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Ghent Cemetery, Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Ghent Cemetery 1902 Listing

Also Known as Butternut Ridge or Horton Cemetery
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Photo October 3, 1999 by Joyce M. Tice

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.Ghent Cemetery
a.k.a. Butternut Ridge or Horton

Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Located on Cemetery Hill Road

Name of Cemetery:    Ghent/Horton Cemetery - Sheshequin Township
Read By:  Ken & Kevin Chapman and Pat Raymond
Date Read:   September 26. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  North side of County Road T 681 between LR 08080 and T 726  (Cemetery Hill Road)
Other comments: Well kept, several field stones and 3 stones in the middle of a liliac bush (One readable)
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Bailey Samuel    Nov.13.1857 36-10-11  
Bailey Mary Apr.7.1820 Apr.24.1896    
Bailey Selim   Jan.6.1873 24-11-0 s/o Samuel & Mary Bailey
Baxter Ida E.   Mar.13.1856 1-11-22  
Baxter Samuel M.   Feb.21.1851   s/o Nathan & Harriet Baxter
Baxter Susan C.   Feb.13.1851   d/o Nathan & Harriet Baxter
Baxter Nathan   Jun.26.1886 63 or 66-6-0  
Baxter Harriett Feb.28.1826 Jul.8.1891    
Baxter Infants   Feb.13.185?   Two infant daughters of Clark & Terressa Baxter
Baxter Harry J.   Mar.27.1859   s/o H.W. & Elmina E. Baxter
Beloud Henri Jun.23.1823 Mar.8.1909   GAR Marker & flag "Grandfather"
Beloud Julia Aug.11.1792 Apr.3.1862   "Grandmother"
Bidlack William 1851      
Bidlack Emily 1851 1926   w/o William Bidlack
Bidlack Stephen Apr.10.1826 Jan.29.1908   GAR Marker & flag
Bidlack Ethelinda A Sep.20.1831 Feb.3.1908   w/o Stephen Bidlack
Bidlack James D. Feb.16.1853 Sep.3.1903   He was a soldier in the Spanish American War under Capt. Moore's Co. In 9th PA Vol.
Bidlack Hattie D. Dec.13.1877 Feb.7.1889   d/o James D. & Sarah Bidlack
Bidlack Infant    1904   s/o Edw. & Etta Bidlack
Bidlack Viola L.   Apr.1.1889 22-5-20 w/o A.L. Shores
Bidlack George W. Jan.15.1855 Nov.27.1861   s/o Stephen & Ethelinda Bidlack
Brainard Jane   Aug.2.1874 25-5-7 w/o S. M. Brainard
Brainard Gracie D.   Mar.3.1876 0-19-17 d/o S.M. & Jane Brainard
Brainard Archie 1877 1932   Co. M 9 Pa Inf. (Spanish American or WW I?)
Brainard Samuel M. Dec.6.1849 Nov.9.1895    
Brainard Grace E. 1881 1960    
Brown Levi Hugh   Jun.2.1889 1-1-25 s/o Alvah S. & Eunice Brown
Brown Chancy       No dates 
Bush George H.       No Dates - GAR Marker & flag
Bush Estella May 7.1866 Feb.20.1888    
Chandler Elizabeth   Oct.29.1885 70 yr w/o Ira Tompkins 
Chubb Clarice M. 1934 1957    
Collins Eliza  1844 1925   w/o Seymour D. Tompkins 
Collins William Nov.5.1802 Apr.9.1881    
Collins Anna Aug.25.1846     d/o William & Elizabeth Collins
Conrad Burton   Apr.5.1873 39 yr GAR Marker & flag
Conrad Eliza A.   Nov.28.1888 52 yr GAR Marker & flag
Davidson Samuel Jun.23.1805 Mar.9.1879    
Davidson Anna Mar.11.1804 Feb.17.1879   w/o Samuel Davidson
Davidson Samuel Jr. Jan.25.1845 Apr.25.1913    
Davidson Harriet Feb.20.1848 Jan.20.1921   w/o Samuel Davidson, Jr.
Davidson Howard P. Jun.30.1882 Jan.13.1893   s/o Samuel & Harriet E. Davidson
Davidson Anna 1866 1937   d/o Samuel & Harriet E. Davidson
Dunham John N.   May 5.1866 39-4-9 Co. I 141 Pa Vol Inf GAR Marker & flag
Elliott Elizabeth Apr.14.1818 46-6-4 w/o John Elliott
Elliott John   Jul.4.1857 87-5-20  
Ferguson C.D.   Aug.2.1892 77 yr  
Ferguson Ethelinda   Mar.26.1873 61 yr w/o C.D. Ferguson
French Mary   Dec.6.1863 85-7-8 w/o Aaron French
French Aaron   Jan.1.1851 83-10-0  
Hemenway O.R.   Oct.5.1880 43-4-4  
Hemenway Infant     1 mo. s/o O.R. & N.B. Hemenway
Hemenway Nancy B. Jun.20.1840 Jan.27.1888   w/o O.R. Hemenway
Hemenway Alice May   Nov.7.1875 13-5-4 d/o O.R. & Nancy B. Hemenway
Hill David   Dec.27.1853 0-1-19 s/o David & Rachel Hill
Hill Emma D.   Jul.7.1857 2-1-15 d/o Daniel & Rachel Hill
Hill Leona J.   Oct.21.1861 3-10-2 d/o Daniel & Rachel Hill
Hill Rachel   Jul.23.1869 55-7-2 w/o Daniel Hill
Hiney Nancy M.   May 15.1874 20-4-0 w/o Milton B. Hiney
Horton Snyder 1863 1933    
Horton Ethelinda 1856 1932    
Horton Joseph F. Apr.20.1853 Aug.19.1923    
Horton Susie Apr.29.1862 May 22.1904   w/o Joseph F. Horton
Horton Dana Oct.17.1881 Nov.30.1904   s/o Joseph & Susie Horton
Horton Helen S. 1895 1924    
Horton Pauline B. 1905 1965    
Horton Howard R. 1896 1974    
Horton Emily 1851 1926   w/o William Bidlack
Horton Infant        d/o Asa & Mary buried June 17. 1897
Horton Martin T. 1841 1924   "Father" Co H 57 Reg P.V. GAR Marker & flag
Horton Louisa 1838 1912   w/o Martin T. Horton
Horton Clayton D. 1867 1908   s/o Martin & Louisa Horton
Horton Charlena 1870 1943   w/o Clayton D. Horton
Horton John E. Apr.9.1817 Mar.10.1899    
Horton Zipporah Aug.5.1816 Apr.12.1895   w/o John E. Horton
Horton Sarah M. Jul.12.1849 May 14.1900   w/o John E. Horton
Horton Nellie G. Feb.20.1878  Nov.1.1898   d/o A.E. & S.M. Horton
Horton Polly   May 7.1850 10-10-7 d/o Silvester & Abigail Horton
Horton Abram   Mar.10.1848 2 yr s/o Silvester & Abigail Horton
Horton Permilia   Jul.14.1836 0-1-8 d/o L. S. & Hannah Horton
Horton Orrin D.   Jan.18.18?? 12-0-21 s/o Elijah & Eliza Horton
Horton Levi C.   Jan.19.1819 0-8-21 s/o Elijah & Eliza Horton
Horton William M.   Mar.8.1851 4-0-4 s/o George & Permilia Horton
Horton George   Feb.18.1878 54-3-26 GAR Marker & flag
Horton George       s/o George & Emily (Child-stone dates illegible)
Horton Emily M. 1828 1916   w/o George Horton
Horton Anastacia   Jul.20.1888 65-11-0 w/o Joseph Horton
Horton Joseph   Feb.3.1901 82-2-1  
Horton Anastacia   Aug.9.1851 4-4-6 c/o Anastacia & Joseph Horton
Horton Edward   Aug.29.1850 1-7-3 c/o Anastacia & Joseph Horton
Horton Hannah   Mar.7.1877 84-6-13 w/o Isaac S. Horton
Horton Isaac S.   Jan.9.1874 81-11-19 GAR Marker & flag
Horton Elizabeth Oct.11.1825 Apr.5.1900   w/o Wm. C. Ransom
Horton James Dec.11.1827 Feb.9.1893   Co. G 50 Reg Pa Vol-also of Co H 83 Regt. N.Y. Vol. And also (Illegible ) battles
Horton Mary   Jun.8.1905 28-8-11 w/o James Horton
Horton Ida May     2 mo. No other information
Horton Edwin 1864 1948    
Horton Lilly M. 1872 1956    
Maynard Ezra W. 1883 1963   Separate stones, but also listed on Vann Monument
Maynard Cora E. 1884 1932   Separate stones, but also listed on Vann Monument
Maynard Herman 1910 1910   Their son (Ezra & Cora Maynard)
Maynard Claude H. Jun.25.1912 May 25.1999    
Maynard Bessie V. Nov.26.1914 Jul.13.1998   Same stone as Claude H. Maynard
McCleary Lydia   Dec.28.1872 54 yr w/o Joseph Wright 
McCrackin James   Apr.26.1895 45 yr  
McCrackin Pemlia Apr.18.1849 Dec.25.1917   (Pemlia Schryver) Same stone as James McCrackin
Murphy Ira 1826 1910   "Father" GAR Marker & flag
Murphy Amanda 1843 1922   "Mother" w/o Ira Murphy
Murphy George H. 1873 1953    
Murphy Jessie B. 1879 1961   w/o George H. Murphy
Nigh Hettie A.   Apr.5.1886 15-9-11  
No Surname Llellewyn 1903 1906    
Payne Abraham   Nov.6.1863 81-1-8  
Payne Prudence   Mar.4.1861 74-6-18 w/o Abraham Payne
Payne Abby Ann   1818 1908  
Pickering Jane   Mar.15.1875 66 yr w/o Richard Pickering
Porter Helen Apr.2.1862 Nov.28.1891   d/o Seth & Almeda Verguson
Post Estella May 7.1866 Feb.20.1888   "Farewell Estella Thou hast left us here, they loss we deeply feel"
Purcell Mary   Jun.8.1905 28-8-11 w/o James Horton
Ransom Hannah E. Mar.27.1852 Nov.18.1866 11-7-21 d/o Wm. C. & Elizabeth Ransom
Ransom Reuben W. Oct.19.1848 Sep.11.1851 2-11-8 s/o W.C. & Elizabeth Ransom
Ransom Elizabeth Oct.11.1825 Apr.5.1900   w/o Wm. C. Ransom
Ransom Wm. C. Nov.2.1824 Oct.4.1889    
Sackett William 1853 1924    
Sackett Lucy 1857 1936    
Sackett Olive 1916 1918    
Sackett Rose 1922 1940    
Schryver John N. 1835 1917   GAR Marker & flag
Schryver Lucy A. 1843 1894    
Schryver Pemlia Apr.18.1849 Dec.25.1917   On same stone as James McCrackin
Searles Emma S. 1868     w/o Oscar Shores
Shir Jennie 1872 1920   w/o Perry Tompkins 
Shores Oscar 1841 1908   GAR Marker & flag
Shores Emma S. 1868     w/o Oscar Shores
Shores Ira A. 1864 1926    
Shores Emma J. 1868     w/o Ira A. Shores
Shores Perrian Nov.4.1813 Nov.30.1893    
Shores Eliza A. Dec.30.1819 Apr.19.1895   w/o Perrian Shores
Shores Viola L.   Apr.1.1889 22-5-20 w/o A.L. Shores
Shores A. L.       No dates 
Showers Philip Sep.29.1834 Nov.9.1909   GAR Marker & flag
Showers Sarah Apr.1.1836     w/o Philip Showers
Stephenson Madison 1867 1936    
Stephenson Bessie 1878 1949    
Stephenson Frank W.   Jan.24.1874 20-10-16 s/o Wm. E. & Theresa A. Stephenson
Stephenson John S.   Jan.30.1871 20-5-14 s/o Wm. E. & Theresa A. Stephenson
Stephenson Anna M.   Jun.25.1872 0-10-12 d/o Wm. E. & Theresa Stephenson
Stephenson William E. 1820 1900   Spanish-American War Marker
Stephenson Theresa A.   1897    
Tompkins Perry 1878 1925    
Tompkins Jennie 1872 1920   w/o Perry Tompkins (Jennie Shir)
Tompkins Seymour D. 1868      
Tompkins Eliza Collins 1844 1925   w/o Seymour D. Tompkins (Eliza Collins)
Tompkins Jabez   Jul.13.1860 69-10-2  
Tompkins Hannah   Jun.11.1857 64-8-11  
Tompkins Ira   Sep.11.1870 53-7-20  
Tompkins Elizabeth   Oct.29.1885 70 yr w/o Ira Tompkins (Elizabeth Chandler)
Tompkins Neoma Jane   Oct.29.1830 2-2-3 d/o John & Rebecca Tompkins (Reading questionable)
Tompkins Orrin   Mar.19.1844 1 yr s/o John & Neomy Tompkins
Tompkins Neomy   May 1.1846 37 yr w/o John Tompkins
Tompkins Daniel D. Aug.6.1824 Apr.26.1898   GAR Marker & flag
Tompkins James F. Dec.4.1845 Jan.12.1846   s/o Daniel & Orilla C. Tompkins
Tompkins George M. Jan.27.1850 Nov.16.1850   s/o Daniel & Orilla C. Tompkins
Tompkins Charlotte I.   Apr.13.1874 11 yr d/o Daniel & Alice Tompkins
Tompkins Daniel D.   Mar.21.1873 36-7-0 GAR Marker & flag
Tompkins Franklin S.   Mar.9.1862 0-11-3 s/o Daniel & Alice D. Tompkins
Tompkins Charlotte J.   Jul.20.1842 1-1-16 d/o Martin & Olive Tompkins
Tompkins Lewis J.   Aug.21.1851 0-11-5 s/o Martin & Olive Tompkins
Tompkins Sarah A.   Oct.20.1870 25-11-25 d/o Martin & Olive Tompkins
Vann Charles A. 1840    
Vann Julia A. 1843   w/o Charles A. Vann
Vann Herbert J. 1861 1920    
Vann Dora D. 1863 1935   w/o Herbert J. Vann
Vann H. Clay 1887 1910   s/o Herbert J. & Dora D. Vann
VanSice Sarah J.   Feb.18.1859 9-11-23 d/o Joseph & Clarinda VanSice
VanSice Richard   Sep.29.1869 3mo 13d s/o H.S. & Hannah VanSice
Verguson Seth Aug.4.1818 1913   Co. I 141st PA (Another stone says 1816-1913)
Verguson Almeda Nov.17.1828 May 8.1903   w/o Seth Verguson
Vibbert Ethelinda A Sep.20.1831 Feb.3.1908   w/o Stephen Bidlack
Williams Bertha J.   Nov.7.1871 0-11-2 d/o E.O. & Mary Williams
Wright James G. Feb.28.1847 Sep.14.1904    
Wright Florence I. Aug.21.1853     w/o James G. Wright
Wright Joseph    Nov.14.1857 42 yr  
Wright Lydia   Dec.28.1872 54 yr w/o Joseph Wright (Lydia McCleary)
  Emeline       No Surname or dates
  Roy Lavern 1924 1926   No Surname
          Stone Illegible w/ GAR Marker & flag
Hi Joyce,
    In the listings of the Ghent Cemetery there seems to be an error:
Horton Orrin D.   Jan.18.18?? 12-0-21 s/o Elijah & Eliza Horton
Horton Levi C.   Jan.19.1819 0-8-21 s/o Elijah & Eliza Horton
Levi's brother wrote this:
Letter from Omar Flavius Horton to Dr. George F. Horton, Author of " The Hortons in America" 1876 :
 "My oldest brother, Alvin Leroy born 1846; married 1871, to Charlotte Marie Tinsman.
My second brother, Levi Christopher, was born 1848,died 1849. Orrin Day, my brother next younger than
myself, was born1850, died 1864. The next brother, GEORGE HARRIS, born 1855, and my youngest brother was born in 1856." - Letter of O.F. Horton, 1874
The youngest brother was Guy E. Horton. Their parents were Elijah Horton and Eliza Hiney.They were married abt. 1846.
Either the Jan. 19, 1819 date was typed wrong or the headstone is wrong. I,ve never been to the cemetery but if I ever do get there I'll check the stone.   Thanks for your time; Mike Krusen

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/3/99
By Joyce M. Tice