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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1883, 1884, 1891, 1892 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

1891 Births 1891 Marriages 1891 Deaths one  1891 Deaths two Return to Volume Table of Contents More Births
Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
Note that the mothers, having relinquished their names and identity at the time of their marriage, are not mentioned in the birth notices. They were apaprently not considered significant participants in the event.
1891 18-Mar B Adriance dau. to Wesley, Richmond Twp. Mar. 12
1891 10-Jun B Ames son to Horatio, Covington, 24 May
1891 19-Aug B Austin son to Mrs. Esther Ausin, Sullivan Twp., 16 Aug.
1891 16-Sep B Austin dau. to Alvin Sunday, Mainesburg
1891 15-Jul B Ayers, Mrs. Andrew will be 85 this week Fri., Frost Settlement
1891 1-Jul B Bailey son to Elmer, Crooked Creek, no date
1891 4-Nov B Bailey son to J. W., Denver, Colorado, a few weeks ago, father formerly of Mansfield
1891 30-Sep B Ballard dau. to M. M., Lawrenceville 21 Sept.
1891 4-Mar B Barden son to S. O. Richmond Twp. Feb. 28
1891 18-Nov B Bartlett dau. to Clark, Painter Run, 8 Nov.
1891 9-Dec B Beach dau. to John S., Minneapolis, Minn. 25 Nov
1891 2-Dec B Birkett son to D. M., Mansfield 1 Dec.
1891 18-Mar B Bixby dau. to Frank, Lambs Creek, Mar. 16
1891 25-Nov B Bloss son to A. L. of Elmira, N.Y., no date, former res. of Covington
1891 1-Jul B Bolton son to Thomas, Crooked Creek, no date
1891 30-Sep B Boyce  son to M. S., Richmond Twp., no date
1891 15-Jul B Bradley son to Henry, Covington, no date
1891 4-Feb B Briggs son to E. R., Mansfield, Feb. 1
1891 29-Jul B Butler, Jared of Farming 8s 96 - has 8 children, also has 1 bro. & 3 sis. Average age 86
1891 9-Dec B Button son to Wallace, Mitchell's Creek, no date
1891 7-Oct B Calkins dau. to Will, Niles Valley, last Wednesday
1891 11-Feb B Campbell, Archie dau. to Frank, Tioga, Feb. 2
1891 25-Feb B Caton dau. to George B. Lawrenceville
1891 28-Oct B Channel  son to S. F. Channel, Wellsboro, no date
1891 14-Oct B Clark  son to Oscar, Lambs Creek, no date
1891 18-Feb B Cleveland dau. to Allen, Covington (no date
1891 2-Dec B Cleveland dau. to Van A., Covington, no date
1891 29-Jul B Close dau. to B. Clse, Knoxville (no date) See 8/5
1891 5-Aug B Close infant of B. Close d. Knoxville (no date
1891 29-Apr B Cogswell son to Daniel b. Blossburg last Thurs.
1891 11-Mar B Coles dau. to S.E., Mansfield, Mar. 4
1891 23-Sep B Compton dau. to Jesse, Crooked Creek (no date)
1891 23-Sep B Connelly son to George, Covington, no date
1891 4-Nov B Crandall son to T. M., Osceola, no date
1891 25-Feb B Crossley dau. to W.C. Feb. 18 in Sioux City, Iowa, former res. Of Mansfield
1891 11-Mar B Culver, Mrs. AIM of Tioga was 81 on Feb. 23
1891 11-Feb B Cunningham son to C. N., Tioga, Feb. 4
1891 29-Apr B Decker son to George, Richmond Twp., 28 April
1891 26-Aug B Dewey dau. To George, Mainesburg 21 Aug.
1891 29-Apr B DeWitt dau. to C. H., Sullivan Twp. 14 April
1891 18-Feb B Dickerson son to John, Crooked Creek, Feb. 7
1891 1-Jul B Doane dau. to Jacob, Crooked Creek, no date
1891 14-Jan B Dorrance dau. to Mrs. G. G. Dorrance, Elkland, no date
1891 14-Jan B Doud son to Mrs. Lemy Doud Jan. 1, 1891
1891 13-May B Doud dau. to B. F. Covington (no date
1891 28-Jan B Dunsomre son to Maurice, Covington (no date)
1891 2-Sep B Everitt dau. to W. C., Niles Valley, 25 Aug.
1891 4-Mar B Fields dau. to C. D. Fields, Sullivan Twp. no date
1891 22-Apr B Fitzpatrick, Joe son to M. G. at Mt. Alton, PA, 19 April
1891 4-Nov B Focht son to Thomas, Delmar Twp., 23 Oct.
1891 4-Nov B Gallup son to J. C. & Stella Barden Gallup, Smethport, PA, 16 Oct.
1891 5-Aug B Gee son to Morgan, Crooked Creek, 2 August
1891 14-Oct B Gill son to W. A., Elkland, no date
1891 11-Feb B Goodrich son to O. D. & Dora Woodruff, b. in Elmira, N.Y. (no date)
1891 23-Sep B Gordon dau. to Will, Niles Valley, last Saturday
1891 22-Jul B Graves son to George G., Mansfield, 21 July
1891 16-Sep B Graves, Thomas of Elmira was 71 "lately", father of Fred L. & Mrs. Edward Doane of Mansfield
1891 15-Apr B Haskins, Clifford of Cowanesque is 92
1891 6-May B Haverly son to J. F., Cherry Flats (no date)
1891 8-Apr B Hazen, Mrs. E. J. Crooked Creek, was 58 on April 4, foster mother of Jesse Compton
1891 14-Oct B Hazlett son to Frank, Osceola, no date
1891 16-Sep B Holly, Mrs. J. W. Mansfield was 67 yesterday
1891 15-Jul B Hoyt son to Fred, Osceola
1891 29-Jul B Hoyt son to Fred, Osceola (no date)
1891 29-Apr B Hughes son to Benjamin, Mitchell's Creek (no date)
1891 1-Jul B Ide son to Oliver, Elk Run, no date
1891 4-Nov B Inscho son to W. W. 31 Oct
1891 14-Oct B Jones dau. to Francis S., Blossburg, no date
1891 29-Jul B Jordan son to W. F., Wellsboro (no date)
1891 29-Apr B Kelley son to William, Lambs Creek, 26 April
1891 14-Oct B Kelley, Martin of Mansfield was 87 on 29 Sept. Had a family reunion
1891 18-Mar B Kendrick dau. to Samuel, Covington March 8
1891 23-Sep B Kerrick dau. to Arthur, Niles Valley, last Saturday
1891 18-Nov B Kerrick dau. to Fremont, Niles Valley, Thursday
1891 29-Jul B Kibbe son to Dr. Kibbe of Knoxville (no date)
1891 6-May B King son to Frank, Cherry Flats (no date)
1891 22-Jul B King dau. to Hugh D., Westfield (no date)
1891 12-Aug B Kingsley son to J. F., Painter Run 7 Aug.
1891 12-Aug B Kingsley dau. to C. S., Mansfield 5 Aug.
1891 1-Apr B Knight dau. to Charles T., Blossburg last week
1891 20-May B Kohler baby to Levi of Sebring, Levi is 71
1891 18-Feb B Lawrence, Betsy Betsy Lawrence was 100 on Feb. 11, b. in Mass. 11 Feb. 1791 to Robert Bailey, she m. 1811 or 12 Jonathan Lawrence from Conn. Had 6 children, left, C. H., Mansfield, Caroline (Mrs. Nathan) Palmer d. 2 years ago at 73, Herrick d. 1872 at 47.
1891 24-Jun B Leet son to Arthur, Tioga, no date
1891 11-Nov B Lenox dau. to George, Richmond Twp., 7 Nov.
1891 25-Feb B Leonard son to B. P. of Troy
1891 21-Jan B Longbothum dau. to Erie Jan. 14, Crooked Creek
1891 4-Nov B Mack dau. to H. F., Academy Corners, no date (also 11/18)
1891 1-Apr B Mann son to Charles, Blossburg, 26 March
1891 30-Sep B Marsh son to Jesse & Gertrude Styres Marsh, Elk Run, no date
1891 13-May B Mason dau. to George, Blossburg 8 May
1891 25-Nov B Mather dau. to H. C., Elkland (no date)
1891 21-Jan B Mattison son to Postmaster Mattison, Cowanesque
1891 10-Jun B Maynard son to Elbert, Elk Run, no date
1891 23-Sep B Miller dau. To Mrs. Wellie Miller, Millerton, no date
1891 13-May B Miller  twin boys to Jesse B. Miller, Millerton, 1 May
1891 2-Dec B Newberry son to William, Covington, no date
1891 25-Mar B Niles, Mrs. Julia E. dau. to Charles, Rutland Twp. Mar. 19
1891 24-Jun B Olney son to W. H., Mansfield 17 June
1891 11-Nov B Olney, R. E.  of Mansfield was 55 Monday. Has a son W. H.
1891 4-Mar B Parsons son to M.T. Columbia X-Roads Feb. 14
1891 14-Oct B Phelps dau. to. E. E., Tioga, no date
1891 14-Jan B Pierce dau. to Mrs. Theodore Pierce, Brookfield Twp. (no date)
1891 13-May B Pitt son to Frank & Hattie Beach Pitt of Elmira, N.Y. no date
1891 29-Apr B Pollock dau. to A. W., Antrim 19 April
1891 30-Sep B Pomeroy dau. to Fred, Westfield (no date)
1891 28-Oct B Porter dau. to Ed Porter 21 Oct.
1891 4-Nov B Post dau. to C. H., Canoe Camp, no date
1891 7-Oct B Rarick dau. to Mrs. Adam, Osceola, no date
1891 29-Dec B Reynolds  dau. to Lyman, Sullivan Twp. 23 Dec.
1891 21-Jan B Richardson dau. to Elisha Jan. 16, Crooked Creek
1891 16-Sep B Robbins dau. to Frank, Robbins Settlement, 2 wks ago
1891 1-Jul B Robinson dau. to Jesse, Wellsboro
1891 21-Jan B Rockman twins to Mrs. ___Rockman, Austinville
1891 30-Sep B Rockwell son to Delos, Elk Run, no date
1891 4-Mar B Rogers son to Fred, Covington, no date
1891 15-Apr B Rouse son to William, Elkland
1891 8-Jul B Rouse son to T. E., Niles Valley, 25 June
1891 29-Apr B Rumsey, Mrs. Warren son to E. D., Mainesburg 27 April
1891 12-Aug B Ryan dau. to Charles, Lambs Creek, 9 Aug.
1891 22-Dec B Shimpman son to william, Farmington Twp., no date
1891 18-Feb B Skull son to Curby of Covington (no date)
1891 27-May B Slingerland dau. to Walter, Mansfield, 27 May
1891 18-Feb B Smith dau. to Arthur, Covington (no date)
1891 20-May B Smith dau. to F. H., Wellsboro 12 May
1891 18-Feb B Soper dau. to John, Covington (no date)
1891 7-Oct B Stevenson dau. to A. W., Mansfield, Oct. 6
1891 3-Jun B Stout son to Jonas of Roseville last week
1891 18-Nov B Stout dau. to J. H., Mansfield 17 Nov.
1891 15-Apr B Strait dau. to B. V., Mansfield Apr. 8
1891 11-Mar B Strong dau. to L.B., Elkland, no date
1891 29-Jul B Sturrock son to James, Knoxville (no date)
1891 18-Nov B Tholen dau. to Rev. Tholen, Painter Run, 8 Nov.
1891 21-Jan B Thomas son to Lee, Mitchell's Creek
1891 18-Nov B Thompson son to Lt. J. K. & Mary Swan Thompson in San Antonio, Texas, no date
1891 14-Oct B Toney dau. to Frank, Osceola, no date
1891 6-May B Tripp dau. to Avery, Cherry Flats (no date)
1891 29-Jul B Tyler  dau. to Andrew, Covington, 23 July
1891 29-Jul B Updyke dau. to Henry, Daggett's Mills (no date)
1891 11-Mar B Van Dusen dau. to fred, Osceola, no date
1891 14-Oct B Van Ness son to William, Rutland Twp., no date
1891 12-Aug B Van Valien dau. to R. H., Richmond Twp., 27 July
1891 4-Feb B Walters dau. to O. E., Richmond Twp., Feb. 3
1891 14-Jan B Welch dau. to Mrs. William Welch of Mansfield Jan. 3
1891 4-Nov B Welch dau. to Willis, Blossburg, 26 Oct.
1891 14-Jan B Wheeler son to Edwin of Niles Valley
1891 1-Jul B Wilcox son to Linus, Crooked Creek, no date
1891 13-May B Wilson, William dau. to Jay, Millerton (no date)
1891 4-Mar B Wood son to Henry, Richmond Twp. Feb. 23
1891 22-Apr B Wood dau. to John, Tioga (no date)
1891 9-Dec B Wood son to Wellington, Elk Run, 23 Nov.
1891 9-Dec B Wood son to Mark, Elk Run, 18 Nov
1891 22-Jul B Wood, Mrs. Justice (Elizabeth) was 84 on July 14, had 9 children
1891 19-Aug B Wright, Miss Mary A. of Rutland Twp. was 64-65 on 15 Aug. (See also 8/26 - Mrs.?)
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