancy Dodge Thompson, Camptown, PA, July 27, 1927
Edward S. Thompson, Camptown, PA, April 5, 1932
Wanda Lorraine Thompson, April 8, 1948
Grace E. Thompson Bliss, Wyalusing, PA, December 4, 1950
John Franklin Thompson, Camptown, PA December 25, 1955 

Joyce, there is much to tell you to extend this bible information.  In my generation, so far, John Thompson Died of brain cancer and is buried in Camptown Cemetery.  My dad Charles Frederick Thompson died October 26, 1976 in Easton, Pa., My mother, Eleanor Wyant Noone Thompson died in Alabama in 1997, buried in Easton, Pa. next to my father.  Jeanne Kulp Thompson died in 2003 of cancer in florida.  I, Susanne Elaine Thompson (Stecker) Needham have been married twice to Ronald H. Stecker, 3 children, Kristine Susanne Stecker (now Koehler) has 2 daughters Jessica Ashley Lockard and Kayleigh Elizabeth Lockard.  Ronald Howard Stecker, Jr. (no children) married Kristen S. Petr from Belvidere, N.J., Lisa Elaine Stecker (Jerauld) married James Michael Jerauld of Susquehanna County in 1997, 3 daughters, Kylie Elaine Jerauld, and twin girls, MacKenzie Michelle Jerauld and Adrianna Susanne Jerauld, note, my grandfather was also a twin.  I am married to Irvan Myron Needham of Napa, California, whose family was orginally from Mass.  If you need any other information I can supply it.  My sister Alice Lorena Thompson (Lee) Archer is married to George H. Archer and lives in Grand Bay, Alabama.  She has two grown sons, Frederick William Lee and Robert C. Lee, Frederick has a son, Corey Lee and Robert a daughter, Rebecca Lee.  This is what is known about my sister and myself.  Let me know if I can help with that Camptown Cemetery thing.  Maybe I can spend some time doing or helping with research.  Thanks Susanne E. Thompson Needham
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