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Terry Township
in Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Terry Township Histories
Named in memory of Jonathan Terry, said to be the first permanent settler in 1787. Assumedly he also had a wife who was equally a first permanent settler, but her name is not included in the naming or description. 
Created about 1857 from Wilmot, Asylum, Durrell
Terry Township History by C. Heverly
Terry Township History by H. C. Bradsby.
Terry Township History by D. C. Craft
Terry Township History from Seven Counties Outline ...
Township Articles
1905 Political Cards
Township Postcards & Photos
Post Offices
Terrytown PO
New Era PO
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Villages Past & Present
Terry Township Census Records
1800 Wyalusing, Luzerne County Census
1820/1830/1840/1850- See Mother townships
1860 Census (Volunteer Needed)
1870 Terry Township Census
1880 Terry Township Census
1900 Directory Terry Township
1900 Census (Volunteer Needed)
1910 Census (CR Soon)
1920 (Volunteer Needed)
1930 (Volunteer Needed)
Township Directories
1907/08 Directory Terry Township
Township Tax Records
1812 Taxables Wyalusing
Terry Township Cemetery Records
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Terrytown Cemetery [1966]
New Era Cemetery [2002]
Old Dodge farm* (removed to Terrytown)
Terrytown Cemetery Obituaries
New Era Cemetery Obituaries
Terry Township Schools
1911 Terrytown School 1930 New Era School
1880s Reward of Merit 1935 New Era School
1921 West Terry School
1869 Terry School Districts
Atlas includes Ten School Districts, numbered but not named
Terry Township Family Bible Records
Thompson / Dodge Bible Records
Terry Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
The Terry Log Cabin
Daniel "Doane" Vanderpool and Rebecca Ellen Vanderpool
Originally Published 1931, corrected 2006
Terry Family Pioneers
Township Resident Photo Album
Terry Township Diaries & Letters 
1864 - Pvt. Franklin Strong letters to wife Lucy Welling
Township Population Statisticss