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 Subj:  Bible pages
Date:  5/18/2002 6:22:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (John  Wylie)

These are the pages from Drummond and Mary McLeod Wylie.  They were married in Towanda, Pa.  He worked in the Barclay mine.  After a while, they went back to Scotland.

The following pages are from the family bible of Drummond Wylie and his wife, Mary McLeod.  It is in the possession of their Great Granddaughter, Roslyn Wylie Anderson, who lives in Scotland.  The entries are presented here as they are on the pages of the bible.  Each page is very ornate and has places for pictures of each person entered, however, there are no  pictures present.

Family Registry

Husband- Drummond Wylie Born- 1840 August 2

Wife- Mary McLeod Born- 1843 March 28

Married- in Towandy, August 2 1864  Bradford County the State of Pennsylvania US America

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Children's Names

David Wylie
Born- June 15 1870
Barclay, Bradford County, Pa US

Gorge Wylie
Born- June 7, 1872
Barclay, Bradford County, Pa. ,US America

Jussiey  (Jessie) Wylie
Born- January 23, 1874
Rumblingwell, Fife shire, Scotland

Isabella Wylie
Born- June 6, 1877
Kingseit, Fifeshire, Scotland

Drummond Wylie
Born- May 11, 1879
Townhill, Fife Shire, Scotland

Jane Wylie
Born- March 25, 1882
Dondonald, Fife Shire, Scotland

James Wylie
Born- July 3, 1887
Cowdenbeath, Fife Shire, Scotland

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George Wylie to Jane Adamson

Jessie McLeod Wylie to John L. Donaldson 11th day of July 1895

Drummond Wylie to Margaret Howison

James Wylie to Marion Nisbet March 13th 1914

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David Wylie was born 15 June 1870 and died on March 30, 1871 in Barclay, Pennsylvania.

Isabell Wylie was born June `6, 1877 and died July 7, 1877 in Townhill.

Jane Wylie was born March the 25th 1882 and died 1884.

Mary McLeod was born 25 of March 1843, and died December 18th, 1905.

George Wylie was born June 7th 1872 and died March 1st 1906 in West Africa.

Drummond Wylie was born May 11th 1879, and was killed at Messines Ridge, Belgium on June 7th 1917.

James Wylie died 11th February 1948.  Aged 61 years.

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