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Submitted by Ralph Weller (

published by George Lane & Levi Scott, 200 Mulberry St. Printed by Joseph Longking - 1851  
[This family came from Orange County New York to Catharine/Veteran, Tioga/Chemung Co NY about 1818]   
[This record comes from the Theodore V. Weller family and Weller is spelled Wellar throughout, The exact same information with spelling Weller came from a number of other sources.] (added by rhw)  
Jacob Weller  January 30, 1793
Mary Weller (Gray)  
Frederick B. Weller  December 24, 1815
(Anna J. Spear)  
Elizabeth (Betsy) Weller  December 26, 1814
(Cornelius D. Green)  
Mariah Weller  June 1, 1818
(2nd wife Casimir Vincent Hipolite)  
Nathaniel Weller  January 1822
(? Nancy?)  
Fanny E.(Emily) Weller  January 15, 1823
(Daniel B. Parsons)  
Sarah B. Weller October 5, 1825
(David Mc Dougal)  
Pratilla Weller  November 1829 
(Harry Mc Dougal)  
Jacob A.(Alanson) Weller  November 21, 1831
(Julia Fitzgerald)  
Ammarilla Weller  February 11, 1837
Theodore V.(Vembly) Weller January 29, 1837(or 39)  
(Catharine Bennett)  
Horace O.(Oran) Weller  December 31, 1838
(Lovina Rumsey)  
Jacob Weller (Jr.) December 5,1774
Mary Weller (Gray)  March 12, 1775
Frederick B. Weller  September 16, 1795
Elizabeth Weller December 5, 1797
Mariah Weller  October 3, 1799
Nathaniel Weller  August 15, 1801
Fanny E. Weller  October 17, 1803 
Sarah B. Weller  April 17, 1806
Prattilla Weller  September 26, 1808
Jacob A. Weller  January 11, 1810
Ammarilla Weller  October 5, 1813
Theodore V. Weller  November 11, 1815
Horace O. Weller  August 14, 1818
Catharine Weller  March 1, 1819
(probably Catharine Bennet wife of Theodore V.)  
Jacob Weller  April 28, 1835
Mary Weller  February 3, 1842
Mariah Hipolite  April 15, 1832
Pratilla McDougal  March 21, 1836
Fanny E. Parsons  July 28, 1869
Betsey Green  October 22, 1869 
Ammarilla Knight  May 26, 1870
Catharine Weller  January 18, 1876
Jacob A. Weller  May 13, 1887
Nathaniel Weller  December 19, 1887
Sarah B. McDougal  March 12, 1888
Theodore V. Weller  December 26, 1888
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