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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1883, 1884, 1891, 1892 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

1902 Births 1902 Marriages 1902 Deaths one   1902 Deaths two Return to Volume Table of Contents More Births
Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
Note that the mothers, having relinquished their names and identity at the time of their marriage, are not mentioned in the birth notices. They were apaprently not considered significant participants in the event.
1902 19-Mar B Anderson dau. To Rev. E. A. of Tioga (no date)
1902 23-Apr B Avery son to Harry of Roseville (no date)
1902 24-Sep B Bailey, Frederick Clark b. Elmira, N.Y., Sept. 18th to Frederick D. - formerly of Mansfield
1902 3-Dec B Bailey son to Henry Ward of Mansfield, Nov. 28th
1902 3-Dec B Bailey dau. To Myron of Wellsboro Nov. 10th
1902 2-Apr B Baity son to D. R. Frost Settlement (no date)
1902 5-Feb B Baity son to Ralph of Mainesburg Feb. 3rd
1902 12-Nov B Barden, John Lawrence son to Milton of Richmond Twp. "today."
1902 29-Oct B Bardwell dau. To John of Richmond Twp. "last Thurs.", mother nee Ballard
1902 4-Jun B Bartlett dau. To Roy of Painter Run Jun. 1st.
1902 26-Feb B Beach son to C. J. of Richmond Twp. "recently." 
1902 26-Mar B Benson, Lavern Lavern Benson & Lafie Kennedy Benson, both of Rutland Twp., m. at Mansfield "last Thur." by Rev. W. Lattimer. She sister of Mrs. George Colony of Mansfield
1902 23-Apr B Bixby son to Harry of Pendleton, Ore., Mar. 29th, grandson of Mrs. Anna Bixby of Mansfield
1902 7-May B Blatchley son to Mr. & Mrs. Blatchley of Wellsboro
1902 23-Apr B Boyce, C.E. dau. To C. E. of Mansfield "Mon."
1902 7-May B Brace dau. To Harry Brace of Lawrence Corners (no date)
1902 7-May B Brace dau. To Willard of Lawrence Corners (no date)
1902 27-Aug B Briggs  son to O. E., of Sullivan Twp. Aug. 26th
1902 6-Jan B Brown, Deacon Willard of Clymer Twp. was 89 on Jan. 6th, 1902
1902 2-Apr B Bry (Bly?) son to David of Mardin (no date)
1902 29-Jan B Bullard dau. To L. B. at Sunbury, Pa. Jan. 13th
1902 8-Oct B Burrell son to Burt of Mardin Oct. 6th
1902 24-Sep B Bush son to C. L. of Durhamville, N.Y. (no date), grandson of Mrs. Weeks of Mansfield
1902 29-Aug B Card dau. To Leon b. Aug. 13th in Sullivan Twp.
1902 19-Feb B Cleveland son to Merton of Richmond Twp
1902 7-May B Colony dau. To George of Mansfield (no date)
1902 30-Jul B Coons son to Ira "last Sun." Rutland Twp.
1902 16-Apr B Crum son to Dorah (male) of Roseville (no date)
1902 15-Oct B Cruttenden dau. To Charles of Lambs Creek (no date)
1902 30-Apr B Cruttenden, Mrs. N. J. of Lambs Creek was 68 on Apr. 16th
1902 10-Jun B Cruttenden dau. Born to Vinnie Cruttenden this morn. Of Mansfield
1902 8-Oct B Curtis son to Reuben Jr. & Carrie Sampson Curtis b. "last Sun." (Mansfield?)
1902 19-Nov B Dacey dau. To Tim of Covington "last Fri."
1902 16-Jul B Day, Mrs. Wilson was 56 "Mon." (Lambs Creek items)
1902 30-Apr B Earley son to Charles W. Earley of Mansfield Apr. 28th
1902 29-Oct B Ehlers son to Fred of Binghamton, N.Y. "last Sat."
1902 31-Dec B Fish dau. To Rev. & Mrs. H. W., Mansfield Dec. 30th
1902 15-Jan B Fitzpatrick dau. To M. G. of Olean, N.Y. Dec. 29, 1901
1902 26-Mar B Fritz son to George Edmund of Philadelphia b. Mar. 7th at home of P. W. Ripley, Dunmore, Pa.
1902 15-Jan B Frost child to John of Covington (no date)
1902 23-Apr B Fullwood  dau. To Peter R. & Hattie Lawrence Fullwood at Wellsboro Apr. 10th
1902 16-Jul B Garrison son to H. D. of Elk Run Jul. 8th
1902 19-Mar B Gee son to William Gee, Jr. of Tioga (no date
1902 13-Aug B Graham  son to Frank & Edith Loveless Graham at Hadley, N.Y., Aug. 7th
1902 18-Jun B Greene, Chester M. son to Edward of Tioga (no date)
1902 30-Apr B Hall  dau. To Jay of Mansfield, b. at Lyond, N.Y., Apr. 23rd.
1902 21-May B Harkness son to Dr. Harkness of Mainesburg (no date)
1902 16-Apr B Hatfield dau. To W. H. Hatfield of Roseville (no date)
1902 19-Mar B Heck  son to William Heck of Tioga (no date)
1902 11-Jun B Houghton dau. To E. G. Houghton of New Orange, N.Y., May 29th
1902 4-Jun B Husted  dau. To James Husted of Mardin on "Decoration Day"
1902 6-Aug B Husted son to Lyman Husted of Williamsport "last Wed." Lyman bro. Of Wilmont D. of Mansfield
1902 15-Oct B Husted dau. To Will Husted of East Charleston (no date)
1902 23-Jul B Hyde dau. To Rev. H. E. Hyde of Canton (no date
1902 17-Sep B Inscho son of Ernest P. of Tioga Sep. 11th
1902 4-Jun B Jelliff, Mrs. Nancy Ann of Covington was 90 on Jun. 2nd, widow of Benjamin S. Jelliff whom she m. abt. 1850; has 1 son Frank M. of Corning & 1 dau. Mrs. Mary Smith of Covington
1902 15-Jan B Jenkins child to Prof. & Mrs. Jenkins of Covington
1902 28-May B Johnson  dau. To C. L. Johnson of Richmond Twp. May 19th
1902 8-Oct B Johnson son to L. E. Johnson of Mansfield Sep. 23rd
1902 14-May B Jones dau. To Clarence Jones of Lambs Creek (no date)
1902 17-Dec B Jones  dau. To Prof. M. F. of Wellsboro Dec. 14th
1902 22-Oct B Jones  dau. To William Jones of Mansfield "today Oct. 22nd."
1902 5-Nov B Kendrick son to James Kendrick of Covington Oct. 24th
1902 9-Apr B Kendrick dau. To Joel Kendrick of Covington (no date)
1902 31-Dec B Kettyle twin daus. To W. G. & Gerturde Woitwich Kettyle at Corning Dec. 20th. D. shortly & buried at Mansfield
1902 2-Apr B Knapp  dau. To Hiram Knapp of Lambs Creek (no date)
1902 19-Feb B Krise child to O. L. Krise of Mainesburg on Feb. 9th
1902 26-Feb B Lamb, H. H. was 82 "last Thur." (Mansfield)
1902 3-Sep B Lefler  dau. b. to Max Lefler in Mansfield Aug. 31st
1902 8-Jan B Lindsley son to Bessie Copley Lindsley & husband of Downsville, N.Y. (she formerly of Mardin)
1902 12-Mar B Loveless dau. To Fred & Daisy Wetmore Loveless of Mill Creek (no date)
1902 12-Mar B Loveless son b. to Harry Loveless of Mill Creek (no date)
1902 20-Aug B Lowry, Mrs. J. B. was 64 on Aug. 16th, Mansfield
1902 5-Nov B Lucas son to D. Lucas of Mainesburg Nov. 3rd
1902 23-Jul B Mason A dau. Born to O. M. & Effie Styres Mason at Corning, N.Y. 21 Jul
1902 Aug B Merritt  A dau. To Hary W. & ---Gaige Merritt at Brook, N.Y. 3 Aug
1902 1-Oct B Montgomery A son b. to Maurcio Montgomery of Pueblo, Mexico (no date). The mother is a former resident of Sullivan Twp.
1902 19-Nov B Morgan, Holman of E. Charleston was 1010 "last Mon."
1902 4-Jun B Mott, Mrs. mother of Mrs. W. L. Pitts of Mansfield was 80 on Decoration Day
1902 22-Oct B McConnell A dau. B. to Charles McConnell of Richmong Twp.
1902 2-Apr B McDowell  A son b. to Charles McDowell of Mansfield "this morning"
1902 17-Sep B Neal A son b. to Floyd Neal of Mardin 11 Sep.
1902 24-Sep B Nelson A son b. to Andrew & Alice Jerald Nelson of Richmond Twp.
1902 26-Feb B Niles  A son b. to Floyd Niles of Mill Creek
1902 25-Jun B Owlett A son b. to Thomas Owlett of Mansfield Jun. 21
1902 2-Jul B Peck  son to Elmer E. Peck of Lambs Creek recently
1902 3-Dec B Peters dau. To George Peters of Troy (no date)
1902 12-Mar B Pomeroy  dau. To Dr. Frd Pomeroy of Troy last Wed.
1902 16-Apr B Rice  dau. To Herbert Rice of Lambs Creek, b. 11 Apr.
1902 27-Aug B Richmond, Ananias was 78 Mon., res. Of Mansfield
1902 16-Apr B Ritz son to George Ritz of Sullivan Twp., 13 Apr.
1902 5-Feb B Robert dau. To Jesse Robert of Richmond Twp., today
1902 21-May B Rockwell  dau. To Wilbur Rockwell of Frost Settlement 17 May
1902 30-Jul B Rouse son to C. A. Rouse of Rutland Twp. last week
1902 5-Feb B Seaman  dau. To W. G. Seaman of Mansfield Jan. 23rd
1902 19-Feb B Seely son to Allan B. Seely Feb. 16th (Mansfield?)
1902 10-Dec B Shaw, Mrs. Jane Mrs. Jane Shay (91, Mrs. A. M. Haight (65) & Capt. H. J. Ripley (63) celebrated their birthdays Mon. at Haights in Mainesburg
1902 10-Dec B Shaw dau. To Wells A. Shaw of Galeton last Sat. her formerly of Mansfield
1902 10-Sep B Smith Adelbert Smith of Mainesburg, son b. Sep. 7
1902 24-Dec B Smith son to Bert Smith of Schoda Mon.
1902 17-Sep B Smith son of Delbert C. Smith of Mainesbur b. Sep. 7th, d. last Sat., buried Mainesburg
1902 19-Nov B Smith twins (1 each) to Rev. F. I. Smith of North Towanda, formerly of Mansfield
1902 17-Sep B Smithson dau. To James Smithson of Ilion, N.Y., born at Dunmore, Pa. (Home of P. W. Ripley) no date
1902 31-Dec B Stannard son to S. G. Stannard of Mainesburg Dec. 24th
1902 7-May B Stickler son to Grank Stickler of Lawrence Corners (no date)
1902 14-May B Tears dau. To Adelbert of Rutland Twp. 11 May
1902 13-Aug B Updyke, Herman of Elk Run was 58 on Aug. 7
1902 26-Mar B VanDyne son b. to Mr. & Mrs.VanDyne of "the Adams Farm" last Sat.
1902 9-Jul B Van Wert child to Abe Van Wert of Mardin 4 Jul.
1902 10-Sep B Van Wert son of A. L. Van Wert of Mardin buried Sun., age 2 mos.
1902 29-Jan B Walker dau. To J. R. Walker of Mansfield, 5 Jan.
1902 30-Apr B Webster son to Burt Webster of Roseville 27 Apr.
1902 19-Feb B Webster dau. To Fred Webster of Elkland (no date)
1902 11-Jun B Webster dau. To Oscar Webster of Mansfield last Fri.
1902 23-Apr B Wetmore  son to F. D. Wetmore of Galeton, 5 Apr., formerly of Wellsboro
1902 9-Apr B Whitcomb twins to Ray of Sunbury, b. at Mansfield (1 boy, 1 girl) (no date)
1902 9-Jul B White  dau. To Merton D. White of Richmond Twp., 4 Jul.
1902 8-Oct B White dau. B. 30 Sep. to Mrs. Walter White, Lambs Creek
1902 24-Dec B Whitteker dau. To Frank of Richmond Twp., 23 Dec.
1902 2-Jul B Whitteker son to "Merchant" of Jackson Summit, last week
1902 3-Sep B Wilcox  dau. To Mahlon Wilcox in Richmond Twp., 29 Aug.
1902 24-Sep B Winters dau. To Rev. Lemuel Winters of Troy (no date)
1902 23-Jul B Wood  dau. To Herbert Wood of Painter Run (no Date)
1902 19-Nov B Wood  son to Lamont Wood of Lambs Creek (no date)
1902 3-Dec B Youmans son to Fred of Richmond Twp., 29 Nov.
1902 3-Dec B Youmans son to Fred of Dykes Mills (no date) (Mardin item)

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