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 Zimmerman / Zitter / Hoose Bible

I copied this many years ago; I have no idea where the bible is now, at the time Clarence Melvin (Pat) Hoose had possession.  I copied the information in genealogy form; not exactly the way is handwritten in the bible but this is pretty close.

John Zimmerman born June 23, 1822, died March 05, 1904.  He married Mary Eva.  She was born December 23, 1832, and died August 30, 1909.

 Frank Joseph Zimmerman May 18, 1855 married Anna Mary Zitter May 16, 1876 in Buffalo, New York,

Joseph Zitter was born June 23, 1822 in Germany died June 22, 1878

Dorathea born September 29, 1825 (Germany probably) died November 11, 1893

Children of Frank and Anna Zitter Zimmerman:

Rosalia Mary3 Zimmerman, born May 27, 1878 in Buffalo, New York;

Frank Xavier Zimmerman born July 19, 1886 in Buffalo, New York (died 1959)

John C Zimmerman, born September 4, 1905 Waverly, New York (died August 22, 1974)

On a separate page with BIRTHS:

Rosalia Mary3 Zimmerman born May 27, 1878 in Buffalo, New York (died December 25, 1946 in the Robert Packer Hospital Sayre, Pennsylvania)

Married William Garfield Hoose October 02, 1897 by Rev Gregory  (son of Charles H and Sarah Rebecca Gavett) (probably Athens, PA) the license was in the bible.

William Hoose was born April 14, 1870 in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania (died May 03, 1952)

Children of Rosalia Zimmerman and William Hoose are:

Frank Charles4 Hoose, born December 08, 1899 in Second Avenue, Sayre, PA (died November 05, 1986 in Sayre, PA,)

George T Hoose, born July 08, 1901 in Wolcott Hollow, Athens twp, Athens PA; (died April 30, 1952 in Sayre, Pa).

Nellie Elizabeth Mae Hoose, born October 03, 1903 in Wolcott Hollow, Athens twp, Athens PA; (died March 29, 1981 Towanda, PA)

Charles Frederick Hoose, born November 19, 1908 in Wolcott Hollow, Athens twp, Bradford County, Pennsylvania;(died November 23, 1991 Sayre, Pennsylvania)

James Garfield, born October 20, 1910 in Wolcott Hollow, Athens twp, Athens PA; (died May 13, 2000 Athens Township)

Burt Hoose, born May 01, 1912 in Athens twp, Athens PA; (died September 29, 1997 in Columbia Cross Roads, PA)

Mary Hoose, born October 02, 1913 in Sutliff Hill, Athens twp PA; died November 07, 1918

Kathern Hoose, born November 22, 1914 in Sutliff Hill, Athens twp PA;(died November 08, 1922)

Helen Elizabeth Hoose, born January 26, 1916 in Sutliff Hill, Athens twp, Athens, PA

Elmer Hoose, born December 09, 1918 in Athens, twp, PA; (died June 1971 New York State)

Bessie Beatrice Hoose, born November 08, 1919 in Sutliff Hill, Athens twp PA (died June 06, 2001 New York)

Clarence Melvin Hoose, born August 4, 1922 in Sutliff Hill, Athens twp, PA, (died July 8, 2001)

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