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Family Bible Records for Tioga, Bradford, Chemung Counties

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  Litchfield Township Bradford County
Typewritten page - this Bible is in the possession of the Bradford county Historical society
the record is written on the inside covers and fly leaves, very blotted and faded.
Copy provided to Tri-Counties by Tioga County Historical Society
Property of Silas and Esther Young Wheaton      
Silas Wheaton December 10 (?), 1787    
Eunice Young June 22 1792    
Silas Wheaton married Eunice Young     January 26, 1813
Infant son September 26, 1813 September 26, 1813  
Benjamin Wheaton June 25, 1815    
Laura Wheaton July 1817    
Eunice Wheaton   March 1820  
buried with infant daughter on March 19, 1820      
Esther Balcam June 11,1803    
Silas Wheaton married Esther Balcam     October 15, 1820
Mary Louise Wheaton February 17, 1822    
Zilpha Irena Wheaton August 21, 1823    
Ira Lewis Wheaton August 1, 1825    
Betsy Susanna Wheaton October 10, 1826    
Chauncey Simeon Griswold Wheaton February 2, 1828    
Daniel Coolbreth Wheaton May 17, 1829    
Eunice Vilda (?) Wheaton April 18,. 1831    
Jared Balcam Wheaton April 21, 1833    
John Balcam Wheaton July 22, 1834    
Lois Samantha Jane (?) Wheaton April 19, 1837    
Francis (E)ugene Wheaton July 27 or 29, 1842    
Martha Ellen Wheaton February 19, 1845    
A slip of paper enclosed in the Bible "Direct your letter to Francis E. Wheaton in care of Capt. Bradbury, Co. F, 6th Regt. P.R.V.C., Washington, DC.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 05 JUN 2006
By Joyce M. Tice