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Ice House on Porter Road in Troy
Ice House at Crystal Lake

Photo No. 75 was of the ice house on the Porter Road, a half mile west of Route 6 & 14, on the left side on the way to Sylvania. It stands today and is owned by Robert and Marcia Storch. They use it for the storage of farm machinery, fertilizer, etc.

Through the years it may have been owned by Spaulding Lumber Yard and later, F. P. Case and Sons. The water to the left of the photo was dammed up and known as "Crystal Lake", the clearest ice available. Some of the dam foundation is still visible today.

In the early days, before electric refrigerators, families had ice chests first and then ice refrigerators. The ice for these were cut up from the lake in the winter and stored with sawdust as insulation until hot summer days came. The iceman would deliver ice to a patron who had given up the cool cellar to keep perishables and had an ice chest or refrigerator.

The framework on the left of the building was presumably the chute to hoist the cakes of ice from the lake to the ice house. (Photo Courtesy of Edward Ballard) [Note to Ed from Joyce : If you have the original, I'd like to scan from that - Thanks, It will be better than from the newspaper print]

From Troy-Gazette Register 1980
Troy Township & Borough Page

Cutting Ice at Lake Nephawin 1930s
In a message dated 12/3/2008 4:22:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Joyce – This is a series of pictures of men cutting ice on Lake Nephawin in the 1930’s. Brings back memories as I can remember going with my Father and cutting the ice on the Troy reservoir.  Sure did freeze deep and solid in those days. Don Stanton.

Ice was cut from ponds in earlier days. The blocks of ice were packed in sawdust and storied in Ice Houses such as the one in the above photo essay. Don Stanton sent these photos in. Another set of photos that I scanned from Sue ROOT "Beyea" show the ingenious ice cutting machine built by C. Bernice Dann of Sylvania. It is below Don's set and includes captions by Mr. Dann himself.

Cutting Ice at Sylvania with the Bernice Dann Ice Cutting Machine

Bernice Dann was a tinkerer, inventor and all round clever fellow of Sylvania. The ice cutting machine below was just one of his hand designed - hand made inventions. He lived on the Bailey Hill road out of Sylvania. I scanned these photos from his granddaughter Sue in 2004. They are not good quality, but Bernice labeled them himself on the back. Hooray for him!!!

A motor ice saw that I built and myself on my pond.  The white spray is saw dust. Cutting ice on my pond
A close up of the ice rig I built with a Ford model T engine it will cut 12 cakes 18 X 22 inches in a minute both ways just going over it once.  They had been over this ice with an ice plow but it thawed and then froze again. Me and the ice machine on Gladding's Pond.  I cut 6000 cakes of ice on this pond one winter.
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