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Historic Businesses of the Tri-Counties
Charles MacDougall, Milkman
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
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From Walt Samson - I came across the attached picture of our Grandfather. He hauled milk down the Ridge Rd. to the Creamery in Big Flats and then Horseheads for over 40 years. First by horsepower, then by Model T truck, then by a Brockway truck, then by a 32 Chev. truck,  then by a 39 Chev. truck and, finally, by a 46 Chev. truck
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Historic Businesses of the Tri-Counties
Millport Post Office
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Millport Post Office    
Chemung County, NY    
Submitted by Tim Rodabaugh December 2006     
Originally established as Pine Valley in Tioga County    
Name Title Date Appointed
Elijah Sexton Postmaster 02/09/1828
Changed to Millport March 12, 1832    
Erastus Crandall Postmaster 03/12/1832
Changed to Chemung County 1836    
Jeremiah Hackney Postmaster 07/15/1841
Benjamin Hackney Postmaster 04/02/1844
Albert F. Babcock Postmaster 01/09/1845
Gilbert Miles Postmaster 10/27/1848
Joseph C. Stott Postmaster 05/09/1849
Luna White Postmaster 07/06/1853
Mrs. Lucretia White Postmaster 09/22/1856
Albert F. Babcock Postmaster 03/12/1860
Cyrenus G. Kelton Postmaster 02/19/1862
John Sterling Postmaster 08/28/1866
Moses Cole Postmaster 05/06/1869
Jane Cole Postmaster 06/07/1875
Ella M. Briggs Postmaster 4/23/1904
Harriett Brant Postmaster 4/28/1919
Mrs. Grace C. Hammond Postmaster 8/25/1922
Changed to Millport Oct. 1. 1924    
Mrs. Hazel C. Fiala Acting Postmaster 10/1/1938
Mrs. Hazel C. Fiala Postmaster 5/29/1939
Mrs. M. Dorothea Rutzke Acting Postmaster 12/31/1948
Mrs. Doris J. Hammond Acting Postmaster 10/15/1954
Mrs. Doris J. Hammond Postmaster 5/22/1958
Blanche M. Collins Officer in Charge 11/3/1984
Blanche M. Collins Postmaster 1/5/1985
Sherry Brink Officer in Charge 9/25/1992
Donna C. Sheehan Postmaster 2/6/1993
Sherry S. LeSeur Postmaster 4/2/2005
Sullivanville Postmasters

The post office of Sullivanville has had more postmasters since its establishment than any other office in the county. It was discontinued in 1857 for a little less than a month.  It was closed permanently in 1889.  The postmasters & dates of their appointments are:

Edward Wing - January 17, 1851
Orimel Dean - June 26, 1852
Almerin T. Wood - June 18, 1853
Reuben Wood - April 8, 1854
John A. Ramsdell - December 21, 1854
John M. Acmoody - January 20, 1855
Simon Bozzard - March 22, 1855
Sanford Bannister - December 27, 1856
Robert F. Stewart - September 27, 1858
Jonathan Rundle - March 14, 1866
Jeremiah Newton - October 15, 1863
Orimel Dean - March 25, 1869
William Oakley - April 1, 1875
Guy Conkrite - April 16, 1877
August Voigt - May 8, 1882
Daniel R. Tunis - January 15, 1883
Ezra Hammond - June 3, 1883
Guy Conkrite - September 10, 1883
Alexander Hummer - January 18, 1889

(submitted by Tim Rodabaugh, Town of Veteran Co-Historian)

Terry’s Corners Postmasters
The post office of Terry’s Corners in the town of Veteran was established July 21, 1862 and discontinued on January 26, 1874.  At one time the post office was located in Stanley Axler’s home on Terry Hill.  The name of the post office was changed from Terry’s Corners to East Grove sometime after 1865.  Submitted by Tim Rodabaugh, Town of Veteran Co-historian.
Ezekiel Terry – July 21, 1862
Jay McKinney – May 20, 1865
Jeremiah Green – February 14, 1873
John Hamilton – March 3, 1873
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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