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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Compiled 1988 - Previously Unpublished, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1901-1905 by Mary Kingsley.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. 

Copies sent by James Streeter, Retyped by Pat Mott Gobea, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2011

1903 Births 1903 Marriages 1903 Deaths one   1903 Deaths two Return to Volume Table of Contents More Births
Note - Date is date of newspaper edition, NOT date of event.
Note that the mothers, having relinquished their names and identity at the time of their marriage, are not mentioned in the birth notices. They were apaprently not considered significant participants in the event.
1903 8-Apr B Abernathy dau. b. Sat. to Geo. Abernathy of Mardin
1903 23-Sep B Allen son b. to Harry & Fanny Sheldon Allen of Detroit. She is former M.S.N.S.
1903 26-Oct B Austin twin daus. B. to Justus & Mrs. Austin of Mansfield
1903 14-Jan B Bailey son b. 8 Jan. to Freeman Bailey of Mansfield
1903 11-Nov B Bailey son b. to Dwight Bailey of Mardin
1903 2-Dec B Baker dau. Born last week to Harry Baker of Mitchell Creek
1903 21-Oct B Baldwin son b. last Thurs. to Charles T. Baldwin of Mansfield
1903 12-Aug B Bates dau. B. to Emmet & Bessie Strait Bates of Elmira
1903 21-Jan B Bates dau. B. this morning to John P. Bates of Mansfield
1903 28-Jan B Beach dau. b. last eve. To L. J. Beach at Mansfield
1903 28-Oct B Berry dau. b. to Daniel G. Berry of Tioga last week
1903 30-Dec B Bixby dau. b. last Thurs. to P. E. & Nellie Haiglet Bixby of Sullivan, former res. of Mansfield
1903 4-Mar B Boyce b. dau. To Ed Boyce of E. Charleston, grand dau. Of T. R. Bowen
1903 9-Sep B Brace son b. Thurs. to Fred D. Brace at Mansfield
1903 30-Sep B Brewster, Wm. of Mitchell Creek was 78 on 18 Sep.
1903 19-Aug B Bull, George dau. B. to Geo. Bull of Troy
1903 27-May B Cilley son b. to Clark Cilley recently of Osceola
1903 29-Apr B Clark dau. B. 26 Apr at Osceola to Howard B. Clark of Williamsport
1903 1-Jul B Clark son b. recently to Oscar Clark of Lambs Creek
1903 18-Nov B Colony dau. B. to Charles Colony of Stokesdale
1903 27-May B Cooper, Frank Albert b. 7 May son to Fred Cooper of Little Marsh
1903 18-Mar B Curtis dau. B. last Sun. to Charles Curtis of Mansfield
1903 26-Aug B Dewey, Edwin of Sullivan Twp. was 82 yrs. The 23 Aug.
1903 26-Aug B DeWitt son b. 23 Aug. to Claude DeWitt at Alba, Pa. (Mainesburg item)
1903 29-Apr B Doud b. dau. To Ben Doud of Covington
1903 22-Jul B Dyke  dau. B. to Harry Dyke of Richmond Twp. last Fri.
1903 15-Apr B Eaton son b. last week to F. Eaton of E. Charleston
1903 19-Aug B Edgerton son b. Sun. to Merritt Edgerton of Mardin
1903 1-Jul B Ellis Mr. & Mrs. H. W. Ellis (Elizabeth Mantor) of Buffalo had dau. Thelma Octavia
1903 2-Dec B Embrey b. dau. To August Embrey of Voltus
1903 11-Feb B French a dau. B. 17 Jan. to H. T. French & Laura Cass French at Moscow, Io.
1903 12-Aug B Frost son b. 19 Aug. to Frank Frost of Richmond Twp.
1903 22-Apr B Gardner son b. 19 Apr. to Geo. Gardner of Mainesburg
1903 30-Dec B Garrison a son b. to Wm. Garrison of Jobs Corners
1903 4-Feb B Gates son b. 4 Feb. to Rev. L. M. Gates of Mansfield
1903 1-Jul B Glenwright son b. Henry Glenwright formerly of Lambs Creek
1903 4-Mar B Goodwin dau. B. to Oscar Goodwin of Niles Valley
1903 28-Oct B Gould twins b. to Frank Gould Sullivan Twp. Mon.
1903 20-May B Griffin dau. B. 1 May to John Jr. Griffin of Jamestown, N.Y. formerly of Lambs Creek
1903 28-Oct B Griswold, German H. dau. B. to H. H. & Mamie Blaksley Griswold of Galeton
1903 25-Feb B Guernsey twin daus. B. to Arthur Guernsey recently
1903 4-Nov B Hakes  son b. 25 Oct. to Willis L. Hakes of Richmond Twp.
1903 2-Sep B Hastings Ttwins b. to Harry & Margaret Hastings of Altoona formerly of Wellsboro. She as a Watrous
1903 16-Sep B Hatfield son b. to W. H. Hatfield of Rutland Fri.
1903 4-Mar B Hutcheson a son b. 28 Feb. to Mrs. Ralph Hutcheson (Luelle Harting)
1903 18-Feb B Inscho, Mrs. R.P. of Tioga was 84 yrs. On Feb. 10
1903 21-Jan B James son b. 15 Jan. 1903 to A. J. James of Radnor, Oh. (Mainesburg item)
1903 14-Oct B Jelliff  son b. 6 Oct. to Charles Jelliff of Covington Twp.
1903 3-Jun B Johnson dau. B. to S. P. Johnson of Mansfield
1903 15-Jul B Jones son b. to E. N. Jones of Mainesburg this week Mon.
1903 3-Jun B Jupenlaz son b. 30 May to Ernest Jupenlaz of Richmond Twp.
1903 4-Feb B Jupenlaz son b. 3 Feb. to Fred Jupenlaz of Mansfield
1903 6-May B Jupenlaz, Herbert Lewis bapt. Last Sun. at St. James Church, Mansfield, son of Fred
1903 2-Dec B Kinner  dau. B. last week to Frank Kinner of Millerton
1903 4-Mar B Kirkpatrick b. to John Kirpatrick, a son in Middlebury
1903 5-Aug B Larcom son b. to Archie Larcom of Covington
1903 1-Jul B Lawrence  son b. to Ross Lawrence of Lawrence Corners
1903 2-Dec B Leiby  dau. B. to Arthur Leiby of Coudersport formerly of Voltus
1903 2-Sep B Littley son b. to J. G. Littley of Mansfield 22 Aug.
1903 18-Feb B Love, Elner Dora b. last Sun. in Elmira to N.A. & Rosamond Horton Love formerly of Mansfield
1903 22-Oct B Lovejoy son to J. C. Lovejoy of Corning (no date)
1903 21-Oct B Loveless son to Harry Loveless of Tioga last week
1903 8-Apr B Lownsberry dau. B. to Frank Lownsberry of Richmond Twp. 1 Apr.
1903 7-Oct B Lownsberry dau. B. to Reuben Lownsberry of Mansfield
1903 9-Dec B Marvin  son was b. last Wed. to R. T. Marvin of Covington
1903 21-Oct B McInroy  A dau. B. to Clarence McInroy of Charleston Twp.
1903 11-Mar B McInroy dau. B. to Mr. & Nellie (Nettie?) Abernathy McInroy of Middlebury Center.
1903 18-Mar B Merlean A dau. Was b. to Mr. & Mrs. (Blanche Place) Merlean of Buffalo about two weeks ago.
1903 29-Apr B Mitchell  A dau. B. last Sat. to Sam Mitchell of Covington
1903 23-Dec B Monroe A son b. recently to Mrs. Mattie Monroe of Austinville
1903 4-Feb B Moore, Miss Ester of E. Charleston was 65 last Wed.
1903 18-Nov B Morse A dau. B. to Rev. E. P. Morse of Troy last week
1903 7-Jan B Mosher A dau. B. to Archie Mosher of Tioga
1903 14-Jan B Navel Triplets (2 girls & 1 boy) b. last Sat. at Wellsboro to D. & Ruth Buckley Navel
1903 15-Apr B Newell A son b. to F. M. Newell in Elmira, N.Y.
1903 29-Jul B Oyer  A son b. to Joe Oyer of Lambs Creek
1903 15-Jul B Palmer  dau. B. 114 Jul. to B. L. Palmer of Sullivan Twp.
1903 27-May B Partridge b. 9 May dau. To Moses Partridge of Little Marsh
1903 22-Apr B Patterson  dau. B. to Dwith & Rose Ford Patterson of Covington
1903 24-Jun B Phillips  son b. to Eugene Phillips of Rutland
1903 16-Dec B Pierce  dau. B. to Frank Pierce of Mansfield 14 Dec.
1903 13-May B Pratt  twin boys b. to John Pratt of Rutland, last week Wed.
1903 3-Jun B Presit son b. to Edward Presit of Mansfield
1903 9-Sep B Preston dau. B. to Claude Preston of Mansfield 4 Aug
1903 19-Aug B Rarick son b. last Sun. to Wm. Rarick of Painted Post
1903 14-Jan B Reed  son b. to Mrs. Curtis Reed of Lambs Creek
1903 14-Oct B Rice  Son b. 8 Oct. to Herbert of Galeton, Richmond Twp. (Lambs Creek Item)
1903 8-Apr B Richards son b. to John E. Richards of Covington
1903 19-Aug B Robey, Ashley son Ashley Robey b. to Kennerly R. Roby of Ft. Worth, Tex. 1 Aug. (Mainesburg item)
1903 15-Jul B Robinson dau. To Grant Robinson of Mansfield
1903 3-Jun B Robson dau. B. 29 May to Edward Robson of Mansfield
1903 16-Dec B Rollason dau. To George Rollason of Corning, well known in Voltus
1903 4-Feb B Rose  dau. B. Sat. to Herman Rose of Rutland
1903 21-Oct B Rose  son b. to R. D. Rose of Charleston Twp
1903 16-Dec B Rouse son b. to T. D. Rouse of Tioga
1903 25-Jul B Sargeant dau. B. to Royal Sargeant of Columbia Cross Roads
1903 15-Jul B Scarfe son b. 7 Jul. to Charles Scarfe of Mansfield
1903 3-Jun B Scouten  dau. B. to Ray & --Jones Scouten of Sullivan Twp., yesterday
1903 23-Dec B Seely son b. to H. L. Seely of Academy Corners, 15 Dec.
1903 29-Apr B Shaw, Mrs. Sampson of Covington was 69 yrs. Old
1903 29-Apr B Shaw  son b. to John Shaw of Mansfield
1903 11-Mar B Shaw  dau. B. to Edward Shaw of Peale (Lambs Creek item
1903 17-Jun B Shepard, Mrs. A. was 65 on Mon. party included us, Mrs. Louise Ripley of Jackson & 5 bro.; W.R., W.H., A.E., Chester Garrison of Jackson & Foster Garrison of Sullivan
1903 17-Jun B Sherman, Elwin Clifford b. to Harry Sherman of Richmond Twp. 24 May
1903 8-Apr B Sherwood  b. son, last Sat. to Hugh Sherwood of Mansfield
1903 15-Apr B Shunk, Dana Baldwin b. 7 Apr. at Port Allegany to Howard P. & Genevieve Baldwin Shunk, formerly of Mansfield
1903 11-Mar B Smith son b. to Clarence Smith of Sodis last week, 4 Mar.
1903 8-Apr B Smith, Arthur Parks b. Tioga to elmer B. Smith
1903 24-Jun B Smith dau. B. Mon. to George F. Smith, Jr. of Rutland
1903 1-Jul B Smith dau. B. to Geo. F. Smith of Lawrence Corners
1903 16-Dec B Smith son b. to Bert Smith of Schodac last Thurs.
1903 9-Dec B Spence son to James Spence of Lambs Creek 13 Dec.
1903 21-Oct B Spencer son b. last week Tues. to W. H. Spencer of Tioga
1903 16-Dec B Stevens  son to W. R. Stevens of Tioga, last week
1903 16-Dec B Stone  dau. B. to Harry Stone of Mill Creek yesterday
1903 23-Dec B Strange son b. to Charles H. Strange of Mainesburg 17 Dec.
1903 18-Mar B Swanson dau. Bo to Eric Swanson of Lawrenceville
1903 18-Mar B Thomspon  dau. B. to Wm. Thompson of Lawrenceville
1903 11-Nov B Thompson  dau. B. to F. Thompson of Decoha, Io., mother is Jesse Walker
1903 13-May B Thorp dau. B. last week Wed. to Lawrence Thorp of Rutland
1903 3-Jun B Tomlinson  dau. B. to Fred Tomlinson of Mansfield
1903 17-Jun B Urell dau. B. T. Urell of Tioga
1903 29-Apr B Van Horn  son b. W. D. Van Horn of Wellsboro
1903 19-Aug B Van Ness, Peter was 83 yrs. Today. Lives in Mansfield. B. 1820. Prest were: Geo. Van Ness of Troy, H. P., John R. of Mansfield, bro. John N., sis. Mrs. Walters
1903 4-Feb B Walker dau. B. 1 Feb. to Ray Walker of Richmon Twp.
1903 22-Apr B Watkins son b. 16 Apr. to O. W. Watkins of Mansfield
1903 13-May B Watson son b. 12 May to Enos Watson of Richmond Twp.
1903 29-Apr B Weeks dau. B. to S. A. Weeks of Elkland
1903 30-Sep B Whitcomb  dau. B. to Wm. Whitcomb of Corbeth, Pa. 10 Sep. (Lambs Creek item)
1903 5-Aug B Woodruff Twin daus. To Clarence of Cranton 1 Aug., well known in Mansfield
1903 13-May B Wright son b. to Oscar Wright last week Wed. in Rutland Twp.
1903 25-Mar B Youmans dau. B. to Walter of Upper Lambs Creek 23 Mar.

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