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Sheshequin Township
in Bradford County,
Sheshequin Township Histories
Sheshequin is derived from an Indian word meaning "the place of a rattle", Established partly in 1820
Sheshequin History by D. C. Craft
Sheshequin History by H. C. Bradsby
Sheshequin History By C. F. Heverly
Sheshequin History from Seven Counties Outline..
Queen Esther's Town
(Chapter Four of the Sheppard Book)
Sheshequin History  (Chapter Seven) 
by Julia Sheppard-Perkins
Early Times on the Susquehanna
Sheshequin 1777 - 1902 by Heverly
Sheshequin Marriages
Sheshequin Township Articles
Trinket Church Reclaimed as Community Center 2005
Township Postcards & Photos
Old Sheshequin Postcards
Post Offices
Sheshequin PO
Ghent PO
Hornbrook PO
Black PO
Postmark Here
Villages Past & Present
Sheshequin Township Census Records
1800 Ulster, Luzerne County
1820 Athens Census
1830 Sheshequin Census
1840 Sheshequin Census
1850 Sheshequin Census
1860- Volunteer Needed
1870 Sheshequin Census
1880 Sheshequin Census
1900 (Volunteer Needed)
1910 Shesehquin Census
1920, 1930 (Volunteers Needed)
Sheshequin Township Directories
1900 Directory - Sheshequin Township
Township Tax Records
1802 Ulster Township, Luzerne County
1812 Taxables Wysox 1812 Taxables Ulster
1812 Taxables Athens
Sheshequin Township Cemetery Records
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Black or Patterson Cemetery (1902) Black or Patterson Cemetery (1999)
Gore Cemetery (1902) Gore Cemetery (May 2000)
Post Cemetery (1902) Post Cemetery (1998)
Ghent/ Butternut Ridge /Horton Cemetery (1902)
Ghent Cemetery (1999)
Hornbrook Cemetery (1902) Ghent Cemetery Obituaries
Hornbrook Cemetery (1999) Hornbrook Cemetery Obituaries
North Ghent/ Trinket Cemetery (1902)  Trinket - North GhentCemetery(New)(1999)
Trinket - North Ghent Cemetery (Old)(1999)
Sheshequin Valley Cemetery (1902)  Joseph Vought farm, private
Sheshequin Cemetery (1999) Sheshequin Cemetery Obituaries
Wright Burial
Sheshequin Township Schools
1910 North Ghent School
1918 North Ghent School
Sheshequin Township Business Histories & Photos
1907 Sheshequin Businesses
Hotels in Sheshequin Township
Valley House Inn
Township Organizations
Sheshequin Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Hornbrook Church Damage 2005
Sheshequin Township Family Bible Records
Smith - Post Family Bible  Smith - Shores Family Bible
Vibbert - Goodsell Bible
Sheshequin Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Hannah GORE Durkee
John Shepard & Anna Gore
Joseph Lent & Ann Johnson
Obadiah Gore
Remembering Myra Kingsbury; “but half expressing it.”
Gore Gamily (Jordan) William Bigler Shaw
Lucy Gore & John Murphy Ebenezer Shaw Turns 100
Gore Family (Heverly) Towner - Parks Family
Samuel Gore & Sarah Brokaw Towner-Knapp Family
Canedy - Brown Family Towner-Gerould Family
Gillett - Ensley Family John Forbes & Deborah
Daniel & Polly Minier Forbes-Cannan Family
Elliott-Snyder Family William Elliott
Elliott Family
Township Resident Photo Album
Sheshequin Township Diaries & Letters 
Memories of Lora Ethelina HORTON
1779 Obadiah Gore Letter
Sheshequin Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
Wealthy Ann GORE "Spalding"
Sheshequin Township Military Records
Civil War Soldiers of Sheshequin
Daniel Minier's Sword
Ulster - Sheshequin WW2 Memorial
Township Population Statisticss 
1887 Sheshequin Township = 1460
Subj:  Sheshequin Township
Date:  05/17/2004 4:18:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Loretta Sheshequin)

I was just doing a Google search and came across your webpages and the lovely Sheshequin Township.  I just had to email you to tell you how tickled I was to discover a geographic location carrying my name.  Indeed the derivative is correct - I am a Cree woman and take great pride in carrying "a ceremonial rattle".

Loretta Sheshequin